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A commission for @lucycamui
An amazing Cinderella AU fan fic! :D

“Prince Victor, I am asking you to dance.”
“It’s raining,” Victor objected, even as he drew closer to the line separating the dry stone that he stood on and the wet ground beneath Yuuri.
Rain fell onto Yuuri. Onto his hair, his face, his shoulders, his clothing, onto the hand he held outstretched in offer.
Then, rain fell onto Victor.

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Inspired by these three wonderful posts

I collaborated with my amazing friend, @theartofdoctorwho! She drew the lineart (and isn’t it the most gorgeous thing ever?) whereas I did the background and coloured it.

Here’s a bit of adorable nine/rose for your dash!


Goth’s childish & dramatic personalities + Palette’s optimistic & energic personalities =

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That’s right folks!! I’ve been talking about this with toro & anger.. what Pastel’s personality should have? We didn’t really think much about it ‘till I relase PASTEL WOULD TOTALLY HAVE WANDER’S PERSONALITY HOLY CRUDE!!

((you know, the lil guy is a lil bean with a BIG HEART <33 if you don’t know him, you should totally check out ‘wander over yonder’ cartoon series!))

and if it’s not obvious enough, all of these poses are based on the show itself! Hope this help ya all learn more about Pastel!

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I really love the story and you're such an amazing artist! Yuri is just so cute! :3 I have a question though. Does Yuri listen to music a lot, like singing in public or just dancing along to some tunes? Is he a good singer?

Thank you!!! :DDD
It’s always awesome to hear that you like the silly little AU so much X3
And I think Victor would agree with the cuteness~
I do think he listens to music a lot ^^
As or singing, he might find himself singing quietly under his breath, but, I don’t think he’s a good singer XD
Maybe passable?
But not good :O

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OMG YOUR ART IS AWESOME!!!!!!:DDD wait just wondering how do you shade? :)

It involves the following:

-a super soft airbrush
-clipping masks with multiply layers for the darkening, sometimes overlay and add/luminosity for the lightening (depending on your program, I use Clip Studio so I’ll be referring to it as “add”.)
-A decently hard, but not too hard eraser. 
-Pain, screaming and joy. (this last one here can be done any time throughout your shading process)

Apparently, my style of shading is considered interesting by a few people (these are their words, not mine), because while most people paint in their shades with strokes of pain, I erase where the lighting hits. 

For this tutorial, I’m gonna use this drawing of a small child that I apparently have:

Step 1: Softly shade in your shadows
Considering this is gonna be on a multiply layer, I would pick a different color like a soft shade of blue or a soft shade of purple. Depending on the drawing, you can use other colors, too. Like so…

Slap this shit onto Multiply and you get this:

Step 2: Put another clipping mask on the layer above the soft shade, set that to multiply, and fill it all.
It’ll look jarring at first, but bear with me,

Step 3: With a somewhat hard eraser, erase where the lighting hits.
This part will depend on your own knowledge of lighting. If you need help, there are countless tutorials on the web to assist :P

Anyway, this is my shading eraser’s settings:

and this is what this looks like when I apply it:

Of course, I’m no expert in lighting, but this is good enough.

Optional step: Add another multiply layer above this one to add more shadows in places that need it.

Like certain parts of his hair might need this:

With lighting, like for the hair, you put MORE clipping masks, but either in overlay or add (or luminosity). For the hair, it’s recommended you do one layer with soft lighting, and another above it for hard lighting.

In the case with the hair, it’s soft airbrush for the first overlay layer.

And I actually manually draw in the hard light rather than erase-shade. In the case with the hair, I use a pen.

And everything else you can just fuck around with. Optional things I do is use certain blending modes to smooth out certain areas, add an add layer above the lineart to add stray strokes of hair, and add a screen layer above everything to give it a soft glow look.

I certainly can’t speak for everybody, so try some techniques yourself and what not! 

Hope this helped!

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Hello I would just like to say how AWESOMELY AWESOME YOUR AWESOME IS!!!! Thank you so much for existing TT




haha thanks!!!

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1, 5, 2, 5, 10 and 5 again lmao (hello there)


1. what are you currently working on?

the Cinderanakin fic!! I’m over three thousand words in and the first chapter probably isn’t even halfway done lol

5. post a line from your current project without any context

But Shmi, the first of the Skywalkers to be anything other than chattel, knew no such luxury.

2. summarize your current project

a Cinderella AU. Anakin (or Cinderanakin, as we like to call him) is a slave of Palpatine’s, who is to no one’s surprise a terribly cruel Master; he makes Ani wear an ugly Vader-esque mask so that other people will be scared of him/think he’s a freak. Anakin desperately wants to have one night of happiness by going to a masquerade ball being held in Queen Amidala’s honor (Padmé caved and decided to serve a third term). He makes himself a nice(ish) outfit and begs Palpatine to let him go, but Palps refuses, and tears up his clothes just to be a dick. Obi-Wan, a wizard who is also on his way to the ball, stumbles across Anakin, and after hearing his story, uses his magic to give Anakin beautiful clothes and a silk glove to wear over his prosthetic arm (which Palpatine let Dooku cut off); he tells Ani the spell will only last until midnight, and then he hurries on his way. Anakin runs to the ball and runs straight into Padmé. they end up dancing and talking the night away, falling for each other easily. they’re leaning in for the kiss when the clock strikes twelve, and Anakin has to dash away. Padmé grabs his hand to try to make him stay, but all she ends up with is Anakin’s glove as he runs back to Palpatine’s house. the next morning, news has spread that Queen Amidala is searching for the man she fell in love with at the ball; the man whose prosthetic arm can fit the glove perfectly. Palatine figures out what Anakin did and is furious. he threatens to cut off Anakin’s other arm just as Padmé and Obi-Wan (who is an old friend of hers) burst in to the rescue. Padmé slips the glove onto Anakin’s arm and it’s a perfect fit. They are married and live happily ever after.

(this is ridiculously long and it still leaves out a ton of stuff. I don’t know if I’m just bad at keeping summaries short or what)

5. post a line from your current project without any context

It was the best way she could think of to make Anakin understand what they were doing here, and why it was so important that he was good; this job, if she got it, would be perfect.

10. what song sums up your current work the best?

I don’t know if this song really ‘sums it up’, but I have to say it; “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” specifically this version, because it’s beautiful and I love it

5. post a line from your current project without any context

She planted a quick kiss on his forehead, and just as she pulled back the wooden door slid open and older-model droid greeted her with a bow.

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