this is bad idk

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dare to show ur beautiful face without makeup and wigs? cuz i would love to see dat

//HEre u have this ugly ass hobo in low quality lm a o 


Malec being an articulate, assertive, smart, strategic and supportive power couple I literally cannot even…

And them utterly failing at keeping their fondness for each other in check during the greeting YES XD

Also: “I hope you don’t give up on love. I hope you fight for it like your brother.” Well alright Maryse

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jinyoung appreciation series - ggg era

so im starting a series of appreciation posts for each era of jinyoung! its just gonna be as many beautiful pics of him i can find lmao starting with ggg era (yall gonna show some respect for my man during this era ok this ggg!jinyoung slander has gone on long enough) fdksljfd enjoy! (credit to photo owners)

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Kind of in a bad mood and hoping holding onto these dragons will help

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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Proud dads


shadowhunters + scenery