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everyone lives!au where Sirius is air guitaring on the Potter’s couch, performing the heck out of Livin’ On A Prayer. James trying to get him down cause “if you brake the couch Lily’s gonna have my head” but Sirius just bounces away to the other end where Peter’s sitting, watching amused. Remus comes in from the kitchen cause what’s all the noise? Sirius is belting into his air mic “we’ve got each other and that’s a lot. for love, WE’LL GIVE IT A SHOT” he puts his air mic in Remus’ face and without missing a beat Remus yells  “OOOH WE’RE HALF WAY THERE!!” then from upstairs Lily comes running in with “OOOOOH! LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER” and then the three of them perform the rest of the song while James laughs and Peter tries not to get stepped on.

So someone just responded to me and probably @alethiaii as well, and then made it so I couldn’t respond back, so I’m going to reply to their post here.

oh. im sorry. my bad. tony was just the head of a company involved in war profiteering. wow. thats so much better. he just owned this company and made his money on the deaths of people of colour in war-torn countries. what an iNNoCenT BaBY

Okay, did you even read what I wrote? Tony’s company did not War Profiteer and I’m fairly sure you don’t know what that word means. For more imformation on what War Profiteering actually looks like (note: it does not look like offering to sell body armor for less than the cost to make it) read This post or google the Brooklyn brothers during the civil war.

Also the company did not make money off of the weapons Obidiah sold, or it would have been very obvious and the government would have caught him years ago. Obidiah made money off of those weapons and the people he personally bank rolled.

And yeah his company made money off of the deaths of anybody in countries the US was fighting in, and you could argue that that is his fault, but the fact is if the US is going to war people are dying, they’d take Hammer Weapons if Stark weapons weren’t available and American soldiers would have died, which Tony was raised to believe was unacceptable. 

also one line “ultron, my fault”? that is not accountability. if a mass murderer says “oh i killed those people”, but doesnt get punished, that is not accountability l m a o

Except Tony didn’t kill those people, Ultron did, and yeah he blames himself, but it was also Bruce and Wanda’s fault, and most importantly it’s the mind gem’s fault. “We were nowhere close to an interface” Yeah Ultron was horrible, but if he had been made the way Tony intended, if he hadn’t been spooked by Wanda, there wouldn’t have been an evil Ultron, and if Wanda and Pietro hadn’t helped him he may have never gotten far enough to actually life part of Sokovias capitol. 

like tony should be in jail and that’s facts

one black woman told him her son died in sokovia and he tried to guilt trip the avengers into signing the accords (when all they were doing was fucking damage control and cleaning up tonys mess) because ~we all fuck up sometimes~

You literally spent the first half of this talking about how Tony is never held accountable for his actions, and then spew this bullshit. The point of the Accords is to hold the Avengers. and Tony accountable for their actions. Tony supported them because he felt responsible for deaths during Ultron. 

You want accountability that’s what the Accords offer for all of the Avengers. Also the reason the Avengers needed to sign the Accords are the events of Lagos, they’ve been entering countries without government permission and causing massive amounts of property damage and death. There needs to be a system of accountability.

Oh wait that’s the accords.



like if you cared you would go to jail and repent

you would come out the other side and dedicate your life to righting wrongs e.g. volunteering in sokovia, starting scholarships in the name of the children who died, rehabilitating PTSD victims who were affected by your weapons

Tony literally does all of those things, he grants scholarships to kids at MIT so they can make the world a better place, he spends billions helping to clean up the city, and while he isn’t personally there cleaning up, he is working to prevent another tragedy from occuring, (see the infinity wars sneak peek thing)

and like he was a grown man “he didn’t know stark industries produced weapons” isn’t a good enough excuse lmao

like we get you’re an ignorant privileged white man but like all those poor people of colour still died under your watch

so i’m sure saying “i didn’t know” is great consolation to them lol

I never said he didn’t know SI produced weapons, I said he thought those weapons were only being sold to the US military. And when he found out they were in the hands of people harming innocents he immediately dedicated himself to stopping them. Yes people died, and the man who was responsible for a lot of that, Tony killed him. Someone broke his trust, and stole from him for years, and you blame Tony. It’s clearly Obidiahs fault. If I designed a gun, and someone stole the design, built the gun, and shot someone with it, then they are a murderer, and I am a person who was stolen from. Not a murderer.  

also like shutting down weapons manufacturing was a good first step but like…it doesn’t help the lives already ruined?? it stops the carnage sure but like…how did that help the past victims of war?

What can Tony do for those who have already died? Nothing. What does he do for those still living in war torn countries? Well after shutting down Weapons he works in the civilian Market, phones etc, and he also focuses the company on humanitarian aid, medical equipment, water purifiers, etc, etc, etc. 

So maybe that’s what he’s doing to help the victims of his past. 

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read this cuteness

ok, i feel the need to post this because it was so adorable. there are these two boys in my science class and i ship them SO MUCH. they flirt with and stare at each other all class. one of them has longer hair, and the other one plays with it and they are just perfect for each other. a few days ago, we were working in groups at lab tables and they were HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE. i almost cried. they were sitting on one side of the table and the girl they were working with was on the other, and she had no clue. she (from what i’ve seen) has a huge crush on one of them, and i felt bad because she had no idea that they were doing that, and they were making little inside jokes and references that she didn’t understand. anyway, my school doesn’t really “allow” gay anything, so im just proud of these boys for being together. sorry i made you read this, it’s not johnlock, but me and my friend were fangirling over them all day.

It’ll Be Alright

Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: “hellohello!!! can i have a steve x reader where reader is very self conscious about her stretch marks and steve comforts her and stuff? tyty + i love your blog <3″ - @darlingbuchanan

Warnings: NONE


You had never been a fan of the beach. Of course, the blues and greens of the ocean always caught your attention, but there was always something about it that left a bad taste in your mouth. As a kid, you would stand in the middle of the sand, standing behind your friends, as they ran frantically towards the water. It wasn’t until your family members started pointing out your recent weight gain that it dawned on you: you were never a fan of the beach because you didn’t have the “ideal” body type. 


When Natasha asked you and your friends if you guys wanted to go to the beach, everyone responded before you could even open your mouth. 

“What about you, Y’N?” she asked, her eyes landing on yours. 

You didn’t want to be the person to ruin everyone’s day of fun, so you hesitantly nodded your head. “Sure, I could go for a swim,” you smiled. 


You had a multitude of bathing suits in your closet. You took out your best three and lay them out on your bed. Black, white, and red fabrics littered your cream sheets as you heard your door open. 

“Hey, Y’N,” you heard a familiar voice say.

You turned around to see sandy blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes. “Steve,” you said, your body turning to cover up the bathing suits on your bed. “What are you doing here?” 

“Nat told me to make sure you were ready. We’re leaving to go to the beach in about 20 minutes, so don’t take long,” he said before spotting a red bikini top and winking at you. You blushed and shooed him out of your room. 

“Get out, Steve, I have a lot to do.”


Cellulite and stretch marks decorated your thighs and calves that were almost always covered around your friends. Today, though, the universe decided things would be different. You walked out of your room into the compound wearing shorts and a t-shirt over your bathing suit. Everyone was in the room, sitting in front of the large flat screen TV. 

“It’s about time, Y/N,” Tony jokingly sighed. 


The ride to the beach was fairly normal. The only thing on your mind was your body, though. Sure, you had curves, but they seemed to mean nothing to the stretch marks on the different parts of your body. 

“Come on, Y’N, we’re here,” you heard Bucky say. 

You nodded and stepped into the sunlight, your sunglasses making their way to your face. You looked around you and noticed everyone ridding themselves of their shirts, showing off their toned and muscular bodies. You especially noticed Steve, though. He pulled his navy blue t-shirt over his head in one swift motion, exposing his abs and nearly perfect body. You realized you were staring when he threw his shirt at your face. 

“Come on, Y/N,” he said, “get in the water with me.”

This is it. 

You nodded, noticing all of your friends were already enjoying themselves in the water. You began to slowly peel back the layers you wore. First, your shirt slowly came off, exposing the top half of the black and white one-piece you chose to wear, ultimately deciding that you would wear the red bikini when you were more comfortable with your body. Next, your shoes made their way off your feet, and your shorts were on on the floor. 

You felt Steve’s eyes on you as your hands traveled to your legs and stomach, trying to hide what could never be truly out of sight. You felt Steve walk up to you, his hands moving over yours. 

“Let’s go,” he said. He started walking away and almost didn’t notice that your feet were still planted firmly in the sand. 

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, concern taking over his facial features. 

You felt tears brim your eyes as his words made their way to your ears. You never really cried over your physical appearance, so why did you start now? Maybe it was because you were surrounded by overly-confident people, or because you had never actually had your body out in the open the way you did now. Or perhaps, you were about to cry because someone finally took notice to your apprehension and doubt. Steve, the boy who always seemed to be able to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it, was also the one (the only one) to take notice to you and one of your biggest insecurities. 

“Wait, why are you crying? Oh God, Y/N, did I make you cry? I’m so-” he started, before you cut him off. 

“No, Steve,” you said, before pointing to your thighs. “I can’t get in the water with you guys, though. Just look at me, for God’s sake, I’m disgusting! Can you see the marks on my legs? They’ve been here for as long as I could remember. Do you know what it’s like to feel like a stranger in your body? To see all of your friends look so much better than you when you work just as hard, if not harder than them to be fit and healthy?” you asked, your mouth letting the words slip out before you could have a chance to think about it. 

“Y/N,” Steve started before you turned away from him, picking your shorts up from the sand. But before you could turn around all the way, you felt fingers wrap around your arm. 

“Y/N, you are the most beautiful person I’ve seen in all my 96 years of being alive, and I can’t believe you could think that about yourself. You are far from disgusting, and no one is stopping you from getting in that goddamn water but yourself. Besides,” he said, his fingers tracing the marks on your skin, “these are what make you, you. No one else in the world has patterns like this etched into their skin, Y/N. And if you don’t want to get in the water with me, I won’t force you. We can get ice cream, too,” he smiled. 

Your arms wrapped around his waist as you smiled. 

“Let’s go,” you said, dragging him toward your friends screaming in the water. 

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expected lol! I hope you enjoyed it, though. Make sure to request for any Avengers/MCU characters!!

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Hi! I'm sorry, this may be really awkward to answer, and you don't have to answer publicly, but, did you have any side effects while taking Accutane? I've been to the dermatologist because my acne is pretty bad and she told me to drink that, but I got terrified because of SO MANY possible side effects (and I heard some horrible stuff about it from other people). Again, im so sorry, but I have no one else to turn to right now and I really don't know what to do

I’m 3 months in and I haven’t at a single side effect :) I say don’t worry too much about it. My dermatologist said the only ones who have real side effects are females who are pregnant :) it’s been working great so far and I’m so happy I decided to do it!

academicgangster replied to your post: tony wearing 3 layers of black underneath the iron…

He just wants to be Warm. Will be ever be warm

you can’t,,,just fuckign,,,say this to me,,,,i am perpetually in “hey remember when tony was Freezing In A Cave and could see his breath and didn’t see the sun for Three Months” hell i am in “remember when tony recently had a supremely bad time in siberia and was left there in a disabled suit” hell i will always be in “remember how tony’s entire body is highkey giving up on itself and i’ve recently been reminded that a lot of people’s old injuries and surgery scars hurt in the cold” hell his parents were killed a week before christmas tony+cold=Bad Times listen when will my soft boy be allowed to be safe and cozy and okay

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*Takes Pastel's glasses and quickly smooches her on the cheek before lightly jogging away.*

Pastel: What….j–… I have so many questions… H-hey My glasses!


Mod: Sorry I haven’t been posting much And they aren’t really questions.. I will try to answer actual questions and such. Also, Im going to be answering asks for Milk Tea now

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En verdad quiero dibujar uno de tus personajes originales, pero por alguna razón no los quiero dibujar sin saber mucho de ellos! Podramos saber mas de tus personajes en un futuro? (Sorry if my spanish is bad ;-;) By the way, about your artist timeline. Im happy that you feel better as an artist (^♡^) I mean you should, you're like rEAlly good. Sorry if i talked too much, or wrote...



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rtmi: So I had a crush on this guy and we are always like mildly gay but in an ironic/funny way together (I'm gay, but he insists he's 100% straight #nohomo) but after a recent discovery about him that was an auto turn off, i lost my attraction to him(nothing bad dont worry).... but it turns out he has developed a VERY obvious attraction to me, backed up by a convo i heard him having. I don't like him back anymore, so this sucks. im sorry jack black jr for breaking your now gay heart.

jack black jr i’m

heart attack summed up
  • magnus: oh hey there im magnus. im 420 friendly. must love dogs. if you're looking for a dual-classer for you i could be the one
  • merle: oh hey im merle im kind of a...bad boy im 6 foot 8, 170 pounds
  • magnus: wrong and wrong
  • merle: and i love the three b's -- books, bongs, and......billabongs. if ur looking for a cleric call my stone frequency at the bottom of the screen
  • magnus: SHIT i forgot my frequency here it is...............................alright
  • taako: oh hey whats up? sorry i didnt see ya. listen i could waste ur time w a lot of BULLSHIT about my different interests but thats not what u come here for *pretends to deepthroat the umbra staff* there u have it. whatever u want swallowed im ur man
  • merle: I THOUGHT OF A THIRD B. boogieboards. books, bongs, and boogieboards
  • magnus: I THOUGHT OF A NEW NAME im not magnus anymore now im...jizzblaster dan
  • merle: i wanna change mine too, mine now is baxter bulldong

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uh... how do art trades work? i'd love to do one w/ you but I don't really know how they work -3-

Awww it’s okay i can explain! An art trade is where i will drawing something you want me to draw and you will draw something i want you to draw! Hope that helped! :) (omg sorry im so bad at explaining)