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This was the video that @lostqueenambrose was talking about! This is amazing. ( From daddydarky_) - Mod KT


Black Sails S04E10 (XXXVIII)

Non sibi sed aliis (Not for ourselves, but for others)

The motto on the colonial seal of the State of Georgia (USA) can be seen on the gate of the Savannah plantation where Flint and Thomas Hamilton are finally reunited. It has a deep meaning: Flint has fought all those years not for himself, but for revenge, anger and rage, the thing that wants “to see the world burn”; he has decided to quit his war not for saving himself but for Thomas, clinging to the hope he could be still alive as Silver said he would.


Shinee - Odd Eye [8 Bit Cover]

The Sky

We wanted to be the sky
But the birds got in the way
and the clouds got in our eyes

We wanted to be the sky
But the airplanes cut us off
and the kites blocked our path

We wanted to be the sky
But the world brought us down
Down, down out of the atmosphere
Down to the ground

Maybe we can’t be the sky today
Maybe not in a million years