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i have a serious question about transphobia as it permits to my sexuality:

i’ve come to identify as a lesbian, right? ok. ok. am i problematic or transphobic if i’m penis repulsed, when it comes to transwomen who don’t want or cannot have bottom surgery? like, what i mean is i would never have a problem being with a trans woman, but when it comes to that part of things idk! i don’t know how to word this right. i hope that my point is getting across as inoffensively and genuinely curiously as possible, i just don’t know tbh! i’m always too afraid to ask but i dont know if i’m being scummy for feeling that way…

My phone vibrated and i was like yes! a friend possibly? I am not alone!…. turns out it was an email from tumblr saying congrats on a solid 10 posts on tumblr.

multiverse theory

listen. this might not make sense. i’m very tired. i just had a thought and i wrote it down and here you go

alternative title: The Universe Where Everyone Is Happy And Nobody Dies (no, not even eddie)

There is a world where Lenore never met Guy De Vere.

The idea makes her throat feel thick and her nonexistent skin feel prickly and it’s true, but it’s wrong, somehow. Even after everything, she’s not sure she likes the idea of a Lenore without Guy.

So, scratch that.

There is a world where Lenore met H.G. Wells first.

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valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]

Okay so I wasn’t going to post this but then my friends (who were watching me make this????????) told me to. So here it is I guess?? She was one of the background characters from The Bounce Lounge episode of Star Vs. and I love her. Criticism welcome!!!

wonho; it’s a pity

❝the real gem is you, darling
►1660 words // scenario, @aethalen​ ily
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 i  keep  heckin  myself  up  thinking  about  young!felix  spending  all  of  his  time  painting  because  literally  what  the  hell  else  was  there  to  do  &  norman  coming  out  of  his  study  every  once  in  a  while  &  tripping  over  a  dirty  water  cup  &  getting  angry  &  yellin  at  my  boy  &  my  boy  yellin  back  &  norman  getting  so  mad  that  he  starts  ripping  apart  pictures  &  punching  through  canvases  &  felix  just  watches  on  in  horror,  his  heart  breaking  as  his  hard  work  gets  destroyed.

I'm really sorry for this...

But I can’t continue running this blog anymore. 

That work that I thought would just be one project every once in a while has become an actual full time job, one which really requires I work a lot of hours a day. I’m still not paid enough to use those money for the game tho, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the pace of the events. Soooo…
I really tried my best during these last weeks and I thought that these last days would be a perfect test to see if I could do this without shards just by doing things between breaks. And it went pretty bad. (And I had to use all of the shards I had left at the end to get Carnage’s cage cause I really wanted to have it.) 
As in I really couldn’t keep up with the game, the job and the blog without giving up some sleep (and even then I didn’t have enough time to answer asks anymore). Which is not good for my health right now, so I had to choose what was best for me and give up on this blog even tho I was still enjoying running it.
The blog will still be here, so if anyone wants to see screenshots from older events they have a place where they can find them all, but I won’t be posting anymore nor answering asks. 

These 5 months that I’ve been running this blog have been nice and stressful, but I really feel like they were quite a lot of fun and really useful. I have never written so much in English and some of you gave me big boost of confidence about my ability with the language. (I still think I’m pretty bad, but at least I feel like I could have a conversation with someone without making a total fool out of myself.)
So I really wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone of you that helped me in any way during this journey. I really wish I could keep doing this, but I guess once again real life is more important, even more so when I’m actually doing a job that I dreamt of doing for a long time.

I guess this is a goodbye, then… Keep enjoying the game, guys!

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