this is basically fic fluff guys help

Hi guys! I need your help.

A short while ago I reached a follower milestone (2k people!!! wtf????) and I wanted to do something for that. Now this something can sadly not be too long, because I am currently in my exam year and school is killing me


I have thought of something fun (I think), which is a drarry advent fic. Basically, I am going to post a fic every day of advent, starting on the third of December and ending on christmas eve. It’s one fic with 21 short chapters. 

I won’t disclose the plot just yet, but it would help a great deal if you send in gift ideas. These would be gifts from Draco to Harry, so basically

Send me ideas for what you think Draco would give Harry for christmas in 8th year

This can be an actual gift (like a sweater or a kitten), but also a quote. An encouraging message. A drawing (and I will kiss the ground you walk on if you actually make me a drawing). A photo. Anything. 

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope this won’t fail

So, Maybe I Need You

@saltyalienmilk asked: Fam, you should write a fanfiction where Michael calls Jeremy jemmy (*`・へ・´*)

Anon asked: Boyf riends fic idea that Jeremy and Micheal are hanging out in Micheals basement, playing video games or getting high or smth, and jere playfully calls Micheal a loser, bla bla. Michael has a small panic attack bla bla jere tries to help… basically it ends in fluff. Your really good at balancing fluff and angst so I decided to ask you, ur awesome! Bye.

Remember guys if it’s not ok you can ask for a redo! I’m sorry this isn’t the best quality but I hope you like it!! Let’s get into it:

“Dude, my man, my best bro of twelve years, are you ready?”

“Michael I was born ready.”

“Ready for what? Masturbating?”


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The Bet

Summary: Y/N tells an embarrassing story about Dean at their wedding and Dean figures out why.

Pairings/Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count 1131

Warnings: Fluff, mention of drinking at a frat party and the consequences that followed (not all of which are bad)

A/N: This was written for @impalaimagining‘s Taylor’s Friends Quote Challenge.  My quote, which is bolded in the fic, was “You’ll always be the guy who peed on me.”  I’ve never really watched Friends but this quote jumped out to me and I wrote the fic and sent it off to my beta who said “The part with the quote… you know that’s basically the plot of the episode, right?”  So, with her help (she truly is the Jensen to my Jared), I came up with another reason someone might get peed on and went with that.  

Oh! Part of the challenge included adding in lines from the Friends theme song.  And I did that!  Those are in italics.  Some (AKA Dean’s opening lines) are from part of the song that wasn’t in the opening credits, but it’s still the Friends theme song!

Anyhow, I got the main plot idea and, apart from that one snafu, it just all came together really quickly.  So enjoy some romantic Dean fluff under the cut.

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The Daddy Series: Tennoji

Title: The Daddy Series: Tennoji
Rating: PG, it’s just fluff with a little angst.
Game: Metro PD
Characters: Tennoji X MC and their kids…obviously
Description: Just some fluff and a bit of angst about Tennoji looking after his 5 year old twins.

So I’ve been in a little creative slump recently, nothing wanted to come out, not even drawing helped, but recently getting into the anime Sweetness and Lightning I was inspired to write a daddy fic, which thanks to @tygerlander turned into a series of the MPD guys being a dad haha. I don’t think I’ll write every guy, but certainly a few, but we shall see how it goes.

Tagging my golden girls @nitelotus @obiwanmcprobie @hifftn and @tygerlander and @basically-lol cause I always tag her in my fics ;)

Three days. How had it only been three days since she left us? I counted on the calendar and yeah, exactly three days. It felt so much longer, more like months than just a few days. The seconds, the minutes, the hours just dragged, it tugged on my heart and soul harshly.

Why? Why did she have to leave us? I sighed sadly as I looked at my two 5 year olds twins, quietly playing in the living room. Tora, my little girl who just loved playing baseball, naturally, playing on her shared IPad, all the while her brother, Kenji, who was terrible at sports but damn could he draw, played with his favourite teddy bear, both of them completely oblivious. It was just cruel for her to do this to us, what had we done to deserve this?

That’s when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. Seeing who it was, I quickly answered.

“Why?” I simply asked.

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