this is austria

I just saw Kingsman the Golden Circle yesterday and I started wondering what if Austria had a secret organisation as well??

So me and my homie @the-real-heinz-christian-strache came up with something.

So i present you

Die Kaisermänner

Their base is in a Trachtenshop.

But they also obviously have really cool secret lairs in the Alps.

They take their Agent Names from the highest Mountains of Austria.

With Agent Großglockner (the highest Mountain) being their leader.

Other examples for names would be Agent Dachstein, Agent Wildspitze, Agent Piz Buin, Agent Schneeberg, Agent Hochkönig, Agent Zugspitze….

Of course they also have real ass cool skis with rocket power and shit.

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They also have a really sick style.

Anways, yes i have no life, would i be delighted if someone added to this or did it for their own country? Also yes

Pfiat eich🇦🇹


Mountains of Austria in Autumn