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Inclusive Medieval Reenactment and Fantasy: A Space for POC

So some of you might know that I’ve been wanting to create a space for poc to explore our interest in medieval reenactment and fantasy culture. It’s a bit hard because I’m not a natural leader or starter of things, but that’s what I’m trying to do. I decided that the first, easiest step is to start a blog. Now this brings up challenges of its own. 

The biggest being the name! I’m awful with names! I can never think of anything catchy or clever, or that isn’t so long as to be unwieldy. Just look at the title of this little text post!

I have a general idea of the content. I confess it will likely conform a lot to my own tastes, most blogs do. For a while I struggled with wither or not I should make it a specifically black space. I’ve noticed that black people tend to get snowed under in a POC mix, but in the end, considering the times and the state of the modern world, I’ll trust to our better angels and make the blog all inclusive culturally speaking. 

Which also raises a question of cultural representation as it pertains to the “medieval”. Obviously Europe was not the only culture around at the time, it would be amazing to see reenactment and fantasy based around Indian culture in the 1300′s, or the African empires! But perhaps those are ambitions for a future date. 

I think the best place to start is a simple blog that features POC in medival and fantasy settings, and promotes Poc creatives of same. Now If I only had a name!

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same

Know what fucked up I’m having more anxiety about leftist anti-semitism then I am about neo-nazis

I know where I stand with neo-nazis they hate me they want me dead because I’m Jewish

Leftists on the other hand say all the right things get me to think they care use me then stab me in the back throw salt on the wound and then tell the world it was my fault

With drumpf and friends in charge more than ever do we need you non-jews to stand up help us protect us listen to us and care about us

And what is giving me really awful anxiety is that you will leave us to the wolves or that you will do your normal thing which is to hurt us make us bleed and hand us over to the starving wolves


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Just Dating Wanda Maximoff things:

  • Friend, you have someone awful special by your side. I don’t just mean her abilities as Scarlet Witch. Wanda is so much more than just her powers, don’t make the mistake of only noticing her because of that. See her as wondrous person she is; wild, free and loving. She is the extremes of all spectrums in the best of ways. Wanda Maximoff is beautiful inside and outside even with all her flaws, so love every part of her.

  • Wanda is very independent and always wants the opportunity to try and do things on her own first before getting help. Don’t try and do things for her. Give her the chance to try by herself. This goes for everything; battle, domestic matters, social settings, everything. Let Wanda play and explore the world as she likes. Trust that she knows a majority of her limits and that when she needs help she will come ask you first.

  • While very outwardly strong, Scarlet Witch is human emotionally. There are times when your dear Wanda will break. There are some serious telltale signs; she will lash out, get more reckless, pace, try to push everyone away. She doesn’t want anyone to see how weak she can become. When she was on her own, people trusted her to rise, but now she has you, be there for her. Show Wanda that she doesn’t have to go through these dark moments alone with you by her side. At first she will definitely want to push you away, but it’s weak; you can feel that what she really wants is for you to stay. Be with Wanda until she’s ready to rise again.

  • Wanda Maximoff’s extremes aren’t only in personality, but also in food. Super sweet, super spicy and super strong tasting foods are her favourite. She’s adventurous when it comes to what she eats, so maybe prepare yourself for some dates with very unique cuisine. If you’re a picky eater, Wanda is going to try and make you not be one. If you’re very stubborn this could lead to some actual fights, but don’t think it’s because she’s mad at you for being picky, she just hates the idea that you’re missing out on some really delicious food when you haven’t even tried it. It comes from a place of love, really.

  • Affection with Wanda is actually surprisingly open and really very sweet. She’ll call you pet names in public in her native tongue. Even if people can’t understand what she’s actually calling you, they can tell it’s a pet name from how loving it sounds coming from her lips. Wanda will also do things like—if you’re both standing in the kitchen and having conversations with other people—mindlessly feed you bits and pieces of food. Piece of popcorn or a chip or grape; one-at-a-time foods, all the while she’s still talking with someone else. When people call it out, Wanda blushes very sweetly and mutters under her breath. She honestly doesn’t realise she’s doing it at times.

Freedom of speech is a very great thing that Americans have. We can complain and protest our president all we want without fear of being punished. But please, young people, do not under any circumstances make a threat on President Trump’s life. I don’t care how awful he is (and he is awful). If you genuinely threaten the president and the FBI (or other government department) finds out will come to your house and it will not be pleasant. And that isn’t a Trump thing either, Internet threats often do get taken seriously. So don’t do it. I am warning you because you may not already know.

aight I did not see this spiraling into mini-drama here but I’m going to try to say something because I get how awful feeling inferior is. Making comparisons can be difficult to avoid when you do not have very much confidence or especially when you feel as if you are not doing as well as you should be and are letting people down (this is cliche but everyone grows at different paces and regardless of progress you are loved). This obsessive comparing is extremely tolling on you and not worth the energy at all. As long as you are not adamant towards recovering like I was for the past few years, things will get better (or not as bad as it usually is). It’s not hopeless, I promise. There are people who do want you to feel your best and help you every step of the way and I hope you all have or will find at least one person like this in your lives.

That being said, this whole big blog/small blog thing should not matter because like dailyflygon said, we’re just a bunch of nerds drawing the Pokemon we love. My inferiority issues do lead me to assume ridiculous things like someone being more popular means that they’re obnoxious and exclude others unlike them, but I don’t get that with this community, even as a small, inactive, blog that is lacking in interaction (due to shyness). I’ve never considered myself a part of any communities before, but this one is extremely supportive and I want to at least protect that.

tl;dr It’s okay to feel down. We cannot control how we react to things, but we should not act on those feelings in a way that causes stress for others either. Instead, find a way to lift yourself back up without hurting yourself or anyone else.

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i've been getting back into drawing and I want to post stuff online because I feel like it'll keep me more accountable to post often and keep me motivated as well as being able to get feedback on how to improve from other artists etc, but the thought of work getting re-posted/potentially stolen gives me such anxiety. I know that that might not happen but the thought that it could makes me not want to. How did you get the courage to post your work when you were first starting?

So, for me, when I first started posting art on this blog, I think what really actually helped me get the courage to post things was that I didn’t really have any followers. I know that sounds a bit backwards, but it really took a lot of the pressure off and I was really posting it for myself first and foremost. (In the beginning I also wasn’t particularly concerned with people reposting my stuff because I didn’t think it was that good.)

I wish I could say reposts aren’t going to happen. But they do and it sucks. 

I think in the end (and it’s surely a bit different for every artist), it really comes down to whether it means more to have your stuff out there and gaining feedback while being aware of the fact that it can be copied at any moment, or if you’re okay with being the only one that ever sees your art because it’s more important to you to know that it’s not getting reposted. 

I really don’t like seeing my stuff reposted, but so far I’ve decided that I like sharing my art more than I dislike that people repost it. Someday it may get bad enough for me to change my mind, but that day hasn’t arrived yet.

But here’s a couple tips I’ve picked up that you can do to help prevent reposters:

  1. Always sign your work. (It’s even better if your signature is legible because it makes it easy for people to find your blog/see that you drew it.)
  2. Never ever post the full size image of your art. I start with a huge canvas but every drawing I post on here is usually no wider than 700px. It makes it harder for people to upload it to merchandise sites and copies of it will be low quality.

I hope this has been helpful in some way and I wish you luck with your art! :)

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Hi I just wanted to say that it's midnight for me and I'm crying over your yoi trans headcanons, especially your drawings that show the others supporting Yuri and helping him, because I'm a trans boy who doesn't have much of a support system, and it's nice to see how things can be. thank you for making these ✨

aw man i’m so glad my art/headcanons are comforting to you!!! i hope things get better for you soon my dude

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markiplier replied to your post: baptsim replied to your post: …

I’m not trying to attack your opinion either, I’d just like to get my point across clearer for you to understand better. To be honest the major reason for making this video wasn’t even that I felt bad for PDP. I honestly don’t. I know full well he doesn’t even need me rallying for him which is why I didn’t go into detail about it in my video. I just get heated when people default to labeling and dehumanization when things like this happen.

@markiplier I didn’t feel attacked at all. This current political climate though is the result of groups of people consistently saying awful things and other people refusing to call it what it is. That’s how the alt-right movement started, because they didn’t want to be labeled, but still wanted to keep saying awful things reminiscent of the group they’re being labeled as. 

you know every day I just think…….. things would be so much nicer for me if I had even semblance of a supportive home life. if I was feeling particularly awful/suicidal and could text or phone my mum and talk to her about it and have her make me laugh and reassure me instead of putting me down and telling me to get a job and that I ‘let myself be depressed’……that would just be so nice. my sister has no interest in me and we have nothing in common and it would be so good if it wasn’t like that and if I could talk and laugh with her too. I feel like my home isn’t my home anymore and I know my mum doesn’t want to listen to me talk about how I’m feeling and I know she takes it all as an attack on her and starts saying things like “oh well I guess it’s because I’ve failed you as a parent”…… would just be so good if she could be there for me and show me that she cares about me without being really emotionally manipulative and abusive about it…..I wish I could turn to her and that she wouldn’t make me feel like such a low life and that it’s my own fault I’m so ill. I wish I could get a train home and have people at home who would be happy to see me and I wish I could sit on the sofa with my mum and have her cuddle me and talk to me. I’ve worked so hard my whole life and I’ve done everything I was supposed to do to make my mum proud of me but now I’m there I’m in the worse mental place I’ve ever been in my life and I feel like I have nobody. It feels horrible to say it but I almost feel like I don’t even have a mother. I see all these people on twitter saying how great their mum is and how they can’t wait to see their mum and I just wish it were like that for me. I wish I could be mothered and not made to feel like a huge disappointment and that it’s completely down to me to make myself feel better


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“I’m bi, and poly, and feel really awful when I see bi-pos posts…”

I hear ya. And respect your feelings. But I think by “greedy” they mean “just saying it bc they literally wanna bone everything and won’t leave any for the rest of us”, which serves the dual ‘purpose’ of making bi folk sound like whores, and trying to guilt you for their perception that you get more nookie than they do and that you’re somehow “hogging” it all.

I think you are not wrong. But it still makes me angry. Love and sex are not commodities and they aren’t limited quantity things.

Also being a whore isn’t a negative thing, because sex workers rock.

And maybe some deep=rooted sex-dragon part of me does want to hoard all the boning.

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I have bpd and I'm kind of obsessing over my girlfriends ex like in a way that I hate her and I want to make her miserable because she's done some really awful things to me. I tried to talk to my girlfriend about this and she didn't understand and told me to just stay away from her. I'm trying my hardest to do that but I can't get myself to stop obsessing. Do you have any advice on how to just ignore her existence and move on with my life?

this is like such a mood I love making people I dislike suffer but overall it’s best for u to stay away like ur GF said.

the more things you have going on in your life the easier it will be for you to ignore your GF’s ex. learn a language, write a book, learn to draw, anything!

make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do and do those things! spend more quality time with your friends and GF! is there any book you want to read or tv show you want to watch? do that! do not let the Ex® rule your life or be an obstacle for you! good luck and if you need any distractions let me know! me and you can hang out together !

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Hey is it possible to get the "I will always love you" swanqueen print on a plain T-shirt. I'm obsessed x


I actually have a Redbubble account, which is great and awful at the same time. Awful because they take a pretty huge cut of the money I’d make on it, but great because I don’t have to find my own shirt supplier/someone to do the labour. I tried to make the prices reasonable because I know that the more money an artist wants to make, the more expensive it has to be. 

Basically, I don’t make much money on these at all - but I’m just so happy that people enjoy the as much as they do! 

You can find “I Will Always Love You”, as well as the other designs for purchase right here! 

Thank you for asking! <3 

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You are not a cruel and unforgivable person!!! There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel validated!!!! You are a kind and thoughtful person!!!!

;o; Thank you so much friend, it means a lot to me to hear that;;; It’s a bit hard for me to accept that right now because I feel like I’m an awful person but, hearing someone affirm that I’m not makes me feel a bit better ;v;

Cracking Away at The Chassis, Or, Dean Winchester vs. Toxic Masculinity

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For as long as I have been watching Supernatural, I have been fascinated by Dean Winchester. Okay, that’s an understatement. Because I truly love Dean with all of my heart. But an aspect of his character that especially resonates with me is his conditioning re: masculinity.

Now I’m not one to equate all things traditionally masculine as awful. I honestly don’t know if you could watch Supernatural if you felt that way. But something I think the show does exceedingly well is to explore, without ever getting too heavy-handed on the issue, how social constructions of masculinity figure into Dean’s character. And I think over eleven seasons, slowly writers, directors, and Jensen have begun to chip away at how those things make Dean … Dean.

I want to think about this in a more deliberate way - how Dean has changed and stayed the same over the past decade.

But for now, I want to think about Dean in the present.

Specifically, episodes 11x23 and 12x01. Because let me say, I am pretty thrilled for what could lie ahead for Dean.

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You are an amazing writer, would you mind giving me a few tips on writing reader inserts? ( also may I have this drink is super cute and a sequel sometime in the future would be awesome)

aw this makes me so happy!  i think any tips on writing regular stories work for reader inserts, you just have to work in second person as opposed to first or third.  it gets kind of weird saying “you” instead of “i”, but to be honest it’s not even a big thing.

a big tip for writing in general, is do it a lot.  i’ve been writing stuff ever since i was a kid, and setting up a blog like this, or i used wattpad for a while and gained some popularity on there, almost holds you accountable.  you’re part of a community of people who want nothing more than for you to write things for them to read, and they will ALWAYS read it.  it’s really encouraging, because you get lovely bits of feedback like what you’ve sent me.  the more you write, the more comfortable you are doing so, and the more comfortable you are writing, the better your writing will sound.  people can tell when you’re forcing it, so trying to get more comfortable with it is great.

i hope this helps.

also: is anyone else interested in a “may i have this drink” sequel?  if so: i’ll add it to my list of things to work on!

Simple Existence (Acoustic Split)
  • Simple Existence (Acoustic Split)
  • State Champs
  • The Acoustic Things

Simple Existence acoustic split - State Champs

The left channel is the studio version from The Acoustic Things and the right channel is an acoustic performance found here 

*Headphones highly recommended*

Hello, I am back. So this one was kinda hard as it was almost impossible to line up the guitars so there are some rough spots through out. I use headphones when I make these so I imagine it sounds awful without them, fair warning. Let me know what you guys think.  Also, I miss you boys and I can’t wait for the new album. I hope you like it and come back to CT soon <3 statechampsny

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hey sofia, i just want u to know that i think ur great and while i may not care about hockey at all it's really cute to see u get so excited about things. keep ur passion and ur overall wonderfulness!

aw, thanks friend!! this is so lovely!! i hope you have lots of things that you’re passionate about and that make you happy and that the people around you are like “i don’t get it but i appreciate you” because that’s great and you deserve that <3

here for post-dating james lily bonding with sirius over their respective awful sibling relationships, but have you considered conversations beyond ‘yes, i know exactly what you mean’

because, like

yes, lily can identify with sirius on having a shitty sibling with prejudices that make you want to smack them, but she also understands regulus in ways sirius cannot:they are both the younger sibling, more earnest than their older counterparts. dealing with the other sibling’s fall from grace in terms of being the HERO of their childhood, right? perhaps wanting to mend things, but also being embittered because the older one is such a shitty, soggy bowl of milk. 

sirius would understand petunia’s perspective on some things–not her taste in home decor or men, obviously, but the condescension and disdain, getting that Home is this horribly constricting place, suffocating, where everyone is at odds with you and you cannot wait to escape.

siblings can be so mean but still love each other, even when they despise each other.

and lily would also, go with me on this, understand the fact that someone you used to care about is a death eater, or on that path.

these relationships are sooo damn interesting. layers.