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Calling all Witches!

I have yet to decide if I’m gonna go through with this, but let me propose an idea here.

A real school of witchcraft, here on tumblr. Tuition-free, no expenses needed. I understand the lack of an actual building may not be appealing, but this is the best I can do. It would be a four-year education system, similar to a college.

Here is a list I created of courses this school may* include. (*Courses may be added or removed due to level of demand.)

-Spellcasting/Spellcrafting (I,II,III, and IV, for each year.)

-The Origins and History of Witchcraft.

-Studies of Fire/Earth/Air/Water (One element for each year.)

-Studies of Wicca/Paganism (Probably an elective, each lasts a semester.)

-Curses and Wards(I and II)

-Spells and Charms (I and II)

-Spirits and Familiars

-Creating, Charing, and Casting Sigils

-Plants and Potions

However, we’d need some help to make this happen. This is getting long, so I’ll put our needs under the cut:

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touhou ages that Fuck Me Up

  • cirno is at least 60. what is that. she’s a child
  • reisen is older than my mom. bunnies reach maturity at like 6 months old and if we assume reisen joined the army right at maturity, immediately before the lunar war started, that still makes her at least FIFTY
  • speaking of which tewi’s older than reisen by a lot. like, a LOT.
  • mokou is older than everyone in the myouren temple yet somehow has even LESS shit together
  • say marisa was 12 in eosd. that would make her… 25 today. marisa is a goddamn millennial.
  • again, let’s say sanae was in middle school in mof, like 13 or 14. today she’d be in her early 20s. if you assume she was in high school, that would make her like 26 what the  f uck
  • benben and yatsuhashi are. two. two years old. TWO

disturbiosnocturnos  asked:

hi! i saw your post about midterm elections, did a bit of googling, and am still a bit lost. are midterm elections just regular elections??? cos they seem to happen every 4 years when presidents are elected. also, do i have to register to vote the day i turn 18 or the year i turn 18??? or months before??? i just wanna be ready cos i know whats coming is gonna be tough on us. thank you lots!!

The elections we refer to as Midterm Elections are held every four years, at the half-way point between presidential elections.

The big difference between a Presidential and a Midterm Election is, well, that you vote for the president in one and not the other. 

Midterm elections are held on a federal level because, by law, every House seat is open for re-election every two years, and every Senate seat is open every six years.

This is why in 2018 ALL 435 House seats will be up for re-election in 2018, but only 33 of the 100 Senate seats will be up. 

Also, midterm elections usually have state and local offices, issues, referendums, and propositions on the ballot. 36 of 50 state governors are up on the block in 2018. 

Please don’t underestimate how important your local issues are: whatever the federal government passes down, its usually up to the state how those laws will be enforced. See: like all of reproductive rights 

As for your questions regarding WHEN you can register:

Most states only require that you be 18 before the next election when you register. Check out the requirements for your state HERE.

So, for example, if you turn 18 ON OR BEFORE November 6th, 2018, you can probably register to vote now. 

Some states, like California, even give you the option of registering to vote on the same for that you use to register for a DL, a permit, or a state ID. 

HOWEVER: Not all states have the same rules regarding voting registration.

  • Alaska: Be at least 18 years old or within 90 days of your 18th birthday
  • Connecticut: Be at least 17 and turning 18 before Election Day

  • District of Columbia: Be at least 17 years old, and turn 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election

  • Georgia: At least 17 ½ years of age to register and 18 to vote.

  • Iowa: 6 months before 18th birthday

  • Louisiana: Must be 17 years old (16 years old if registering in person at the registrar of voters office or at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles), but must be 18 years old to vote.

  • Missouri: 17 ½ years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • Nebraska: 18 years of age on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the current calendar year.

  • New Jersey: 17 years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New Mexico: 17 years of age to pre-register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New York: 18 by end of calendar year that you register (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote).

  • West Virginia: Must be 17 years old and 18 before the next general election. 17 year olds may register and vote in primary elections if they turn 18 before the next general election.

  • Wisconsin: Be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election to be eligible to vote. Persons who are otherwise eligible to vote may register to vote at 17 years of age if they will be 18 by the next election.
Hope this helps!

5.26.17 // 3:00pm // guide to post exam season

so your exams are over, for better or for worse, and you’re probably wondering – what now??? maybe you’ve taken a few days off and want something to do or are trying to capitalize on your productive bubble. whatever the case, here are some things you can try (requested by @gretheresa ):

1. take a break. you need one. even if your exams weren’t too taxing (lucky you), you’ve been working hard all year and deserve a breather. unless you absolutely don’t have time, take a couple days off.

2. clean your room. chances are, in the stressful time that is exam season, your room has devolved into a war zone. take some time to clear the papers off your bed and recycle all the bottles of coffee that you’ve left lying around. a clean room is always nice and tidying up will help you separate/move on from the stress of exams.

3. go through your schoolwork. paper is really frickin heavy and you generally accumulate a lot of it through the year. go through your folders and binders and recycle useless homework or other things you’ll never look at again. start thinking about selling/returning your textbooks. this can also be a fun time to look back on the year and maybe save some of the assignments you’re really proud of. just don’t save everything ;)

4. stay in touch. depending on how things work at your school, you might never see your classmates again after exams are over. especially if you’re in college. make sure you get the numbers of people you want to stay in touch with and say your goodbyes. 3 months is a long time.

5. new/old hobbies. pick up something you’ve always wanted to try or resume doing something you love but didn’t have time for. now you’re free (at least til your internship starts) so make the most of it.

6. thank your teachers. were there any teachers you had this year that were absolutely phenomenal? or maybe they just became a really good friend and resource. take the time to write them a note or get them a small gift. they’ll really appreciate it, i guarantee. 

7. ask for recs. are you a rising senior? now might be a good time to start asking. depending on how busy your teachers are, you might be able to wait until after the summer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. they might ask you to remind them or ask again later, but this way you’ll be on the top of the list. also, asking while the year is still fresh on their minds is good since the hard work you put in or the little things you did for them will still be in their memories. teachers are busy people and can’t remember everything!

8. enjoy yourself. if you still have school after exams, have fun with your friends before you all part ways for the summer. sure, you might still have some assignments, but don’t bother being perfect with them (as long as you don’t mess up your grade).

these tips are more to do with the academic “wrap up” that you need to take care of before you leave, but there are plenty of more fun things you can do as school ends and summer starts. lmk if you want a post with some suggestions for those types of things and i hope this was helpful! xoxo, m 

Help me come out safely

Hello I am an 18 year old finnish trans man living in a conservative household. Although my parents haven’t been physically violent (unless you count my dad tugging on my sisters’ and my hair when we were young), they have very bad tempers and tend to blow things out of proportion. Both of them are very anti-lgbt in every single way.

I am making progress on starting my transition (I got my referral to go to the trans polyclinic but on average getting your diagnosis here takes at least 6 months). They will inevitably notice me being away from home more than usual and they don’t respect my privacy very much (or at all). In the end, I’ll HAVE to come out to them. I’m sick of living a lie anyway.

I plan on writing them a coming out letter, leaving it somewhere where they’ll find it and getting the hell out of my house around New Year’s eve 2018. If I’m going to escape their initial wrath I’ll need to be away for about a week. I have a supportive boyfriend who would be willing to spend this time with me except… he lives in the Netherlands. He has enough money to cover his flight (at least partially?) but he’s estimated we’ll need approximately 800€ for a week living in some airbnb apartment (finnish hotels are crazy expensive) as well as to be able to eat. I have nowhere else to go and I think that if I somehow found some dumpster to hide in alone for a week, I’d either freeze to death or spiral into a very dark mental space - which could prove to be just as lethal.

Although I’m looking for a part time job, I know it wont be able to cover the whole cost in time. I’m afraid and I feel so alone right now.

If you’re able to donate, even the smallest amount helps. If not, signal boosting this post would also be significantly beneficial.

I could also do rune readings on my witchblr for 5€

My paypal is:

Thank you for reading

charadinglizz  asked:

hi there! I was wondering if you guys have a ceo!derek tag? or anything like it? I couldn't really find anything on the tag page, but if you do have the tag could you maybe update it? thanks so much.

we have a ceo!derek tag here

Predatory Instinct by CelestialVoid (1/1 | 2,444 | NC17)

Derek is the CEO of a major incorporation based in Beacon Hills, so it seems highly likely that some days he comes home stressed and mad, but – thankfully – Stiles knows exactly what he wants and is more than happy to comply to his wishes.

CEO of His Dreams by Shippings_galore (1/1 | 3,675 | PG13)

Stiles works for Hale Industries, and gets premoted as Derek Hale’s personal assistant. So what if Stiles was in love with that man? Derek could have two cents to his name and Stiles would still fall head over heals for him. He can deal with being with his dream guy. He can do it. He will not get swept away in all the madness that is Derek Hale.

Two Billion Baby by TheBabyPandaa (3/? | 6,120 | NC17)

“Derek Hale,” Stiles instantly realizes who he was, looking back up at Chris with a disbelief look on his face. “He wants me to murder Derek Hale? Why?”

Stiles is an international assassin. The mafia manages to get their hands on him, threatening his family unless he does a job for them. The job? Kill successful businessman Derek Hale.

Snacks From Up Above by Morgana, Winchesterek (6/6 | 81,146 | NC17)

Stiles works as an IT guy at Hale Enterprises and for the last six months, he’s been called upstairs to fix some kind of computer problem for Derek Hale at least four times a week. And two of those four times, Mr Hale has either hit on him or asked him out. But Stiles knows better than to date his boss and Mr Hale is the absolute worst at flirting.

So learning that Mr Hale is a single father to an adorable four-year-old girl who wants Stiles to attend her dance recital shouldn’t change things at all, right?

And on top of that, a mysterious cup has been lowered down through a hole in the ceiling right above Stiles’ desk, delivering treats directly to him. Stiles declares them to be his Cup Person and they seem to know just what he likes.

What could possibly go wrong?

“You’re still obsessed with The X-Files? I don’t get it, it’s just a TV show.”

I’d be willing to bet most of you have heard something like that before. Hell, variations of that statement have been thrown at me for over 20 years by my parents, friends, girlfriends, teachers, and the like. And I usually launch into a dissertation on what Mulder and Scully mean to me, how the show changed my perception of the world, how groundbreaking Scully’s character was, and all of the other praises you’ve heard me sing before.

The truth is, what keeps me in this fandom may include all of those things, but it’s also you.

From the old school message boards, to gossamer, to AOL chatrooms, to forums, to LiveJournal, to Tumblr, this fandom has always been an interactive one. It was never “just a show,” it’s always been a community of like-minded people who share a love of the intellectual, the debate, two characters (who should get it on for god’s sake), the truth, creativity, support, community, and love.

Because of this show I’ve been able to do amazing things. When I was 11, I met a 12 year old in the AOL X-Files chatroom. His name is Dylan and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times throughout my life. He’s a constant, my oldest friend, who’d have thought?

In 2002, I met a girl on the XF message boards. She lived across the country in Seattle (I was stuck in Tallahassee) and she inevitably flew to me, and then I to her, and we toured Vancouver together in 2003. It was my first time out of the country, and also my first time falling in love with a girl. Who’d have thought?

In 2008, I met up with a group of Philes from LiveJournal at the midnight premiere of IWTB. It was great- we were able to get drunk and be angry all together. In 2016, I flew to NYC twice to meet a bunch of Tumblrinos at Streetcar. We sang karaoke, I got a tattoo, Chewchovny was born, Gillian pulled on my tie, and we played Resist or Serve from start to finish. Amazing. In 2017, I returned to NYC to see Mr. Duchovny show off his moves at the Gramercy theatre- again with Tumblrinos. Superb.

And last, but certainly not least, this month I had the most amazing experience of my life thus far: I shared a house in the Holy Land of Vancouver with 8 other Tumblrinos - representing 6 different countries – for two entire weeks.

Over the course of those two weeks we laughed, debated, had family dinners, visited old filming sites, read fanfiction out loud as bedtime stories, got tattoos, read smut out loud drunk, saw filming, stayed up together to see the sunrise because it was too much fun to go to sleep, documented our trip on Snapchat to share with all of you, and we became a family.

That’s the kind of fandom we’ve built together. And without all of you - and this online experience we’re creating – none of those things would’ve happened.

You’ve changed my life.

So, from the bottom of my heart to every single person in The X-Files fandom who ever has or ever will participate in this ride, I love you.

Thank you. 


So due to a housing emergency, I’m having to rehome or sell most of my snakes.  I’m going to try to keep Dominika, Howl, Crona, and Nymeria, but there’s no guarantee yet.  Demigod is with me, so he also can stay.  If I need to get rid of Dominika or Howl I’m going to contact the people I got them from before I make them available.  Those 4 snakes will only be for sale if I do get rid of them.

I would prefer to find someone to hold onto them until I’m able to take them back, but I’m not really sure when that will happen, so I’m willing to sell them without the intention of getting them back.  Me and my SO are currently looking for new housing, but it will at least take a few months to save up money for all the deposits, so it could take until end of spring or later.

I just don’t have the room here, and my mom isn’t able to properly care for them.  She hasn’t been regularly watering them or feeding them since my car broke down about 2 months ago, so they haven’t eaten in that entire time.  That means some of them have fallen behind in feeding, but should grow quickly once they’re eating again.  She has also not been watching the space heaters, which meant when I did have my car on two separate occasions I have gone over there to find the snake rooms way too hot because the constant power surges kept resetting the heaters.  Sanji regurged, everyone else seemed ok, but they easily could have overheated if I hadn’t turned the heaters down.  She didn’t even open the doors to see how warm it was, and wasn’t even aware the heaters were too warm.  The worst issue I have is that she let Crona escape, and put him in the wrong tub somehow.  She texted me the day it happened, and I told her that his tub was the one by the only window in that entire room, but she ended up putting him in the tub on the opposite side of the room inside a CLOSET.  The tub happened to be Homura’s, and Homura is missing.  She swears that tub was empty when she put him in there, but she could just as likely have been eaten.  She is a little bigger than Crona, so maybe she did just escape, but whatever happened to her she’s gone.  The longer they stay with her, the more likely more things are going to go wrong so I need to find places for them ASAP.

When I left, she swore she’d be able to water them and spray them down while I was gone, and I would feed them.  Well, she didn’t do either of those things, not as often as she needs to anyways.  When my car broke down, she said she’d try to feed them, but then texted me a few days later that she couldn’t do it.  I had no way to go out there without the car, so they just haven’t eaten.

I have someone willing to take in Bud and Draco already, so the ones still needing rehoming are River, Cloud, Sanji, and Tirel.

I have recently treated them all for a coccidea problem, but I would still quarantine and get them tested.  Their fecals came up negative for parasites, but River mainly has been showing signs of a possible infection.  She’s had constant shedding problems since a few months after I put her in her 6’ enclosure, hasn’t really grown all year despite being fed large meals.  Because of the shedding issues, her scales are in pretty bad shape, but nothing I’ve tried has worked in that regards.  I’m not sure if the enclosure she was in just wasn’t holding humidity for whatever reason, but no matter how high I had the humidity it just didn’t seem to make a difference.  Hopefully with some time away, maybe some more medicine, and some TLC she’ll turn around.  She is the only one displaying these issues, but she’s looking pretty bad.  If I do sell her, I’m only asking $60 because of her issues.  I have some left over medicine in case she needs it, too.  They’re chopped tablets, and you can just stick one in one of her r.ats or r.abbits.  She’s about 3 years old and about 8’-9’ by my guesstimate, and was 7 or 8 lbs last I weighed her, recently she’s seemed a bit thin even for her (I like my retics lean but she’s looked smaller in girth than usual since this summer), but looked like she was gaining mass when I was feeding her after I gave her some medicine, so hopefully if/when her issues are cleared up she’ll gain weight and size.  Even before the issues, she’s been a weird grower. She’d go months without growing, and then all of a sudden grow a foot or more over the period of 2-3 months, and then not grow again for a long time.  I’ve even tried feeding her as much as 25-30% of her weight, and it hasn’t made a difference.  This is the longest she’s gone without length growth, I don’t think she’s grown any all year. :(  Her diet is a 1 lb r,at or r,abbit every 2 weeks, she shouldn’t be fed anything larger than that, it leaves a giant lump in her.

This is her right after a meal, she still has shedding and skin problems, but when I was going over there reliably I was seeing her soak less so fingers crossed.  Her stomach gurgled despite being 2+ months without food, though, so I would keep a close eye on her and definitely give her at least one dose of the medicine she’ll come with.

And some summer photos to show her colors.

Cloud is 6 years old, about 6.5’.  He’s also showing some issues, potentially from the same problem as River, he is the only other one that looks off.  He randomly got super dark and lost a bit of weight early summer, but hasn’t been losing any more weight, and may have gained some of it back when I was feeding him.  He’s shedding fine, but has this weird bone popping thing that none of the other snakes have, when you pick him up it sounds like quiet popping knuckles down his spine, which started happening about the time he turned dark.  He’s been holding steady and I think seemed to be looking better after I started medication, but looks much the same atm.  He gets a regular large no jumbos or a ¼-½ lb r.abbit every 4-5 weeks.  I normally fast him this time of year, but with the recent issues I’d like him to eat through the winter.  If I sell him I’m also only asking $60 because of those issues.  The vet had no idea what was going on, as the X-rays didn’t show anything abnormal and all fecals came up negative for parasites.

When he was healthy.

He went from that up top to this after one shed and doesn’t look much different now.  He’s a little thicker now and a little paler, but not by much.

Sanji is doing fine, he’s been slow grown.  He’s a bit smaller than he normally would be, as I was trying to see if BRBs could be fed on the same diet as my boa constrictors, and I’ve decided they need a little more food.  He has been growing quite well since being put on rats, and I’ve been feeding him bigger meals than I did starting out with him.  He should hit a growth spurt once he’s eating again, especially since he’s ready to be moved up from weaned r.ats to small r.ats now, and eats every 2 weeks.  He’s 3 years old and somewhere between 3.5’ and 4’.  If I sell him, I’m asking $80, he’s a very average looking BRB, and smaller than most people have them at this age.  Whoever takes him, I just ask they don’t power feed him, he needs to continue to be slow grown.  I’ve taken great pains with his feeding and would not like that to be reversed.  Again, I expect he will hit a growth spurt again on small rats, and just needs time to get larger.  Based on his current growth and his breeder’s experience, he should still be able to reach adult sizes by 4-6 years.  Which is a healthier growth rate vs getting them to adult sizes by 3.

Tirel is about 2.5 years old, and 4’ or just over it.  She’s a naturally thin-bodied girl, and didn’t have a lot of girth even when I first got her at a year old.  She’s also a bit moody, and is weird to handle.  Since I got her, she has problems gripping when handling, she was raised in a rack on newspaper, so all I can assume is she just didn’t build the necessary muscle build to have proper balance.  When getting her out, it’s best to just quickly let her know you’re there and then pick her up, if you take too long she’ll start hissing, but doesn’t really bite.  She’s currently eating a small every 3 weeks.  She’s a major bowl tipper, too, so make sure to have an untippable bowl.  If I sell her, I’m asking for $400.  She’s a poss super ghost poss het Kahl.

I live in Western NC, so I’d prefer to find someone local to take them in instead of shipping.

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“i missed something didn’t i?”
it was christmas eve and the kids were overly excited. all day you had been running around the house, preparing everything for when you had both yours and shawn’s families over tomorrow.

thankfully the kids stayed in the living room or their rooms all day watching christmas movies or else you would’ve been even more stressed out.

and to add to it all, shawn wasn’t going to be home until later. he was stuck in boston because of a storm and the earliest flight he could get was late at night. you were thankful he could at least make it home for christmas.

when you told the kids the situation, they insisted that you wait to eat and open presents until shawn gets home. you were fine with that considering you were just as eager to see your husband as the kids were.

“mom!” your 6 year old son alex walked into the living room where you sat, feeding your 5 month old daughter.

“you forgot to put your pyjamas on!” he exclaimed, handing you the unopened bag of red and white striped christmas pyjamas. when you went christmas shopping a few weeks ago, alex along with his siblings, insisted that this year you all wore matching pyjamas.

you took the bag from his hand, “thank you, i almost forgot. i’ll put them on when i’m done here.”

he nodded, walking out of the room to find his brother. it took a little extra convincing for your 13 year old dylan, to wear the pyjamas. but luckily you were able to succeed.

your daughter was already dressed in her white and red striped onesie, and she had a little pacifier with a reindeer on it.

once you finished feeding her and she had fallen asleep, you carried her upstairs with you so you could change into your pyjamas.

“boys,” you called, poking your head into the game room where they were. “let’s go watch a movie while we wait for dad.”

they happily followed you into the living room as the three of you tried to pick a movie to watch. the boys decided they both wanted to sit on the couch with you and their sister, so you were all snuggled up under one blanket.

they decided they wanted to watch elf, their all time favourite christmas movie. you chuckled as the opening started playing, knowing that they were going to be bored of it soon since they’ve seen elf a million times.

about halfway into the movie, alex was asleep on you and so was your daughter. dylan luckily had stayed awake, his phone keeping him busy.

“i missed something didn’t i?” someone chuckled behind you. dylan turned around excitedly, “dad!”

he got up as shawn pulled him in for a bone crushing hug, “i missed you bud.”

you woke up alex as gently as possible, “alex, baby, daddy’s home.”

as soon as he heard you say those two words, he woke up and ran to greet his dad.

you smiled as you watched your three boys, alex had joined the hug and you were pretty sure he wasn’t going to let shawn go anytime soon.

you handed your sleeping daughter to dylan, before running into shawn’s open arms and wrapping your legs around his torso.

“i missed you so much baby,” he said into your hair. you breathed in his familiar musky scent, trying to familiarize yourself with it again.

he set you down, smirking as he looked up at the ceiling.

“what?” you asked as he just continued to smirk.


you rolled your eyes, “shawn, the kids-”

“rules are rules y/n,” he said before smashing his lips onto yours as you let your hands tug at the baby hairs on his neck.

“mom! dad!” dylan groaned, “get a room or something! here take your child, you’ve got 3 you don’t need another one.”

you laughed as shawn took the baby, dylan was shaking his head as he went to sit back down.

“i guess i didn’t get the matching pjs memo?” shawn asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“oh don’t worry, i got you a pair too. they’re upstairs and you have to wear them.”

he nodded, taking the baby with him as he went to change into the candy cane looking pyjamas that alex had picked out.

you returned to your spot in between the boys, happy that your family was back together after so long.

karkat-doodle-doo  asked:

How long is the gestation period for a clown, and how do you care for the babies? :0

Oof! Sorry, with nursing school, I’ve been so busy, clowlings have been the last thing on my mind!!!

I bred larger breeds of clown- mostly American Big-Top Circus- so I can only really tell you about big breeds. Little breeds, like the Mardi Gras Porcelain Jester, I don’t have a ton of info about.

Big-Tops have a gestational period of 210 days, which is just about 29 weeks, or 7 months. As your female approaches her due date, you’ll need to get her nesting area ready.

This should be sufficient. A large inflated enclosure with netting and at least 2.5ft deep of “clown eggs” should do you just fine. These “eggs” can be bought at pretty much any reputable clowning store. The only quibble I have with this picture is that there aren’t very many colors of clown egg- but it could be this female chose to discard other colors. 

Your female will begin to tend to her nesting area, discarding eggs she decides are not good enough, maybe sprinkling confetti around the area, or glitter. I’ve found that the relative level of whimsy exhibited by my females during this time varies wildly, so please don’t be alarmed if your female only manipulates the eggs and otherwise ignores the nesting area.

Once she’s birthed her young, they will instinctively hide within the clown eggs. Don’t worry if you don’t see them at all for the first week or so! This is normal behavior to ward against predators. Some clown owners choose to have breeding enclosures set up with glass encasing the clown eggs, ensuring they can see the activity within the eggs and getting the most accurate clown count they can. 

Once the little ones peek out of hiding, you can see their markings! Momma will be busy feeding them- they live exclusively off of breast milk for three months, and then transition slowly over to cotton candy. Momma will introduce the candy slowly, first by simply leaving it in the enclosure with her young, and then eventually by bringing them candy when they attempt to latch to her breast. 

You can also sex the clowns at this age. Since removing them to inspect their genitals will usually make mom mad at you, try the following:

Clowns with the Hat Sign (seen above) are males, and clowns with the Hair Sign (see below) are females. Those signs are named because they kind of look like they have a hat, or some hair! Super simple. As they mature, some clowns may lose or even swap their Hat or Hair Sign in favor of secondary sexual characteristics (most notably, females will develop some degree of breast tissue). 

Be sure to keep your enclosure clean, and to observe your clownlings frequently for any signs of distress. These include: a lack of color, notable decrease in whimsy, decreased vocalizations, and not eating at least 4 times a day. Your simplest intervention is to offer Faygo or any other high sugar soda- they could just be thirsty! If your clownling persists with being “odd”, however, please do contact your clown doctor. 

Mom should usually take very good care of her young, but if she seems disinterested, it may be necessary to bottle feed your clowns and assume care of the young. This could mean moving them into your private home until they’re old enough to run around and eat on their own (6 months, or so). 

Baby clowns grow very, very fast. Faster than you’d expect. Don’t be worried if they seem to be growing overnight! It’s normal for clowns to develop rapidly- they didn’t want to be vulnerable for long in the wild. Soon enough, your new clowns will be juggling, unicycling, and face painting with the rest of them!

Hope this helps!

I’ve realized there are some truly ugly ass people on here who blame Elia for Rhaegar fucking off with Lyanna because she couldn’t give him the third head of the dragon, blah, blah, so he had to look else where- as if that’s some kind of a justification. And even if it was (it’s not), I’ve realized, in all likelihood, that was probably Rhaegar’s own fault?

He got her pregnant with Rhaenys almost instantly, a difficult, painful pregnancy that left her bedridden & fragile. She needed time to recover before she was somewhat healthy again. But not even six months later, probably just when she can walk straight, he knocks her up with Aegon- literally the minute he can. This leads to her disastrous second pregnancy which almost kills her (after which he abandons her). That’s when Pycelle (assuming his Lannister loyalist ass was telling the truth) informs him she cannot carry another child without dying herself.

How do we know Elia’s second pregnancy wouldn’t have gone better if Rhaegar had just waited? Given her the time she needed to be in any decent shape to bear another child? Because Elia could still conceive, her body just couldn’t take another pregnancy after the effects & proximity of her last two. Even today, it’s recommended to keep at least 18 months between pregnancies and our Rhaegar here did it in 6 months, to a woman who was already of a delicate health, leaving her unable to have more kids without risk to herself. And then used it as an excuse to leave her & screw someone else for a year, in her homeland?

And all the while Elia lay alone, recovering from giving him the heir he so desperately craved, almost at the cost of her own life, knowing her husband had repaid her by running off with a 15 year old, disgracing her, her children & her entire house in front of all of Westeros.
Watch: Samantha Bee on why "abused women are the canary in the coal mine for mass shootings"
Bee explains how "the boyfriend loophole" keeps domestic abusers armed and dangerous.
By Caroline Framke

Caroline Framke at Vox:

“Mass shootings are scary and impossible to predict,” Bee said, “except for this one big thing that’s a really big predictor.”

A month after a shooting in Las Vegas left more than 50 people dead and less than a week before a shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killed at least 26 people, Bee devoted a segment of her show to the 20-year-old “boyfriend loophole,” which allows those charged with domestic abuse to still buy a gun as long as they weren’t married to the person they abused. The Sutherland Springs shooter was court-martialed during his time in the Air Force for assaulting his wife and child before he committed his final, fatal crime.

“Mass shooters come in all male shapes and all male sizes,” Bee said, “but most of them rehearse for it the same way.”


“Even if you don’t give a shit about domestic violence,” Bee concluded, “abused women are the canary in the coal mine for mass shootings.”

From the 11.01.2017 edition of TBS’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee:

More update on Nugget. Nugget is still eating like a champ but isn’t gaining weight like I would hope. She is 160 grams which is definitely more than she’s ever been, but only by 40 grams. I’ve now had her for 6 months making her about a year old. She’s TINY to say the least. Even so, she’s doing ok. She’s about a foot and some change long. I don’t know how big she will get. Honestly I don’t expect much from her. She’s so old and so small I think the damage is done. I really truly don’t think her previous owner ever fed her. She was 4/5 months old and 74 grams. I really don’t know how they did it. But weight gain has been a struggle.

anonymous asked:

[1/2]Sam: “… my family helped me through that.” Me: … *footage not found* Sam: “You saved me!” Me: … *footage not found* okay a) can we take a moment to consider how messed up and wounded Sam really is? “My brother did not execute me like my father told him to” is an actual legit thing Sam is grateful for in his life. Like … just … *dissolves into Niagara Falls of tears* and b) S2 Dean definitely made a genuine and thoughtful effort to be there for Sam, it wasn’t perfect but it was still …

[2/2]… heartfelt and human while himself dealing with a lot of crap. And post-hell Dean was dealing with unimaginable baggage. I have plenty of sympathy and empathy and love and sorrow for that Dean BUT the shit that went down in S4 & 5 cannot by any stretch of the imagination be described as “saving” Sam! No! Sam saved Sam! AND the whole damn world while he was at it!

Bolded for emphasis…. but I honestly would bold it all if I could. Amen, amazing Anon! And you are not alone. 

From another thoughtful and wonderful Anon:

So here is my issue (okay, one of many). It was kind of Sam to say it, but…Dean did not save Sam. At least not in any material way I can think of. Sam literally went through hell and back, with the demon blood and his connection to Azazel and Lucifer and everything else. No one saved him, not from the blood dripped in his mouth when he was 6 months old, not from the consequences small and large of his listening to Ruby and killing Lilith, not from the connection to Lucifer when he was (1)

(2) completely on his own at times, not from going to hell/the cage once he realized it was the only way. I am just failing to see what Dean saved Sam from. It’s a nice sentiment but not reality.

And another, my sweet bitter Anon:

Am I the only one who think Sam telling Dean “You saved me.” is such a JOKE? And not even a funny one. What a way to glorify Dean’s horrendous treatment to Sam. I love that Sam finally stood up to Dean but that line pissed me to no end. I know you love him Sam, but Dean didn’t save you, you did.

I do recognize that in trying to support Sam in seasons 1 and 2, Dean was running up against things he’d been taught to believe his whole life. Dean made a “genuine and thoughtful effort” (thanks anon for the perfect description!) to help Sam, but in the end, he still feared Sam. Still made decisions for Sam about Sam, even in early season two, where he couldn’t even entertain the idea that Sam could choose whether or not he “went darkside.” In season 4, even though Sam on demon blood was considerably less violent than pretty much any hunter we know of, Dean tricked Sam into a room for a forced detox and, when Sam’s health took a turn for the worse, could only think to say, “At least he dies human.”

At times, when he was in a stable enough state to think of offering support to others, Dean did what he could to support Sam, but as you said… all the things about Sam’s powers, all the progress he’s made…

Sam made that progress, often against great resistance. Cas and Dean and Bobby and a few others made a handful of steps along that road smoother, but Sam has clawed his way (mostly alone, thanks to the prevailing ideology in the hunting world) to where he is.

Dean says pretty words a lot of the time, but before killing Amy, he said, “You are what you are, you will kill again. […] The other shoe always drops.” 

People are quick to mention that Dean is grieving, and they’re right. Being angry at Jack is largely due to his losses. But the way he’s expressing his anger, that’s habit formed over years of experience. He’s saying more or less the same things about Jack as he did about Amy (and Jesse the antichrist in season 5, and Lenore’s nest in s2, and Max in season 1). He has seen great forward movement and then taken just as many steps back in his growth.

But as all of you lovely and articulate Anons observed, Sam’s growth has been slow and painful and hard-won… and he has gained it mostly alone, and almost entirely off-screen.

In fact, the first time we finally heard him talk about himself and say he wasn’t evil was in 12.04, and we didn’t see a shred of how he got there. (I suppose the episode needed him to be at that point of development and so they just kind of fast-forwarded him there without any on-screen development.)

But of course

Sam’s words are 10,000% in character. Of course he’d attribute any positive growth not to himself but to his family and friends. Of course he’d do so in order to help Jack feel more comfortable around Dean. Of course he would.


hello. I am Alex, a 17 year-old transguy with a homophobic father.
I am not out to him, and I never will be. at least, while I live in the same house as him, for fear of how he would react. I am not able to safely be Alex.
I wish to move out when I turn 18, if not before. this will be in maybe 6 months, so I can be independent, and maybe then I can be who I am, open to the rest of my family. if they shun me and discontinue communication, I’d be ok with that, as long as I am SAFELY AWAY.

this is why I come to you. I need help. I am starting to set some money aside from my already small paychecks from my part-time jobs, as I have to give most of them to my parents for helping to pay bills, but this method will take forever to accomplish. I have no idea how to set up a fundraising account on a website, and I do not know which website in and of itself would be the best. I need advice. please. I need help.

Please fire me. I had a man come in with a pair of shoes to return. He was complaining that they had torn and when I opened the box, they looked to be at least 6 months old: worn, cracked and caked in mud and who knows what else. We have no time limit on returns. So he went, got another pair and sure enough his receipt had at least two others stapled to it. Exchange receipts. He’s been exchanging his shoes for new ones for the better part of a year.

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Will you write a Jikook family head cannon? Like a flashback sorta thing? I kinda want it to be angsty but a happy angsty. Like the start, when Jikook got married, then when they got their kids, then when their kids got married, etc etc. I don’t scare how long you make or if you even consider this! Thank you for sharing writing tho! It’s really great! ❤️❤️💖

Thank you so much for the request!! I hope this turns out as good as you hoped it would💖

Jungkook had always been the one to stay cool, calm, and collected. Jimin had freaked out more than Jungkook when he’d met his parents for the first time, bouncing his knee and tapping his fingers until Jungkook would lace their hands together over Jimin’s thigh. 

Now, he was a hot mess. 

He paced back and forth in the hotel room, hands tugging at his hair until he thought he was going to pull it out. There was still 2 hours until the ceremony and Jungkook was sweating like a marathon runner in Texas. 

“Kook, you gotta calm down.” Seokjin stopped his pacing and forced him to sit down on the bed.

“It’ll be fine. You’re getting married today. It’s supposed to be happy!” Namjoon grinned at him as he sat beside him, hand grasping his shoulder like a proud father. 

“Yeah, I know. I’m just worried. What if he doesn’t-”

“No. None of that. Jimin loves you more than anything else in the world and he wouldn’t have said yes when you proposed unless he meant it.” Yoongi cut Jungkook off, looking over at him as he straightened his tie in front of the mirror.

Jungkook took a deep breath, unlocking his phone to look at his background; a picture of Jimin with his face scrunched up as he laughed. It was taken back when they were still dating, about two years into their relationship. 

Jungkook had taken Jimin to an amusement park for the anniversary of their first date and he’d tripped over the corner of a trash can, stumbling and knocking his knee into a bench. He’d bitten his lip and hissed out a string of curses directed at both the trash can and the bench, hopping around on one foot like a broken flamingo pogo stick, not realizing that Jimin was struggling to keep his laughter in.

Motherffffff- ow. Okay, ow. No, I’m fine, just fi-OW. Babe? Can you stop laughing and help me out here. Thanks.” 

He remembered seeing Jimin laugh so hard that he nearly peed himself and thinking that he just couldn’t forget it. Jungkook smiled at the picture, suddenly feeling a lot more confident after recalling how that night ended.

I love you so much.” Jimin had sighed and leaned into Jungkook’s side as the Ferris Wheel took them to the top, smiling at the view before Jungkook would kiss him silly.

I love you, too.”

The fond memories made adoration and happiness swell inside Jungkook’s chest, pushing any worries out of the way.

“Okay, I think I’m good.” He’d stood up and walked towards the bathroom to shower before throwing his suit on and fixing his hair. 

Jimin thought he was going to be the one to cry during the ceremony, but there he was walking down the aisle as he saw tears falling from Jungkook’s eyes, a watery smile greeting him when he reached him. 

“Baby, why are you crying?” Jimin would chuckle softly and wipe the tears from Jungkook’s eyes before having to wipe his own.

“I’m marrying the love of my life, I’d be worried if I wasn’t crying.” Jungkook would make Jimin giggle before they turned to the officiant. 

Jimin would take Jeon as his last name, which caused a giant grin to grace Jungkook’s face as he whispered it after they’d been declared married.

“Jeon Jimin, may I kiss you one more time?”

“You’d better.”

The reception would be amazing. Taehyung gave the sweetest, funniest, most embarrassing best man speech before wishing happiness and everlasting love to the both of them. Yoongi could only smile and shake his head when Taehyung would pull him to the dance floor to slow dance. Hoseok would get drunk and dance like his life depended on it; it would make for a great wedding video.

And the honeymoon would be in Hawaii. Beautiful sights and amazing activities that Jimin would swear they’d see the next time they came since they didn’t so much as leave the beach house for the entire week they were there.


Three years after they got married, Jungkook would mention adopting kids.


“Hmm?” Jimin would hum as Jungkook wound his arms around his waist, kissing the side of his neck before resting his chin on his shoulder.

“How would feel about being a father?”

Jimin would choke on his water, turning around to face Jungkook with an arched eyebrow.

“I don’t think that’s possible, babe. At least not how we do it.”

“No, no. I mean, adoption.” Jungkook would squeeze his hips and smile down at Jimin softly.

“Are you sure?” Jimin would have to ask, hands cupping Jungkook’s face as he waited for an answer.

“Of course. I want us to have the family we’ve always talked about.”

And that would begin their 8 month process of applying and getting rejected over and over again, reapplying and finally, finally, getting accepted. After 6 months of waiting after being approved, they’d bring home 7 month old Taehyun.

“Hey, buddy. I’m your dad.” Jimin would feel tears prick his eyes when he saw Jungkook hold their son for the first time.

(Taehyung would tear up when they’d told him that they named their son after him. And he definitely cried when they asked for he and Yoongi to be the Godparents. Yoongi even teared up a bit, even if he wouldn’t admit it.)

Two years later, Jungkook would get the same feeling when Jimin held their 4 month old daughter, Sungwoo, for the first time.

Throughout the next four years, they’d adopt one more child; a 2 year old boy, Chanhyuk.

By the time Chanhyuk had graduated college, Jimin and Jungkook would be getting ready to attend Taehyun’s wedding. 

Taehyun had gotten married early, at 24 years old, even earlier than his fathers. He’d met his wife on a school trip to Seoul, asked her out within the first week of meeting her, and proposed four years later. They’d gotten married two years after they’d gotten engaged and Jimin had cried like a baby during the ceremony.

“He grew up so fast!” 

“Shh, baby. I know, I know.”

“I can’t believe he’s already getting married. It seems like just yesterday he was saying ‘Papa’ for the first time.”

“Baby,” Jungkook would hold Jimin’s face in his hands, still feeling as in love as the day they got married, “we did a good job.”

Four years later, Jimin would cry at Sungwoo’s wedding, and four years after that, Jungkook would cry at Chanhyuk’s wedding. 


Once they’d reached their sixties, Jimin and Jungkook could only smile at each other when their 7 grand kids rushed the living room on Christmas eve, shoving each other like they used to do with their friends fifty years ago.

And at night, when their kids had left with their own children, Jungkook would kiss Jimin’s head and smile to himself.

“I can’t believe I was worried for nothing.” 



Old interview, 4:53-5:20 Russos talk about the “you could at least recognize me line”
5:25 =Black Widow solo film
At 6:17 a little montage of Winter Soldier&Black Widow’s scenes, and the entire last minute of the video gives me life, the music just picks up so EPICALLY 😍

anonymous asked:

I was a little angry at Mary, but then he said "my boys" including Cas and I forgave her ❤ 12x12 has me with my heart in my throat

I think there are a lot of mixed feelings about Mary after this episode. I still love her, and the portrayal of her in the show, because I totally understand what the writers are trying to do with her character. I have decided to use your ask to voice my opinion on the current “Mary debate”. Hope you don’t mind. 12x12 also had me choking on my own heart nonny! I am with you there.

Before this season Mary has always been this fantasy figure of motherly perfection to the boys - specifically Dean. They put her high on a pedestal as a symbol of the life they were robbed of. Not to mention the fact that she was framed as “Mother Mary” the holy mother of Christ prior to this season. She was always this perfect “ideal mother” who could do no wrong. Yes we learned of her back story as a Hunter and how she met John but ultimately the “young Mary” story is still separate from the Mary of the pilot and the Mary in the photograph that pulled Dean back from the brink among other things. She was always framed from Dean’s POV as the perfect mother figure. 

So to bring her back to life, to give a life and story and personality to the original fridged woman who has been sat on a pedestal all these years? Its fucking amazing is what it is. You NEED to tear down that “holier than thou” image of her. Of course she isn’t gonna be what her sons expect. Of course she is gonna struggle to adjust. Of course she is gonna make dodgy choices (because she wouldn’t be a Winchester if she didn’t).  She is FINALLY being portrayed a a real person with flaws and problems and I am lapping it up. Women aren’t fucking perfect. They can be a million different things but never perfect. Perfect is boring. If you’re character is perfect, then they aren’t really a character at all. 

If I was writing the show, I would write her pretty much exactly how they are writing her. I would write her struggle to accept that her babies are grown up, that they are still hunters, that her perfect life that she desired from a young age was robbed from her by the same demon that killed her parents. The only thing that pisses me off about the shows version of Mary isn’t even Mary’s fault, its the stupid fucking format of having to make side characters disappear every couple of episodes because for some reason having them pottering around in the Bunker whilst Sam and Dean work a generic MOTW case isn’t a good enough excuse. 

At the same time I get that she has turned back to hunting for a distraction to her pain. Because she is still a woman mourning the loss of her children. She missed them grow up, she doesn’t get to hold baby Sammy in her arms and kiss Dean on the forehead goodnight anymore. (My mum tells me she misses me all the goddamn time. She misses her little girl like she is mourning me because I am a 30 year old woman living away from home and see her every couple of weeks. My mum still hasn’t quite accepted that I have grown up. But at least she got to experience it.) Mary has been robbed of that. Hell, Sammy was only just 6 months old. She was probably still breast feeding him when she died. Imagine having that ripped away from you?

I wish they explored her pain in more depth, but I get where they are going with it. She has turned to the BMOL because they have given her a promise, to rid the world of the monsters that stole her life from her. They have given her focus, because clearly the shoving your problems down and ignoring them and throwing yourself into work is a genetic Winchester/Campbell Gene. Could she have done more to save Cas? Yes. She could have given up the Colt if it would have saved Cas’s life. It was their only shot, and she chose wrong. I don’t quite forgive her for that but I wanna see where they take her story. She is traumatised by what has happened to her, and not thinking clearly. She is our season 6 Cas parallel as well lets not forget, and in her mind she is doing the right thing. That doesn’t excuse her, but then Cas actively put Sam’s life in danger too… and a lot of people hated him for it at the time (and still do sadly).

Mary did indeed call Cas one of her boys at the end there. I think perhaps by that point the whole situation had sunken in more. She knows how much her sons care for him, how they view him as a brother (and spouse) and after recent events I think she has realised just how important Cas is. She connected with Cas, and also there is probably some residual guilt there from not handing over the Colt at the time.

We just need to see where her story goes. Honestly I see it going the way of 6x20 and beyond. But then again this is supposed to be a re-write of season 6 rather than just a hard copy with different characters. I expect Mary to come to her senses and do what Cas never did in season 6, because I expect that Dean (and Sam) would have learned from that mistake and make an effort to resolve the situation. Communication is a key theme this season so hopefully this will come into play in later episodes. We can only wait and see.