this is anfield road

Regardless of which club you support:
  • Let's all show support for Steven Gerrard today. Let this day, his last game playing in the Liverpool shirt on the grounds of Anfield road, respect the legend Steven Gerrard. Liverpool Captain, England Captain. Today is for Stevie.


so the best part of the lap of honor was when Stevie and co got round to the Anfield Road end because at this point Lourdes decided she wanted the ball right. 

so she grabbed it from one of the boys’ feet and wouldn’t give it back, like she kept twisting away from them lmao

then she put it on the ground and dribbled away AND WAS REALLY GOOD I MIGHT ADD. i managed to get a really shitty picture of her w/ the ball. 

this continued on and eventually her desire to get the ball got to be so much that she er, didn’t notice the camera guy and the camera guy didn’t notice her and…

and then Stevie had to spend the next few minutes calming her down and it was really adorable and precious and Lourdes is our heir to the footy throne okay