this is atlantis

my one gripe with atlantis: the lost empire is that scene where kida is showing milo around and they’re climbing up some giant stone building and milo’s like “we were never properly introduced; i’m milo” and kida’s like “my name is kidagakash” and milo’s like “………… kidamashnaga?”

like… motherfucker you specialise in xenolinguistics and you translated an entire book of a dead language and you are the only person in the world INCLUDING THE NATIVE SPEAKERS who is able to read said dead language 

and the best you can do is “kidamashnaga”??

and kida’s just like “lol call me kida” and like no?? girl???? throw him off the island????? fuck

alright disney,,,,,,if yall are really going on some ‘live action remake of all our old cartoon movies spree’ then listen up,,,,,atlantis. do you hear me?atlantis the lost empire (2001). diverse cast. strong plot. good moral lessons that kids will understand. everything. no more cinderella no more snow white no more sleeping blondie. a t l a n t i s

the signs as underrated animated films

Aries -  Meet The Robinsons

Taurus - Treasure Planet

Gemini - The Black Cauldron

Cancer -  The Iron Giant

Leo - The Road to El Dorado

Virgo - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Libra - Brother Bear

Scorpio - The Rescuers Down Under

Sagittarius - Anastasia

Capricorn - Balto

Aquarius - Ferngully

Pisces - Oliver & Company