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Imagine for gred-forge

Would you be willing to write a George Weasley x Reader imagine? One where George and the reader grew up competing with each other constantly, almost hating each other. Then, one day, George said something a bit too personal to the reader and it really upset them. After he saw them super upset he felt awful then, over the next week, really began admiring the reader?

Hope I did your adorable prompt some justice and I hope you like it! :)

You and George were born at the same time, on the same day, in the same hospital, so naturally everything else in your lives was a competition from then on. At age 3 George was flying, so were you, but you were flying with a bat in your hand hitting all the bludgers coming your way. So when George got the position as beater, along with Fred, in year 2 you were crushed. “I mean, you had to have known that we were going to make them team before you did, we are a dynamic duo. Why would they split us up?” George said to you when you while walking back up to the Gryffindor dorms after the team had been announced. He always said stuff like this to you whenever he had “won”, but then again, you did the same thing to him whenever you beat him. From the outside point of view it would seem that you two hated each other, and for the most part, you somewhat did. “Well I’m going to laugh when you take a bludger to the head first game and they put me in for you.” You say smirking then turning to the right toward the girls’ dormitories. That Saturday you showed up to the match decked out in Gryffindor gear to see George fail, but hopefully your house win. As soon as the team was on their brooms and the quaffle was released, something didn’t feel right. You had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen, but you didn’t know what. 2 hours later with Gryffindor in the lead with 100 points and Ravenclaw close behind with 80, the “something bad” happened. George was knocked off his broom and into the air. He was moving out of the way of the Gryffindor seeker, but he didn’t see the Ravenclaw chaser and he was hit off his broom. Everyone in the stands went silent and the match was paused as everyone heard the thump of his body hit the ground. He wasn’t very high up, but he still hit the ground hard enough for something to break. George was taken off the field and to the infirmary while the game proceeded with Gryffindor one beater short. Luckily the game ended around 10 minutes later with the snitch caught by Gryffindor. Just what you had said; George hurt, yet your house still took the win. You ran straight down to the field to congratulate Fred and the rest of the team. “Congrats on winning your first match! You played great!” You said once reaching the twin you weren’t in competition with. “Thanks, can’t say the same for George though. Lets go check on him; he landed hard. I’m pretty sure something is broken.” Fred had a worried look on his face as he grabbed your arm and lead you both off the field. Once you were in the castle and by George’s side, the guilt started to kick in. You felt as though what you said had caused this. Maybe what you said got into his head and distracted him? Had you some how caused your competition to fail? Siting there while he was unconscious you had sometime to think about this and everything leading up to it. Why were you so competitive with him? Was it because he was cute and you wanted to impress him? “Well, I certainly didn’t impress him by doing this.” You thought as you sat there. George woke up a few hours later after Fred had mentioned something about replacing him with Percy. “You could never replace me with that nagging, boring toss-pot.” Said George with a groggy voice and fluttering eyes. Yep, you were competing with him because he was cute. But why compete with the one you wanted? “This was so stupid,” you thought “I’m done fighting with him.”   “(Y/N)?” George’s voice brought you out of your thoughts. “Yeah! Look I’m really sorry about what I said. I never thought it would actually happen, I feel ter-“ you started to say, but he cut you off “You’re not sorry. You don’t care. You probably jinxed my broom or the snitch or something so that I would fall off and get hurt. Well I’m fine. Madam Pomfrey says that I’ll be fine to play next match. So I guess Gryffindor will never have to witness your terrible playing. You could never be as good as me, why do you keep trying? Huh (Y/N)? Why?” He was leaning close to your face and yelling at you but you weren’t going to show him that his words hurt. You kept you face straight and said in a whisper “Because you started, it you arse.” You stood up and started walking out. You stopped in front of Fred and handed him the quiditch robes you were given in case you needed to be put in for George in the next match. George was left shocked. You were right, he had started this, and he never even had a reason for it. He just thought that since you both were born at the same time, that one of you needed to be better. Now that he was thinking about it again, it sounded stupid. Why was he so intent on beating you at everything? Could it be that you were cute and he was trying to impress you? “I didn’t do a very good job of that, now did I?” The next morning when he was released from the care of Madam Pomfrey he went straight to the Great Hall to look for you at breakfast. When he walked in he looked up and down all the tables and found your bright and shining face nowhere. All through the day he never found you, not even in the classes you shared. There was no way you could be sick, because he would’ve seen you in the infirmary when he left that morning. That night he asked the other girls in your year if you were in you room, but all of them said they haven’t seen you since you got up and left early this morning. “Freddy, you gotta help me find her. I messed up. I didn’t mean to say that.” George pleaded with his older look-a-like. “Look George, I’m not helping you. I’ve been telling you ever since we were 6 that this wasn’t going to end well and you never took my advice then.” Fred said looking up from the newspaper he was pretending to read to get away from George’s constant pestering. “Fine then, I’ll find her without you.” George said with a pompous tone as he headed out to the quiditch fields to fly around and clear his head a bit. After grabbing his broom from the shed he noticed someone else on the field with the quiditch equipment chest. They were playing with a practice bludger, throwing it away from them and then hitting it hard when it came back around. They did this all while flying around the field, doing flips on their broom and not moving the bat until the last second. George hoped this wasn’t one of the beaters from Hufflepuff or Slytherin. They were good, too good to play against. “Coming up, don’t hit!” He called as he mounted his broom and flew up into the air of dusk. As he rose higher to meet the beater he saw that it was you. “I don’t know, I feel like I should hit you.” It came out terse, course and dry. You hadn’t talked at all that day, you mostly cried, and screamed a couple times, this was the first time you had spoken since you last called George an arse. When the bludger came back around you suck out your arm and grabbed it with your hand just before it had the chance to hit your head. “Look (Y/N),” George was shy to spit it out. He scratched the back of his head as he looked down at his broom handle and the sky and everywhere but your eyes. “I’m sorry about what I said. About you never being able to beat me. Truth is, you’re probably better than me.” He said with a slight chuckle finally managing to look at you. Anyone could see that you had been crying, your eyes were red and puffy. The rest of your face was wet from sweat and flushed light pink, partly due to the complement from George, but mostly because you had been out on the pitch all day. “I’ve looked for you all day and couldn’t find you. Where have you been?” He said with a mixture of worry and sadness spreading across his face. “Out here.” “You’ve been out here ALL day?” You shook you head yes, more tears were threating to flow from your eyes as you recalled what made you come out here in the first place. “You must be starving,” he said moving in closer to you “and tired. C’mon, let’s get you inside.” You let him pull you to the ground. You mindlessly put the bludger back behind its chains and laid the bat into the chest. You closed it and locked it, George grabbed one side and you grabbed the other. Both of you walked to the field house in silence and put away the trunk and the brooms. Just as you got to the entrance of the castle George grabbed you arm and turned you around. “I meant what I said earlier, back on the field. You are a better player than I am. And I’m sorry about what I said yesterday; I don’t know why I said it. I don’t even know why I started this whole feud between us. I really am sorry.” He said as he looked into your eyes and then down to the grass. “It’s okay.” Your voice was still croaky, but George looked up and smiled at you. “So you can forgive me? Cause I was a total ass.” You smiled and nodded you head. “Thank you (Y/N)! I don’t deserve it, but I promise, my days of competing with you are over.  I promise to never make anything a competition ever again. I promise.” He said, pulling you into a bone-crushing hug.  “Thanks George. I promise too, but I’m always up for a little competitive fun, as long as it’s played fair.” You said pulling out of his warm embrace. “Promise” George said as you both walked forward into the castle. “You know what’s funny,” He said, turning his head to look at you. “What?” “I’m pretty sure this all started because I wanted to impress you, but I guess I failed. I failed extremely hard.” He said laughing and beginning to walk up the stairs. “I wouldn’t say that.” You said grabbing his hand with a smile. You ended up walking back to the dormitories with both of you silent and blushing.

Xx This is an original story by me. I you use it, please give me credit.xX

i have been reading viv’s story about her past with an horrible person and i felt i wanted to make something show her my support ( yes it’s me huging her X3 )

how people can be so full of hate and cruel things is just awful but even though did vivienne dare to whrited and speak out to all of us about her feelings witch warmed my heart to know that she can share something so personal and horrorfying to all of us, that is a sign of trust and a feeling of confort witch is a big thing.

i want to share in this pic that no one deserves to be treated like she have been treated, no one ddeserves to be stalked with this kind of hate and nobody have the right to make someone feel like this neather even if it dosent say that in the law when it comes to interenet hate do i think people would have the brain and gut to understand that themselfs without a law telling them that internet hate is the same as bullying someone in real, its a real person behind the screen u know.

in this pic will i also thank vivienne for her amazing arts, thanks to her did i finally find a stile i feel comfortable in, she learned me alot of things like, u dont need to have hundred of details to make a good character, go after your imagenation and if u just keep on practice will u get better and better in time

also am i pretty short even if i’m 17 years old so thats maybe why i look so tiny X3

i hope this will make u feel a little better viv<3 i will always support ya and if u want to talk am i here :3 <3

this upd8 really brought back the feeling of reading homestuck you know? like seeing something so grand and monumental. something so existential going down on your screen and you can only watch in awe like the whole universe is coming together at last. hearing something so relatable from a character and realize that character is just like us. theve had experiences we could never fathom yet when it boils down theyre still just kids. you get waves of nostalgia from callbacks to something that occured so long ago yet they make you feel so happy for closure about what you felt 3 or so years ago. upd8s like this remind you that these arent normal kids, this isnt a conventional storyline, and you arent just any reader. homestucks a lot of bullshit sometimes but times like these make it so worthwhile.

... “So Was I”

It’s the going thing right now to be slamming Tony Stark’s “So was I” line in the Captain America: Civil War trailer.  Plenty of gif jokes, Arrested Development references, and reasonable criticism that the MCU didn’t set them up as friends.

But I want to counter that, because this line hit me like a motherfucker.  And I want to explain why, and why I think it’s a bit facile to reduce it to “lol no you’re not Tony wtf”.  This is gonna get long and a little rambly.

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