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Rfa x Innocent MC

It is obvious that MC is innocent, everyone knew it. But you’re way too innocent. And of course, there are wolves bad guys waiting for you out there.


- Innocent ???

- What is innocent??????? *cough* sorry…

- He’s also quite innocent himself so don’t worry bae you’re not alone

- But that doesn’t mean he’s totally innocent I mean he’s in college, c o l l e g e

- He think it’s cute that you always curious about Seven’s dirty jokes and get flustered afterward

- Also, he lives whenever you ask him somethings because you being curious it’s so cute!

- Being innocent is cute, MC! But don’t trust stranger!

- Sometimes he would take you out to his hospital to see your eyes widen as you watch him cured animals

- One time yea only one because who tf date to messed with his love a co-worker walk up to you and start a friendly conversion

- Not until they whisper to you “do you have any way to help me get some more cash ?” no, not today

- You tile your head aside, not fully understood their request. But little did you know, Yoosung heard everything howisthatevenpossible??

- He waves you with a smile and signal you to come close

- And that moment when the co-worker knew… they’re fucked up done

- He taught you how dangerous is it to trust a stranger, didn’t forget to added a story he make up to freak you out and tease you

- You still innocent as you are, tho

- But remember not no trust any stranger like before

Zen ¦ Hyun Ryu

- All men are wolves bae!!

- He cautions you about this multiple times but… well, you’re helpless

- Just a another part that he loves about you

- Loves it when you two are cuddling and he told a clinched pick up line just to see you turn into a blushing mess

- “I love you so much… I have to protect you from the b e a s t ”

- “B… beast?! Where !?”

- He just laugh

- And this other times, he love to see your round eyes filled with curious contact with his eyes

- Control the beast… Hyun

- He sure does lives this side about you but low-key afraid of people taking advance out of you… which is a lot

- For example, this one time you two go on a coffee date, he excuse himself to goes to the bathroom

- And just after he gone, some people show up in front of you, his fans

- They ask bunch of question, some mention you to help them take a picture of him shirtless or working out

- You freak out due to those huge amount request, and question they’re asking for

- Just right when you’re about to nod, Zen show up

- “Bae? Are you okay?” Before you could answer, he gave his fans a smile… along with a quick glance

- “I’m sorry, but we’re currently on a date right now, well… you see, when people are on dates, you shouldn’t interrupt them” He smile “So, now, please excuse us”

- He turned at you, after those fans ran away

- Bring your hand ups and kissed it

- “Sorry for making you with you wait, bae, let’s continue, shall we?”

- Lecture you a bit for trusting people so easily but end up kissing all over your face

- All men are wolves, bae!


- She’s quite surprise herself

- Because you seen to be very bold and mature in the chat room

- Or… did you ?

- But still, she loves this side of you

- Didn’t says it out loud but she loves when you question her with a cute expression

- She does get a bit annoyed at times when you ask too much, especially with question that you could find out yourself or too personal

- Low-key afraid of people taking advance and using you through you kindness and your innocent

- And lots of times she caught customers flirting with you

- Or trying to lie an excuse so that they won’t have to pay

- Most of the times when people approach and try to take advance of you is when she wasn’t around

- She would probably brush it off and insist then to paid

- Tons of apologies for each other

- She apology for not be there

- You apology for trusting people too much

- But whatever it is, she will protect you

- Still gave you a lecture each times like that lol


- Don’t get me wrong, this man here actually loves that side of you and thought it was cute

- But he just doesn’t understand

- Why did you always questioning him ????

- Like this once time…

- “MC, don’t wear too short… I might not be able to control myself and eat you up”

- “Jumin… but… you can’t eat a human…?”

- …

- Still cute, tho

- But he’s also warn you to not trust anyone, since he’s rich so of course he had some rivals

- One time one of the security guard try to flirt you

- “Let’s be friends, cutie, that black head cannot even gave you a smile, haha”

- “Umm… ? Okay…?”

- And suddenly, a wild Jumin appear !

- “Excuse me ?” “Oh.. Mr. Han!” The security guard became panicking and back away

- He just turn at you and give you a kiss, didn’t forget to tell you not to trust anyone while he’s not around

- That guard probably get fired, lol

Saeyoung ¦ Luciel ¦ 707

- He of course knew that you were innocence, due to the fact that you trust a stranger to go to an unknown apartment and never get his jokes, but when you did get it…

- You guys are the best meme buddies, lol

- But aside from that cuteness, he also worried about you being too innocence

- What if someone from his agency approach and took you away ?

- Another reason for him not to push you away, you may get taken away or get in dangerous 

- But it’s also annoyed him that sometimes you didn’t get what he means

- Not because you didn’t get his jokes, tho

- Let’s have an example, like this time he tried to confess to you (you sure loves him and say you love him multiple times but he doesn’t have the chance to said it to you yet)

- “M…MC! I love you… a.. a lot..! I’m sorry for.. um, sometime being so distance to you, I just.. just..” Before he could finished his sentence, he could feels his vision get blurry because of tears

- You just gave him that innocence smile that he loves so much

- “Ah.. don’t cry, I’m sorry if I did something wrong”

- Well, he just speechless, since it didn’t ends as he thought

- But at least he got to tell you

- Bonus: you feel for his prank every times

- And after living with him for a while, you eventually get a bit less innocence

- I mean… who won’t ?

V ¦ Jihyun Kim

- This man is not innocent as you thought, so don’t worry he takes care of you pretty well

- Make sure to explain everything you don’t understand

- But please stay away from Seven’s dirty jokes, MC 

- He, whenever looks into your eyes, his world seem to be stopped

- Your eyes look at him as if you wanted to ask something

- And he would desperate want to answer it

- Also afraid that you would be used or take advance of

- Wellhisfearcametrue

- At the party when you guys first attend together

- This man came up to you, turns out he is also a photographer

- But what you didn’t know is that he is one o V competition, high-key jealous of V 

- And without hesitate, he ask you, but almost like demanding “Hey, I think you should told him not to take any photograph, don’t you see how worse his eyes are? Don’t you feel bad for him?”

- You feel guilt start to build up inside of you, why didn’t you thought of it sooner?

- But V came up and pull you into his embrace, right in front of the guys

- “It’s not your place to comment about whether or not I should retire, and beside, can’t you see that you are freaking my love out ?“

- And after that, he became even more protective.

- But you love it, tho

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cc headcanon: max actually gets really good grades because everyone expects him to be the rebellious kid with bad grades and a Tragic Backstory so he tries really hard out of spite.

honestly??? that’s a cute-ass headcanon. good fuckin work, anon.

So I wrote a thing and it’s cute and I like it so yeah here you go.

Also thanks too @thiamdrabbles because they wrote about this ship first and I loved it.


“I have school.” Nolan muttered as Brett buried his head in the crook of his neck. “So do I, but I think this is a lot better than going to school.” The older boy smiled. Nolan sighed and shook his head. “You’re a bad influence.”

Brett chuckled and moved so he was looking at the boy next to him. “I am, aren’t I? Want a ride to school?” Nolan smiled and nodded. “Yeah, but you have to go too you know, you can’t just skip every single d- stop doing that.”

Brett smirked as he left small kisses down the younger boy’s neck. “You sure you want me to stop?” Nolan was about to say yes but then Brett bit down slightly which resulted in a quiet moan from Nolan. “Didn’t think so.” Nolan could hear the smirk in his voice.

“If you keep marking me I’m pretty sure my parents will know I’m not at Liam’s house.” Nolan mumbled. “But you look so pretty all marked up, shows you’re mine.” Brett left small kisses up his jaw. Nolan blushed and looked away.

Brett’s fingers made their way under Nolan’s chin and tilted his head so they were looking at each other. “Mine?” He said, eyes glowing yellow. Nolan smiled and leaned in to kiss the older boy. “Yours.”

“But only if you drive me to school.” Nolan smirked as he pulled away. Brett chuckled and nodded. “Alright.”

Told you guys I’d make an update about my morning since I gave the cute boy that letter…

So, to start off I already had a bit of a shitty day before I got to school so if I seem a but overdramatic it’s bc I was already in a bad mood.

Now, I got to school kinda freaking out bc I don’t know what he was gonna say and I was nervous about going to journalism bc then I’d sit with him and so yeah I was nervous as hell. But that didn’t matter, bc some other kid took my seat next to him. So I sat with my old table but it sucked bc they don’t really talk to me much and I like sitting over there with said cute boy a lot more. But so that kid took my seat and he completely ignored me. So nothing happened. I was a bit pissed. But I have next class with him and idk if he’ll say anything to me or not. I’m expecting not but idk and honestly idc.

I had some of my lovely friends (on here) made me feel a lot better and cheered me up so thank you to you guys.

Ok so I don’t know if this is anything interesting to point out but wELL I DID SOME RANDOM CLICKING AROUND IN EPISODES AGAIN AND FOUND MORE CUTE DETAILS

before Yuuri was hit with the thought to try and remake his Yuri on Ice track it seems like he was planning to skate his FS program to either Mozart or Antonin Dvorak! 


At least judging by the fact that our little nugget listens to a large playlist of their tracks as he tries to figure out his program



- Happy song??? How cute is this boy?? this makes me so happy as well??

- HEAVY SONG?? are we talking the emotionally heavy or the heavy metal heavy here….. no one knows



- DJ? Yuuri is ready to fcking party and seduce some skating legends while he’s at it 


This episode’s old and has been mentioned before, but after Lance comes out of the healing pod he starts flirting with Allura 

And then you see Keith after, while everyone just looks done/tired with Lance, he literally just looks jealous and pissed off saying: “Classic.”

But if you think about it, Keith is probably annoyed that Lance doesn’t realize that they just had a “bonding moment” and then to make it even worse Lance completely forgets about the bonding moment…LOL I just feel so bad for Keith here.

He’s probably so stressed out because everyone else is getting all the love and Lance doesn’t even remember that he defended him against Zendak and “bonded” with him too. 

(And to make it even worse he was so impatient waiting for Lance to heal because he probably thought: “Hey, we had a moment, maybe we’re friends, I actually kinda care about him and his well-being now.” But then Lance just comes out and doesn’t even acknowledge Keith and it’s actually really sad?)

(Look how excited he was when Lance comes out, Keith barely ever smiles!)

This just makes me feel really bad for Keith because he’s probably not used to having connections/moments with people like he did with Lance, so he probably felt really horrible when Lance forgot. 

He really valued that bonding moment…He’s not even real and I just wanna give him a hug tbh. 


jungkook smile + laugh