this is bad idk

you know those, rly cool, punk ppl? with like, cool short hair and patches on their pants and cool jean vests and ripped skinny jeans etc etc. 

i wish i were them

oh yeah i’m just writing a drabble i - [trips] [dozens of typed pages from a multi-chapter WIP spill out of my bag] uhh um theses arent mine I’m just [tries to pick them up] [sweats frantically] look okay i just uh it’s not what you think it’s [pages and pages covered in writing scatter across the floor] look they’re not mine okay i just FOUND THEM like that, no wait just LISTEN

People saying Liv needs to be sent back to Ireland is all well and good for a plain sailing solution until that does absolutely nothing at all for both her well being and Aaron’s. She’s a young teenager who’s only just settled in, who’s finding her way in her newfound life; she’ll mess up, she’ll rebel, she’ll misbehave but being in the company of family who are willing to work with her behaviour whilst still supporting her is essential. A girl always needs her mum but if that said mum isn’t in a place to care then that’s not great for someone who is already insecure and full of rejection issues.

Liv knows she was in the wrong and that the joke went too far. She can be a nuisance and shrug off seriousness but who isn’t like that at that age? (I mean remember a certain wayward chav by any chance?!). Aaron does need a push in disciplining her and he’ll eventually find the balance between sibling vs parent with the help of others’ input directing him in the right way. There’s responsibility and understanding to be grasped and boundaries to be set but if anyone knows what it feels like to be given up on, it’s him. He wouldn’t want to let her go so easily when he’s experienced it first hand, and when he’s found and created this dynamic that has given him this fresh outlook at fulfilment in life. In short: Aaron and Liv need each other. After everything they’ve overcome, there’d certainly be a missing piece at a time they’re considering their future and becoming a proper little family.

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Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

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ending up sitting next to luke on the plane, both complete stangers to each other and only briefly smiling at each other when he came to sit next to you. for the first thirty minutes of the flight you avoided looking at him too much, not wanting to embarass yourself in front of the cute guy sitting next to you. your first real interaction with him happened when he turned to ask you what was wrong when you had let out a loud groan and muttered a few curses upon realizing you had forgotten your earphones. after telling him why you were upset, the cute guy next to you reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of earphones, offering you one of the buds, not before introducing himself. he asked you what type of music you wanted to listen to, handing you his phone and leaving the choice up to you. the both of you ended bonding over your similar music tastes, not realizing how fast time was passing as you guys talked. at some point during the flight luke had asked you if you wanted to watch a movie on the small airplane screens, the both of you agreeing on watching the latest avengers movie. the arm rest between you guys went up as you each had one earbud, and he shuffled over closer to you so that the you guys were basically both on one seat. you brought you legs up, hugging your knees to your chest and at some point luke had moved his arm around your shoulders to allow more space, and in the process eliminating any space between you two. somewhere along the flight you fell asleep, resting your head on his shoulder as you dreamed of being able to see him again once the flight was over