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Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!


✨WARNING LONG AF but kinda entertaining✨

Aight so I’m lifting around in a mall have a grand time, I’ve already got like 10 makeup things in my bag from other stores when I see Sephora in the distance and I’m like hey! I’ve never lifted from there damn let’s take a look 👀👀

So that’s my first fuckijg mistake, I meant to go scope out the store but there where way 2 many people to scope cams out properly w/o looking like a sus bitch so i just start browsing their merch to see what I want 2 lift for next time. Saddest thing is this was like the end of my lifting trip and I was going to come back for Sephora….tears r shed…. >

But!! The Becca skin perfecting illuminator tempted my gullible ass and I just grabbed one, popped off the rfid and slipped it in my bag at like an empty aisle. I saw a dude browsing like the back sections and I was hmm…he don’t belong here….LP?? Mm maybe idk lol and I kept browsing bc appearantly my dumb ass knows no fear

Just casually browsing, I lift a YSL lip gloss by slipping it up my sweater sleeve I go yeah ok this is a good time to go, I make it for the exit and its like Oh Hell No. There’s a SA standing there handing out perfume samples. I’m like :^) but sometimes ya just gotta persevere so I walked out when she was busy showing the samples to this group. I’m like phew I’m all g when I hear “sorry can I just check ur bag :) :)” and I fucking 😒😒😒 ohhhh fuck bitch u just Fucked Upp.

And bc was hella outta my game I complied?? I knew if I asked her if she had the right to search she’ll fucking kno I was lifting and if they actually did search my entire bag contents they’ll find So Much Shit so I was like fuck damn ok. So I was all haha sure, opened my bag a bit so she can see the Becca skin perfector sticking out and she was all do u have a receipt :) :))) and I’m like hahah!! No…😂😂…

SA tells me 2 come back with her and this group of people she was givin samples to r looking at me like 😟😠😠 and I’m just.soz…just ur local thief passin thru haha… She calls over the LP guy guess who he fucking is, he’s like lol u fucked up like he literally said that and inside I’m like look here u fat drake Lookin snitch have some fucking manners but outside I’m 😢😢I’m really sorry!!!

Ok so this is the part of the story where it’s like wtf?? R u blessed by God??? Bc he was like is this the only thing in ur bag? And I’m like yeah!! It is I’m so sorry 😥😥 he’s like u kno I can empty ur entire bag and I keep pushing like no it’s the only thing!! I’m So SORRY!!!!, keeping up the “sheltered school girl who was tempted to commit evil, but is just a sweet angel inside” act 😇😂😂. So I’m led to the back room to see the manager and she’s like ugh what did you steal to me, and he’s like oh, just this and handed her the illuminator and I’m like 😮!!!Fat drake u saved my life??!! Bc the manager kept saying I can search ur entire bag, and he’s just nah that’s all she got 🙏🙏🙏 bless u fat drake.

All the while I’m acting worried as hell and like scared at what’s happening, she tells me usually they call police even if u steal just 1 thing, and she shows me the security cam snaps and these fuckin like mugshots of caught lifters stuck to the back of the door w things like “fined” or “banned for 2 years” written on em like damn don’t Fuck w Sephora u guys they r some Hard Shit…..Anyways she scans my ID and tells me I’m banned for 3 months, and keeps saying how fucking lucky I am to get let go. I think it’s probs bc I showed so much remorse and appeared 2 b a first time lifter 🌞🌞🌞

Anyways so my sad Becca illuminator-less ass goes home and sleeps soundly knowing I look fucking poppin w the YSL lip gloss 😇 💅💅

If ya got any questions abt getting caught at Sephora hit me tf up

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oh wow! the anon is back! means i can give you ANON COMPLIMENTS without you knowing who i am!!! you're friggin great and amazing, extremely talented, and you can do anything you dream of! and at the moment im to smol to have my own money on the internet but guess what happens when i stop being too smol? that's right, im gonna support the heck out of you. so wait till i grow up and give small amounts of money because i seriously doubt i'll be able to earn a lot of money soz if this sounds creepy

(ノ∀`♥)  aw thanks..!!!! i really appreciate that!!  [but u dont have to, save your mones so u can buy burgers and milk]

A very basic summary of Xena: Warrior Princess:

Xena: I done goofed fml better do good things.
Gabrielle: I'ma follow you lol
Callisto: Fuck you Xena! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Xena: Gabrielle! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Gabrielle: Xena! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Aries: Join me Xena! Be evil again and shit.
Xena: No fuck off. *kisses Gabrielle many times*
Gabrielle: Oh shit I’m pregs fml. *gives birth 5 mins later* this my baby I love her.
Xena: *suspiciously raises eyebrow*
Hope: I’m evil!
Gabrielle: No you’re not…
Hope: Yes I am!
Solan: *dies*
Hope: Told you lol.
Xena: God dammit Gabrielle! *tries to kill bae*
*musical number*
Xena and Gabrielle: Okay all is forgiven.
Everyone: Let’s dance!
Joxer: *comic relief*
Eli: Fighting is bad.
Gabrielle: I'ma stop fighting.
Xena: *gets back injured*
Gabrielle: I'ma kill all ya’ll motherfukas.
Xena: I love you Gabrielle! (repeat 5000000 times throughout series)
Gabrielle: I love you Xena! (repeat 5000000 times throughout series)
Xena and Gabrielle: *die Jesus style*
*angel battles in the afterlife*
Xena and Gabrielle: lol we’re alive again, nice!
Callisto: To amend for all the suffering I’ve caused, I'ma knock Xena up without asking first lol that’ll fix everything.
Xena: *discovers she’s pregnant* this can’t possibly be bad; nothing at all like that shit with Hope.
Gods: We need to kill that baby yo.
Xena: Fuck off *fakes death of herself, Gabrielle and baby Eve*
Aries:*accidently freezes Xena and Gabrielle for 25 years* I love you Xena.
Xena: I love Gabrielle….
Eve: I’m evil!
Xena: Eve no!
Eve: Now I’m good!
*Xena, Gabrielle and Aries share a bed on a farm and are all half naked for some reason*
Xena: I have to die but you can bring me back! *dies in a way that will later connect her to Mami Tomoe and P'li* Just let me fight soul stealing dude
*lots and lots of literally gay stuff*
Gabrielle: *does everything to bring Xena back*
Xena: *Stops evil soul dude* Can’t come back lol gotta stay dead for souls to be free soz.
Gabrielle: Aw shit son…
*Ghost Xena and Gabrielle literally end the series with bitter sweet feels sailing on a ship! A fucking ship!*