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Abeshiya Week — Day: #3
Prompt: Celebrations - Abeshiya drabble under the cut
↳ Happy birthday to our favorite flower child! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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TOKEN: “Dude. What are you doing.”

CRAIG: “Eating gummy bears, the fuck does it look like I’m doing you dingus.”

TOKEN: “Right…”

TOKEN: “You…see no problems with the bears….???”

CRAIG: “They tasted…bad. But I’m hungry, so who cares haha.”

TOKEN: “I expected this from anyone except you.”

CRAIG: “What the fuck is that supposed to mean.”

TOKEN: “Those are Vodka Gummy Bears dude. How the hell do you not notice that.”

CRAIG: “Shit. Haha, whoooopsie.”

TOKEN: “Christ, everyone is going to have a field day when they find out The Craig Tucker is drunk.”

CRAIG: “I’m not drunk you tit.”

TOKEN: “Walk in a straight line.”

CRAIG: “….”

CRAIG: “….Nah. Not today mom.”

CRAIG: “I’m just gonna give these to you. Hahaha….”

CRAIG: “Along with like, drowning your entire water supply.”

TOKEN: “I give that jackass ten minutes.”

TOKEN:One. I give him one minute before he breaks his own arm.”


a little apology for the mess i uploaded last night.. orz i want to assure everyone that he befriends the cat and find the tench coat which help keep him juuust on the edge of sanity, yay??

[fic] home for christmas [1/1]

writer: it me lol
recipient: @mongoose-bite
contents: a whole lot of pining and fluff, dilf eren ((whoo o oo u guys remember that au?? i sure do man like holy crap)), christmas dude, kissing and casual frottage.
summary: after graduating college, levi goes back home for izzy’s and eren’s christmas party and falls in love all over again

read on ao3 or under the cut, there is nsfw content!!!!

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