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So, Maybe I Need You

@saltyalienmilk asked: Fam, you should write a fanfiction where Michael calls Jeremy jemmy (*`・へ・´*)

Anon asked: Boyf riends fic idea that Jeremy and Micheal are hanging out in Micheals basement, playing video games or getting high or smth, and jere playfully calls Micheal a loser, bla bla. Michael has a small panic attack bla bla jere tries to help… basically it ends in fluff. Your really good at balancing fluff and angst so I decided to ask you, ur awesome! Bye.

Remember guys if it’s not ok you can ask for a redo! I’m sorry this isn’t the best quality but I hope you like it!! Let’s get into it:

“Dude, my man, my best bro of twelve years, are you ready?”

“Michael I was born ready.”

“Ready for what? Masturbating?”


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Danger; A Vigilante AU (Seth Rollins Imagines)

What was requested? So I watched the 2K18 commercial and I just… I died, okay? And then, I got a fic idea. And since I am a shitty writer, I decided I was gonna throw this as you. Basically, reader is Seth’s partner in crime and helps him plan and go through with it and stuff like that. Dudes, I got hella hyped when I got this request, y'all. You guys should totally request more…

Tag List (Lemme know if you wanna be tagged in stuff): @theelitevillian @hoodgirl163 @neeadinghugs @flawlessglamazon

Warnings: cursing, breaking and entering, fighting, fluff,

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you write a brendon x reader fic? The reader is getting roughed up by a guy while on a night out, and Brendon swoops in just in time to help her. He could be an acquaintance or an established bf, which ever way you want to work it. She has a small injury and is terrified, but Brendon is really great at calming her down. Basically hurt/comfort fluff :)

Here it is! I hope you like it!

Pairing: Brendon Urie X Reader

Warnings: Attempt of Sexual Assault

Requested: Yes, by a wonderful Anon :)


      After an entire month of feeling stressed and being trapped in a University dorm due to testing, I finally have one weekend off: two days when I can go anywhere within the state and not have to worry about studying. This is possibly one of the best moments of my life.

      I could call up all of my friends, but they live in my hometown, which is not where I am right now, so that’s out of the picture. The only person I know that is less than five minutes away is that one guy I share an acquaintanceship with, and we don’t have a strong enough relationship to even think about spending the weekend together, ergo, that’s also not a valid choice.

      My thought welled up in my brain as I came up with possibly the most ludicrous thing you can do in a state that’s a complete stranger to you, but it’s my only choice if I want to have fun outside of the University campus. It won’t hurt to go alone, right?


      I rushed to check my makeup in the bathroom before running out the dorm, heading towards my car and driving off to that one place everyone’s always talking about. I believe they said it was called ‘Innuendo’, but don’t quote me on that. My fingers tapped on the screen as fast as they could, typing in the name of the destination so the GPS could take me there.

      The engine to my car roared to life as I grinned to myself. This is definitely a good start to my weekend.


      The car ride lasted about ten minutes, the GPS taking me a good amount of blocks away from the University. With the flashing neon lights and crowds of University students rushing to get in, I could tell that this is a very popular place.

      Apart from the other adults who seemed to be done with school, the entire lot was filled with people I’ve definitely seen walking around the University.

      I sat at one of the bar stools that were arranged on the left side of the place, taking out my phone to check any notifications on Instagram or Twitter. After scrolling through the various tweets from celebrities I follow, I looked up from my phone to see a man with piercing grey eyes staring at me; a light blush adorned his cheeks when he noticed I had caught him. My lips curved into a smile when he left his friends to stroll towards me. His way of walking made me acknowledge that he wasn’t drunk, which made me feel a bit safer than if he was.

      He leaned on the stool next to mine, giving me a wink which made me slightly uncomfortable. Sure, he wasn’t bad looking or anything, but his motives didn’t seem right in my mind. And to think, I actually thought he’d be one of those shy kids who blush at literally everything. “Hey, doll, I’ve gotta say, you’re looking absolutely ravishing in that outfit.”

      “Really?” The man nodded. “Thank you. I couldn’t say the same to you, however.”

      I saw him fake-pout, placing his hand on my knee and sliding it closer to the inside of my thighs. His touch felt disgusting on my skin, making me tear his hand off and sink my nails into his wrist. “Don’t you dare touch me again, you sick bastard.”

      Raising myself off the stool, I pushed past the man and began to walk away, continuously rubbing my thigh in an attempt to get rid of the unwanted feeling he left there. My night has officially been ruined and I haven’t even been here for an hour yet. That’s honestly fan-fucking-tastic. Just fucking grea-

      “Where are you going, sweet ass?” A harsh grip on my wrist prevented me from walking any further. I turned around to see the man smirking at me with eyes of a predator. I attempted to pull my wrist away from his hand, but I couldn’t. He just kept his fingers wrapped tightly around me as he tugged me towards him. “Why are you playing hard-to-get? I just wanna have fun.” The man let out a sickening giggle—and as brutal as it sounds, I didn’t smell any alcohol in his breath, meaning he was doing this without any other influence. Just his own.

      I used the heel of my shoe to kick his calf, constantly hurting him there until his grip on my wrist tightened and I could escape his grasp. My legs took me as quick as they could towards the exit, the sound of footsteps behind me getting louder. I rushed to grab my keys and unlock my car so I could get inside and drive off. But of course, it’s never that easy.

      The man caught up to me and pushed me into the closed trunk of my car, his disgusting hard-on poking my stomach. It took most of my willpower not to throw up this instant. He kept me pinned there with his hips while his right hand squeezed my neck tightly and his left attempted to creep into my underwear.

      Most people would say ‘I would’ve done something, probably scream or attempt to fight back’, but in the moment when something like this happens, you just freeze. You’re completely paralyzed as your brain screams at you to move; the signals never reach your body.

      I felt warm tears roll down my cheeks and onto the man’s right hand as he began to tug my underwear down. The cloth only reached mid-thigh, however, before someone who most likely saw my tears yelled at the man to get off of me.

      Another male with brown hair and eyes hastily pulled the predator to the ground, throwing punches at the man’s face. The predator tried to block the blows directed to his face, but it was no use. My savior eventually knocked out the other man and got off the ground, turning to look at me with his doe eyes. “Are you okay?”

      “Yeah, sure.” I rolled my teary eyes sarcastically. “After getting physically hurt and almost raped by someone, I think I could go for a rainbow milkshake.” I didn’t look up to meet the person’s eyes, finding the floor very interesting as I muttered a quick and broken 'thank you’ to him.

      The man rubbed my arm soothingly. “No problem, Y/N.”

      My eyes widened at the fact that this person knew my name. I felt my legs shake in fear and anxiety as I looked up at him, stepping away in the process. While my brain processed the face I was looking at, it managed to match the face with a name. “Brendon?”

      The person I’ve known for a good two months gave me a tiny smile, moving his hand down to hold mine. “Are you sure you’re alright? Physically and mentally?”

      I was about to nod my head, nothing about Brendon saving me seemed wrong; that is until it hit me. I was almost raped.

      Tears flooded my eyes once more as I recalled the previous events: the way that man roamed my skin with his filthy fingers, how I hadn’t been capable of doing anything because I was petrified.

      Brendon saw the single, hot tear that made a streak down my cheek. He bit his lip and pulled me into a hug, his hand running through my hair as he held me close to the warmth of his body.

      I clawed at his shoulder and bawled into his jacket. “Oh my God!” My throat began to close in. “Brendon, h-h-he tried to r-rape me!”

      “Sh, sh, I know, Y/N.” He comforted. “You’re ok now, he’s not gonna touch you if I’m here with you. I promise.”

      A few words and sobs later, Brendon was holding my hand as he drove me back to my University dorm. I shakily handed him the keys as he opened the door and led me towards my bed. He sat me down, still clutching onto my hand as I waited for him to sit next to me so I could hug him again.

      He kneeled on the floor, rubbing small circles on my knee. I sniffed back a quiet sob, lifting my right hand to trace the bruises the man had left on my neck. Brendon noticed this and asked if I was ok with it before moving my hair to the side so he could caress the bruises.

      I sniffled, whispering a 'thank you’ as he brought my head into his chest. Brendon held me tightly in his arms. “No problem, beautiful.”

i have so many things i wanna post for u guys but my laptops been acting up rly bad lately D: i wanted to write out the basic information for the model au from a few months ago, some angsty headcanons/fic idea, and also more smut -w- and also work on requests. and post FLUFF CAUSE I NEED SOME FLUFF IN MY LIFE

hopefully ill be able to soon……

The Daddy Series: Tennoji

Title: The Daddy Series: Tennoji
Rating: PG, it’s just fluff with a little angst.
Game: Metro PD
Characters: Tennoji X MC and their kids…obviously
Description: Just some fluff and a bit of angst about Tennoji looking after his 5 year old twins.

So I’ve been in a little creative slump recently, nothing wanted to come out, not even drawing helped, but recently getting into the anime Sweetness and Lightning I was inspired to write a daddy fic, which thanks to @tygerlander turned into a series of the MPD guys being a dad haha. I don’t think I’ll write every guy, but certainly a few, but we shall see how it goes.

Tagging my golden girls @nitelotus @obiwanmcprobie @hifftn and @tygerlander and @basically-lol cause I always tag her in my fics ;)

Three days. How had it only been three days since she left us? I counted on the calendar and yeah, exactly three days. It felt so much longer, more like months than just a few days. The seconds, the minutes, the hours just dragged, it tugged on my heart and soul harshly.

Why? Why did she have to leave us? I sighed sadly as I looked at my two 5 year olds twins, quietly playing in the living room. Tora, my little girl who just loved playing baseball, naturally, playing on her shared IPad, all the while her brother, Kenji, who was terrible at sports but damn could he draw, played with his favourite teddy bear, both of them completely oblivious. It was just cruel for her to do this to us, what had we done to deserve this?

That’s when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. Seeing who it was, I quickly answered.

“Why?” I simply asked.

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