this is awful but okay xd

oH MAN so I have to share this… y’know how there’s the general fandom view that Ford’s influence was technically with us the whole time “through the journal,” right? 

well, I was ruminating over this today and sort of spouted a bunch of ideas @witete (sorRY ahahah XD) and we bounced some things back and forth and came up with an awful angst AU and I’m vaguely proud of it so okay here we go…

The sum of all of it: Ford’s trapped in the mindscape forever after Bill Cipher basically murders his body, but Bill’s threat still remains and Ford ends up learning to manipulate objects around him (i.e. like the journal) to try and warn people of this. Things do not go well.

I’ll babble on more under the cut. XD

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Monsta X: How they react when their chubby GF gets insecure about her body before they’re about to have their first time together

This request aw! I feel like everyone in MX is a total angel baby sweetheart so they’d all be really positive to you in this situation. And just a reminder that all body types are beautiful!!! Regardless of your weight, height etc you’re beautiful and lovely and magnificent okay :’)) ♥


Shownu would be such a sweetheart honestly. “Are you insecure? Why? You’re so beautiful, you don’t need to be.” Would try to make you feel secure and beautiful. (Spoiler alert: he would succeed) 


Wonho would probably just give you a look like in the gif XD He would be 100% into you and would want you to be confident about yourself around him. Would want to show you how beautiful he thinks you are >:)


Minhyuk would literally love everything about you and your body, and would want you to know it. Would try to make you as comfortable and confident as possible. He’d be super sweet and loving, and compliment you a lot. 


Wouldn’t really understand why you were insecure. Would probably be really sweet and warm, and wouldn’t pressure you at all. “Your body is so beautiful, I don’t understand why you’re insecure. You know I love you no matter what, right?”


I feel like he’d probably be a little insecure and awkward himself. In this situation he’d be really shy. Would want you to know that he likes your body, wouldn’t know how to express it. “Um…you know you have a really *turns red* pretty body, right?”


Would find it a bit endearing that you were insecure, and would probably not have too much trouble making you feel comfortable around him. “I love your body, jagi, and how curvy you are. Stop being insecure, okay?~” 


Probably wouldn’t know how to approach this situation. Wouldn’t want to seem too thirsty desperate but also wouldn’t want to seem uninterested. Would probably just try to make you feel beautiful. “You know you’re beautiful, right? And I love your body. You have nothing to be insecure about~”

I hope you like it!! ^^

How would it be like to meet EXO (Part one)

This is just my speculation, probably not even close to reality. It’s just how imagine them :) Ara~

1.Baekhyun: I kind of think he would be very polite at the beginning, show a lot of respect; maybe he would even be a little bit timid. But then he would slowly try to get along, try to know a little about you, try to talk about anything and even make you laugh. I think Baek is that sort of person that becomes your friend without you even realizing. So yeah, I think meeting Baekyun wouldn’t be awkward at all because he’s that easy going and knows exactly who he is and knows how to break that barrier. 

2.Chanyeol: Just like Baekhyun, I think Chanyeol is very easy going to. But unlike Baek, Chanyeol would start with the jokes from second one. Maybe you’ll get a hug too. Of course just by staring at him you’ll burst into laughter and he will too. I kind of think that meeting Chanyeol is like one of those days that you can say “today was the best day of my life”, not just becaus he’s an idol and maybe your bias, I just kind of think he’s an amazing person, our happy virus, someone that can make you forget all your troubles in just one second. And he knows it, and he is so pure and probably will try his best while he’s with you/anyone.

3.Jongdae: I kind of think it would be a little bit awkward at the beginning. Even though this boy is all love and also has an easy going personality, sometimes I feel like he’s a cute smol bean when he’s alone and meeting new people. Maybe it’ll be that kind of moment where both of you just say “uhmm.. hey… uhmm what’s up… uhmmm” and as you two start talking, he’ll open more and from one moment to another he’ll make you feel comfortable enough to look at him in the eye. I kind of also picture him blushing a little and even take a picture with you, making some awkward jokes that will end up in a lot of laughs as the awkwardness breaks. 

4.Jongin: I think there are like two versions of Nini. The smol shy bean and the all funny boi. If you meet the first one, it’ll end up in a lot of bows, so much cute awkward silences, maybe him stepping on your foot accidentally, blushing faces, and little smiles. And if you meet the second one, it’d be like you two were best friends since childhood, he’ll make jokes, maybe tickle you, take some pictures, call sehun to help him tickling you, and so on. But leaving that aside, I think that meating Nini would be unforgettable, he’s an angel.

5.Junmyeon: Meeting Junmyeon would be like meeting your hero and your dad’s friends in one person… Like I think he’s so so so polite (which I admire so much) and he’s such a great person that one must think that even breathing is wrong because there’s so much perfection going on there, in front of your eyes, that you don’t want to interrupt that or something xD. But I also think that he woudl try so so hard on making things less awkward, yet he would be so polite, explaining his jokes and everything and you would be in such awe because… he is perfect. Did I mention he’s perfect? (And no, he isn’t my bias xD) But yes, I kind of think one would stand just there, trying to think what’s going on while he does the talking and the smiling and the pictures and the friendly things and bonding stuff and being perfect xD.

6.Kyungsoo: (I LOVE THIS BABY SO MUCH) Okay so, meeting Kyungsoo would be like… scary? Not because he’s scary or something, he’s just too serious, probably too shy around new people. Honestly I would just stand there and probably he would just stare at me/you/anyone, trying to figure out what to say and/or do. He would give a gentle smile and be sooooooooooooooo polite and if he manages to feel a little bit comfortable even make a funny comment. I kind of think of him as that kind of person that is hard to first talk to but then as it goes you end up talking about how the universe was created, or how your cat ended up sleeping on your head XD So yeah, I kind of picture it as a weird encounter, maybe a little bit awkward at the beginning but one of a kind.

{The Diner} Jeff Hardy X Fem! Reader((FLUFF))

Requested by @cutester

Disclaimer: I haven’t written fanfictions in years so bear with me. I need to get my mojo back XD

Overview: You’re working the late shift at a diner, business is extremely slow. You hated working the late shift. 

The diner was always extremely slow and you were the only waitress working. This time of night, the only business you usually got were the homeless and drunks stumbling in. Your coworkers, who you didn’t know very well, were always out “taking a smoke break.” 

You laid your head down on the cold, marble counter, watching the cars go by as rain steadily drizzled down outside. As you started to watch the rain drops race each other down the windows, you saw a dark figure running out of the corner of your eye. You straightened up as the figure pulled open the door, the little bell on it sounding. It was a fairly tall man, soaked completely. He was wearing what looked to be a neon yellow, tight fitting, long sleeved, mesh shirt. Paired with that were a pair of black cargo pants, held up by a white studded belt. He wore a purple baseball cap, which actually suited him nicely.

The mysterious man removed the hat, letting his hair out of a messy bun, he looked over at you and smiled. You smilled back as he walked over to you, “Table for one please.” “Right this way sir.” You said, grabbing a menu and gesturing for him to follow you. You sat the menu down at a booth and waited for him to seat himself. “Can I get you a towel maybe?? You’re soaked.” You asked kindly. “No, I’m fine. Thank you for the thought though.” He replied. “It really isn’t a problem sir.” He hesitated slightly before finally agreeing to the kind gesture. “Okay, and would you like me to get you a drink other than water?” “Ah no, water is fine thank you.” He gave you a kind smile as you nodded and headed back to the kitchen. As you arrived at the kitchen you cursed under your breath. 

Of course no one’s here. Assholes, leaving me to do everything myself. I’m lucky we’re not busy. You washed your hands, then grabbed a glass of water and a towel. You wondered about what the kind man did for a living. He certainly didn’t look like an office worker that’s for sure. You giggled quietly and smiled as you approached his table. “What’s so funny?” He asked with a smile. ‘Oh, nothing really. I just always try to guess customer’s professions and you’re really stumping me.” You said handing him the towel. He started to dry his faded blue and lavender hair. “Well, I honestly think you’d never guess what I do. It’s definitely an odd job.” He laughed slightly, then proceeded to say, “Let’s just say you probably can’t tell if this is rain or just sweat.” You were very surprised at this comment. “Oh, so you’re an athlete? Wow, wasn’t expecting that.” The man chuckled quietly, “Yeah, most people are usually surprised. I’m Jeff by the way.” He smiled, reaching his hand out to you. You shook his hand sheepishly and hoped to hell he couldn’t tell how clammy your hands were. Despite being a waitress, you had horrible social anxiety. You smiled and replied, “Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N).” 

“Hey, would you like to maybe sit down and have dinner with me. My treat?” He offered kindly with a smile. “Um, well to be honest, my coworkers ditched me so I’m the only one manning the entire restaurant. So, as much as I’d like to take a break and eat, I really can’t.” He smirked slightly, “Well I’m sure you’re not going to get anymore customers other than me. Soooo, you can just close up and we can make dinner together. How about that?” You really liked that idea honestly, so you nodded. “I’ll go lock up.” 

You made your way to the door and locked it, turning the open sign over to say closed. Jeff yelled from the booth, “Hey, do you have any candles? We should turn off the lights so people think you’re really closed. Plus, dinner by candlelight is pretty romantic.” He walked slowly towards you and you began to feel awkward. “SOOO…. How about we start dinner!” You exclaimed nervously. Jeff followed you into the kitchen and you both prepared dinner. “This looks delicious, I think we make a great team, (Y/N).” He flashed you a kindhearted smile and leaned in for a sidehug. The sudden contact made you anxious but a part of you wished it’d been a real hug. Something about him was just so.. perfect. 

“Something on my face?” Jeff asked, laughing slightly. You were spacing out again. “N-No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare, just tired is all.” “Sorry, I’m sure you’ve had a long night.” He said sympathetically. “I’m fine. Let’s eat already, I’m excited to hear about your job!!” He smiled widely as he picked up both your plate, “Okay, okay. Grab the drinks goofball.” You smiled at the cute way he gave you a nickname and you guys had only just met only an hour or so ago, but you felt like close friends. You had a lot of common interests and just seemed to connect. 

You took a sip of your soda before parting your lips to say, “So, about your profession?” Jeff nodded, finishing the food in his mouth and taking a sip of water. “I’m a wrestler.” He said casually, continuing to dig into his meal. You were quite taken aback and assumed he couldn’t be serious. “Haha, funny joke. Good one.” You replied, playfully punching his bicep.” He smiled widely at you and nodded his head. “Nope. I’m completely serious. That’s my job.” You were amazed. You looked up to wrestlers from your childhood, growing up watching WWE with your dad. “Who do wrestle for?” “WWE.” “Oh my fuck, that’s so amazing. I’m need to catch up with WWE, I haven’t watched it in years.”

Jeff had been staring at your while you were talkng the whole time and you started to get flustered. “Um, (Y/N).” You jumped at the sound of his voice. “Yeah?” “You have.. a little. Let me just get it for you.” He leaned close to you, wiping your lip with his thumb. You were definitely shocked and embarrassed. You’d be surprised if your cheeks hadn’t turned a deep shade of red by now. “O-Oh… Thanks Jeff.” You smiled sheepishly at him and looked down. A soft and gentle hand suddenly pressed against your chin, lifting it up to meet Jeff’s eyes. “You know… you’ve really made my night. You’re such a beautiful and amazing girl.” He then leaned in, closing the gap in between you two, and gently pressed his lips against yours. You were shocked by his words and even more shocked by his actions, but you melted into the kiss and kissed him back as he tried to pull away. You heard a muffled ringing coming from Jeff. He sighed and pulled out a phone and answered the call. You leaned back into the booth and relaxed. “Yeah. Mhm. I’‘ll be there soon I promise. I stopped at a restaurant and just lost track of time is all.” He smirked, winking at you. “I’m leaving now okay. Be at the hotel soon.” He hung up and grabbed a napkin. “You in trouble hot stuff?’ You teased. “Nahhh, I just have an interview tomorrow and need to get some sleep. Might get yelled at a little. Do you have a pen?” “Yeah, sure.” You replied, handing him the pen. He scribbled something down on the napkin and stood up, motioning for you to stand as well. “Come here babe. Give me a goodbye hug.” You honestly felt like you were about to cry, he’d made your shitty day the best day and you couldn’t thank him enough for that. You’d probably never see him again and the truth was you’d actually fallen for him. Hard(y).

((I’m not sorry for that at all XD))

You buried your face in his chest and wrapped your arms tightly around him. “I’m never letting go….” You mumbled. “Awe, come on baby girl don’t be like that. We’ll meet again, I promise.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a warm embrace. “Okay, I really have to leave baby. I’m sorry.” As you nuzzled your face against his warm chest, he gently grabbed your face with both hands and brought it to his, placing his forehead against yours before kissing you passionately. He smirked into the kiss and pulled away, but not before giving your ass a good squeeze. You gasped and stuck your tongue out at him. “Asshole!!” He flipped you off and yelled, “You love me!” before running out the door, sounding the bell. 

You sighed, you already missed his goofy southern accent, his edgy and outgoing personality that seemed to mesh perfectly with your introvert self. As you started to clear of the table you came across the napkin Jeff had written on just before having to leave. You picked it up, reading the surprisingly nice handwriting. “I had an amazing time with you, (Y/N). Let’s hang another time, hit me up whenever. Sorry I didn’t have enough time to pay so I hope the what’s in your pocket makes up for it. xoxo -Jeff” 

In my pocket? You felt inside your jacket pockets. Nothing. Your front jean pockets. Not there either. Of course, it’s Jeff. Realizing this you quickly checked your back jean pockets and felt something. “Ahah!” You said, pulling out a rectangular paper. He must have slipped it into your pocket when he wrapped his arms around your waist. Upon reading it you realized what it was. 

A ticket. To Jeff’s next show.

Tomorrow night.

A/N: Well, I hope you enjoyed this!! Like I said, this is the first fanfic I’ve written in years XD I hope it’s good.

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Okay, I live in Ireland and I've never heard the phrases you gave there. I hear things like "aw, it's great craic", but never "got some craic?" XD. If I may ask, what county are you from? I'm a dubliner meself

i won’t mention what county i’m in because ireland is so SMALL, but i’m not from dublin, hahahaha. people definitely ask is there any craic all the time where i live! ofc we say something is “a great craic” too. and, “the craic was mighty!”

I was tagged by @neco-choo​  \(^ヮ^)/  ✧˖° ✧˖° Thank you for the tag~

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers/people you’d like to get know better. Tagging @sipriinaa @demonipinja @gaara-nara @akaprussia @shadyblossom @tori-alexide @muchdan-veryphil @aleena-san @kirsctein @meow-stard @that-nerd-with-the-opal-eyes

Name: Elli-Noora (freaking weird ass name if you ask me lmao thanks mum and dad)

Nicknames: Elli or Ellis I guessss

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5′5″ 

Orientation: straight I suppose

Nationality: Finnish

Favorite Fruit: Peach and orange

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Book: I can’t choose there are too many amazing ones

Favorite Flower: does cacti count roses probably

Favorite Scent: Forest after a heavy rain, lavender, green tea, burning wood 

Favorite Color: Pastel pink

Favorite Animal: Cats and otters and hedgehogs are the best

Coffee | Tea | Hot cocoa: T E A

Average sleep hours: Let’s say 5-9 hours

Cat or dog person: Definitely cat

Favorite fictional character: I CAN’T CHOOSE  (; ̄Д ̄) 

Number of blankets you sleep with: Depends, usually one or two  

Dream trip: Great-Britain, Iceland, New-Zealand, Japan

Blog created: I have no idea about the exact date but around this time of the year in 2013 would be a good guess

Number of followers: 81 (♥)

Random fact: My entire apartment smells like burning bacon at the moment for some reason.

As usual, there’s absolutely no need to do this if you don’t feel like it (o´∀`o) 

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So proud of your latest work hun! I honestly can't wait to see where this comic will go. Just wow! I love writing stories and you know this so seeing how well you are going especially something being your second language dang! You got this hun! Every update I see, your art has gotten better and I am in just in awe of your art! My favorite was underswap but thanks to your series, swapfell has captured my heart and I am totally okay with it!!! <3 <3 <3 swapfell sans is my husband!!! -blows kisses-

Aaaah thank you so much for this message;///; it really means a lot what you said and I can’t stop smiling ;///; and I’m also so happy you like swapfell now xD thank you for supporting me so much sweetie

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okay BUT, idk if this was said before, but i know people here talked about the idea of Anti being a softie for children, kittens, puppies etc. But consider, the opposite. Y'know, Anti being all scary, loving gore, murder, torture and maniacle shit, but when a kitten approaches him he gets super scared and hides behind Wiish protesting to make a single move. I find that hilarious XD

no but that’d be absolutely hilarious. like imagine him just dicking with Jack and then he feels whiskers rub against his arm and he just…starts crying and screaming for Wiish XD

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Your favorite mystic messenger blogs?? Curious bc i see lots of fic reblogs and theres sooo many different blogs xD

Aw yis, I was sort of excited to do this. One thing, though, I’m not awfully acquainted with a whole of blogs, but I’m going to do my best

First off, writers:

@anyway-i-love-vanderwood Okay, I found this blog a few hours agp, but I l o v e it. To be honest, Vanderwood isn’t my cup of tea, but their writing is amazing so I can’t? not? like?

@choisgirls I read all of their masterlist in a couple of hours one day, because I just really love both of the admin’s writing. Speaking of the admins, they’re hilarious, and answer asks really nicely and funnily

@imaginethis-mysticmessenger (I constantly feel attacked that I can never see the profile picture and I associate the with the circle default icon lmao) They reblog lots of art and cute stuff! Plus!!! They also write cute stuff (and their requests are open if I’m not mistaken)

@mysme-fics This blog has such an array of writing and pretty much any scenario you could think of. They’re also really good with having posts for time zones and keeping up with masterposts if you feel like reading a lot

@mysmespoo So many writings that have make me laugh and smile. Everything’s so precious, and all the admins are excellent at writing!

@portuguesesinnerwrites SO! ADORABLE! With some art reblogs that I like a lot

@specialagent-606 Honey, how could I not recommend this blog. Honestly can’t put it into words how much I love their blog and writing (also who I used the matchup format from!)

@thehoneybuddhadefender Absolute dear that is currently doing some rp if you nerds are interested and writes nice things!

Art blogs:

I don’t follow a whole lot despite me loving the art in this fandom but

@sallteas (Obviously) They’re such a good person and their art style makes me feel !!!, and I just love it a whole lot

@vess-hs Honey, if you’re not following them you n e e d to (also, I’m 80% sure they’re doing a stream at the moment)

@talentlessartblog Their way of drawing male MC makes me feel so pure and cleansed to be honest

@vo-dcc The! cutest! Jumin and V works!

@cygnetdraws They just did a series of mm characters and I love them so much

@thedailymushroom They’re the one with the blushy Saeran hug comic! Every work they do makes me feel ajfjdjfoisjffdf

@didem-dg They did the constellation set that makes me love space more than i already do

@hikcups Amazingly cute V, enough said

@ceceru did you mean: a blessing to this earth

@sketchyy-pencil Their custom MC is my life source

I think I like these blogs the most, but I’m sure there’s countless others! Also, since I’m a trashcan for JuminV, there’s a blog, @juminvweek, that are putting together work for April 10th through the 16th! Anyways, I hope I didn’t forget anybody, but I might update this later! Have a good day, nerds!

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alright I love khadgar and perry together but there's just one thing I was wondering: Is there a reason for Perry being a lot shorter than most kaldorei? The average height for a female kaldorei is about 7 feet tall, and that'd make her probably a lot taller than Khadgar.

Thank you very much !! 💜
Aw, you’re right, she’s quite short x3 I’ve been asked this a few times so is it okay if I give you a link ? Here !~

I know tumblr isn’t easy at all when we’re looking for an information, so it’s perfectly okay to ask ! 💜 I’m rather super grateful when I get asked stuff about Perry and/or Khadgar owo So thank you~ ! ^^

(She really is shorter tho, see ? xD)

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Prompt: Okay, I stole this from another hc I read once so I'm sorry, I don't claim originality or anything: Logan can pole dance..... and he's really good. I just think it would be so adorable if, like, one of the other sides walked in on him just doing these amazing moves and Logan is all sweaty and he's totally ripped and the other sides are just in shock and awe. No ship necessary, but I think some Analogical or Logince would just be the cherry on top. XD

This is quite the drabble prompt! But I hope I can do it justice for you, anon!

@scaredysanderswanted to be tagged in this!

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Logan raised his arms in triumph after perfecting a move on the pole that he had been struggling with for days now. His legs wrapped tightly around the bar, holding himself up purely with core strength, his thighs were burning but he didn’t want to lose the euphoria just yet.

Stripped down to nothing but comfortable short shorts, music playing softly in the background, he hadn’t noticed that there was a knock on the door.

“Nerd! You’re playing my favorite song without me? I-” Roman paused, standing in the doorway, staring at the scene before him. He had never seen Logan without his shirt and tie- and definitely not wearing bootie shorts! It was both hilarious and strange at the same time. And, for once in his life, he was speechless.

When Logan finally caught sight of the other side, he lowered himself down from the pole, clearly embarrassed. He hadn’t told anyone about this past time of his- and Princey, of all people, would probably announce it to the world.

“I can explain.” He finally said, adjusting his glasses.

“No need,” Roman replied quickly, sitting down and making himself comfortable on the floor, “…I want to see what else you can do.”

No Real Reason

It was strangely quiet in the Murphy home when Martin got home from work. Nothing was on fire, the door was intact, no windows were broken. Was there something wrong? He could hear faint whispering from the living room from outside the front door. He didn’t have a good feeling.

“Hey, it’s awful quiet in here, is something wrong?” Martin asked as soon as he opened the door, but he immediately got his answer when looked over to the couch and saw Bridgette and Sara by a quivering ball of blankets that he could only assume was his son, whispering comforting words only to be meet with sniffles and whines. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, when I picked him and Sara up from school he just started crying.” Mrs. Murphy sighed, rubbing the top of the lump of blankets, right around where Milo back was. “We think something happened at school.”

“He was really quiet while we were waiting for Mom to show up, he won’t talk to us.” Sara said, looking really worried for her brother. Milo was had just started Kindergarten a few months ago and was having a tough time. Some of the other kids picked on him, and he had even managed to attract the ire of some older boys when murphy’s law struck during lunch time and Milo accidently covered them in yogurt. The school had talked to the boy’s parents, but that had only seemed to make the boys angrier, he was tattle tale now.

“Awwwhhh, buddy.” Martin murmured as he walked up to the couch, before looking and his wife and child. “Can I have minute alone with him?”

“Sure, come on, Sara, let’s get started on dinner, huh?” Bridgette took Sara’s hand and lead her away.

“But I wanna see what happens.” Sara whined, peaking around the corner as she was pulled into the other room.

“Milo? Buddy, are you okay?” Martin asked, take a seat next to his wrapped-up son. After all he got in response was a sniffle, he reached over to try and remove the blanket enwrapping his son, only for Milo pull back fervently with a whine.


He pulled again, no luck. So he reached over and picked up the lump of blankets, Milo and all, and the response was immediate. Milo started to cry out and flail out his limps in protest, wiggling around like tiny, little worm.

“Milo, Milo sto- OUF!” Martin grunted, his ribs having caught one his child’s furious fists. “Milo, stop, right now!” He scolded, pulling his sons squirming form closer until he calmed down a little. The blanket was pulled away from his little face, revealing tear stained cheeks and glassy eyes. Milo tried to cover his face with his hands, but he was stopped. “Hey, pal, what’s wrong? Kids picked on you today?”

“Yeah.” Milo nodded his little head. “I don’t get it, it’s not my fault those geese attacked the teacher, or that that shelf fell… or that that wall collapsed.” Milo looked mildly embarrassed now on top of the sadness.

“Rough day with murphy’s law, huh?” Martin ruffled his hair in some sort of attempt to make him feel better. “Is that all, you don’t normally take it this hard. Did something else happen?”

“Yes…” Milo was refusing to look him in the eye.

“You want to tell me what?”

“I’ll show you.” Milo mumbled, shaking off the blanket and lifting up his shirt, revealing the messy scrawl of a child spelling out the word ‘Jinx’ in giant letters.

“It was the older boys. They said if I told the teachers they’d beat me up, and that the next time they’d write it on my forehead.”

“Oh, Milo…” Martin mumbled, covering his mouth, before his sadness quickly turned to anger. “I ought to call those boys parents and-“

“Daddy, no! That’ll only make them more mad!” Milo shook his head rapidly, he wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t make the poor boy dizzy.


“Daddy, please.” He looked up at his father with pleading eyes and Martin gave a nod. “Thank you…”

“I’m sorry this happened, pal.” Martin sighed, giving him a squeeze. Milo nuzzled his face into his side, grabbing a fistful of his shirt.

“Why does this happen to us? It’s not fair, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Milo’s eyes started to water again and Martin started to hold him closer.

“Well, you have EHML, just like I do.” Martin explained rubbing his little boy back.

“What’s that?” He looked up to his father with ridiculously sad eyes.

“Extreme Hereditary Murphy’s Law, it’s a genetic condition, it’s passed down from father to son through our genes.”

“What does genies have to do with murphy’s law?” Milo seemed genuinely curious, at least he had stopped crying.

“Genes, son. It… well, it just means that all the men in our family are effected by murphy’s law, because of our genes.” Martin didn’t really want to explain to Milo the part where he and a bunch of his cousins went and got their genes mapped and discovered three markers on the Y chromosome that were found across the board that indicated a genetic condition shared between them. Maybe when he was older.

“But why?”

“Well, uh… we don’t know. We know that people with EHML get in the crosshairs of murphy’s law the more than other people, but we don’t know why, precisely. We just know it happens.” Martin shrugged his shoulders. “The science isn’t here yet to tell us that, but studies are being done.”

“Oh…” Milo looked back down.

“Look, buddy, you can’t let this get you down. Murphy’s law is going to follow you for the rest of your life, and you shouldn’t let bullies get to you either. They just don’t understand how special you are, and believe me, things will get better once the other kids realize you can’t help it, though they will probably always keep their distance.” Martin sighed. “You’ll get used to it eventually, pal, just hang in there. Though I really think you should at least talk to your teacher about what’s going on.”

“Okay.” Milo nodded gently.

“Okay, now how about a smile, huh?” Martin grinned at his son, and Milo gave him a tiny smile back. “No, not big enough… maybe if I tickle you!”

“No!” Milo giggled as his dad started to tickle at his sides. “Stop- hehehehe! Stop! HA! Daddy!”

The words were washed off that night in the bath and the event was forgotten.

Hey pssst fandom. Psst. ‘This looks so much like my OC so this is great!’ is still not probably something you should be saying on other people’s art, and DOUBLY so if it was a commission or a gift or a trade for someone else. :SSS I can’t speak for how my commissioners feel but I feel awful when people take something that I made (for myself or someone else) and make it about themselves. :SSS Don’t do it guys. Just. don’t be selfish. Please.

What the Signs would do if they could control time

Aries: LAWL I’d go to the future, remember some shit, go back to present time, “predict” it, and become a world-famous fortune teller that everyone worshipped as a god

Taurus: I’d put my body on an infinite loop so I can keep eating whatever I want but the loop would make it so my body never gained weight 

Gemini: LOL I’d take myself and this fake bitch back to the Salem Witch Trials, accuse her of witchcraft, make her eat a cake made with piss, and take a video of it

Cancer: I’d go back in time and experience the friendships I no longer have now

Leo: I’d pretend to be a royal jester of the Court of Versailles in France and teach Henry XIV how to dab

Virgo: The day before a test, I’ll travel forward and memorize the questions and go backing time and study them

Libra: I’d take myself to the time where I met him/her so I can fall in love over and over again

Scorpio: I would fast forward to my own death.  I’ve been waiting for this.  My body is ready

Sagittarius: I’d leave it.  I wanna take life as it goes, if we had control over our mistakes, life wouldn’t be an adventure, would it? 

Capricorn: I’d go back to my seventh grade self and fight him for wearing awful outfits and thinking typing “XD” was the cool thing to do 

Aquarius: I’d go into the future, steal some hella futuristic space-ship looking car, take it back, and say I invented it and make hella $$$

Pisces: I’d go back in time to see my old self and tell her that it’s okay, not to worry, and that the future’s going to be just fine.

choachie150  asked:

I wish I had a more specific way to ask, but all I remember from the episode is Justin yelling "Say 'yes', motherfucker!!". It was such a hilarious episode. If anyone knows, I'll be eternally grateful. XD

I know that Justin went-

Justin: Aw, hell yeah!

-when Griffin told him that he didn’t need to roll after Taako got super powered-up after he made those tacos with Joaquin.

Edit: Okay so I completely misread this question, and if you could just resend it to me so I can answer it correctly, that would be great, and also I’m sorry I messed it up!

notfeelingtoowell  asked:

(It's time! It's almost four in the morning by the way XD) Okay. So. Yurio is hella young. And being young and maintaining such a high level as a skater. Which causes anxiety and stress. This happens to me. When I'm really stressed or really anxious I get awful migraines. Imagine Turin getting one of these insufferable little shits right before competition. Maybe that's one of the reasons he was sobbing after Allegro Appassionato™ In episode 12 -Galaxy

Setting the new record in the short program feels like a dream come true to Yuri. He doesn’t really let his nerves get to him in the days leading up to the free skate, too busy riding on the high of his win. As the competition comes closer, though, Yuri’s anxiety trickles back in. He’s finally feeling the pressure-to win, to show that his short program wasn’t a fluke, to represent Russia.

Yuri had planned to spend the day before the competition practicing until he can barely stand, to ensure that his routine was perfect and so that he’d be able to sleep the night before. Lilia and Yakov veto this idea, not wanting him to over exert himself, so instead Yuri does a light practice and spends the rest of the day nervously pacing the length of his hotel room. The other skaters are all still practicing-like he should be-plus Yuri isn’t sure that going sightseeing in this state is such a good idea.

After forcing himself to eat a little dinner, Yuri decides to go to bed early, to ensure that he’s well rested for tomorrow. His plan doesn’t work out, however, as he spends the night tossing and turning in bed, occasionally drifting off into brief snatches of sleep, only to wake up gasping and panting from gut-wrenching nightmares about losing.

By the time morning rolls around, Yuri is an exhausted, frazzled mess. His head is throbbing and it feels like his eyes are being stabbed with hundreds of tiny needles. When he turns on the light in the bathroom, it turns out to be too much for his aching head, and he barely has any warning before a rush of vomit forces it’s way up his throat and into the sink.

Continuing to gag, Yuri manages to bring up the little bit of food he ate last night, but his stomach still isn’t satisfied and he’s left dry heaving for another ten minutes before he regains control. The retching has amplified the pain in his skull, but Yuri squares his shoulders and wipes his face with a washcloth. He’s got his free skate program to do, and he’s not about to be stopped by a little headache.

That’s much easier said than done, though. Yuri easily manages to avoid eating breakfast, waving his coaches off and insisting that he ate a protein bar. They’re used to his lack of appetite before a competition, so they don’t question it.

Warmups, on the other hand, are pure torture. Each jump feels like a knife being stabbed through his head, and each spin makes his stomach lurch sickeningly. Somehow he manages to make it through without falling over-in fact, Yakov and Lilia say that his form is better than ever-but as soon as he’s done he immediately scrambles to the locker room to empty his already painfully deserted stomach. The harsh heaves make the intense throbbing behind his eyes way worse, but at least his stomach seems to settle a little.

He vaguely watches the other skaters (his eyes are closed more often than not in an effort to block out the bright stadium lights), but forces himself to pay attention to Yuuri’s performance; he can’t believe that this is the same skater that was crying in the bathroom after the last Grand Prix. Yuuri’s world-record breaking performance only fuels Yuri’s determination to win today; he’s going to give this free skate everything he has.

His conversation with Victor about the Katsudon’s future is a welcome distraction from his pounding headache, not to mention the fact that it gives him an extra shot of rage to energize himself. How dare Yuuri just quit after that! He takes a deep breath to focus and steel himself before stepping out onto the ice, gracefully returning Otabek’s cry of “Davai!” with a thumbs up. It’s his turn to shine. He’s going to push himself through the pain and win this.

Yuri is gasping in pain by the time he finishes his routine. Between the exertion and all the jumps and spins, the throbbing in his head has worsened to an almost unbearable level. He lets out a cry of mixed relief and agony, before collapsing to his knees, tears streaming down his face. The pain is overwhelming and excruciating and he continues to sob in the middle of the rink, lacking the energy to even consider getting up. Even the thought of trying makes him feel exhausted.

He doesn’t hear the person that comes onto the ice to help him over his own crying, and jumps when he feels someone gently touch his arm. Looking up through blurry eyes, he recognizes Otabek. Silently, without a word, Otabek slips an arm around Yuri’s shoulders and helps him off the ice. Yuri doesn’t fight it, just presses his face into Otabek’s shoulder to block out the light. They’ve just stepped off the rink when Yuri’s stomach jumps into his throat; there’s no warning, so he ends up spewing all over Otabek. “So-sorry,” he manages to croak out between gasps.

“It’s alright, Yuri,” Otabek says, steering him to the nearest trash can. Yuri retches fruitlessly over it for a couple minutes before falling back against Otabek in exhaustion. His head is spinning and throbbing in equal measures, and his stomach feels like it’s on fire. “You did well today, soldier,” Otabek tells him. His deep voice is soothing and reassuring. “Let’s get you cleaned up before the awards ceremony.”

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'Fuck, I feel awful' for Toby

Yay, thank you for all the requests, friend! I had a lot of fun with this one, I like camping site emeto stuff. I got to use Toby for this, which meant I experimented a little bit with heaving noises because he’s always so loud. X) I got to explore the relationship between Alistair and Toby and Jasper here, which was fun. Don’t ask me why they’re camping alone - lets just say the other three are with family or something. XD I hope this is okay for you.

“Fuck, I feel awful,” Toby groaned, examining his white face and dark ringed eyes in one of the spotted mirrors in the camp site’s toilet block. Alistair and Jasper stood over the two sinks at either side of Toby. Alistair had his hair wrapped up in a towel like a turban, and was glaring fiercely at Toby. Jasper was clearly fresh out of the shower too, his blond curls dripping - even he looked a little disgruntled. It was just before six in the morning and they had the bathroom to themselves so far.

“Yeah, well, me and Jasper don’t feel too great either, Toby. Since we were all up showering at half past fucking five in the morning, and you’d already kept us up all night bitching about your stomach ache,” Alistair snapped, unravelling the towel and shaking his head so damp tendrils of red hair fell in front of his face. Toby pouted a little.

“You don’t have to keep going on about it. I said my stomach was hurting,” Toby mumbled. Alistair sighed.

“There’s a huge difference between what you said and what you meant. What you should have said is ‘watch out you two, I’m about to projectile vomit all over you both,’” Alistair grumbled irritably, and Jasper couldn’t help agreeing with him.

It had been horrendous for Alistair and Jasper to be awoken from their uneasy doze by the forceful splash of hot vomit over them. They’d both shrieked loud enough to wake up the entire field of tents. They’d had to make a long, dismal journey to the toilet block, Alistair and Jasper’s hair and clothes sticky with vomit - and, infuriatingly, Toby had somehow remained pristine.

They’d made a loud, unruly trio as they moved across the field, weaving in and out of the tents; Alistair stomping along ahead, fuming, Jasper doleful, holding out his arms stiffly in his soiled clothes, and Toby whining incessantly, his arms around his upset stomach.

Both Alistair and Jasper had been forced to shower immediately, peeling off their dirty clothes. Alistair was never a huge fan of communal bathrooms, so he was particularly annoyed, scowling at his own reflection as he dried his hair after the shower. Toby slumped over the sink, still groaning.

“Uggghhh… Al… I feel so bad,” he moaned, his head lolling, tugging on Alistair’s sleeve. Alistair merely glared, though he didn’t look particularly intimidating with his toothbrush clenched between his teeth and a towel around his neck.

“Just right now, Toby, I really couldn’t give a fuck. And don’t call me Al,” he spat, but he put a hand on Toby’s back even so. Jasper gathered Toby’s tangled blond hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, out of the way.

“You should drink some water, Toby,” Jasper said softly.

“Hheeeuuuuggghhhh!” The only answer Toby gave was a loud retch into the sink, the noise echoing off the porcelain. Alistair raised his eyebrows.

“Or not,” he muttered. Jasper met his eyes over Toby’s heaving back.

“Shouldn’t we move him to the toilets?” he asked. Alistair shrugged.

“Just leave him. I don’t care where he pukes as long as it isn’t on us.”

“UUURRRGGGGHHHHH!” Toby dry heaved unbelievably loudly into the sink, and Alistair gave his ankle a light kick.

“Shut up, Toby! Me and Jasper are trying to have a conversation here.”

Toby held up a shaky middle finger in Alistair’s direction and went back to retching, so loudly that Jasper put his hands over his ears.

“Fuck me, Toby. I think you should be a little louder, there’s a deaf lady on the other side of town who didn’t quite catch that,” Alistair mocked, but he rubbed Toby’s back all the same. Jasper wet a cold cloth and placed it on the back of Toby’s neck.

“Just breathe, Toby. Me and Alistair will take care of you,” Jasper murmured, as a final heave from Toby suddenly brought up a projectile stream of vomit into the sink, the mess slopping over the sides unpleasantly. Jasper and Alistair patted Toby’s back and whispered encouragingly to him.

Toby was almost comically loud, burping and heaving with extraordinary gusto. It lasted a long time too, considering most of his dinner had already splattered across Alistair and Jasper earlier that morning, and the noisy dry heaving went on for another ten minutes. By that point Toby was as white as a sheet and wringing wet with sweat.

“Fuck,” he muttered, his voice painfully hoarse from the retching. Jasper handed him a piece of toilet roll to wipe his mouth, and Toby mumbled his thanks.

“Think you can manage to go back to the tent?” Jasper asked softly, and Toby nodded.

“Yeah. Don’t want any breakfast though. I really don’t feel like eating.” Toby slumped heavily on Alistair as they walked back across the field, making the red-head grunt in surprise.

“I hope you feel like sleeping, because that’s exactly what I’m doing,” Alistair said as they approached the tent.

Alistair and Jasper had done their best to clean the tent, but the only things they had were paper towels and baby wipes. There was still a rather unpleasant scent of vomit in the tent, but by that point the boys were so exhausted they just crawled into their sleeping bags anyway. Toby squeezed right in between Alistair and Jasper, saying he felt cold and wanted their warmth. Alistair huffed.

“If you puke on me again, Toby, you’re fucking sleeping outside,” he grumbled, but he let Toby stay there.

Toby couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned in his sleeping bag, tangling himself up. He didn’t really feel sick, just hot and uncomfortable and icky. His stomach was making some impressive gurgling noises, and he burped queasily every few minutes. After of while of this Alistair heaved an exaggerated sigh.

“Stop doing that, Toby! It’s fucking gross.”

“I can’t - urrp - help it. My stomach feels weird,” Toby mumbled. Alistair turned on his side irritably so he was facing Toby.

“If you’re gonna hurl again you go stick your head down the toilet,” he snapped. Toby shook his head.

“It’s not like that. It’s just sore,” Toby said, patting his swollen stomach. He gave Alistair a nudge. “Will you rub my tummy?” Alistair looked outraged.

“No! What the hell, you creep?!”


No! Look, get Jasper to do it. He’s the fluffy cuddly one,” Alistair said, propping himself up on his elbows to peer over Toby. Jasper was huddled in a ball in his sleeping bag, his curls creating a gold halo around his head, his notebook under his cheek. He was fast asleep. Alistair sighed - he wasn’t mean enough to wake the poor blond up just for this.

“Can’t you rub your own stomach, Toby?” Alistair whined exasperatedly. Toby pulled a wounded face.

“It doesn’t work as well if I do it. Go on, Alistair, please,” he wheedled. Alistair scowled.

“For fuck’s sake, fine. You better not ever tell anyone about this,” he snapped, placing a hand on Toby’s grumbling stomach firmly. Toby melted under his touch, making a soft moaning noise of content. Alistair cringed.

“Don’t do that. Don’t make noise. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my fucking life,” he grumbled, but he kept up with the tummy rubs, albeit a little grumpily. It worked, and Toby began to feel much more relaxed, eventually beginning to doze off.

“Thanks Al…” he muttered as his eyelids drooped. Alistair stared at the two sleeping boys, wondering how he always ended up being the last one awake.

“My name is fucking Alistair,” he mumbled, knowing full well he was only talking to himself now.

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I feel like I'm the only one not shipping Allur@nce and I feel so out of place now xd

Awe, anon don’t feel out of place!

Allurance isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! If you’d like to spill about any of your ships I’m all ears.

Voltron has so many great ships to offer. c: