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KDRAMANET GTKMM: one ship (Hyun Jae and Woo Seung) (insp x)

Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.


ryder being a dork of gargantuan proportions or more like ‘listen, I’d die for her’


I saw this guy at Denver International Airport who I swear looked liked Dorian.

I stared too long.

everytime i think i hit rock bottom the universe feels challenged to show me that things CAN get worse and that i havent hit rock bottom yet


dripple is peaceful at night


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*gasp* Honeymustard?! Like literally it's a damn cute ship!!! Do you agree?! If you do then that's awesome!!! Then that makes me love ya more..... not the love love.... =-= wtf... I made it awkward now, okay bye!! *leaves the ask box*

Admittedly I’m not too big into the AU fontcest ships, but I like looking at the art that people create of ‘em all the same! 

It amazes me how creative people get with all of those interesting concepts. I’ll definitely be doing some more AU shenanigans in the future as well, but I think my main focus will always be on UT Sans and Papyrus.

With that said, I do like the stoner bros pairing a lot (US Papyrus/UT Sans)
Who came up with that ship name anyway?? (And is there a better one that I’m unaware of?)

I suppose I’m just like a cranky ol’ man with my fontcest. The classic flavour makes me the happiest.

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Hello yes, I am not good with words so this might sound weird but I just wanted to pop in and say that I love your work so much. All your art is amazing, the lines are so clean, and the way you color everything is absolutely beautiful. Your style is wonderful and if I had money, I would for sure support your patreon and buy so much stuff from your shop like honestly it's amazing. Okay, sorry, this probably sounds kind of weird by now bc I'm pretty awkward so I'll just go bye!!

No problem! I really appreciate your lovely compliment <3 Thank you so much!

Them Getting Jealous Over Another Boy: SF9



Must and will interrupt your conversation with the boiii and smile at him for the rest of your talk.


Observes you two with a dead-set frozen expression.


Becomes a confused child in a matter of seconds.


Initiates an aegyo fight in which he has 100% confidence.


100% done with everyone’s shit and just waits for a right moment to question you about the boiii.


“What the hell is even going on right now?” confused child pt.2


Trying to hide his annoyance at the boii~.


“Well hello there! Yeah, well, she has to go with me… Bye now.”


Would feel awkward after you asked him whether he was jealous of you talking with your classmate about the homework you had to do.

I could barely find any gifs for them… Sad.

I mean, I know they just debuted and all, but still.

That’s why I will have to reject Pentagon’s similar reaction- they practically have zero gifs. #Struggles.

i hate small talk or even going beyond the ‘how are you –’ conversation, because it just makes me uncomfortable, and when that happens I tend to come of as rude when I look away or seem uninterested in speaking to you. I’m sorry? I’m sorry I don’t have much going on in my life or that I am not saying much of anything. I’m not the talkative type as it is, don’t make it worse by putting me on the spot and making me feel more anxious and uncomfortable.

Okay… so I had an idea of making Sam into a flower. Don’t ask. Anyways this is my first ever FanArt so I decided to post it even though it looks like shit. (>•_•)> So hope you like it Seán or Jack or whichever you want to go by as I am a complete stranger! So….. yup you should feel special cause I don’t do this at all…. sooo…. bye… cause I’m being very awkward right now…



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Alright so I'm a bit shy but I wanted to let you know that your Halloween treats were my favorite from the event, they are super simple and match my game perfectly and please keep doing cc, I love it and I hope you are having a great Halloween!!! okay I'm going to leave now with my awkwardness bye!!

I am so flattered by this, if I make at least one person happy with my CC, then I feel like that is enough motivation to keep going. This is honestly the nicest thing anyone could have ever said to me. Thank you so much for your kind words!! Also, please don’t be shyyy, my inbox or messages are always open to you! ♥♥

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Scarlet Fever

  It wasn’t rare for the Shepherds to be sick. Even a minor flu or fever would kick in every now and then. Though the diseases weren’t as dire as the deep cuts and wounds that they had received from the enemies, it still became a hindrance during battles. That was why medicines and staffs were stocked constantly. Healers alike were always busy during and after battles, tending to the sick and bruised until they were at the peak of health.

  This, unfortunately, wasn’t an exception for the leader of the Shepherds as well.

  His body was burning, that Robin had taken note since she sat with him for the past minutes. Pant by pant his mouth exhaled, drawing out hot air that burned just as great as his skin. As the man lay under the thick blankets, Robin only furrowed her brows in worry. Since this morning, she had realized that Chrom hadn’t come out from his tent for breakfast. And when she came to check up on him, the tactician only jumped like a rabbit to see Frederick scrambling out from their leader’s tent and madly screaming for Lissa’s name.

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