this is bad quality but i love her so much


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

Those of you who follow me, or know my Zooey Shepard need to know a few things, A: I’ve been messing up pretty badly!! I first started playing Mass Effect when I was like 16, and instead of doing what you (absolutely) should do when making a character of any race other than your own, and doing the proper research, so I could avoid racist stereotypes, I was lazy and instead just winged my way through it. I see now that many qualities I’ve wrote into Zooey are stereotypical and racist towards the black community, I know that now and I’m sorry, and I will be much more aware and careful in the future. 
B: I’m not gonna do this again! I’m going to scrap Zooey’s entire backstory, do the required research and I’m not going to work on her until I am SURE that nothing I’m doing is bad. I care about this character so much, and I have put so much work and love into her over the years but the last thing I would ever want is to be hurting people with my portrayal of her. 

And please, please!! Do not be sending the OP of my callout post, or anyone involved, any sort of negativity. I’m honestly so glad this was brought to light, I now have the opportunity to be better, I was ignorant, I still am! But I’m going to do everything I can to keep from hurting anyone ever again

EDIT:I won’t draw Zooey anymore. I’ll probably just stick with default shep for any fan art I do in the future

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Why do you like Ruby? As in what exactly made you like her

So many things. So so many, I just…Ruby is my ideal heroine/lead character. 

Here, let me explain…

The very first time we meet Ruby, she is standing in front of her mother’s gravestone. Even if we didn’t know that at the time, we knew it was significant. It already grounded her - it gave her character a base. As we’ve gotten to know more about her and seen her talk about/to her mother, it’s only shown more of how much Summer meant to her in such a short time. 

Ruby based her entire look of of her mother, because she wants so desperately to make this woman she barely was able to know proud. She’s perhaps idealized her mother, but that’s okay - it’s made her who she is. Ruby has a lot of baggage and I hope that as the show continues on, we get to see more and more of it. She grew up very lonely, mostly by choice. Not interested in social interaction and not very good at it either. That was incredibly relatable to me. 

Also, she is a bad ass. She is so tiny, but carries around this giant weapon that she loves so much and made herself which is amazing. I have these images of little Ruby up all hours of the night putting this thing together - working on it without breaks until Yang finally has to drag her away to eat and shower and sleep. Ruby’s drive to be a huntress is admirable and yet it’s built so much on this foundation of good. 

The most vital quality Ruby has is her heart. It’s huge and it’s pure. When she talks to Blake about why she wants to be a huntress, it’s perfect. Yes she loves hunting monsters, but she wants to keep people safe. She wants to do her mother proud and protect the innocent - to keep up that fight. Much like the passion with her weapon, Ruby is a character that would have to be dragged away from someone in need. She wouldn’t be able to help herself from helping someone else. Even at her own expense. 

Also, Ruby’s growth (and not just the hair growth which I also love and want MORE). When we first met her, she was a loner who only wanted to fight and be with Crescent Rose and a few weapons magazines. Still, Yang advised her to try and make friends and she did. She tried with the hardest subject she could find in Weiss Schnee and not only did they become friends (along with the rest of RWBY/JNPR/SSSN/Penny), they became almost a family and Ruby would do anything for them.

(ignore the text, old gif, all I have) This brings me to Penny and how important Penny is to Ruby’s story and why I love her. The significance of how Ruby accepted Penny spoke volumes. She didn’t hesitate, not for a second, in just accepting that Penny was a robot and that she wasn’t any less because of that. So much so that even Penny was surprised at how well she took the news. Ruby sees people as they are - good or bad. She accepts it and them and she tries her hardest to make them feel welcome. She did the same with Blake. Blake being a faunus only mattered to Ruby because she thought the ears were cute. That’s the only thing that changed in Ruby’s eyes when she found out. 

Resiliency is one of the greatest things a hero can have, and Ruby Rose has it in spades. She lost so much at the fall of Beacon, most of all her innocence that the world was, for the most part, as good as she wanted it to be. It would have been easy for her, at 15, to drop her fight and succumb to the fact that bad things just happen. She lost her team, her education at Beacon, her sister had even given up. Ruby didn’t - she was determined to continue to fight and to protect the world like she’d always wanted. Her innocence may, at times, be a flaw - but I also think it’s wonderful because it’s so filled with hope. I love hope when it comes to heroes. I want the hero that smiles and laughs and shows they care instead of pretending they don’t.  

She’s funny too, like one of the most underrated aspects of Ruby’s character is just how damn funny she is. A lot of that credit goes to Lindsay Jones, her voice actress, who delivers the lines so perfectly times and even the ones she ad-libs (like Blake enjoying tuna) just bring so much personality to her. Subtle things like answering Oobleck with a “yo” when asked who wants first watch or giggling like crazy at Jaune’s hoodie. She sees the joy in the world, even when it’s dark and I LOVE that. She’s a giant dork in the best way possible.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to see where this girl is going and who she’s going to become. I want to see her develop all of her talents and be the leader and hero she’s destined to be. I love Ruby because she’s good, purely good and not an anti-hero or cliched dark/emotionless warrior. She’s a kid with a gigantic high impact sniper scythe who loves cookies and fighting monsters and will do anything to keep the people she loves safe. 

This was my first time drawing Flurry Heart! She’s the cutest baby in the show, by far!


Twilight and Spike have a big day planned in the form of visiting and entertaining sick foals at the Ponyville Hospital. But when exhausted parents Shining Armor and Princess Cadance stop by with Flurry Heart, Twilight is eager to spend the day with her beloved niece. Determined to prove she can be the Best Aunt Ever while keeping to her packed schedule, Twilight agrees to watch over Flurry, despite Spike’s apprehension.

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i listened to the lightning thief musical and i was so in love with clarisse’s voice, i had to draw her
(this is my first time posting my art pls don’t yell at me but constructive criticism is appreciated)

My Relationship with Teen Wolf

“It’s complicated” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I discovered the show when it was roughly a three months wait until season 3 would start.

I binge-watched all there was - the first two seasons. And then I, right away, watched it again because it was that good. And then I literally watched it for a third time in a row.

I just completely fell in love with it. Sterek fast became my OTP, I loved the fandom because it was a warm, beautiful place filled with the most amazing headcanons.

I even liked the canon straight couples. Jackson and Lydia were just so beautifully perfect. And Scott and Allison were probably the best example of “soulmates” - because literally nothing else would ever justify the shit they went through for each other.

Even the smaller roles like Danny and the Sheriff and the Coach were just so cool.

I loved it. I loved everything about it. And I was so ready for season 3.

I mean, Derek had Boyd, Erica and Isaac now. Jackson was now finally a wolf and could join the pack. The pack was growning.

Everything went downhill starting with season 3. Now, season 3 in itself wasn’t bad, but it was definitely the start of “bad”.

Writing Jackson, Erica and Boyd out just like that was displeasing at first - it became a bigger issue the more the show went on.

What is the key-element of why season 3 started to be bad however is the True Alpha crap they came up with.

Part of what I enjoyed about the show was the fact that Scott was just this average teen wolf, a little bumbling and awkward but with a good heart. He didn’t have to be the leader. I expect an Alpha to be a leader, a fatherly figure, someone older. Not an awkward newbie wolf who literally learned how to control his wolfiness from a human boy.

That they had to force not just “Scott is main character. Scott needs to be Alpha”, but also “Oh shit, we made it so you gotta kill to become Alpha but Scott is main character, so Scott can’t kill. Hurry up, writers, invent a creative way for him to still become Alpha”.

It’s a load of horse-crap is what it is.

The show would have worked so much better if they had cut that crap. Kept Derek around - as the Alpha - and allowed Scott to slowly learn what it even means to be a werewolf and to then, through character development, become Derek’s second-in-command.

Now. They wrote all those characters out of the show, but they started establishing the twins as potential new pack-mates. And okay. They slowly started to become… interesting characters, the more we learned about them.

And then they were written out of the show too. And that was when it became a real problem with this show.

They want a pack. But they keep writing any character who has the potential of becoming pack out ASAP.

The whole… Isaac/Allison romance, I am still wondering where they pulled that from. Like? She literally tried to kill you an literally all your friends before and she’s basically the big love of your new Alpha? What is wrong with you, Isaac? Do you need therapy? Oh, right, you do. Yeah.

Setting it up that Danny knew all along what was going on just to write him out too.

Killing off Allison. Writing Isaac out of the show.

Basically. We had the “Alpha”, his human best friend, a banshee, a kitsune and a coyote. In a fucking show called Teen Wolf. I mean. Yeah, they kept true to the name and stuck with only ONE Teen Wolf. Because who wants to see an actual pack in a show about werewolves? Oh. Right. Everyone.

Season 4 was just bad. It was lame, it was weird and it had zero pay-off when Peter was suddenly the bad guy again. I had been a hundred percent sure that Gerard was behind this and that this was the reason they kept him alive.

Gerard, other reason for why it became bad. How did no one make sure to kill him? And then, when it’s revealed that he’s alive and basically dying slowly which is cruel, no one finishes him off either. You can not argue the “The good guys don’t kill” thing because keeping him alive while he is slowly dying from the black goo is so much worse than just a mercy-kill. And if you’re setting your good guys up to be cruel assholes who torture their enemies like that… you don’t get to play the “He has True Alpha potential because he’s such a goodie-two-shoes” card. And I am terrified to see what he does in season 6.

Kira was a cool addition, mainly. She… didn’t really get much personality development beyond the point of Scott’s New Love-Interest, but the mere concept of her was cool.

I dislike Malia and will always hate how they shoehorned her in. “Hey, look! Another living Hale! And it’s Peter’s daughter! Wow!”. That she spent basically a decade in the forest as a wild animal but they just pretend that it’s possible to re-introduce her not just into society but high school - whereas she is completely lacking all middle school and half of elementary school education, honestly, can she even read and write? Because she shouldn’t be able to. Even if she learned that ten years ago, she’d have forgotten simply by growing up as a wild animal in the forest. Granted, her behavior is at the very least well-written and animalistic, but that just makes me question the weirdness of Stiles going “Oh, she’s basically a wild animal. Let’s start dating”. Right. Away. If they had taken the time to, you know, re-introduce her to society properly and learn things and her and Stiles falling for each other along the way, okay sure. But this “We just met. Let’s have sex in the basement of the asylum” thing was so weird and so forced.

Season 5 might just be one of the - if not THE - worst thing I’ve ever witnessed on television. If something has that crappy level of quality, I normally turn it off and stop watching.

But the masochistic part of me kept whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2 and that 3 wasn’t so bad and, sure, since season 3 it’s been declining, but they did so well in the first two seasons, maybe they’ll turn it around again.

They did not turn it around.

Season 5 was just… really, really, really awful.

The over-loaded plotlines that kept getting entangled.

The fucking awful new characters. Like. Liam was always and will always be only Scott 2.0, a very, very cheap rip-off of their own main character - and who even does that? But in season 5, he was just awful. That he threw his temper-tantrums and turned his back on Scott and was just generally a pain in the ass.

Allison 2.0 was even worse though. I legit do not bother remembering the name of Liam’s girlfriend, because she is so flat and… unlikeable. Her only reason for being in this was to create the tension between Scott and Liam.

And Liam’s best friend made them feel like “Oh boy, we cut out the jock and his lovable gay best friend. Let’s replace Jackson and Danny with those two!”. Honestly, they really gave up trying to come up with individual, interesting characters.

And casting showed that too. At least Liam’s best friend is black. But literally everyone else they cast after season 3 was two things - white and brunette. This show started out with such an individual, diverse cast - black male Boyd, blonde female Erica, blonde male Isaac, redheaded female Lydia, polynesian male Danny. And now they basically just cast dark-haired whites and the guys even all look the same. This Theo-guy and that… other… wolf… guy… thing… I honestly don’t remember but the guy who had something with Liam’s best friend, they basically looked the same to me.

The decline in character development and design, as well as the decline in story-telling was only topped off by the dreadfulness.

This show used to be bright. And funny.

As in: It took place during the day too. There used to be colors. In season 5, in many episodes, I could barely tell what was going on because it mainly took place during the night and in total darkness.

And I didn’t laugh once in season 5. Absolutely nothing was funny. It didn’t help that comic relief guy Stiles got kicked in the balls by the writers when they decided they also needed tension between Scott and Stiles.

No, fuck you, you don’t.

The friendship between Scott and Stiles has been the backbone of this show since the very first scene of the first episode. And now you decide that Scott should be stupid, shallow and trustful enough to trust Theo instead of Stiles? Really? That… That’s so OoC. Those are your characters, don’t write them OoC.

The fact that Derek and Peter too became characters who just… disappeared for long periods of time was just ridiculous too. It’s like this show is deliberately trying to sabotage itself and to remove good characters.

Lydia, Stiles and Scott are essentially the only characters left from the… bigger ones. Derek, Peter, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Jackson, Allison, Aiden, Ethan, Kira, Danny.

Instead we get to keep Malia around who, sure, ist still the best of those new additions. Liam. Liam’s girlfriend. Liam’s best friend. Fucking Theo gets to stay?

And Parrish, who… honestly just gives me the creeps because the dude is old enough to have been to war and to now work at a police station as a deputy, which I really hope for the sake of the safety of the people does require some years of training before you get handed a gun and a badge too, but thinks it’s in any way or shape appropriate to date a high school student? Like, sure, it may be legal but that doesn’t mean you have to do that. Especially not if you’re a police deputy. And I don’t care if that sounds like a hypocrite thing to say because I ship Sterek and that might be the same age-difference. I ship Sterek in fanfiction and fanarts. If fans go ahead and ship Lydia and Parrish sure, cool. Everything goes in the fandom. Not everything should go in canon, because there should be some kind of… moral… behind decisions made. Do not romantize adults dating teens.

So. Yeah.

If they hadn’t announced that season 6 is the final season, I would have turned my back after how bad season 5 was. But… cue in the voice in my head that’s still whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2. And this is the grand finale. It’ll be over after this. Just 20 more episodes, I can watch that. And then it’ll be finally over and they can’t ruin it any more.

The grand finale airs in four days. So I’ll be rewatching the first five seasons now and then I will start watching the final season. I’m terrified of it.

And am I the only one who felt like many decisions made were just made to snuff out Sterek? I mean. Stiles who didn’t have any romantic plotline before, all of a sudden having sex with basically a random stranger in a basement and Derek literally fucking the enemy while he’s half-bleeding to death, but let’s just hurry up and make sure they have female love interests…?

thoughts on younger now

Younger Now: why the frogs? thats it. why the frogs, miley? 

Malibu: i said it once i’ll say it again, malibu saved the music industry and thems the facts 

Rainbowland ft Dolly Parton: dolly is adorable and anything she touches is immediately gold 

Week Without You: this is cute jam like chilling with your girls just having fun typa jam 

Miss You So Much: lol do yall remember when we got that shitty low quality ass video of her singing this at some friends wedding, this still goes off tho 

I would die for you: i’ve actually got shivers. This has me shook to my very CORE #iwoulddieforthissong

Thinkin: a BOP a JAM i’m OBSESSED this makes me want to break up with my nonexistent boyfriend 

Bad Mood: catchy as hell, miley humming in the background is more iconic than anything i’ve done in my entire life 

Love someone: “i’m starting to think you have no heart. you have no soul” “it’s time for this queen to go and run another throne” “it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d ever be your wife” SHE REALLY DID THAT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK ON HER EX I THINK HES DEAD 

She’s not him: mileys songs about her ex boyfriend- ur a piece of shit go to hell douchebag. mileys songs about her ex girlfriend- ur a beautiful perfect angel who has never done a single thing wrong in her life ever

Inspired: v nice a genuinely good pure song 


Prompt #188

Anonymous said: “illegitimi non carborundum” in latin means don’t let the bastard bring you down (for a prompt)

It was scrawled across the back of her jacket, her trademark. Everyone in the town seemed the same, excluding her and one other. They met on the bridge at the edge of town, remembering how she’d claimed this part of town as her own, back in fourth grade and how she’d vowed to punch anyone in the face who entered her territory. That’s how they met. A bloody nose, ripped jacket and scuffed converse…

// I am aware of how bad quality this prompt is and I do apologise. I love this phrase so much and Anon probably had a much better idea to use for it- I’m sorry! I’m largely sleep-deprived… //

theflatwoodsmonsterisalesbian  asked:

Okokok i feel like i send u too many asks so ill try to chill but i just gotta request one more thing: juno getting a really quality hug (love ur writing so much! And i cant believ how much u manage to write so often! Ur a powerhouse!)

Juno isn’t entirely sure how he got an invitation to this party, really. Sure, he saved Valles Vicky’s life, but the last big fling they attended together almost ended in a homicide– you’d think it’d be bad luck or something. He attends anyway, just incase Vicky needs someone to watch her back.

It’s… it’s kind of nice, actually. Ten years is a long time for anything to last, especially in Hyperion City, and that’s not even getting started on the deranged ex. They deserve to celebrate it.

But while the stars of the event are busy talking, their son toddles away. And nope, that’s not gonna happen on Juno’s watch.

He sinks into a crouch directly in the kid’s path. “Hey, kid. How about you stick around where your moms can keep an eye on you.”

Maybe that was poor choice of words, because the kid is now paying close attention to Juno’s eyes, and he gasps.

Shit– the kid better not start crying or something– Juno knows he’s not exactly a disarming dame to look at, but–

“Your eyes are so pretty!” the little boy squeals, and throws his arms around Juno’s neck. “Will you marry me?”

And this… this is new. “Um?”

Jeez. How the hell is Juno supposed to even respond to that?

“Um… tell ya what, kid,” he says. “Give it like… eighteen years, and then we’ll talk.”

Sure, that talk is gonna probably be in the form of one of those embarrassing stories that’s shared at a graduation party, but the kid doesn’t need to know that just yet. He seems pretty happy with Juno’s answer, because he just squeals and cheers and squeezes him even harder.


I love………. Antasma so much…………… so here’s some art y’all

also my coloring style? non existant. I have no idea what are u talking about I’ve never heard of her

(click for better quality bc we all know how dumb tumblr is)


endless list of otps: kestrin

“She turned to look at him, and he was already looking at her. “I’m going to miss you when I wake up,” she whispered, because she realized that she must have fallen asleep under the sun. Arin was too real for her imagination. He was a dream.
“Don’t wake up,” he said.”

make me choose: anonymous asked kanej or kestrin? 

Inktober - Shy

The first thing that came to my mind for this prompt was teen Ford interacting with a girl(this is the first time drawing him). I wanted to add Stan too here because… there isn’t a particular reason I just love him so much. And last but not least the girl belongs to the amazing @hntrgurl13 she is her oc, Adeline Marks. I love her so much therefore I drew her.


I love you too much; Yuta.

Request: “ Hihi! Could I request a Yuta scenario with him getting jealous of another boy and being possessive? :) 💖” & “Hi~ can you do a getting into an argument with Yuta? Thank u very much ❤” & “Can u write a Yuta scenario ? He thinks his gf cheating him with Ten and he treats her bad. But he can’t break uo with her bc he loves his gf but it’s just a misunderstanding”

Genre: Angst & fluff.

Warnings: Cursing.

A/N:  I wrote three in one bc: 1) I have lots of requests and I h a t e making y’all wait for my shitty low quality content and 2) because they really fit with each other so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

“We need to talk, Y/N. I’m getting tired of this shit.” Confusion was writted all over your face after you heard your boyfriend’s words.

An not only his words would make you feel like that but his actions too. Lately he was acting in the most unexpected ways, and it was getting out of control. He would either want to spend all his time with you or would ignore you completely. Even the way he talked to you and treated you was being different from how it was just a few weeks ago. Now he was a lot more impatient and rude with you, and you were lying if you said that you weren’t feeling slighly afraid of him or if you said that you would prefer to spend your time with him.

“There’s something wrong, Yuta?” You asked, half worried about anything that was going on Yuta’s mind but at the same time terrified of it.

He rolled his eyes before passing his hands though his hair while looking like if he was furious. All of this was happening so suddenly and you had no clue on how it was going to end, which was making even more scary for the anxious you.

“Why do you try to keep hiding it, Y/N?” He asked at the same time he grabbed your waist without measuring his strength, causing you to leave a small moan that was indicating pain. “Do you think I’m fucking stupid? That I wasn’t going to realize?”

“Take your hands off me in this instant.” And he did, thanks God he did. Just a couple seconds were enough to make your wrist turn red, which made your nervousness multiply but also gave you the confidence to remind him who was he talking to. “And, can you explain what the fuck are you talking about? Because, being complete serious, I have no clue.”

“Ten.”  He whispered in a more calm voice before he let go a loud sigh. “That’s what’s happening to me. The fact that you’re fucking cheating on me with him and being so damn obvious about it!”

You froze in your spot after hearing his words. You cheating on him? With Ten? The idea that he even, somehow, got to that conclusion was funny and completely ridiculous. Yuta gave you a few seconds before talking again, but in those seconds you could understand why he got to that conclusion. Yuta was overwhelm with work lately and you did spent more time than usual with Ten lately but thinking that you were cheating on him was too much.

“You’re not going to say anything?” He said, crossing his arms at the same time he gave a few steps closer to you, but you were to busy lost in his words to even realize. “Then, you can just confirm my hypothesis and fucking leave.”

“No, I’m not going to leave.” You answered him. Now your voice was softer and sweeter, and your eyes were lost in his. “I’m not going to because I love you too much to do it.”

“Like you love me too much to cheat on me?” The sarcasm in his voice and attitude were obvious, but you didn’t seem to notice.

“Exactly. I love you so much that I never cheated on you.” Your words were fluid and natural, and the look in your eyes was reflecting nothing but pure sincerity which was making Yuta start to regret his words. “And I would never.”

“Why are you spending so much time with him, then?” Every time it was harder and harder for him to keep a serious face and a cold voice tone.

“Because instead of talking with me about this, you either ignore me or get extremely  possessive and it’s scaring me, Yuta.”

Now he was the one who kept silent. You confession made him realize lots of things that make him hate himself for treating you in such a terrible way. How did he ended in that stupid conclusion anyways? Even him doesn’t know, but now he had worst problems, like the small you that he had in front, who had teary eyes and a broken smile on her face.

He blinked a few times before he noticed but he wasn’t sure how to react. After an argument like this you probably don’t want to look at his face ever again, what is he supposed to do? But the adrenalin that he felt in the moment faded away when your hands met his in a little touch. He lowered his head to admirer to small contact, but the small bruise in your wrist caugh his whole attention.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m-” He was interrupted by a surprise hug given by you, which left him speechless. How could he do that to you? This past days probably felt like hell for you and the only one who had the fault was the boy who promised you to make you feel happy and loved for the rest of your life.

Both of you spent a good time there, hugging each other in a comforting silence that gave both of you enough time to think about everything that happened on that week: the way you and Ten were talking so excitely that night, how the next day Yutas started to ignore you, the way he realized that whenever you weren’t by his side you would be with Ten, and the way he started to get possesive over you.

“I see that you’re not cheating on me with Ten but… you totally should. I realize that he would treat you a lot better than me.” He said as he finally broke the hug, his words were accompanied by a sad laugh.

“No. I love you too much to do it.” You said, making both of you smile.