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  • The villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a vampire cult, an insane prophetess, a giant snake monster, a rogue Slayer, the US government, a Goddess, the most powerful witch in the world, the literal personification of all evil.
  • The villains of Angel: lawyers.
First you take away stalia, then my scira ship and now my morey ship and what do i get for 5 years of loyalty watching teen wolf…. FUCKING STDIA
—  A very correct, angry Teen Wolf fan in the comments of the new promo
Hey guys

I’m really sorry for not producing art lately.. I’m simply out of art juice at the moment. I haven’t sketched or draw for days now. It’s one of those moments where I have no energy, laying on my bed, not being able to sleep and stare at the ceiling and entertain myself with my imaginations for 3-4 hours. The usual. *shrugs*

monsta x as vixx mvs / concepts

changkyun / i.m- on and on 

no one knows what’s going on with him, but he still manages to be cool, also kinda intimidating, takes a few times to get used to him

jooheon- hyde 

one moment he’s all cutesy but then the next nOPE HES THE BADDEST RAPPER spitting fire, a little cringe worthy and embarrassing at times but a lot of people agree on how hardcore he is

hyungwon- the closer 

a video made for models, classy and elegant much like his form, legs for days, however he’s just as confusing, always lost and doesn’t move for anyone, lazy

kihyun- fantasy 

gods work / gift, death in human form, pure evil, when leo and n cut their finger on a thorn?? that’s kihyuns jawline, possibly the greatest thing to exist in this shitty world

minhyuk- rock ur body 

all about that gaming life, everyone’s secret pleasure, cheerful!! happy!! colourful!! lowkey annoying but gets in your head, underrated

wonho- chained up 

wonhos on stage persona, everyone’s shook when they first see it, a sin, body rolls, sucks everyone into the fandom, worshipped by fans 

shownu- error 

hyunwoos old robot image, manages to captivate everyone even if they aren’t in the fandom, dEEp, just a masterpiece like him

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(Potential DA4 banter with Dany and Bull as returning companions)

Bull: I thought you weren’t big on killing mages. Making an exception?

Daenerys: Once I called him brother. I trusted him! I thought he was risking his freedom to help us.

Bull: And instead he killed who knows how many people and was cleaning up his own mess.

Daenerys: I can’t believe I was so blind.

Bull: If it makes you feel better, I didn’t catch it either. Can’t wait to see what you do to him.

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My birthday's November 13th and I'm pretty hooked on college AUs with lots of banter (and I'm not picky about the rating btw) thanks!

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Happy Birthday!! We hope you have an absolutely fantastic day. Your gift was written for you by @burkygirl.


A/N: Happy Birthday to you! Here’s some College AU! Well, technically, this is part 2 of a college AU I’ve been having some fun with. The first part,

Love in a Grocery Store, can be found on my blog, or in my drabble collection, Baker’s Dozen on AO3. Hope it makes you smile on your special day.  

Rated T for language and sexual innuendo.

Peeta’s pink tongue was peeking out from between his lips as he applied glue to the groove in the wood. He jammed the wooden tongue of a second piece of wood into the groove and held out his hand to his girlfriend, who was seated beside him on the mattress.

“Pass me the hammer, Katniss.”

Scowling, Katniss rooted around inside the plastic bag they’d gotten during their early morning trip to the hardware store until the hammer surfaced. She passed it to Peeta. “Quietly, please.”

Peeta rolled his eyes. “Just how exactly do you propose that I hammer quietly, Katniss?”

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Request: hey! i was wondering if I can request an older Sirius Black where you guys haven’t seen each other in years and you join the Order and see him at a meeting, you two used to date in Hogwarts and then he was sent away and they lost all contact, she had trust issues because of it but as soon as they see each other, it’s right back to like when they were younger. witty and sarcastic banter, flirting, etc. btw, I’m also a ravenclaw and horned serpent :) Thank You!! –Anon

A/n: Ayy, fellow housemate :)

“Remus, what’s with that smile?” You asked your old friend as the two of you made your way up the drive of 12 Grimmauld place, of all the places that Dumbledore chose to hold the first meeting of the Order and he chose here—it baffled you.

“You’ll see” Remus replied, glancing over at you smiling. You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes and quickening your pace slightly to get out of the cold and into the house. Once you entered the building you quickly realised that the temperature inside wasn’t that different to the one outside, “jeez why is it so cold in here” you complained trying to pull your thin jacket around more.

“You should’ve brought a thicker jacket then” a familiar sounding voice said from behind you causing you to freeze. Slowly you turned around, your eyes wide and already beginning to fill up with tears as you stared at the man in front of you. The same man who held and loved you those many years ago, the very same one who was sent to the harsh prison that is Azkaban, you always believed him to be innocent but never thought you would ever to get see him again.

“Sirius?” You whispered still not fully believing what you’re seeing and hearing.

“It’s me, (Y/N/N).” He confirmed, opening his arms to allow you to run into them where the two of you hugged and allowed the built up tears to fall.

“I’ve miss you so much,”

Sirius and Remus both then filled you in on what had happened and who was really behind Voldemort finding Lily and James’ safe house, and all throughout the meeting you and Sirius picked up right where you had left off while not leaving each other’s side.

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would u do dorian and zevran for your banters? i love that u do these btw!!

[The Aveline/Zevran banter referenced can be found here]

Dorian: I’m hurt, Zevran. I heard you discussing what wine you thought Aveline was and you didn’t even think of me?

Zevran: Oh but I did.

Dorian: Wonderful, what sort of wine do I remind you of?

Zevran: I’m sorry to say that you are not a wine.

Dorian: Not a wine! Zevran, I don’t believe you. I know more of wine than anyone here.

Zevran: Ah, but wine is subtle, nuanced. There is nothing subtle about you, my Tevinter friend.

Dorian: Hmmph. Subtlety is just a way for people to convince others they are important as an afterthought. Is it my fault my importance is more obviously apparent?

So I realize both my OTP's have guys named Derek and their both hella adorable.

Derek and Braeden (Teen Wolf)

Derek and Ahsha (Hit The Floor) 

There’s just so much eye-fucking


sexual tension


the way they touch

each other

and the sex

is amazing

and they’re so protective

of each other

and their cute little

romantic moments

and their little 

‘i lowkey really really like you’ banter


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