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                                                        you’re not the only one who is suffering. 


took a break from tumblr for abit and i’ve got 💯 msgs to do the may and june lockscreens ❤️so grateful for y'all though
here they are !! (timely just before may lmao) i hope you guys like these and i tried to fit in as many requests as i can (motivational, pastel, peach, mint….)
ok and so once agn, the calendars are from @emmastudies printables and picture credits go to the amazing studyblr people🖤

NieR: Automata’s Color Scheme: Why everyone is complimenting the designs.

As a person who is starting to study art, looking at design choices has become a pasttime of mines. I’ve noticed, as a NieR fan, that the character designs are often praise A LOT. I pondered, why is everyone praising this design?

Its the color pallete. Or, rather, the lack of it.

If you look at the color of 2B, the protagonist of Automata, you can see her design is set in shades of white and black. The only ‘real’ color is the skin, a shade of light pink.

The image gives off this vibe of serious emotion. Black and White is often used to give off a sense of surrealism, whether its from the unrealness of drawing a scene in Monochrome or giving characters all black or all white clothing. The point is, it stands out, because you barely see this in real life.

I could also state how Akihiko Yoshida purposely gave 2B, 9S, and A2 sleek designs, or how its the style of clothing 2B wears. But 9S wears the opposite of ‘skimpy’. He sports a sort of trench-coat and shorts. Not exactly 'skimpy’.

The effect of the color of black and white used in Automata gives off the feeling of elegance. Its the reason why a lot of people state “I love the designs in Automata!”

A lot of the Automata designs use the monochrome motif. The commander and the Operators use the theme. Adam and Eve use the theme, in their tattoos and their clothing. Devola and Popola also sport black and white in their outfits. Even the Pods, as if you compare 042 and 153, 042 is a light grey (almost white), while 153 is a dark grey (almost black). It gives off this feeling of surreal elegance.

Combined with the realistic color schemes of the world of Automata and the dull enemy color designs, you can INSTANTLY tell who is part of the YoRHa and who is important to the story. To that, I applaud Automata. Not only have they broken the recent trend of having colorful games, but also gotten away with using minimalist design choices.

(btw, the reason this post was made was because of a comparison between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nier: Automata. A lot of friends of mines stated that although Horizon had such a vivid pallete, Automata looked better.)

“graphics are elitist”

Okay so…. Lmao again here we go with me addressing something. I’ve seen a certain bunch of rpers go around saying they’re “minimalist and not supporting "big” blogs" which is great like I’m happy people are finding what works for them. My thought was disrupted when they decided to take a hack at graphic makers and “over exaggerating rp blogs” in which heavily hinted that videos are not necessary. Okay… First of all I enjoy video making because I can put music in the background while I respect the anti auto playlist discord this is another way to represent my work. Firstly, being a graphic maker doesn’t make you elitist. What part of another person taking time out of their day to make another person something is elitist? The fact that this group is going to smack graphic makers in the face with their comments, but still hop on board for free graphics has me laughing. Graphic makers are not here to take your bs. Graphic makers don’t have to take your attitude. If you think your better than us go ahead and make your own graphics and save spots for those who are appreciative.

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Idk if you have already been ask this but, who are your top 5 most daddy/boyfriend material characters from haikyuu?

Hey, hey, thanks for sending this in! This is a really unique ask, and I had to think a lot about how to answer (mostly because I’m not sure what would make someone daddy material LMAO) but here you go, I guess…

My top 5 boyfriend material characters from Haikyuu!! (emphasis on the “my” because everyone has different picks)

1. Tsukishima Kei

He’s my ideal type. Cool, calm, collected, and someone who can engage in intellectual banter for hours. Plus, he’s the best during crisis management. And he’ll gradually open up, and it will be so worth it because he actually understands his complex emotions. He reserves his praise and encouragement for rare moments, but that only makes it more valuable. What’s not to like?

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2. Kageyama Tobio

A minimalist, no-nonsense kind of guy. His single-minded focus is enviable. Ideal if someone is looking for a relationship with mutual personal growth. Plus, his sense of grooming is impeccable. And he is so perceptive because of his self-consciousness. The best thing is he can get flustered at the smallest thing, which would surely be entertaining. 

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3. Kuroo Tetsurou

Another smart one. And what I like about him is that he’s outgoing too. Plus, I feel like this dork would do goofy but cheesy things for his partner. And he’s compassionate. He has a knack for realizing what someone’s potential is, even if the person himself doesn’t get it, which means he might see something in his partner too and will help develop it.

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4. Akaashi Keiji

Calm, observant, analytical. He’s a perceptive one, so he knows exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it (like with Bokuto). He can also be really good at preventing his partner from doing impulsive shit they’ll regret later. And his deadpan delivery makes him funny. At the same time though, he’s so encouraging of what he loves and believes in. 

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5. Iwaizumi Hajime

His strong, sturdy temperament is super attractive. He’s loving, caring, and loyal, and he puts the needs of everyone else before him (sometimes a little too much). He’s another no-nonsense guy, which I like, and he has the ability to talk sense into people. Amazing.

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LOL I just realized that maybe this was supposed to be based on looks/appeal (you know what I mean), and I apologize for my ace ass not thinking about that sooner. I hope you still like this though! Have a good day/night ^_^

PS: OMG I actually stuck to my limit of 5!!!


so here’s the backgrounds i’ve made so far because there’s enough to make a masterpost of.  if you use them anywhere (besides as your personal backgrounds) on any website or even as your background on your tumblr theme please give credit so other people can come find them and save them, too!

reminder that these were originally all made for me so they fit my personal taste in backgrounds (very simple and minimalist)


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It amazes me how you manage to depict you chars complexity in a few well chosen words. The dialogues / monologues are so consice which make them complex yet minimalistic. I really love it

omg, thank you so much ;____; i think the most impactful dialogue says the least but speaks volumes…like other cues convey more, like facial expressions and visual aspects along with the dialogue. sometimes i feel like that can also be my downfall tho because then some people who aren’t familiar with english have told me they don’t really fully understand certain dialogue lmao. i rely a lot on insinuations and things being inferred by the reader rather than spelling them out, which isn’t the best for accommodating non-english speakers lmao but i just write in the only way that feels right to me haha. thank you so much though, i love when people give me serious feedback like this because sometimes idek what i think about my own writing haha. you’re very kind <3

10 Tips n Tricks for getting that fic READ

I get asked a lot for tips on how to write ‘popular’ fics, and although im far from a ledge, I do consider my fics to get at least fairly decent stats so I will share with you some things I’ve used/noticed about fic popularity!  I hope this helps tell you something you may not have noticed before, and I hope your fics get ALL the reads and you become a STAR ;) Happy writing folks~

1 - Platform

There are many places you can post your fanfic and you choose whichever you want but in my experience different platform have different types of fics eg. wattpad = member x oc, tumblr = member x reader, ao3 = member x member. Also they have different reputations for the kind of fic you’re gonna find (wattpad is typically amateur). Your best bet is AO3 for the most respected fics

2 - Narrative

Personally, i click off a fic immediately if it’s in first person. The ‘trend’ is definitely third person narrator (that doesn’t disallow you to focus on a POV though bear in mind)

3 - Quality of Writing

I mean I know this isn’t exactly something you can control based on talent, but really, please please put actual thought into what you’re writing, or at least find a beta. I’ve seen many fics that are just unstructured, grammatically incorrect messes and that’s just not a good way to attract reads. I don’t want this to discourage anyone from writing though, not at all, just put in the effort and thought and practice and all will be well

4 - Length

This may seem irrelevant but really if you’re fic is 200 words long then no one gon’ waste their time reading like 1 sentence, it’s kinda pointless.

5 - Spoilers

Bare all. Spoil the hell out of that shit, we don’t care, just if there’s character death … tell us. There’s nothing worse than an insufficiently tagged fic wrecking you when you did not sign up to be wrecked. At the end of the day, with fanfics, people want to know exactly what they’re reading about their otp doing. Be blunt, satisfy those thirsty shippers.

6 - Tags

Generally, I’ll follow the simple BTS fandom, Yoongi/Jimin relationship, + extra members mentioned. This way it filters into the main tags people scour through for new fics. People will also sort through popular specific tags too, eg Fluff, Smut etc. A way to be included in these results is by using tags that the site provides in the drop box, this means they’ve already been used a fair amount of times so chances are people will look through them. And example would be as such: (simple, tell you exactly what you’re in for, includes popular trope tags) 

7 - Synopsis

The art of a synopsis is very important I think, I often end up writing and rewriting them a million times. They represent the entire fics nature and style and context. Often with sites, they give you a certain amount of lines until it disappears into a read more type deal, so you want to be succinct and avoid more than one paragraph (or even more than one sentence.) You want to give adequate context, so I’d personally advise against using excerpts. And also key is a cliffhanger, rope them in before the damn fic’s even begun! Here are some examples (side note: they don’t all have to have an ellipses, I just love using them lmao).

8 - Title

Keep it short and sweet, like around 4/5 words max roughly. One word titles are minimalist and intriguing, but often a handful of words tend to stick in the brain more. Make it flow of the tongue, seem poetic and sophisticated: Hint, using song lyrics is a good way to do this.

9 - Fic Rec Blogs

You can always make a post on your own blog, but if you feel like you don’t have enough followers for that then just go on right ahead to a ficrec blog (or even a shipper blog) and drop them a link to your fic, oftentimes they’ll then rec it to their followers. You can do this on anon if you’re too shy.

10 - Time of Posting

This is a weird one, but I always, always post my fics around the same time in the day, just before I go to sleep. Then when I check it the next morning, it’s almost always nearing 1k hits already, so I think that primetime for uploading a fic is between 7pm-11pm (UK time, remember to convert!)


“we are fragile. humans woven from lines as thin as our hair, subtle changes make us who we are and it doesn’t take much to break us”

- dan and phil lineart

the point of this minimalist, almost avant garde artwork was to highlight the small changes in their faces that make them so different. the rounded bump of dans nose versus the razor-sharp edge of phils. the curve of their eyebrows that makes phil look sad and dan look curious, open, inviting. the feminine outline of dans lips directly contrast the sudden arches of phils and it amazes me that two people who are so directly unique can form such a close bond.

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I wish I could find more blogs with this vibes you have, precisly Rooney's vibe, minimalist and chill

MINIMALIST wooOOw what? i feel like i’m so cluttered hahahah, that’s the second time i’ve heard someone use that word to describe my style and it makes me want to clean out my entire mods folder so i can actually fit that descriptor lmao. but thank you, rooney’s vibe is my favorite/my ideal vibe tbh. there are plenty of blogs with similar vibes, you can look through my likes or my “reblog” tag if you want!