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     So I’ve been feeling pretty mushy and good lately, and I just had to make a thing to give a shout out to the friends  I’ve  made  here. This is more of a bias list than anything else, but it’s still something, and  please ignore the  ugly  banner.  I  made  it in under five minutes and it’s making me giggle. 

     But anyway, I freaking love each and every  one of you.  Every  single  person  listed has made my tumblr experience so much better. It doesn’t matter  if we’re roleplaying, talking on skype, or just spamming everyone’s dashes with random bullshit, I love you guys, and I want you all to know that. 

     This is for Jackson (watchthxpaintjob)  too,  please  don’t  forget that or be alarmed if you suddenly appear on here. Because I miss writing with  you  for whatever reason, and I need you  guys  to  know  that  I  haven’t  just  up  and  dropped  you.  This  list  is also in no order whatsoever. 

           hisyoda, batmansyoda, blindhim, naturalcyniic, stuiisms, iremembertwistingit,
           sarcastiiles, postvoided,   startofiitall,     dolliied,      skinnydefenselessheroism,
           shadesofanoracle    bellexmort, wailingdivinity,  twiiinisms, allthesin, loyalhale,                              awakewithmydemons,           blueeyedregrets,          xnferiority,        revelatxr
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           parasitiisms, humcned,  levelofstupid, voidskeeper, firearms-and-aftermarkets,                                latranslunaris,         notatotalpsychox,       notatotalpsychox,      hisangryheart  
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                   People who loved me on Jackson, who should love me here too: 

            ifthemoneysgood, boundinwolfsbane, sassycreeperwolf, mccallofthewild,                                  sarcasmandstarwars, dontdoboyfriends, coyotehale, notmyjeepyoucreep

       People I admire/would love to write with more because you guys are beautiful: 

                      mccballin, ofalphasandanchors, voiidstuff, lazaruscomplex,
                                  twomblyed, crookjawed, normaltothemax

It’s official. I am going to Hell. I may as well take as many of you along for the ride as I can. Have some Matt Murdock/John Constantine from the thing I said I wasn’t going to write and am now somehow very much writing.

John couldn’t remember how the bloody hell he’d ended up here. All he was aware of was that his ribs hurt like Hell, there was blood in his hair, and he’d somehow lost his trousers. And his pants. At least he still had his sodding coat. He patted himself down, hunting for a pack of smokes.There was a quiet snicker from the depths of the shadow on the other side of the dark alley. He cocked his head, fumbling for a lighter, but his hands came up empty.

“A couple of feet to your left, over by the dumpster.” The voice was surprisingly gentle, slightly amused, and tinged with a slight taint of what he assumed was local. All these fucking East Coast accents sounded the same to him.


this is not exactly news, but i’m going to be absent until tuesday (may 5) to study for my last exam. i’m really really sorry for taking weeks to reply already, but fortunately i’ll be done with school after that exam, and i’ll have a lot more time to focus on writing!

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