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Anonymous requested: omg babe could u do a one shot about secretly dating natasha n then u guys are in a bit of a heated moment ;) and get caught by the rest/someone from the team?? ur a gem❤️

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader (ft. Vision and Tony)
Word count: 1.8k+
Warnings: Implied/almost smut
A/N: Okay so this is my first time writing smutty-ish things so I apologize if this sucks?? 

Tags: @heathrmxnamara @thebreakerofchains @fortheloveofbenyandtom

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*sdfbwrogoboiwrobg* starts playing. HELL YES, I CAN. I never knew how much i needed this until now. I love her, oh my god. (I imagined if Allura ever got short hair, it would be fluffy, big and all over the place.) 

My Kallura shipping ass has got some theories about how allura would get short hair below: 

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Just a doodle - couldn’t stop thinking about this when I saw your baby heathers doodle (apologies for bad art/Maria’s face/hair/existence)

Omg it took me a while to reaslize she’s on a seperate piece of paper. I don’t think the Schuyler’s will be as bad as the Heathers, but this is a good picture anyway! 8D

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hey alice, do you have any jimon fic recs?? you can feel free to rec your own, sorry if someone's asked this before

omg don’t apologize, i’m always happy to talk jimon!! i’m super bad at saving fics i love tho so these are just the ones i found in my rec tag & that i remembered off the top of my head. also i tried to keep it down to 1 fic per author but honestly every single fic written by the authors listed below is 100000/10

general resources & recs:

specific fic recs:

now, truth be told, i haven’t read this one yet bc i’m waiting for a good opportunity to sit down and really enjoy it. but it’s literally a hannah montana au written by the one and only ellie so i mean? you just know it’s gonna be lit

this is the softest shit you’ll ever read. it has everything!!!!! it’s literally set at a wedding, like? it doesn’t get softer than that. on top of that there’s dancing, pining, amazing writing…. just overall a Soft fic that everyone should read

just the softest mf fic. short but sweet!!! very in character & very domestic. def worth a read or five!!!!

ok im breaking my own rule of only 1 fic by each author but…. this is like, the first high quality jimon fic i read. it changed my life???? so yeah. read it!!!!! it’s soft, fluffy, it’s literally canon jace giving simon dating advice but WAY BETTER. everything you could want!!!!

alternate version of 1x12. it’s smutty so read at ur own discretion. it’s really fucking good tho. angsty and smutty and incredible. super good characterization!!!

coffee shop au, need i say more???? flustered & awkward simon, smooth but also adorable jace. all-round really sweet fic!

really cute college au, with clothes sharing!!!! short & sweet

SUCH a fucking good fic. so so good. recommend so much. the perfect characterization of jimon banter!!! like it’s one of the best jimon fics out there, hands down. if you haven’t read it, what’re you doing with your life????? it’s adorable and funny and just plain amazing

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Damn son, I feel like what did we do to deserve this??? Fall of 2015 we were almost dying and here were are just living. And it is good! Lord, it is good. Praise!!!!

Omg, seriously. It was so bad a little over a year ago. Had us hating half of our OTP for several episodes. Now everything with our ship is perfect and nothing hurts, and I wanna, like, send Gimple an edible arrangement and maybe apologize for all the horrible things I said when I was angry. (It was the pain talking.) I never even realized that canon could be this good. But it is so, so good. 

omg just reached my hand into the nest to pet Rex and her butt was facing the entrance so I just squished it like I usually squish her face and she made the most offended sound I felt so bad. She turned around and I gave her treats to apologize, she gave me kisses after she lectured me by making her offended sound a lot.

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Could I please have the rfa plus unknown reacting to finding a picture of their s/o when they were a teenager and going through like a hardcore emo/punk phase and their s/o is really embarrassed about it?

Ahhh yes…We can all relate to the angsty bean phase of our teens.

**Gazes past laptop screen in remembrance of her own. The black hair…the MySpace photos. MCR piano keys play in the distance…

~Ahem. Anyway…Yes. Here you go!


  • Often likes to look through old photos and one day suggested you do it together
  • It was all well and good until a family photo popped up
  • There you were, clad in black looking angry between your parents
    • “M-MC?! What?!”
  • You snatched the photo away from him but the damage had been done, he was snickering
    • “Yoosung, you dye your hair blonde you have no right to say anything to me right now”
  • Your look of death made him swallow his laughter
  • He had no idea someone like you went through such a phase
  • Wondered what else he didn’t know about you
    • “MC, I’m taking the day off tomorrow. Let’s stay up late tonight! I want you to tell me all about yourself before I met you. I want to know these things!”


  • Has no sense of privacy so of course he was rummaging through your things when he found the photo
  • He thought you looked ridiculous, he didn’t understand the fashion at all
    • “MC, what is the meaning of this?”
    • “OMG JUMIN HAN. How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my stuff?!”
    • “We shouldn’t have secrets between us, though I can see why you tried to hide it…”
  • This ass
  • You ripped the picture from his hands
  • He immediately felt bad, he could see that he upset you
  • In all honesty he’s not the type of person to care about the past or dwell on it
  • It’s a waste of time in his opinion
  • Tries to come up with something to say to apologize
    • “What I really meant was that you look much better now. I’m glad”
  • It was the best he could do lol
  • Eventually you forgave him


  • Selfie king who loves photos
  • You were both looking through a mess of them, putting together a collage for the wall of the apartment
    • “Woah! What’s this?”
  • He had a smirk plastered on his face
  • It was a photo of you and an old friend, you were wearing a punky shirt and lots of black
    • “No don’t look!” You cried
  • You lunged and rolled away with the photo
  • Laying on the ground clutching it to your chest and feeling like curling into a ball of embarrassment
  • You feel his hand on your back and open your eyes to find him holding a photo of himself as a teenager
  • Of course he still looks good
  • But he’s wearing a biker jacket and a scowl
  • He went through his own rebellious phase so he doesn’t judge you at all
    • “The guy in this photo would have been crazy for that girl, if he knew her then.”


  • Let’s be honest he was stalking you online for fun and had been tracking your old social media accounts when he found them
  • He lost it when he saw the pictures
  • He was laughing so hard as he clicked through the albums
  • Curious to see what the hell was so funny you snuck behind him, freaking out when you saw what was on the screen
  • You smacked him in the head
    • “Turn it OFF SAEYOUNG!” You fumbled to find the power button, completely mortified.
    • “Nooo I want more goth MC!” He pouted
  • Still laughing
  • For the rest of the day he kept cracking jokes or calling you ‘Elvira’ and didn’t stop until you threatened to make him sleep on the couch
  • A few days later though you found a black corset and a new black lipstick waiting for you in the bedroom


  • Was helping you move the last of your stuff in with him when he found a shoe box in your closet filled with pictures and some old letters
  • Curiosity got the best of him and he decided to look through some of the stuff when he saw it
  • Thick eyeliner and tight pants with a black tattered shirt
  • You found him on the floor of your bedroom surrounded by pictures
  • You literally just screamed and rushed to scoop them up from the floor
    • “Omg no don’t look at these I was such a dork!”
    • “No…I, uh…I kind of like it”
  • When he looked up at you finally you realized he was blushing
    • “Do you still have this outfit, MC?” He held up the photo.
  • He was definitely diggin’ it wheeew boi
  • After that day you added some more edgy clothing to your closet
  • Secretly kept the photo and carries it around with him everywhere

@daemoninfluff Let get this startedd

CALRON + flying a kite

• so Callum never really dared to try and fly a kite since he couldn’t very well run fast enough
• actually he tried once but he fell down and the other children at the park stared at him
•which was worse than laughing at him
• so when Aaron gave Call a kite he had made
•with that famous Stewart smile
•Callum simply accepted it and thanked him
•but every time Aaron invited him to go to the park to fly the kite
• Call just kept giving excuses
• at first Aaron thought it was because Call was embarrassed of the kite he had made
•but when he apologized to Call for making the kite
•Call basically shouted at him that it wasn’t the kite
•because Call didn’t mean to offend Aaron
•he loved the kite
•Call’s bright red face when he confessed he never flew a kite
•Aaron staring at Call before laughing so sheepishly
•because he had worked so hard on an apology speech
•Aaron made Call promise him to meet at the park that
•Callum actually showed up
•"oh don’t worry, Call. It isn’t a very windy day"
•"It took me a week to learn too, Call.“
•"That one flew! That one counted!”
•Call felt bad at first
•But couldn’t help but laugh with Aaron

•Next summer, Call, Aaron and Tamara went to fly kites everyday.




•Call fell on Aaron and they both sort of laid there not moving
•staring at each other

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Omg aw, that Headcanon where Russ will thwack the back of noodles head if she swears, what if when she gets a s/o (a girl in my head, I'm gay af) noodle swears and Russ thwacks her and the s/o laughs and says something like "fucking child, don't say bad wo-" and then Russel thwacks them too and they look down ashamed and humbled and murmur "I apologize". 😂

“I can’t believe that he actually said that shit! What the f-”


“What have I toLD YOU” big chocolate bar boy raises his voice as single strand of spaghetti rubs the back of her thwacked head.

“ouch why dad why have you done this to me”

“hahhahahhhah get punkd u son of a binch” says noodle’s girlfriend loudly


“u 2,” big dad muttered, stalking off for his next victim. “no swearing in my house.”

“im sry big chocolate bar boi,” noodle’s s/o cries every time, rubbing the back of her head. “ily”

i hope you like my writing when im running on only a couple hours of sleep

victuuri feelings-soulmate headcanons
  • victor wondering why his soulmate is screaming their head off half the time and being super chill the other
  • quiet moments spent reading and fun moments getting hyped over new anime
  • yuuri wondering why the feelings of victory and success peter out into mild satisfaction over time
  • victor sending over waves of confusion and amusement but otherwise enjoying these random spots of enthusiasm that he can’t normally feel anymore
  • sharing pain
    • condolences for stubbed toes and paper cuts
    • constantly aching feet from all the practice
    • victor feeling that mild rush of exhilaration for being the fifth-time grand prix champion and getting shot in the chest by the worst, most gut-wrenching feeling he’s never felt
    • yuuri apologizing over and over again to his soulmate for making him feel his anxiety and self-loathing
    • victor trying to transmit soothing back rubs and shh’s and it’s okays
  • both of them waking in the morning and immediately sending each other motivational cheers
watching horror movies (OT12)

suho: “Y/N this is not family friendly!”

chanyeol: *gif*

luhan: “baobei im manly! i can protect you from those demons!” 


chen: *jumps and scares you at the least expected times,,,, you get pissed but he would apologize to you later*

tao: gOTTa bLaST

kyungsoo: you’d be creeped out because he’d be laughing when someone gets murdered

xiumin: “see these guns? ain’t no one getting past these bad boys”

kai: he was fine during the movie but–

*you’re about to turn off the lights to go to bed*

jongin: “wAIT DONT”

you: ???

jongin: “what if we see kyungsoo”

omg someone help this precious baby ^

lay: *recommended a disney movie in the first place*

kris: “horror movies are not my style”

sehun: *someone gets killed*

“bye bye bitch”

baekhyun: *screeches whenever the floor creaks for the next week*

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Originally posted by yourstory

Routine Part II (Edward Nygma x Reader)

A/N: i cant thank all of you enough for all the praise and love ive been given over one fluff. It was so amazing and i adore each of you wow. It literally made my day. I hope you all enjoy this and i apologize in advance if its bad. :( kisses!

Warnings: 100% fluffffffff and poor reader omg im so sorry

Tags: @gotham-city-tales @jokesterwrites @restupmyfeatheredfriend @queencobblefreezestuff @starfishfaerie

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Imagine Bucky's little girl brushing m his hair, putting in all these bright and glittery bows and hair clips, all these elaborate hairdos and braids. The one time Sam and Tony walk in and give him crap, Bucky's daughter pouts and her eyes get all watery. "You mean you don't like it? Did I do a bad job on my daddy's hair?" And Bucky just gives them the deadliest glare, growling "apologize to her. Right. NOW."

im crying i love this so much omg omg omg omg omg 

Daddy Day™

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I'm stuck in quite a dilemma rn and I thought you could help me maybe please?? WHICH ONE OF IEYASUS ENDINGS IS THE BETTER ONE HELP I ALREADY MADE A BAD DECISION WITH MASA I DON'T WANT TO REPEAT MY MISTAKES 😭 Thank you! 🌟 (Your blog is awesome! Keep the good work up! 🙏🏻)

OMG NONIE-CHAN YES. YES. I GOT THAT FEELING. SUCH DILEMMA AND SUFFER TO CHOOSE! What a joy— nah, that’s Tadakatsu’s words. LOL.  Come sit down and relax a little *holds your hand and offer you a nice cup of tea*. This, My dear, is what we all have been thru. Comrade!

First of all I apologize if my respond is late, and for I may not have best memory since I haven’t do his route for long time now (maybe someone who read this can put more addition?). Honestly, I’d recommend you to do both ending, both are worth it!! Though the story is same but The Divine ending is more focus on you and Ieyasu development of relationship and it’s on your pov. It’s precious. The Noble one is not just focus between you two but also there’s fair share of development between him and his retainers. You won’t regret to choose any of it. The Noble ending as I recall, since it’s kinda on his pov, has the scene between Tadatsugu and Ieyasu about how Tadatsugu wished him to find a person that could change him. I won’t spoil further but it’s my favorite scene!  Also the good omen of his clan!

I strongly recommend to do both especially if he is your favorite character or if you love his story, and if you don’t know yet,  you’ll get a beautiful background if you finish both, this is the background you’ll get, and I LOVE IT! :

But if you prefer not, then let’s just see to your preference between those ending. 

Hopefully this will help you! Good luck to finish his route and enjoy it, I’m so happy you do his route!! If you don’t mind, let me know what do you think about his route after you done :3 *chuus*  And thank you so much for your support about my messy blog… ;///; 

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my ldr boyfriend is sick and doesn't message me much anymore. i've saved up to go meet him in a few months. he only really messages me in the mornings and before bed to tell me he loves me and make sure my day was ok. he insists i'ts not me, it's him, and apologizes and i feel so bad that it's making him feel guilty when he's already sick so i'm trying to hide that i'm lonely and missing him always. it's been a two months. it's hard to go from talking to someone all day to hardly at all.

that’s really hard omg. i think give it some time since he is sick but it’s understandable that you feel sad and lonely since things have changed