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fandom: I’m anti [this] and here’s why you should be too. Lemme lecture you and everyone about this thing it’s important we all come together to hate on it. :) I just wanna be positive and this thing is nOT POSITIVE AND HERES WHY I HATE THIS THING. I JUST NEED To HAVE A CLEAN PURE BLOG. BUT PLS HATE THIS THING WITH ME.

There’s nothing confirmed on this but basically what it says is that:

Samuel allegedly gets bullied in school which includes some of his classmates pushing him around and once when he was carrying some books down the stairs a group of boys came and said ‘woah its Punch’ and hit the books off him and also hitting him. When Samuel used to be absent due to his 1Punch schedules and the teacher would ask where he was during registration (roll call) they’d shout out that he quit school cuz they didn’t want to see him. Plus, they would play his VApp lives and MV’s at school and mock him by mimicking him. Recently they would play his introduction video for Produce 101 and also mock him with that. But Samuel being the angel that he is doesn’t argue back so they presume hes kinda dumb or they thinks that Samuel thinks he’s being trendy. 

I swear to God if any of this shit turns out to be true these people better be ready to catch these hands cuz I’ll be ready to fight these ugly hoes who thinks its ok to bother/ bully Samuel who hasn’t done shit except work hard. It reminds me of when Taemin used to get bullied as well ughghghghh everyones salty hes gonna get famous. Bye 

Okay, so Archie is clearly dying inside in this moment, right?

Ah. I’d almost feel bad for you Archiekins, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT Betty pretty much fell at your feet and you said ‘nah I’m good thank’s Bets, I’d rather chill with pedo Grundy!’ But now that she’s happy with Jughead you wanna be all up in that because OH NO. I’m going to do the thing that all dudes seem to do whenever another guy touches a girl that used to like them no longer likes them. Freak out, get in the middle and fuck that shit up.

Odds on a ‘passionate spur of the moment kiss’ betweenArchie and Betty coming?

Extremely fucking high. 


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