this is basically brooke loving julian

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Oh my gosh? You watch one tree hill? That's my all time favorite show 😍😍😍 and Brooke is literally the best character in the entire world ☺️☺️ I wish her and Lucas could've ended up together my original OTP lol 🙃

Yes, I watch One Tree Hill!!!! Brooke Penelope Davis is my goddess, my queen and I will love her always. And man, her and Lucas were amazing together. I was so upset at the way they ended them (especially since Peyton seemed so happy with Jake IT COULD HAVE ALL WORKED OUT). 

But upon reflecting, I do feel like Lucas didn’t deserve her. And while her and Julian had their cute moments, I never could really “fall” for them? So basically, no one deserves Brooke Davis haha
(Though, to be honest, I have entertained the idea of her and Nathan together, can you imagine? I love Naley, but just think about it: They both come from rich households, are popular but their parents are assholes and they long for a warm family of their own…There’s potential there)

Thank you for sending this lovely ask, Anon! I love sharing love for stuff with people!! <3


brooke davis in every episode

↳7.18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance ♔ “I know I’m banned from the set but I need to clear something up. I thought you slept with Alex. So, basically you still don’t trust me. No, basically I got jealous. Because I’m in love with you, Julian and I always will be. And that’s gonna make me do stupid things sometimes because love is crazy and I’ve been crazy, I know. But first I thought you were falling for Alex and then last night I went to your hotel and I thought you fell for Alex, I’m sorry.”

The fact the Julian fell in love with Brooke the moment he walked into her store and saw her dancing to that Breakfast Club song and in the same episode she goes to ask Owen if he’s seen Sam and she’s in tears and desperate and Julian is sitting right next to her and even if he doesn’t say it he leaves to go and find Sam because he was basically already in love with her and probably couldn’t bear to see her so anguished and had to help her and excuse me but even after all these years my heart is in a poodle