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sorry for the bad resolution~ but this image is actually only 1″ wide! LOL! it’s part of a tiny panel from page 2 of my otayuri comic “Sweet, Sweet Madness” (which you can read >here<!) but i had to throw some colors on it, because Yuri just looked so ridiculously haughty that i thought it deserved it’s own post! X3

Bts Reaction when their small girlfriends hides behind their back whenever she gets scared

Anonymous:Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

 Own this is such a cute theme but it’s bad to me and other girls who are consider the big girls 😂, anyways I hope you liked!!


He had already noticed that every time you were afraid you’d hide behind him, what he find super cute due to your big difference of heights and even more because he feel that he should protect you, despite knowing that he was going to have so much fear as you.

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Unlike Jin, he would never notice that you hide behind him because you are afraid. But if he noticed he wasn’t going to say anything, but inside he would love the fact that you trust in him to defend you.

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He was going to be super excited about the situation itself, because he thought that you was the sweetest girlfriend in the world, would probably hug you (but not one of those normal or simple hugs, would be those hugs that make us feel that everything around us is fine).

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Rap Monster:

You two had just seen a horror movie and were headed to your room as you hear a noise at the end of the hall and you go behind him because you get scared. He would be scared too, but he needs to show you is the masculine side so probably will say something like that.

* Jagy you don’t need to be scared, i’m with you. And that was just the rain.

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Jimin looks like the kind of person who date a small person only because he is small, so I think he will love it the fact that you are a small cute couple. But when he saw that when you get scared you hide behind his back he would feel like the biggest men in the world and the strongest. (Would liked)

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He’d love to be like that because as J-hope thought she had the cutest girlfriend of all. Telling everyone how cute you were.

* My Jagy is soooo cuteeeeee.

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The men is in town!!! He would feel the bad boy he always claims, the one who have the small and cute girlfriend he needs to defend and like Rap Monster would be really rotector.

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What about Gladio doing that cute/funny thing when he’s 18 and asks Ignis for the first time if he wants to go out, but caught Ignis in a VERY bad mood, and Ignis was like “Of course, we can go out when pigs fly”

So the next day Gladio buys 50 giant pig balloons and sets them free in the wind from one of the Citadel’s balconies when Ignis’ arriving to work.

“Heeeeeeey, Iggyyyyyy!” 

Ignis (and the rest of the people in a radius of 2 km) were already staring up in total confusion and awe of such ridiculous amount of ballons flying, but Ignis’ attention turns to the voice that called, and he sees Gladio as a small figure like 7 floors up, waving at him.

“You choose the restaurant! I’m fine with anything!”

And Ignis won’t say it but he found that to be brilliant and oddly sweet in some way he can’t explain.

PS: He attended the date, but none said anything about the pigs.

He’s Sick

Y/N frowned seeing Harry in bed. She felt bad that he was in this much pain, somewhere along the week Harry had gotten an ear infection, and he turned into a giant baby, crying, whining, and complaining every second he got. Y/N had an ear infection just two months ago and she couldn’t help but wonder if she had been this annoying, but Harry was cute, so therefore he got away with it.

The TV was on and he watched it aimlessly, she set down her bag and smiled softly at him. She made her way over to his side, sitting next to him, her hand pressed against his forehead. He felt warm, too warm, and she felt bad, she wished she was the one that was sick, it wouldn’t effect her as much. Harry had to cancel so much and she could tell he was upset by it. 

“Hi,” he croaked, peeking up at her. 

She smiled, dropping her hand, “hi,” she responds, “it’s time for your ear drops.”

Harry groaned, he hated the ear drops. He hated feeling the cool drips fall into his ear and pool up, he hated having to lay there on his side for minutes, “I know,” she says gently, “but afterwards we can have some soup.”

“Y/N,” he groans, “I really don’t want the drops, I’m fine.”

“No you’re not,” she shakes her head, pushing him gently to his side, “come on, I know you’re in pain.”

“I know you’re in pain,” Harry mimics in accent, voice higher. 

She rolled her eyes, “you need to do this,” she sighed, grabbing the drops. 

“You need to do this,” Harry mimics, annoyed. 

When he had first gotten sick in their relationship and he would get annoyed and mimic her she got mad, but as time went by she found it amusing. She tried to hide her amusement as she brushed his hair back gently. 

“Harry stop whining or you can make your own soup,” she warns, opening the medicine. 

“You can make your soup,” He huffs, failing at a comeback. 

She rolled her eyes once more, “ready?”

He doesn’t respond and she puts the drop in, Harry flinching slightly at the coldness, “you need to relax now,” she runs her hand through his hair soothingly, “Mr. Grumpy pants.”

“I am not grumpy,” he says. 

“Mhmm,” she says. 

She stands but Harry grabs her hand, “stay with me, I’m not hungry.”

Y/N slips off her shoes, laying behind him, her arms sliding around him, “I just want you to lay with me,” Harry mumbled. 

“I’m sorry you feel so sick,” she whispered, kissing his shoulder. 

Harry closes his eyes, he hated the feeling of being sick, but at the same time he liked it. It meant less time at work and more time in bed with Y/N, more time laying with her, just the two of them. 

“‘s okay,” he mumbled, “as long as I have you.”

“I love you,” she whispered. 

“I love you more,” Harry respond. 

He grabs her hand, kissing it, “go to bed,” she says, “when you wake up we will check your temperature again.”

“Okay,” he yawns.

And so they lay there, in each others arms, sleeping. The TV stays on, it’s just background noise to the two. But Harry doesn’t feel as sick as he did before, he has her now. She takes care of him and he takes care of her.

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Made Up Fic Title: JEALOUS

Peter isn’t jealous. He isn’t!

But who the hell is this James, that is always to close to his boyfriend? He knows that Tony had said that he and James were best friends. But this is a bit much.

Peter grumbles and watches how his boyfriend sits on James’ lap. All cute smiles and deep hugs. He could puke.

“Aw honeybear. I missed you so much.” says Tony and kisses James wetly on the cheek. James grunts but he smiles fondly back at Tony.

Peter lays his sandwich down.

“Everyday without you is a bad day.” says Tony and he giggles.

Peter holds a hand infront of his mouth.

“And do you know what i love the most about you?” asks Tony James sweetly.

Peter bites on his hand.

“That i can make my boyfriend so jealous with you!” giggles Tony and Peter looks up. Tony stands up and then throws himself on Peters lap. James laughs so hard.

“Aw Starlight.” says Tony and Peter smiles at him. HA. Thats a way better nickname than honeybear.

Peter takes his sandwich back in his hand.

“Everday without you is hell.” says Tony and cuddles into Peter. HA. Thats also more worth than a bad day.

Peter takes the sandwich toward his mouth.

“And do you know what i love the most about you?” whispers Tony and Peter shakes his head.

Tony bites into his sandwich.

“That you are such an idiot.” giggles Tony then and swallows. James is laughing again and Peter shakes his head.

He kisses Tony. He is just glad that he isn’t jealous. At all. He smiles.

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thank you!! (<3)

1. Cuddles are warm and sweet, just talking or listening. His hair gets in your face and vice versa and you both start laughing before you cuddle close again and brush noses in cute bunny kisses.

2. Gerard likes to text you random stuff during the day when you’re not around. Pictures of birds in out his window, lyrics he’s playing with, snaps of his sketches. Other times it’s just a random “i love you” or a heart emoji, sometimes a “make sure you eat” or “did you sleep well? I had a weird dream…” his texts are the highlight of your day besides actually seeing him

3. Gerard is always there for, he can tell so easily if you’re having a bad day and if you need him around. He’s there for hugs, cuddles, or just someone to listen. He doesn’t judge or argue, he comforts and gives advice when asked for. He’s just there for you, whatever the reason.

4. When you’re out of milk or tampons or rlly craving something that you don’t have, Gerard is the bf to go get whatever it is for you. He’s at your door asap with whatever you asked for (sometimes a movie you haven’t seen and chocolate to share as well)

5. Gerard likes to draw things for you, doodles or mini comics on post it notes that he leaves on the fridge or your mirror. Usually cute things like him waving goodbye when he has work while you’re still sleeping or a comic of him asking you on a date because even tho you’re together he still gets nervous just asking. Other times it’s batman telling puns or the Muppets singing to you.


Woooo two fics in the span of like two days.  Anyways, this is for the birthday girl @hardcorewwetrash (I was going to incorporate me and Luke but decided nah). Idk how daddy kink came about in this one but ohwell.  Anyway enjoy your big day my bby

Request:  HEY BAE-LY OKAY SO I HAVE A REQUEST BLESS YOU I LOVE YOU OKAY SO Braun wants to surprise you with a romantic camping trip but it ends up being a clusterfuck & he feels SO BAD ABOUT IT & the tent is fucked & he’s so upset & packs up all the shit & takes y'all to a hotel & he’s just so grumpy & sad about it so you gotta turn on the charms & put on some cute lingerie & finally get his attention from his lil frowny sadness & obvs end up fuckin bc of course pls okay THANKS BAE I LOVE YOU

Word Count: 1,124

Warnings: A rlly bad camping trip, swearing, rain (?), Daddy kink

Tags: @vprgirl1887 @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @ilovesamizaynn @bbmbabe @laigy2213 @littledeadrottinghood @shadow-of-wonder @iceninekiller-blog-blog @wrestlingnoob

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Braun had told you that you would be going on a trip for your birthday, but he didn’t tell you where he was taking you, he was very vague with what to pack so you decided to throw in a little surprise for him.  You were very excited for this romantic getaway, you were lucky to have a job in makeup that you go to travel with Braun, but you two rarely were able to get away.  While Braun was recovering from his surgery you two had some serious catching up to do with all the craziness of WWE.

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Sick Boy

Summary: Ian takes care of his sick boyfriend.  

Word Count: 778

Notes: Too cute of a request!!! :)

For the past few days, Mickey had been sneezing and coughing like crazy, which automatically worried Ian. A secret he had been keeping though was how bad of a headache he’s had, and on top of that, he was having severe body aches.

Ian wasn’t as naïve and oblivious as Mickey thought he was though. In his eyes, it was clear as day that something was really bothering his boyfriend. He didn’t know the severity of it though. The thought of it being worse than the common cold didn’t even cross his mind, so he figured putting two Aspirin on the counter for Mickey every morning would be enough to make him feel a little bit better.

The time has came 3:31 in the morning, and Mickey was feeling worse than ever. He wanted to get up and take some sort of cold medicine, but he didn’t have the energy or the strength to get out of bed. He was so tired too, but he couldn’t sleep.

Not knowing what else to do, he nudged his boyfriend awake. “Ian,” he moaned, but the name came out as a cough.

Ian’s eyes immediately shot open as he heard the hacking sound of his sick boyfriend. “Aw, Mick,” Ian said as he started to rub a hand up and down the ill boy’s back in hopes to calm him a little. He was coughing so hard that Ian thought he was about to see Mickey’s lung fly from his mouth.

After a little bit, the coughing fit stopped. He started to shiver though. “I’m cold,” he exclaimed in the most helpless voice that Ian has ever heard.

Automatically, the redhead put the back of his hand to Mickey’s forehead— he was burning. He then lightly titled the other boys chin so that he could see his face. Mickey had red eyes and even paler skin. “You definitely have a fever,” Ian said with a frown. “I’m gonna have to take you to the doctor tomorrow. I think you have the flu,” he said as he wiped the sweat off of Mickey’s face.

Mickey mumbled something in response that sounded like, “Okay.” He then shoved himself far under the blankets and squished himself into Ian’s side.

Ian hated this. “Mick, you can’t be in all those layers. You need to let your fever break, okay?” He asked softly. Once again, Mickey grumbled, but he obeyed. As he weakly sat up to take off his shirt, Ian said, “I’m gonna get you a water and a wet washcloth for your head,” he kissed the side of the sick boy’s head and jumped from the bed. All of his sleepiness was replaced with worry.

Mickey started to sneeze again while Ian was out of the room, which led to more coughing. He was clutching at the places that his body was aching with every sneeze or cough. “Motherfucker,” he exclaimed, not having any other words for it.

Ian practically ran back in the bedroom with three Aspirin (he needed the extra boost), a bottle of water, and a cold, wet washcloth. He climbed back onto the bed, and guided Mickey to be perfectly upright so he could take the pills. Once that was done, he laid Mickey down and tucked him under the covers after placing the washcloth on his head.

After he knew his boyfriend was settled under the blankets, Ian laid down next to him. Naturally though, Mickey curled himself into Ian’s body. “Just ne–need you to hold me,” he paused as he shivered, “til I fall asleep.”

Ian kissed his head and held him tightly, yet gently at the same time. “No problem, Mick,” he said as he let his fingers graze the heated skin of Mickey’s bareback.

“I feel like shit,” Mickey mumbled into Ian’s chest.

“I know, I know,” Ian hushed him. “You’ll be okay. Try to get some rest, alright? I’m right here if you need me,” he kissed his head again. He probably wasn’t going to get much sleep, but as long as Mickey did, he didn’t care. Ian would much rather be up making sure his boyfriend is okay than sleep at a time like this.

Mickey nodded. He was so thankful for that beautiful redhead. “I love you,” he said to broadcast his appreciation.

“I love you too,” Ian smiled.

The taller boy stayed in that position with his boyfriend all night, just making sure everything was okay. Throughout that time, he realized, for the zillionth time, that he’d love to spend the rest of his life taking care of Mickey like this. As long as they had each other, it was okay.

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Jake has a bad habit of falling asleep when cuddling with rich and he just gets really used to it and carries Jake to bed and jake feels rlly bad like "did I fall asleep again I'm sorry" "no it's cool you looked really adorable" "RICH" "you even drool a little that's so cute" "rICH PLEASE DID,SJSM"

jake can literally fall asleep Anywhere at Any Time and especially when hes cuddling with rich because he feels so warm and soft and rich is always playing with his hair and he just dozes off and rich just smiles and continues to play with his hair

I ship Connor and Evan so bad but only because I think both of them could learn how to be better socially. I don’t think that Connor will suddenly become The Biggest Sweetheart because he is the biggest f*cking dick ever, but I think that Evan could teach him how to be calmer and he could help him ease away from drug abuse. Connor could also teach Evan how to be more confident, but it’s more Connor that needs the help. I don’t ship them because OH MY GOD CONNOR IS SO HOT AND EVAN IS SO CUTE MAKE IT GAY and I’m also thinking about how Connor might be an abusive boyfriend but I’m just trying to say that Connor x Evan could mainly be about helping each other

platonic lloyd and kai headcanons ft bisexuality

-kai knew he was bi first but his bi-fi is. so bad. lloyd had to come out to him like three times he was so tired

-SPEAKING of that, kai came out to lloyd first (not including nya obviously), and lloyd TRIED to come out to kai first but again. three times

-c on sta ntly teasing each other about crushes. kai tries to give lloyd the motivation to actually t alk to the cute people mentions

-lloyd: wow hes cute i wish i had his number
kai: go talk to him
lloyd: no
lloyd: wow shes cute i wish i had her number
kai: go talk to her
lloyd: no
lloyd: wow theyre cute i wish-

-lloyd: so hows your giiiirlfriiiiend
kai: skylor and i broke up
lloyd: oh
lloyd: so hows your booooyfriiiiend

-lloyd is the master of finger guns, leather jackets, and puns. kai was his teacher

-lloyd rlly looks up to kai bc hes so???? confident in himself??? kai knows this and tries to help lloyd out with his confidence in his bisexuality

-in conclusion they’re important to me so theyre bi lol

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aa sid hate is so extra. anytime hockey discourse pops up on tumblr people reach to the highest highs to drag sid into it??? i'm so tired of it like let!!! the man!!! live!!! sorry to bother you but it was really bothering me and you're one fo the only blogs i follow that doesn't hate sid an extra amount

you’re not bothering me at all!!! honestly, the sid hate is so beyond me and i feel so bad for the dude because he’s literally been getting that all his life??? i just don’t understand going out of one’s way to hate on a dude who is like, an undeniably good person.

also to help cheer you up, here is the softest thing i’ve ever seen in my life: lil sid being the best big brother, i’m honestly crying from how fucking cute this is

Ok so I don’t know if this is anything interesting to point out but wELL I DID SOME RANDOM CLICKING AROUND IN EPISODES AGAIN AND FOUND MORE CUTE DETAILS

before Yuuri was hit with the thought to try and remake his Yuri on Ice track it seems like he was planning to skate his FS program to either Mozart or Antonin Dvorak! 


At least judging by the fact that our little nugget listens to a large playlist of their tracks as he tries to figure out his program



- Happy song??? How cute is this boy?? this makes me so happy as well??

- HEAVY SONG?? are we talking the emotionally heavy or the heavy metal heavy here….. no one knows



- DJ? Yuuri is ready to fcking party and seduce some skating legends while he’s at it 


Headcannon that at least some of Yuuri’s fans have always found his awkwardness endearing

“It was so cute, I walked up an said he was my fave and he immediately looked over his shoulder like I couldn’t be talking to him, then pointed to himself like, ‘Me?’” #ProtectKatsukiYuuri

“As he skated by during warmups, I held up my sign and yelled as loud as I could, ‘I LOVE YOU YUURI!!!’ and GUYS I SCARED HIM HE ALMOST FELL because of me i felt bad but it was also the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen   (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂ “

“Our awkward skating son”

“He’s like ten years older than you?”


“Katsuki Yuuri is too precious for this world”

“I want to bundle him in blankets and keep him safe forever”

@ v-nikiforov “Please tell us you bundle our precious boy up and protect him”

v-nikiforov - “Of course!!!!!” [Insert pic of Viktor holding a Disgruntled Katsuki Yuuri Burrito]

“Dear fans, please STOP GIVING HIM IDEAS”

Part 2

This episode’s old and has been mentioned before, but after Lance comes out of the healing pod he starts flirting with Allura 

And then you see Keith after, while everyone just looks done/tired with Lance, he literally just looks jealous and pissed off saying: “Classic.”

But if you think about it, Keith is probably annoyed that Lance doesn’t realize that they just had a “bonding moment” and then to make it even worse Lance completely forgets about the bonding moment…LOL I just feel so bad for Keith here.

He’s probably so stressed out because everyone else is getting all the love and Lance doesn’t even remember that he defended him against Zendak and “bonded” with him too. 

(And to make it even worse he was so impatient waiting for Lance to heal because he probably thought: “Hey, we had a moment, maybe we’re friends, I actually kinda care about him and his well-being now.” But then Lance just comes out and doesn’t even acknowledge Keith and it’s actually really sad?)

(Look how excited he was when Lance comes out, Keith barely ever smiles!)

This just makes me feel really bad for Keith because he’s probably not used to having connections/moments with people like he did with Lance, so he probably felt really horrible when Lance forgot. 

He really valued that bonding moment…He’s not even real and I just wanna give him a hug tbh.