this is basically a 'get pumped' mix

Holy shit. I literally had to pause and take a breath a third of the way through Little Mix and their Big Weekend performance just so I can get this out. They are fire. So talented. The live vocals with choreography and back-to-back energetic numbers and them never letting up and always staying united on that stage is incredible. And the new movements. So much more intricate and athletic. Especially for Down and Dirty. The camera had this awesome shot of them from behind, in dark silhouettes because of the direction of the sun, and they basically dropped to a full squat, pump, hold it, pivot and spin and like WTF. Also the camera is in love with all of them. Every song/solo brings out something special about these women. Jade’s incredible vocal range, balance between hard and soft, bravado and beauty, rugged hip hop and sexy grace, Jesy’s swagger and vocal and dancing power and infectious and crowd pleasing showmanship, Perrie’s incredible deep and rich voice and intensity and gorgeous lines/movements and fucking Leigh and her damn voice, versatility, style, energy and confidence!!!!!!!!!!!! I just. Damn it. Why do their fucking posts only get a few hundred notes on average?????? Whyyyyyyyyy? They are superior in every way.

Save Your Pixelated World- A Video Game music mix

Basically a bunch of my favorite action-packed, high energy video game music to get me pumped up and inspired. Will likely be updated as I play more games

1. Spear of Justice| Undertale// 2. Phoenix Wright: Objection! 2016| Ace Attorney 6//3. Main Theme| Ghost Trick//4.Battle Against a True Hero (Slightly Extended)| Undertale//5. Athena Cykes: Courtroom Revolutionaire 2016| Ace Attorney 6//6.Saving the World (Jess’ Theme)| Read Only Memories//7. Battle! Xerneas/Yveltal| Pokemon X and Y//8. The Great Truth Burglar| Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth//9. Chaos and Chaos Ablaze (Combined)| Fire Emblem: Awakening/10. Megalovania (Slightly Extended)| Undertale//11. Trauma| Ghost Trick//12. Metal Gleamed in the Twilight| Child of Light//13. Assault| Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight//14. Objection! 2007| Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney//15. By Your Hand (Azami’s Theme)| Hatoful Boyfriend// 16. 4 Minutes Before Death| Ghost Trick//17.Ghost Fight| Undertale//18. Cornered (2001) (2004 Remix| Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations//19. Battle! Team Plasma| Pokeon Black and White//20.Jupiter’s Lightning| Child of Light// 21. Main Theme| Fire Emblem Awakening//22. Pursuit- Lying Coldly| Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth//23. The Last Desperate Struggle| Ghost Trick//24. Battle! Lysandre| Pokemon X & Y//25. SAVE the World| Undertale

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[Where the Lonely Ones Roam]

Title: Where the Lonely Ones Roam

Genre: Angst (there’s a bittersweet ending though!)

Pairings: OT7 (if you squint there’s a bit of everything: Namjin, SugaMon, 2Seok, VHope, Yoonmin, Vmin, er yeah)

Music: Inspired by the songs Lost Boy - Ruth B and Where the Lonely Ones Roam - Digital Daggers (please listen to these two it sets the mood for the whole thing I swear)

Word Count: 4k (longest one shot I’ve ever written istg)

TW: Major character deaths (yes plural), Suicide, murder, everything seen in I Need U original ver. basically.

Summary: Pretty much a Lost boys/Neverland au mixed with the I Need U MV

Notes: See A/N at the bottom~

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Mystery of the Core
According to the characters in Undertale, the Core is a massive geothermal power plant that converts geothermal power into magical electricity. The idea of using magma to produce electricity is not too far fetched, it’s actually occurring in Iceland right now! Now I’m going to explain how geothermal plants work in real life, then in the next paragraph explain how they work in UnderTale, then in the final part unravel the problem with all this and what W.D. Gaster is hiding in the Core!

The basics of geothermal power plants are simple, take water, pump it down into the hot rocks deep underground near geothermal activity with extremely hot magma near the surface, and then such up the really hot water and allow it to mix with air and produce steam that turns turbines connected to a generator. The steam then goes to a cooling tower where it condenses, then gets injected back underground. The hotter the water gets, the more energy you can get from it. In Iceland they have reached near magma, and can get the steam up to 650°C. Water reaches supercritical, a state between liquid and gas, capable only under intense pressure and heat, at around 1100°C. At this state it has huge energy potential, and the upper level of temperatures of magma is around 1100°-1600° C, meaning that obtaining supercritical water through magma heat is obtainable.

How it would work in Undertale is that they would take water from the Waterfall, let it flow into huge pipes made of some metal like tungsten that is resistant to the extreme heat and corrosion. The water would reach supercritical in a vat surrounded by flowing magma, then when released it would spin tons of giant turbines and generate a huge amount of energy. By the look of the background, there are 4 giant turbines and 4 steam/water pipes. According to Alphys, the multiple vents release the water vapor , and it moves up and condenses into snow in Snowdin. The turbines are somehow attached to something in the Core that converts it into “magical energy”.

Now here is the thing, Alphys tells Undyne that the Core produces huge electrical interference and prevents the cell phone from working. But geothermal plants with mechanical generators don’t generate interference to prevent cellphones from working, unless there is something else in the Core. She also said that the ice from Snowdin is to cool down the Core, but the water could just come from the water from Snowdin it floats in on. Why would the geothermal plant need ice? Unless there’s something hidden in that ice cube that is being smuggled in, or unless there’s something else in the Core. Also, according to other NPCs, Gaster, the creator of the Core, fell into the Core and was split across time and space in several parts, which wouldn’t make sense if he fell in lava or steam… Also the Core worker says the Core is made of tons of interchangeable puzzle parts, and even Alphys has no clue of what leads to what, she has no idea of how it works, or what happens in it. She clearly doesn’t understand how it works or what goes on in the Core
Now, here is the thing, why have multiple levels of interchangeable puzzle parts? What is so complex and hard to solve not even the royal scientist knows about it? Gaster built something involving magic, something with time and space, that causes huge interference, that requires a massive amount of power and needs to be protected? Something that broke when he fell into it?….. Something like a time machine?….

midnightcthulhu  asked:


⭐️I can put my tongue on the tip of my nose 

⭐️ I have bad dreams VERY OFTEN, it was like once a week but it has been knocked up to three or two

⭐️ When i actually get into drawing i’m a VERY quick drawer. I can make tons of drawings a day and pump them out. Sadly I also get out of drawing really quickly and wont do anything

⭐️ I’m basically allergic to exertion and (sensitive to)heat, If I exert myself physically too much my body has an allergic reaction, if I am in heat too long I have allergic reactions and I can overheat  quickly. Even if its not that hot to everyone else

⭐️ I am a mix of really fucking picky and really not picky at all.  I am a picky eater yet I’m not at the same time, ill str8 up eat off the floor. but somethings I’m super picky about. hard to explain?

Fast-food workers tell what NOT to eat from their jobs

“Used to work at Burger King,” user matt_452 wrote. “Don’t order grilled chicken or veggie burgers. No one orders them, so they sit for hours (literally) and they become horrible dried out garbage. Also avoid the crispy chicken and fish because they tend to sit around for a while too.”

“Ex subway worker here, don’t order the veggie patty. It’s really likely that the same patties have been sitting in the same cambro for days. The meatballs come frozen and are heated in the microwave for 20 minutes,” SolariaSolacium413 wrote.

“Veggie burgers at any fast food place. They take forever as they have to get chipped out of the freezer, microwaved and then thrown on the same grill they use for the regular meat,”im_a_slav_4_u responded.

“I work at a ‘Southwest Grill’ and I shake my head every time someone orders a cheese quesadilla. Not because they’re bad, but they’re so overpriced. Five fucking dollars for your 2 ounces of cheese on a tortilla,” Hobospartan said.

“Worked at Panera bread. The soups come in frozen bags in boxes that say “Institution food” on the side of the box. We would throw them in a hot water cooker that would bring them up to temperature from freezing blocks to near boiling hot bags. Run in the back and fill up the empty pots from the food line,” said user Ichorous007.

“I use to work for pizza hut for about 2 years. We squirt about 2 pumps of straight oil into every pan pizza and breadtsicks [sic]. It’s so disgusting. Ever wonder why the cinnamon sticks taste so good? It’s because that shit is just loaded with so much oil and butter, you can literally feel your arteries clog. But there so good….” user craniumhead2 said.

“Starbucks barista of six years here,” hylianbarista wrote. “First and foremost, Frappuccinos are 99% sugar, fat, and empty calories and the rest is instant coffee. The coffee roast is an instant pack we mix with water and you get a few pumps. Add that to whole milk, all different kinds of syrups, inclusions, thickening syrup (gives it the consistency) and whipped cream, and you’ve got nothing nutritious for you. Even a basic coffee frappuccino is almost 500 calories.

“Worked at Taco Bell for a couple years,” user WeOwnTheSkyy wrote. “While most menu items and ingredients are probably exactly the quality you would expect, its the handling of the food you need to worry about. Once the lobby is closed and only the drive through is open, sanitation levels drop. Hand washing stops, glove wearing stops, and since there may only be a couple employees one may handle your money then go straight to touching your food.”

New Community Blog: Get Together Adds Two New Skills to Master

The Sims 4 Get Together is coming out next month, and brings fun new ways to hang out with friends. There’s the beautiful World of Windenburg, the customizable Clubs feature, and two awesome new Skills: DJ and Dancing.

The higher you level up your Sim’s Dancing and DJ Skills, the more powerful and bigger the performance.

The DJ Skill starts off with Sims learning the basics of pumping up the crowd. But the more they work, and the harder they party, the better they’ll get at getting the room on its feet. From making mix tapes to controlling the emotions of the room with the Feel the Crowd ability, the DJ Skill is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to take over the room and turn the party up to 11. One of their advanced abilities is called Teleplosion – once your DJ has added it to their DJ Booth, the DJ can activate it to take over TVs in the room for the ultimate performance! It’s electrifying!

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hey uh, so, that mami tomoe. she’s a cute kid. she’s pretty stylish, but, uh…. and I don’t wanna be all judgy here, but you might wanna pick someone older to fantasize about. I mean, that girl, she’s an orphan, you know. her parents were, just, uh, splattered all over the freeway. guts and brains everywhere. pretty gross! that’s a serious trauma you don’t just walk away from. and what that means in the long run is, basically any adult that becomes a significant part of her life is gonna be a de facto surrogate parent, to her. doesn’t matter whether you want it to happen, that’s just the way it is. we’re talking major social dependence, moral dependence, maybe financial dependence. I mean, maybe you already realize that the power differential between adults and children is pretty huge, but the, uh, the orphan thing definitely puts it on a whole other level. my point is, it’s just not exactly fertile ground for healthy romance and sex, you know? a kid like that needs to form those kinds of relationships on equal terms, both now and in her eventual adulthood. and then there’s this whole hyper-neoteny deal, which is messed up in itself. she’s what, fifteen? and she’s got this wide big-eyed face that makes her look basically six? whoooaaaa, better pump the brakes, kiddo. see, mass media, and I’m not just talking anime, but anime is definitely an aggressive participant in this– mass media seems to put a lot of effort into eroding the barriers between different forms of visual pleasure. the surge of affection we feel for a cute child, and the va-va-voom AROOGA we feel for a gorgeous man or woman, well, normally those sensations are separate. they’re different feelings! but anime, you know, anime loves to cross those wires. get your cute all mixed up in your sexy, and your sexy all mixed up in your cute, and if you drink in enough of it, you get to this point where you just gotta have ‘em both together. so I’m thinking, uh, I’m thinking maybe part of the answer here is, and I know it’s going to take some real effort, but, uh, you might wanna recalibrate your dick


au: hogwarts; a little bit of mischief

“So you can just change to anyone you like? Like McGonagall did with the cat?” Emma asked curiously, watching Regina mix the ingredients. 

“That’s transfiguration, you idiot,” Regina rolled her eyes, something the muggle-raised Emma was used to by now and didn’t take it the least bit serious.

“But you can change. To anyone.”

Regina’s eyes didn’t leave the boiling cauldron as she watched the purple smoke rise. “Basically, yes. If you have their hair or a nail or something to mix in.”

“Cool,” the blonde smiled and then surprised a giggle when the smoke made Regina cough up. “So, whose hair should we get?”

(pumping people up for chrmdpoet upcoming hogwarts fanfic; this bit has nothing to do with the actual fanfic imma just playing in the hp universe ;))


Btw  I got my Milani foundation a couple days ago and I like a lot its just what I need and I’m happy with it for sure the coverage is very good you don’t need a lot of product to get medium coverage and it fits my skin tone quite well. It’s lightly fragranced with a bit of s rosey scent (at least that’s what it seemed like to me) so if your someone whose skin is sensitive to fragranced products I might stay away from this. It offers a slight dewy finish which I don’t usually go for bc I’m naturally very oily but this didn’t make me look greasy like most dewy finish foundations do. 

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