this is awesome and its now my wallpaper

by @liasviel

I’ve got a permission to post it a whiiiile ago, but I thought that I can post it right now. As you can see, it’s an old work, got it on my previous birthday XD

My sister is the most awesome being in this world for doing such a beautiful thing~ A true artist, as you could say!

((Ok so this was supposed to be Mysterio with messy hair and NOW I’M REALISING HIS FOREHEAD IS MASSIVE. Idk whys he’s topless (maybe he woke up?) But my dare is completed and if its trash then you don’t need to post this… I’m gonna cry this was so bad…))


((First of all you do not cry, because it is awesome. The hair color is perfect, the eye color too, the expression -he definitely just woke up-, the wings AND the background. I am pretty sure I had used that exact wallpaper in a meme ask about the Lair months ago… Bottom line, I love this!))