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  1. Favorite childhood memory? I actually had a really good childhood so it’s hard for me to choose one, but I will always love the story about how I picked out my first dog, Snuggles (which I will gladly share if anyone asks)
  2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Telekinesis or transfiguration would be cool
  3. What’s the worst adaptation of something you love you’ve ever seen? The live action Avatar the Last Airbender Movie…..
  4. Favorite dish from your country? I’m gonna narrow this down to favorite dish from my area, since the US is huge, and say Philly Cheesesteaks (followed closely by soft pretzels)
  5. If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be? Listen… my list of fictional spouses is so long it’s ridiculous and picking one is just too difficult but if I really had to I’d probably go with Cara Mason
  6. What’s the last book you read and disliked? Do my text books count?
  7. Favorite superhero? Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary (fyi I’m really only familiar with Arrow’s portrayal of her)
  8. If you could be any fantasy or mythological creature, what would it be? I think it would be pretty cool to be an elf
  9. What fictional character do you relate to the most and why? I really relate to Elliot Reid from Scrubs, because I too am a hot mess with crippling self-esteem issues and an abundance of anxiety trying to make it in the medical field
  10. What’s one book/show/anime that you think is great but underrated? Legend of the Seeker (yes I know it’s been canceled for years but still)
  11. What’s one funny story about yourself you love to tell people? Pretty much anything, my whole life is a joke

My questions:

  1. If you could attend any fictional school/university, which one would it be?
  2. Do you prefer movies, TV shows, or books?
  3. Do you have a favorite season?
  4. Do you play Pokemon? If so which is your favorite?
  5. What is one thing you are looking forward to this year?
  6. What does your dream house look like?
  7. If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would it be?
  8. Do you have a favorite outfit?
  9. Would you rather travel the world with someone you hate or never travel at all but be with someone you love?
  10. What was your favorite movie as a kid?
  11. Do you have a favorite drink?

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Reasons to watch the LEGO Batman Movie
  • It’s so meta. Batman narrates through the opening logos and they show clips from the other adaptations of Batman and talk about how Joker and Batman have been fighting for 78 years. My personal favorite is when Alfred calls Batman out for all the Brooding™ he’s done since 1966.
  • It’s freaking hilarious. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. The jokes always hit the mark and even just how the characters act are enough to get huge laughs.
  • The characters. Batman is of course amazing but there’s also Robin who’s a literal ray of sunshine, Alfred who is the coolest butler ever and so much more, one of the best adaptations of Joker, and Barbara Gordon who is such a competent leader and fighter and so amazing in general.
  • Batman’s and Joker’s relationship. Having Joker portrayed as wanting validation from Batman that he is his greatest enemy but Batman not reciprocating those feelings creates one of the funniest, most amazing hero-villian dynamics ever to be put to film. 
  • It’s actually emotional. Amongst all the hilarity and action scenes the movie does take time to address the concepts of loneliness, confronting one’s fears, if you are really a good person or not (or if you’re in between), and the nature of family. It gives so much depth to Batman that is hardly seen in other adaptations and that’s what makes it so great. 

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which of the paladins do u think/headcanon sings the best??

Lance. He has so many siblings and I like to think that he’s the second oldest, maybe? So if his parents were ever working late, he and his older sister would be the ones to tuck everyone into bed, and he would sing them lullabies. 

Sure, he’ll dance around the Castle of Lions hollering the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody just to be annoying, but when he actually tries, he has a beautiful voice. Lilting and soft, and it gets a little raspy when he hits higher notes. 

He never talks about it, but his youngest sister always asked him to sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion because Titanic was her favorite movie. He’d always tease her, but then swaddle the blankets up to her chin and pet her hair and hum the intro before singing softly until her breaths were deep and even. 

It’s one of the memories of home that hurts the most, so he never truly sings around anyone in the Castle. Just when he’s by himself in his room, alone in the dark, feeling suffocated by the enormity of the universe.


Happy Birthday to Kim Novak (13 February 1933)!  She is one of my favorite actresses, whose performances in Picnic, Vertigo and Bell, Book and Candle I have always treasured. She walked away from Hollywood in 1969 and made only a few films after that. 

“I don’t feel I ever reached my potential as an actress. I certainly didn’t try to promote myself. I’m not a pushy person so there’s always that turmoil for me - do you wait for something to happen or do you make something happen? I’ve always believed that if something is meant to be, it just works out. Yet I would see other actors fighting for themselves, fighting for the great roles. Which is right? Are you supposed to push the door open or do you wait for an open door? My choice was to move away from Hollywood.”

The One With The Free Porn

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: When you stumble upon a weird TV channel, you and your boyfriend make a bet.

Words: 825

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of smut (not really tagged as smut, but whatevs), cursing?

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A/N: This is my submission for @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ‘s  Have a Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! Friends is one of my favorite TV shows ever and I had a lot of fun writing this, hope you like it :)

Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! xx

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Dean walked into your shared room with the bowl of popcorn he promised to bring, finding you laying on the bed with the remote on your hand as you changed the channels.

“Anything on?” He pouted, laying beside you as you both took some popcorn and ate it.

“Not really,” you replied, mouthful. “I guess no one watches interesting movies at 4 in the afternoon.”

Dean chuckled, watching the tv and eating some more popcorn before you came across a very weird channel.

“Is… is that-?” He stuttered, your mouth opened wide in surprise to find a naked couple making out on TV, romantic music playing in the background. “Is that porn?”

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Movie Night

Word Count: 2059, warnings: Fluffy and smutty

“Movie night!”

Henry look at my suspiciously excited expression. He knows I’m up to something. We always have movie night. Watching movies together is something we like to do. But due to him been famous is hard to go to movie theater, so we watch at home instead.

“What movie did you pick?” He asks going to the kitchen to grab beer.

“Is an old movie I wanted to watch for a long now. I finally found it,” I say smiling at him.

“What’s the title?” He asks this time raise his eyebrows at me.

“It’s 2003; I Capture the Castle, starring one of my favorites actor ever.” He roll the eye at my comment.

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Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

I was trying to post this on AO3, because it’s going to be a multi-parter. But AO3 is being grouchy tonight. So the first part will go up here, and get put up over there when the database starts behaving itself again. Then the rest of the chapters will go up over there too.

“While You Were Sleeping” is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’ve watched it at least once. And because I love it so much, I won’t be able to resist slipping verbatim quotes in here and there. So, watch out for those. Also, I know this is a Valentine’s challenge, but this movie is so wrapped up with Christmas for me that I had to set it then.

I’ll be honest - after this chapter, the rest of this so far is pretty much an outline interspersed with scene scraps. I’m hoping to post at least twice a week, but the schedule may be, ummmm, flexible. I’ll still try to get it all done in the month deadline.

That said, enjoy!

Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

My dad used to say something to me all the time when I was growing up. He would get this distant look in his eyes and he would tell me, “Iris, baby, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.”

l just wish I’d realized at the time he was talking about my life.

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Alan Rickman was my biggest idol, favorite actor, my platonic love. Carrie was one of the most awesome women I’ve ever seen, a true rolemodel and a terrific person (she even liked some of my tweets, I mean, what other princess does that?). I’m not sure if they ever met, but I did this as a tribute. Rest in Peace, Alan and Carrie. My Hald Blood Prince and my Princess Leia.

May the force be with you, always.

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Moana AU! Yata sets out to the sea to get grumpy demigod Fushimi to return Te Fiti's heart. Fushimi acts like he doesn't care but secretly just wants to be loved <3 Doting tattoo Munakata trying to get Fushimi to socialize and absolutely useless chicken sidekick Mikoto who's always sleeping add to the fun!

Mikoto the lazy useless chicken is maybe my new favorite thing XD So Yata is the son of the village chief of small island tribe Homra and he likes all the people there and everything but he also finds himself constantly looking out at the sea and wishing he could go out exploring. He feels really cooped up stuck on the island, plus he’s not really sure how good a chief he’d be anyway and he’s always worrying that he’s not going to be able to measure up to the standards of a chief. The only person who he feels kinda understands him is official village crazy person Totsuka, who spends all his time hanging out in the shallows playing with the rays and looking out over the horizon. One day Yata gets into a fight with his mentor Kusanagi and runs off, Totsuka finds him and asks if Yata wants to come explore the cool cave Totsuka found. Yata figures why not and the two of them head off together. While searching the cave Yata discovers a bunch of old boats and realizes that the people of Homra were once voyagers how traveled the sea and had awesome adventures. Yata of course is all hyped up for this but Kusanagi reprimands him for it because no one’s allowed to leave the island, there’s nothing but danger out there on the ocean (which Kusanagi knows, because when he was young he tried to go out exploring and his best friend Mikoto came with him and drowned. In Mikoto’s honor Kusanagi has named his laziest chicken after him).

Yata’s all depressed that he’s not allowed to go exploring the way his people used to when strange things start happening on the island, like all their harvested coconuts are rotten and there’s no fish, plus people have maybe started coming down with like some kind of strange corrupting disease. Yata’s feeling helpless because even though he’s supposed to be the guy who everyone looks to for help there’s not really anything he can do. That’s when the ill and dying Totsuka calls Yata into his hut and gives Yata this strange glowing stone. He tells Yata that the magic glowing rock is actually the heart of the god Weismann, who created the world and then fell into a long sleep on the island of Dresden. Legend says Weismann’s heart was stolen by a demigod named Fushimi and then lost when Fushimi was defeated by a god of destruction called Colorless who also wanted the heart. The blight that’s affecting the island is the effects of Colorless’s rage, finally reaching their small island. Yata’s all confused as to how Totsuka got the rock and Totsuka says he saw the ocean bring it to Yata when Yata was little. Yata’s all confused and then he remembers one day when he was little and tried to go look at the ocean, and the water parted for him. Yata’s mom pulled him away before he could wander too far but Totsuka thought the rock was pretty and kept it. He gives it to Yata and tells Yata not to worry, everything will be all right, and he believes that Yata can restore the heart and save everyone. Yata’s worried though because by giving him the heart Totsuka suddenly looks weaker than before and maybe Totsuka just smiles shakily and says that it’s fine, he was always sickly and knew he’d die young and that maybe he should have given Yata the heart earlier before things got this bad but he wanted to live just a little longer. He’s going to be reincarnated as a ray though, so it won’t be that bad, and he tells Yata to smile.

Poor heartbroken Yata promises Totsuka that he’ll fix things and he runs out to the nearest boat, setting out to sea. He’s already out of sight of the village when he realizes there’s a chicken asleep in the bottom of the boat and is like well, I guess it’s just you and me Mikoto-san (Yata’s always been very polite to the chicken okay, he’s heard stories about the chicken’s namesake from Kusanagi and he has Respect). Yata figures if he wants to restore the heart he needs help and figures the best guy for the job would be that demigod who took the heart in the first place. There’s no story saying what happened to Fushimi after he lost the heart though, so Yata decides he’ll just trust his gut and the ocean to take him to the right place. He ends up washed up on an island with a skinny tattooed nerd in glasses glaring down at him and asking him if he even knows how to sail, what kind of moron goes out on the ocean without knowing how to work a boat.

Yata immediately jumps up like listen asshole I’m new at this and anyway who says you could do any better. The guy clicks his tongue and says that he could but he doesn’t have a boat, he’s been marooned on this island for ages and he’s not interested in company. Yata’s like good because I don’t want to keep you company but that’s when he notices that one of the guy’s tattoos is moving, which is really weird. The guy glares down at his tattoo and tells Yata that the tattoos are of his so-called ‘exploits’ and Yata realizes that he’s staring at demigod Fushimi. Yata asks Fushimi to help him out but Fushimi’s like not my problem, he’s not interested in the troubles of humans because it’s not like they have any interest in him, after all. Maybe in the stories Fushimi’s always been treated like a semi-bad guy rather than a hero, like the things he’s given to humanity are always treated like accidents and he was actually trying to cause trouble. Yata tells him that for once he could do something to help people instead of being a jerk, saying he has the heart of Weismann and if they can restore it to where it belongs all the darkness sweeping the land will be swept away. Fushimi looks just interested enough to distract Yata so he can steal Yata’s boat, Yata immediately runs after him and Fushimi tries to toss him off the boat only for the ocean to kindly deposit Yata back on it. Yata gives Fushimi this smirk like see, you can’t leave me and Fushimi rolls his eyes because okay I can’t get rid of you but I’m still not helping.

So then the two of them have to go on an epic journey to restore the heart. In order for Fushimi to reach full power he needs his magic knives so they have to find those first and on the way Yata learns that Fushimi’s not really a god by birth, he was thrown into the sea by his asshole parents who didn’t want him and the goddess of the sea made him a demigod, Fushimi assumes just because even she didn’t want him and this way it got him out of the sea. During the quest to retrieve the knives Yata ends up helping Fushimi multiple times, like maybe at one point Fushimi gets injured by some bad guys after the heart and the wound is poisoned so he has to ride out the fever and he’s shocked and confused to find Yata by his side taking care of him the whole time. Yata figures that Fushimi’s an asshole but he’s also kinda cool. As they get closer to where Weismann is supposed to be sleeping though Fushimi keeps getting more reluctant because he fucked this up once and what if he does it again. The small sparkling bespectacled man on one of his tattoos keeps giving him encouraging sign language pep talks while Yata has some long talks with chicken Mikoto because he has to bare his soul to someone and the chicken’s there, okay.

They reach the island of Dresden and that’s when the two of them are attacked by Colorless. Yata tries to fight back against Colorless and is almost killed, Fushimi freaks out because maybe he didn’t even steal the heart to begin with, it was lost during like a seaquake and Fushimi tried to retrieve it to show he wasn’t useless and failed and now here he’s going to fail again and the only person who was ever precious to him will be destroyed. He abandons Yata, claiming that he doesn’t care about restoring the heart and probably finds something of Yata’s to set on fire out of spite (“There goes your oar, Misaki.” “Fuck you Saruhiko I need that to steer!”). Yata’s all heartbroken and angry but then the spirits of his ancestors and Totsuka rally around him and it gives him the courage to go try again, along with his trusty chicken. Fushimi sees Yata in danger and tiny tattoo Munakata just gives him this significant look, Fushimi sighs and goes running to save Yata. Together they reach Dresden island but can’t find the sleeping Weismann. Fushimi turns to look at Colorless and tells Yata to place the heart in the spot on the forehead of the fox mask that covers Colorless’s face. When Yata does the evil god’s body changes and he reawakens as Weismann, thanking Fushimi and Yata for saving him and reversing all the blight that covered the land. In the end Yata drags Fushimi back to his island where everyone can now join Fushimi’s tattoo in doting on him and loving him.

the outsiders will always be one of my favorite ‘80s movies. It was one of the first ones I ever watched 💛

What if Cole and Zane don’t speak at all throughout the entire movie

theyre the silent ones who just have the same expressions the entire time

they’re best friends and always hanging around each other despite being silent and nobody questions them at all, not even once

Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vax'ildan and Keyleth (x) (x) (x)

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can be your wife.”

“I think of Keyleth. Beautiful. Walking under the trees.”

4/5 Stars.

The Shining has been one of my favorite movies for as far back as I can remember, and yet somehow I made it this far without ever reading it. Well, it was finally time to change that.

This story about the Torrance family and the haunted Overlook Hotel where they spend a secluded winter is truly chilling. As always, King’s character development is what stands out and makes it so successful.

Jack, the patriarch of the family, is by far the strongest and most well-developed character. He’s an abusive alcoholic whose anger issues have recently cost him his prestigious teaching job, leaving him no choice but to take a gig as the winter caretaker of a secluded resort in the Colorado mountains. As the hotel begins to takes hold of him, it’s hard to discern if it’s just Jack’s own inner demons or something much more malevolent.

This, to me, is the most interesting aspect of the book. I loved seeing how the hotel manipulated Jack by preying on his insecurities. And when his wife, Wendy, begins to fear him, it’s Jack-her-husband, not Jack-the-possessed, whom she initially fears—and we can’t really blame her.

The paranoia and dread mount quickly, encompassing Jack, Wendy and their son Danny—gifted with a sixth sense that’s both a blessing and a curse—in a sinister plot to trap them in the hotel forever.

This was a powerful, creepy read that kept me captivated, though I was hoping for a bit more cohesion to the sinister backstory. Also worth noting: once you’ve seen the movie, it’s impossible to picture anyone but Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance. This is one of the rare instances (yes, I’m going there!) where I liked the movie more than the book. I mean…Nicholson, Kubrick? Come on!


Gohan is still my favorite character after all these decades and well, unlike a lot of people that have not been very…let’s say “pleased” with how Gohan’s characterization is in Super so far, I actually liked how he stuck into his guns and was portrayed as a true family man as a contrast to his father (to an extent, I’m not saying Goku is a bastard either).

But even I admit that there’s something that has always been bothering me ever since the RoF movie: His over-reliance on Goku.

Yes, I know, Gohan is a pacifist and unlike his father, he’s not a battle junkie, but it’s about time he finally understands that he can’t protect what he loves if he keeps ignoring that gift that allows him to do so, he needs to hold his ground a fighter, if not for him, then for his family. Also I’m pleased that it was Videl that ended up giving him that little push. Her and Pan are definitely his source of strength.

Now, I don’t know if it’s too much to ask at this point, but I hope he gets back his ultimate/mystic form.


My Favorite Romance- Brief Encounter (1945) [Part 1 of 4]

“There’ll come a time in the future when I shan’t mind about this anymore, when I can look back and say quite peacefully and cheerfully how silly I was. No, no, I don’t want that time to come ever. I want to remember every minute, always, always to the end of my days.”

i. we’d build a pillow fort, cloak ourselves in blankets, slip inside, bare legs intertwined, my toes lightly brushing your calf, your hand on my thigh. we’d set it up in front of the tv, break out your favorite movie, feed each other popcorn.

ii. we’d sit in a meadow with your head in my lap, i’d twirl a strand of your hair around my finger, bend down and lightly kiss your brow. you’d read me the book you’re holding, the words sound like music, and no other song has ever granted me so much peace.

iii. we’d whisper stories to each other in the dark, giddy in our declarations of what happened in our pasts. i always loved history class, but listening to your spoken autobiography would entrance me more. you’d wipe the tears from my face during difficult confessions, and i’d do the same for you, the pads of my fingers tickling your cheeks.

iv. we’d kiss casually, on the nose, on the forehead, and of course, on the lips. i’d embrace you so tight, your ribs would feel like bursting. my heart would hammer in my ears, and my hand would cling to yours.

—  if we were together, we’d be as innocent as sinners could be | s.p.r.