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A Music Affair: All That Matters (two-shot)

Hi, guys! So, here’s chapter 1 of this two-shot I wrote basically to show the family dynamics in my AMA universe. Thanks @jia911 for proofreading it and @jordan202 and @hurricaneawelia for helping me with the ideas <3

In this fic, Owen and Amelia deal with how busy their careers are and realize they’ve been a bit absent on their children’s lives. Melody is 15 years old, Oliver is 12 and Luna is 10 :) 

It was 8 pm when Amelia finally got home after a busy day at the studio recording what would become her 6th album.

“Rose!” Amelia exclaimed to the woman in the hallway, surprised to see she was still there. Rose was the nanny they’ve had with them since they only had Melody, taking care of her children whenever both of them couldn’t be at home at the same time. Rose was like family to them, whom Owen and Amelia appreciated so much. The woman had basically saved their lives many times when they had unplanned commitments to attend. “You haven’t left yet?! Where’s Owen?”

“Mr. Hunt is not home yet. I couldn’t leave the kids, of course.” The chubby woman answered.

“Dammit, he’s not home?!” Amelia furrowed her brows, checking her phone to see if there were any messages from her husband. They usually texted each other whenever they had to stay working late, so the other could maybe get home sooner and clear off the nanny, but that day Owen hadn’t left Amelia any messages. “Oh God, Rose, I’m so sorry we kept you here so late. You could’ve gone home, Mel could take care of the kids for a few hours.”

“No, it’s totally okay, Mrs. Hunt.” Even though Amelia hadn’t changed her last name because of her career, Rose had always called her ‘Mrs. Hunt’, which made her delighted to hear that every time. “It gave me time to finish dinner. I made lasagna.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have…” Amelia sighed at the amount of work she gave the woman.

“Of course I should, I couldn’t leave my family starving. And I know very well you’re terrible in the kitchen, even though I tried teaching you many times.” She giggled, affectionately squeezing Amelia’s arm.

“Thanks, Rose, you’re a lifesaver.” Amelia hugged her, then clearing her to go home.

Dropping her bag in the nearest table, she made her way to the living room to meet her three children sitting on the couch.

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The Daddy Series: Tennoji

Title: The Daddy Series: Tennoji
Rating: PG, it’s just fluff with a little angst.
Game: Metro PD
Characters: Tennoji X MC and their kids…obviously
Description: Just some fluff and a bit of angst about Tennoji looking after his 5 year old twins.

So I’ve been in a little creative slump recently, nothing wanted to come out, not even drawing helped, but recently getting into the anime Sweetness and Lightning I was inspired to write a daddy fic, which thanks to @tygerlander turned into a series of the MPD guys being a dad haha. I don’t think I’ll write every guy, but certainly a few, but we shall see how it goes.

Tagging my golden girls @nitelotus @obiwanmcprobie @hifftn and @tygerlander and @basically-lol cause I always tag her in my fics ;)

Three days. How had it only been three days since she left us? I counted on the calendar and yeah, exactly three days. It felt so much longer, more like months than just a few days. The seconds, the minutes, the hours just dragged, it tugged on my heart and soul harshly.

Why? Why did she have to leave us? I sighed sadly as I looked at my two 5 year olds twins, quietly playing in the living room. Tora, my little girl who just loved playing baseball, naturally, playing on her shared IPad, all the while her brother, Kenji, who was terrible at sports but damn could he draw, played with his favourite teddy bear, both of them completely oblivious. It was just cruel for her to do this to us, what had we done to deserve this?

That’s when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. Seeing who it was, I quickly answered.

“Why?” I simply asked.

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