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multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’

Here’s some things I do when I don’t have energy or forget to eat. This is what helps me, so please keep in mind that it might not work for you.

1) Set reminders! I forget lunch the most, so I have a reminder on my phone at around noon each day telling me to eat lunch. Add as many as you need.

2) For days when you can’t get out of bed, keep some nonperishable food in your room if you can. I have a plastic container near my bed so I can easily reach it without getting up.

  • Mine has granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, trail mix, jerky, and bottled water. It’s not a “normal” meal, but much better than nothing and requires almost no energy.

3) Break down tasks into very small steps. Sometimes mine are as small as “Sit up in bed, move feet onto floor, stand up, walk out of room, walk down hallway, walk to kitchen”. I give myself time in between steps to build up motivation if I need to.

  • Make a checklist if you need to visualize it!

4) Congratulate yourself after completing a difficult step. Even if it’s a simple step, or after every step. It seemed silly to congratulate myself for getting out of bed, but it really helps motivate me to continue.

  • My internal dialogue for this is something like “Okay you did it! That wasn’t too bad. Now you can do the next step too” or “If that was the hardest part, I can do this”

5) I go to @lowspoonsgourmet when I don’t know what to make and they organize recipes by how many spoons it requires!

  • @no-more-ramen is another good one and separates recipes into categories like if there’s no chopping involved or if it makes leftovers

I think that’s it? I might add to this if I think of more. I hope this was helpful!

  • someone talking to me, a person w a personality disorder: open up!! talk abt ur feelings!! i can't love u if I don't understand!! dw your feelings are valid I promise to love you even w ur disorder!!
  • me: *pushes past my crippling trust issues & opens up about my symptoms, tries to explain how my brain works and how Person can help me minimize my symptoms*
  • them, slowly backing away: okay!! :)) ur feelings are valid!! :) i have to go but dw!! some1 will love u one day dw ! :)))

Idk if its just my impression or if it’s something bad to say (I hope is not) but…
Have you guys noticed certain patterns on people’s favorite gems?

I mean like, Amefans are usually genderfluid and/or pansexual, Pearl fans are usually lesbians, Peridot fans are usually Asexual/Autistic, Lapis fans are usually Hypersexual/Non-binary.

I don’t mean to harm or like… stereotype and I could be wrong but its a pattern I found…

My phone vibrated and i was like yes! a friend possibly? I am not alone!…. turns out it was an email from tumblr saying congrats on a solid 10 posts on tumblr.

It is just frustrating that lesbians not only can’t have our own terms to describe particular ways of experiencing lesbianism (eg butch and femme) but we can’t even have a word that roughly describes our sexual orientations. Somehow even saying “Lesbian as a term is reserved for people who do not experience attraction to men” is being mean and exclusionary. Identifying myself at all and people like me is somehow bad, but don’t worry that’s not homophobia at work obscuring the particular realities of being a gay woman. It’s wild. Of course many women are questioning or unsure and so on but if you send me an ask that starts with “I know for sure that I am attracted to men but -” asking if you’re idk allowed to call yourself a lesbian, why bother asking me when you obviously know the term doesn’t reference that experience ? I’ve made this post like four times now idgi.

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i just gotta say, (and i know you heard 'i love ur blog' quite often) that im just so glad there is another army out there who does NOT swear, can appreciate talent, and who doesnt sexualize everything. AND STILL LOVES OUR BOYS SO MUCH!!!! ive met some armys irl before and i became embarrassed to know them

i kid you not this is probably one of the best things anyone has ever said to me on here… because I don’t swear, i don’t sexualize everything, and i don’t post really sensitive content and sometimes i feel idk like my blog stands out in a bad way because so many blogs do that… i don’t really like it personally thats why i don’t do it. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME AND I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE MY BLOG TRSUT ME IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE TELL ME IT’S STILL VERY SPECIAL EACH TIME I SEE IT :) <33

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SNS 2k15 -Resolutions

first time making something like this, I had a different ending planned out but yea



They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

      “ bad news: even with access to government intel, i still don’t know how or why i’m here, buuut the good news is that every electronic advertisement board across the city now says how great i am… or they did. apparently  l i t e r a l l y  no one can take a joke.


‘’But then I look at him, his face, his eyes, and the gold in them tumbling around, and I don’t know why I’m fighting this too.‘‘