this is bad head canon excuse me :c

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lmao a j*nsa shipper just told me that Tyrion is too old and ugly for Sansa. Some people have their heads so far up their ass that all they can see is their crack ship. They bully anyone who dares to say a word about the jonerys leaks. It must be hard when there's nothing canon to support your ship but that's not an excuse to harass and police the whole fandom.

some people are immature and ignorant, but some people are just bad people… calling tyrion ugly, because of his and actor’s dwarfism is just…. n o  c o m m e n t…….and he’s not old, ok??! our grandparents are old, not peter dinklage…

but now, seriously, people who hate this ship, just because they’re physically attracted to jon snow/kit harington, or because they have a problem with dwarfs, are STUPID and BAD… also, those people are usually more attracted to looks, than to intelligence and charm (very immature) and they have the problem with “years” when it’s about tyrion….. but brad pitt and johnny depp are ok lol

i like jon snow, and yes, he is really cute and everything.. but i was always more attracted to people/characters who are like tyrion lannister, SMART, good, gentle, reasonable, and yes he’s handsome (his sad eyes, his smile, his hair, his hands).

i have nothing against “jonsa”, but there’s a good reason why i/we don’t ship it - tyrion lannister, the best character ever, my favorite character and GRRM’s also lol 

and sansa stark deserves only the best !!! END OF THE STORY. JUST IGNORE THOSE IDIOTS. F*CK THEM. THEY KNOW NOTHING.