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m’mother took (invited like i drove over after work..) me and m’brother to her christmas party for work and like.. multiple ppl there were so kind and called my outfit cute and used the word “beautiful”.. in reference to moi.. before even knowing i was m’mother’s child.. every single time me/me and my brother were w/ her and we happened across someone who didn’t know us she’d just be beaming and be like “HI HELLO these are mine.. i made them 😊”… when she introduced me to one of her favorite coworkers the woman just was like “yeah she talks about you.. all the time” and apparently last year when i helped her make christmas ornaments to give out as 🎁s she went on and on about them whilst handing them out like “MY child made these.. look..”… several kids were there that knew m’brother and apparently told him that i was beautiful.. some nice old woman called me pretty and said she loved my hair… u_____u i almost didn’t go.. and now i just feel like. crying.


Apparently this old Jimmy Neutron prototype was a piece of lost media that for the longest time could only be found in still shots plus a 10 second clip of terrible quality, but two days ago it was finally uploaded in its entirety

The old Fall Out Boy can’t come to the phone right now…



because they’re so much happier, healthier, and better off now so stop saying you wish they would return to pre-hiatus era and be a real fan and support them with what they do/decide or get the hell off my blog


Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.


Another example of how fucked up women’s sizing is!!! A customer wanted to buy a men’s L, but we were out, so she tried to find a comparable women’s shirt. The closest she got was a women’s 3XL, but it was still too small in comparison to a men’s L.

Think on that. A men’s L is bigger than a women’s 3XL. AND there’s an upcharge on shirts larger than an XL, no matter what style the shirt is.

From a functional perspective, the only difference size wise between a women’s shirt and a youth shirt, is how long the torso is. Kid’s shirts aren’t as long, because children aren’t as tall.

Youth shirts also generally have more room in the shoulders than women’s shirts do, bc idk a six year old apparently has wider shoulders than a grown ass adult woman.

Anyways, if anyone ever says that 2XL and larger shirts have to be more expensive because they use more fabric- it’s bullshit.


“Oh no, he’s hot.” - Ruby Rose

Thanks to @miraculouscorazone for pitching this idea to me.


Guys, I’d take the whole Forbes ‘Top Influential Youtubers’ thing with a pinch of salt.

They wildly miscalculated Mark’s reach by adding all his platforms. If you like him on Facebook or follow on Instagram, you’re already subscribed. His reach is his approx YT sub count, not all platforms added up.

They also cite Jack as being signed to Revelmode, rather than Maker. Revelmode no longer exists. There is no research here.

While it seems like a compliment to our faves that they’re in this list, they won’t be comfortable with the apparent ‘accolade’.

It’s an attempt at old media to stay relevant with painfully little accurate research. After the drama with WSJ this could easily be presented to paint these Youtubers as potentially dangerous with a reach far greater than they actually have.

Please take this as an inaccurate article, rather than an accolade the boys deserve.