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And your heart breaks

For @vldangstweek

They say that heartbreak comes from the ones you love the most, but you know better. Heartbreak is something you have known for a very long time, and heartbreak is something you know that you will never forget. Not when it comes from the people that you have been told you can trust, from the team that supposedly has your back, Lance! Heartbreak is when you are piloting Blue, and you are surrounded, hundreds of purple and black ships the only thing you can see. Heartbreak is when the others are shouting over the comms and as you ask for help, they do not listen – heartbreak is when the others are free to help but they flank around Green, who is pulling a slave transport ship away from the main transport.

Heartbreak is when you choose to fight your way through, sending beams of ice and sonic waves that scatter and shatter Galra ships across the expanse of space, and you still can find no escape. It is when you look up one last time, send across one last plea for help and get told to hold them off Lance, can’t you even do that?! Heartbreak is when you hear the charge of an ion cannon and find yourself unable to move. But that is not all that heartbreak is. Because your heart has not broken then, only cracked into pieces that you feel are choking your lungs even as you brace yourself for the pain of the ion cannon. No, your heart breaks the moment Blue goes offline, and you still see that your friends have not noticed the predicament you are in. It is when Blue begins to drift, energy pooling into her as the comm systems come back online, and you hear the sound of your name being shouted. It pulls at your awareness for a moment, though you let go of the awareness when you hear Shiro’s disappointed voice. “…why can’t you listen, Lance? We’ve been calling you for the past ten minutes!”

But still you find yourself waking with the cool hiss of the healing pod and stumbling out. The moment your heart breaks is upon you now, though you do not know it. Because your heart, despite it all, is resilient, and willing to hold onto the hope that one day, maybe one, your team will look over, and realize that you are not what they think you are. That the face you put on is a mask, and one that has begun to crack the day you stepped into the Castle of Lions. But even your heart cannot hold onto hope when the first thing you see is the backs of your teammates (so like the first time you were placed in the pod, when you came to see them huddled around a “ticker”), and the first thing you hear comes from Keith’s mouth. “Lance can’t come out of the pod any sooner, can he? He’s always in there!”

And your heart crumbles.

swear to god if some 17yr old whose blog is just full of porn makes a post making up some new rules for which members of the lgbtqia community are ALLOWED to self-identify as queer everyone fuckin reblogs it and is like “omg my bad ur so right im sorry for calling myself q*eer when im only a lesbian!” because nobody on this goddamn website can form a complete opinion for themselves

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18 w SpaceButterCadi for my girl Cadi

send numbers & ships blease

I HAD TO GOOGLE WHAT A BOARDWALK IS JUST SAY PIER YOU LOSERS okay so pbg tries out all the arcade games but jeff is the only one to actually be good at them and they have competitions as to who can win cadi better prizes and on an utter fluke (or a perfectly executed shot if cadi is good at games) cadu wins them the huge toy because they get the highest amount of points

night-in with bobby 🌙 (for @chimchimsmiles ily – feel better soon ❤️️)

Nights were finally your escape from all the stress and struggles that had occupied your mind as the hours passed by. As night had settled in, your boyfriend Bobby was quick to come to your rescue. You two spent the night curled up in bed in matching hoodies while enjoying your favorite movies on Netflix and a warm cup of hot chocolate. When sleep had finally washed over you, Bobby couldn’t help but smile as he tucked you in and pressed a soft kiss against your forehead. 



my bass cover of i don’t love you by my chemical romance

(forewarning, this is really bad and i butchered the solo, sorry)

pro tip: if you get called out for doing something harmful to a group you arent a part of, dont just listen to the ppl of that group that are willing to suck up to you.

someone who leaps to assure you “im ______ and i dont think thats bad!! im sorry the evil callout Vultures are harassing you uwuwuwu” doesnt speak for the whole group and almost certainly does not reflect the majority of said group’s opinion

only listening to the people who coddle you is a blatant indication that you dont actually care about that group at all

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My friends' ex cheated on her at a party ONE MONTH ago and TODAY (her birthday) their fucking stupid high school soccer team no homo bro friends uploaded a photo on ig of him actually kissing the girl he cheated with and later today he texts my friend "i want to talk" and he just breaks up with her because "im such a bad person i cant live with myself" making all the conversation about him and now my friend is crying wanting to die because of this fuckboy on her birthday??? I truly hate men

that’s so repulsive! Victimizing himself and playing the victim, shame on him. I’m sorry for your friend.

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I was best friends with this girl for seven years when we finally fought i realized how much she hurt me,, like. Whenever we hung out she would always get really violent and usually hit me and then make me think it was my fault so i would apologize. It made me scared whenever people tried to touch me because i thought they would hit me too. I didnt really know how friendship was supposed to work so now im kinda accidentlly violent sometimes and i feel rlly bad abt it, sorry im upset rn

Its ok. Im sorry, but without her i think things will be better

-mod j


Characters:Steve x Reader(platonic),avengers x reader,eventually Bucky x reader


Warnings:none in this part.

A/N:so this is my first fan fiction ever.its going to be separated into multiple parts and I’m not sure how im just going to go part by part.i really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!feed back would be great as well!here we go!

Summary:Reader is an agent/avenger whose father is a retired agent but becomes very ill which causes him to be in and out of the hospital.but one day reader leaves for a mission and gets bad news from her mom about her father.what will happen?
P.S.Im sorry I’m bad at writing summaries.

(Y/N) was an Avenger, not with abilities, but was more of an agent/Avenger. Much like Clint and Nat who were like family to her. Growing up (Y/N) always wanted to be a shield agent. Thanks to her dad who was a shield agent all her life ,until Shield was compromised and he retired. He was her hero, he was strong and a really good man who loved his wife and daughter very much. But he became very ill a couple years ago which caused him to be in and out of the hospital during that period of time.(Y/N) felt bad she couldn’t always be there to support her parents due to missions she had to go on. But when she got brakes from missions ,she was there to help her mother with her father.When (Y/N) had a week-long mission to go on she got a phone call from her mother as she was just taking off on the Quinjet.
“Hi mom.”
“Hi sweetheart.” She said with a deep sigh following.
“ Is everything okay with you and Dad?”(Y/N) says, her voice laced with worry.
“Um. Not exactly… your father I just had to rush to the hospital.” Her voice now we can cracking.
“ which hospital is he at?”(Y/N) now trying to figure out how to get to her father.
“ he’s at MedStar Hospital Center.”
“ Ok.. ok.. I just left for a week-long mission and about 2 hours out from New York ,I’ll have Clint fly me back and I’ll get there as soon as I can.”
“ No sweetie that’s too much go to your mission and come when you can-”(Y/N) could hear her mother interrupted by her father.
“ Babygirl girl,listen to your mother go on your mission and save the world for the hundredth time.” He said with a small chuckle and (Y/N) felt tears sting her eyes and one fall down her cheek.
“ but you need me more than the world needs saving buy me ,an Avenger with no super abilities. Daddy I’ll come to you as fast -”
“(Y/N), no go to your mission and be safe, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be okay they just need to run some tests and figure out what’s wrong with me and give me more medication and I should be home by the time you’re back from your mission and then you can come take care of me.” He says trying to sound convincing, but she knew him better than he would give her credit for ,but she went with it and tried her hardest to sound strong for her father despite the fact she was crying.
“ Ok.. I love you Daddy.. And I’m gonna go kick some bad guy butt for keeping me from you right now ,and I’ll get to you as fast as I can daddy.. I promise.”
“ ok baby.. Please be safe.. And I love you more.” After his last word the line cut off and (Y/N) took a deep breath to calm herself down, and get her thoughts focused on her Mission so she could complete the mission as fast as she can and get to her father.
(Y/N)’s best friend Steve seen the worry all over her face, like always when he was concerned about his girls on the team he would check on them. He knelt in front of her eyes full of concern but still comfortingly soft.
“ you look a little down in the dumps and worried. Is everything ok (Y/N/N)?” Now staring Steve straight in the eye ,she can’t help but sigh.
“ Well.. no everything is not ok.”
“ What’s wrong? Do you want to talk about it?”
“ It’s my dad. He’s in the hospital again and I can’t be there by his side because of this Mission. He says he’ll be okay.. But it wasn’t very convincing. He’s fought so much over these last couple of years and I know he is so strong .. but what if this is it? What if he is too tired to fight anymore? If something happens while I’m on this Mission, I’ll never forgive myself for not being there.. I don’t know what I’ll do without him Steve.”(Y/N) gets out realizing she was holding her breath and tears falling once again. It hurts Steve to see his best friend in such distress and he couldn’t protect her or save her from it. He wasn’t even sure what to say that would comfort her and reassure her that everything would be okay. So he gave her a tight bear hug and held on to her as if he was protecting her from the world. When he finally got his thoughts together he spoke and the most soft and gentle voice he could.
“(Y/N) everything will be ok and if your dad says that he will be ok then you gotta trust him .I understand you’re scared and want the best for him. But everything will be ok, and like you said he’s strong and a fighter. I’m just sorry you have to be away from him on this week-long mission.” Just as he finish speaking Clint ,who was flying the Quinjet speaks up.
“ Cap we’re 10 minutes from our landing point.”
“Ok thanks Clint.Ok (Y/N/N) now I need you to focus on the mission okay. And I promise as soon as our mission is complete, we will get you to your dad as fast as we can. I promise.” With that Steve gives her one last squeeze and a kiss on her head before standing up to go over Mission plans with everyone.(Y/N) took what Steve said to heart and got her mind focused on the mission with her dad needing her as a motivation to complete this Mission successfully. She walks up to the rest of the team after getting herself together.
Steve was assigning Partners when (Y/N) stood next to Nat who squeezed her hand comfortingly while looking straight ahead and Clint and Sam giving her reassuring Smiles, in which she returned back.
“Ok Nat and (Y/N), you two take the south side of the building to get to the data room and extract all files and wipe their system clean ,me and Sam will meet you from the north side of the building ,and Clint your our eyes and back up if needed.”
With that everyone nodded their heads in agreement and prepared their weapons.
“(Y/N) remember stay focused I can’t have you distracted and getting hurt .Ok?”
He said with a slightly firm voice but with kind ocean blue eyes.(Y/N) nodded her head.
“ yes Cap ,understood.”


But i really live for their looks, noodle is lookin adorable, i like that shes dressed in her phase 2-3 style like the girl fking loves her black and white stripes man, russel looking DAPPER AF. The man has such fkin style this phase! He looks like he smells of expensive Cologne. YES. Murdoc is his usual old goth self and i want him to do bad things to me and im ashamed of myself. I feel bad for 2D he looks so uncomfy hes like why cant i sit next to russel, murdoc smells. But i love 2Ds squishy thighs. Im sorry. They look so squishable. He looks a lot better thicc i approve of this chubbier design. My poor blue boy we need to get him away from the pickle man. Im ranting so much but they look awesome and i love gorillaz so much.

a real question: is it ok to headcanon a characters sex if theyre nonbinary/agender?? like if its not canon i mean.

idk like i know its messed up to call them by their old pronouns but like?? is it bad to hc what their like…birth stuff was (idk how to word this AT ALL i hope this doesnt offend anyone aaa,,, im sorry im jyst confused)

Race's Flaming Cigar Dick

The Flaming Cigar Dick (157 words) by i_am_john_laurens
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsies!: the Musical - Fierstein/Menken, Newsies (1992), Newsies - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Spot Conlon/Racetrack Higgins
Characters: Racetrack Higgins, Spot Conlon
Additional Tags: Trans Male Character, Honestly im so sorry, This is pure crack, Race tries to pack with a cigar, it doesnt end well, This was based on a tumblr post

Race should’ve known it was a bad idea to pack with a flammable object…

Aka everyone is trans and im so sorry this now exists on the internet