this is awesome :ddd

I collaborated with my amazing friend, @theartofdoctorwho! She drew the lineart (and isn’t it the most gorgeous thing ever?) whereas I did the background and coloured it.

Here’s a bit of adorable nine/rose for your dash!


Goth’s childish & dramatic personalities + Palette’s optimistic & energic personalities =

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That’s right folks!! I’ve been talking about this with toro & anger.. what Pastel’s personality should have? We didn’t really think much about it ‘till I relase PASTEL WOULD TOTALLY HAVE WANDER’S PERSONALITY HOLY CRUDE!!

((you know, the lil guy is a lil bean with a BIG HEART <33 if you don’t know him, you should totally check out ‘wander over yonder’ cartoon series!))

and if it’s not obvious enough, all of these poses are based on the show itself! Hope this help ya all learn more about Pastel!

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I'm just chiming in to say that I love your tags too. I'm not online much these days, but when ever I see a post of yours I always go straight to the tags ❤ Never fails to make me smile!

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[LIVE ON AIR] MelOn Premiere Showcase: INFINITE

As we all know, Infinite is officially coming back in less than 4 hours!!!! They will release the mv and album at midnight July 13th and then later that day at 8pm they will have a showcase to present their new album :)

1theK is always present at their showcases and we are lucky enough to have them post a subbed video of it on their youtube channel in few days :) But this time things got even better!

1theK is gonna have a live stream of the event and you can catch it all on their youtube channel!! :D

Click here to be taken to the stream site and make sure to bookmark it so you can come back to it for the showcase :) The video has a countdown so you’ll be able to know when you have to tune in ;)

Spread the words so everyone can join :D

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