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Some Remarks to Close 2017

-(aka a wall of text mostly on Yuzu and the looming Olympics)-

2017 has not been an easy year for Yuzuru Hanyu and the people who love him. Our beloved skater only took part in a grand total of 5 competitions this entire year, 3 of which he lost, none of which didn’t come with some regret. Those disappointments, however, should by no means cancel out the fact that this year, he has also carved us two new World Records, regained his World title, and continued to remind us why it is that he deserves a special place in our hearts.

As I typed this, the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Games is a mere 41 days away. Considering the unfortunate injury, the prolonged off-ice period, and the lack of competition which will extend to the very doorstep of the Olympics, I daresay even the most optimistic among us should by now have realized that Yuzu’s chance of defending his title is slim at best. Nonetheless, there is a difference between being grimly realistic and being panicked into wild speculations about Yuzu’s prospect. I’m not writing this in order to tell you how to think or how to feel - I can only try to shed some rationality on the topic.

On Parallels

I have seen people from both camps insisting on a parallel between PyeongChang and Sochi. Yuzu’s fans are worrying that he will be another Yuna Kim, who apparently got robbed of a Gold medal because the judges don’t like repeated champions. Yuzu’s not-exactly-fans are gaining confidence from the fact that back in late 2013, Yuzu won the Grand Prix Final and then went on to win the OG, a pattern which seems to be applicable to Nathan Chen, or that Yuzu overtook Patrick Chan on the ISU World Standings and then went on to win the OG, a pattern which seems to work in Shoma Uno’s favor (if he wins 4CC, he’s going to lead Yuzu on the WS by some 60 points).

Let me debunk both for you. To begin with, anybody who claims that they were able to foresee the Sochi result based on those indicators (potential for a repeat of champion, GPF podium, World Standings, and whatnot) is a classic case of the hindsight bias

Then, for the first “parallel”, Yuzu’s approach to competition is entirely different from Yuna’s. He is not going into his second OG with a jump layout easier than his first time (Yuna competed at Vancouver with 7 triples and at Sochi with 6 triples in her planned free skate layout), neither is his program base value going to be lower than all of the other top men’s (Yuna’s free skate BV was the lowest among the 6 ladies in the last group at Sochi). In addition, despite all that Yuna’s advocates would want you to believe, Adelina Sotnikova’s win at Sochi was not scandalous. Besides the gap in jump BV (and it was a worthy distinction - Adelina’s jumps were always impressive, and no, she did not dope), Adelina’s SS and TR were comparable to Yuna’s, her spins and spirals both were markedly better. The margin of victory was maybe bigger than anyone could’ve expected, but to say that Yuna was blatantly robbed is not at all close to the truth.

For the second “parallel”, back in 2013, Yuzu won a Grand Prix Final which featured a completely fit Patrick Chan among the full cast of the top men that season, with the only notable exception of Daisuke Takahashi. Yuzu also won it while setting a new World Record along the way and making only one jump mistake throughout the event. I am not pointing this out to undermine Nathan’s win at this year’s GPF. I’m only trying to say that if you want to factor performance at the GPF into a skater’s momentum leading into the Olympics, you’d want to assign more weight to Yuzu’s win at GPF13 than to Nathan’s recent win in their respective trajectory. Flipping that around, you should also note that Patrick’s Silver at GPF did not serve to change the expectation he had to shoulder back then: he remained the overwhelming favorite heading into Sochi - a sentiment which cannot be applied to Yuzuru this season.

As for the World Standing angle, I can tell you, as a tennis fan, I know for a fact that world rankings do not always dictate the outcome of a match, and I say that while being acutely aware of how much more robust the ATP World Tour Ranking is as a performance indicator compared to the ISU World Standing.

On Rivalry

Regarding Nathan and Shoma (whom, I assume, most Yuzu fans are taking to be his biggest rivals for the Gold medal at PyeongChang), I want to bring to your attention that there is a difference between these two statements:

(1) Nathan and Shoma have not been able to deliver good free skates in their recent competitions, so I do not think it likely that they will be able to skate completely clean at the Olympics. Yuzu still has a good chance to win.


(2) If Nathan and Shoma continue to skate as badly at the Olympics as what they have been doing lately, Yuzu will be able to win.

If you still don’t see how they differ, just switch Yuzu for Nathan and Shoma in those two sentences and see how you, as a Yuzu fan, feel about each. The basic idea is almost identical, but how you frame it will alter the way you think: are you hoping for Yuzu to be able to do his best, or are you waiting to cheer if Nathan and Shoma and other skaters make mistakes? I, personally, find that the former approach is more pleasant: it keeps me away from negativity and it allows me to enjoy a good performance whether or not it was delivered by Yuzu. It also serves as a subconscious but constant reminder that there is a fine line between criticizing someone and hoping for them to fail. It’s a deep dark divide which I’ve always tried to stay on the right side of in my technical discussion on this blog (though, going from the responses I received, I clearly don’t always succeed in making people perceive that I did, in fact, try).  

If you need more convincing, there’s always this viewpoint from Yuzu himself on his ideal way to win.

On Expectation

As I said in the very beginning, I am not at my most hopeful when it comes to the possibility of Yuzu winning his second Olympic title. The only way this PyeongChang chapter can have a perfect happy ending is if Yuzu delivers 2 clean programs. The history of this sport tells me that the correlation between Yuzuru Hanyu’s clean programs and World Records is an almost perfect positive 1. Perhaps even more important than scoring is the fact that 2 clean programs would allow Yuzu to leave PyeongChang with the knowledge that he has done the best he can. Some not small part of me is hanging on to the belief that it can happen, but at this point in the proceedings, it is more a matter of faith and less of reason.

But you know what, I am fine with it.

When you consider everything he has done for figure skating, his contribution to the technical advancement as well as the artistic aspiration in this sport, his role in promoting the sport’s popularity, in bringing all of us fans together, and, of course, all the breathtaking, emotional, miraculous, exquisite skating he has and will continue to grace us with for the years to come, the only person in the world who has any right to demand more from Yuzuru is himself. 

And, at the end of the day, if you are in love with Yuzu and figure skating for the performance first and the record second, then rest assured, you will be fine no matter what happens at PyeongChang. It is only a chapter, not the whole story.

Happy (Early) New Year, I’m clocking out and will see you guys sometime in 2018.

Uploaded by ElenaC as always! *people are working on subs, meanwhile, I’m going to put in one page on my blog the links to the translations I’ve done :)*

[Max is talking about V/M and their hunt for a second olympic title, 8 years after the first one]

M: “And the one who would want to achieve a back-to-back olympic title is Yuzuru Hanyu. In the meantime he won his second world title, after the one he won in Saitama, Japan. The free program skated in Helsinki has already made history; no one else has ever reached this level in a figure skating competition.”

A: “He showed us something truly incredible, striking, he is the only one who could do it. Obviously, there’s great anticipation towards Pyeongchang. He’s skating to a piece by Il Volo.”

[after the EX]

M: “As of now, the emotions he can make us feel are something rare in figure skating. It’s sad to hear and read around that according to some he’s cold and that he’s unable to move people. To me, that’s a heresy, punishable by instant excommunication.”

A: “To me he’s simply an extraordinary skater and, to say things clearly, I believe he is without a doubt the best skater I’ve ever seen, the best skater that has ever set foot inside an ice rink, for his talent, for how he jumps, how he skates, for how he executes the other technical elements and for what he gives out to the audience. His performances are poetry and even his technical movements are poetry because of how natural and innate they are.

This boy was born to do this.”

M: “In addition, it’s who he is that’s incredible, inside and outside the rink. There’s never been one like him before.”

A: “And the results he is achieving- victories and scores aside, it’s the performances that he’s able to give us…not every time, because of course he makes mistakes too, but the performances that he’s been able to give truly show how exceptional he is.”

M: “After the program that lead him to his success, he said to Orser: “Well, I have to give more.””

A: “Yes…he skated a free program like we’d never seen in history, without mistakes…”

M: “But in his own opinion, he could have done/could do even more. This is Yuzuru Hanyu, welcome to his planet. It’s only his.”

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can you pls write simon and bram headcanons

Sorry this took so long! It’s also pretty long so I hope that makes up for having taken awhile to write it? I also made this more than just Simon and Bram bc I need more of everyone and I love everyone. I’ll keep it under a read more since it’s pretty long aha.

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I think the best example of a Canadian stereotype is this blog itself. I popped on looking for some laughs and I got some, however, I also found the Olympics results and how we need to help Fort McMurray. That’s what makes us Canadian. The fact that we can’t sit by. We encourage one another, we care for one another, we cant just watch our fellows wither away. We always try to help, by spreading the word or doing something.

Why thank you my friend, my buddy, my pal. 

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If the characters were youtubers, what would their channels be like? (I love this blog so much!!)

Levi: criticising stuff he’s found on the Internet, basically Onision 
Erwin: directing sidesplittingly funny films like Brandon Rodgers, and also lazy day vlogs
Hanji: stupid experiments, like “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX A METRIC TONNE OF MENTOS WITH AN OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL OF COLA?” or “DRIVING A CAR OVER A TARP COVERED IN OLIVE OIL” and it’s a lot of her cackling madly with Moblit screaming
Mike: dog training videos, and earlier videos of him, Nile and Erwin running around pulling stupid pranks
Armin: those hella useful revision videos, and they’d always involve him going off on adorable tangents that he may or may not edit out
Eren: loads of vlogs and prank videos, kind of like Ben Phillips 
Mikasa: videos of animals and sports, with a lot of Eren popping up in random places
Marco: really adorable vlogs, like Dodie Clark, and co-labs with Jean and Sasha
Jean: so many prank videos, mainly on Eren, Reiner and Connie, and also maybe some Let’s Plays
Sasha: eating challenges and badass archery and riding videos (like this one)
Connie: badass, hilarious gamer channel, known for making people laugh, and the best co-labs with Sasha and Reiner
Ymir: parkour videos and adorable vlogs of her and Krista on dates
Reiner: loads of dumb challenges and vlogs like Ryan Doka 
Bertholdt: craft channels, and also little short films and animations
Annie: lots of videos of her cats, and also really adorable videos with Bertholdt like this one, and they’re known as the two YouTubers that NEED to get together
Krista: lot’s of fashions and make up videos, but also really adorable ‘day in her life’ vlogs where she’s shopping with Reiner or Annie or Mikasa, or on a date with Ymir

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I was wondering if I could get headcanons of kage, bokuto and tendou with a s/o who is an artistic gymnast. Your blog is amazing by the way, I'm glad I found it

Finally caught up with some school stuff! Hopefully I can keep it up! But I love this, Anon, I always love being able to look into these sports and events that everyone else does or enjoys and apply them to these boys lives!

So, I hope that you enjoy! I focused on the three main events I know - floor routines, balance beam, and bars - from watching summer Olympics and such!

Kageyama Tobio

  • Like, I really wanna make the argument that this blueberry isn’t flexible, but that would completely end up disregarding the truth considering how he’s so cap arable of folding himself in half so efficiently. So, I want to theorize that it’s thanks to his significant other for his ability to bend the way he can.
    • Seriously, just picture them in the middle of the mat with their feet pressed together and their hands linked as they stretch each other out - surely him more than them.
    • Lol, while they have no problem folding themselves in half, Kageyama - at the start - would be full of loud complaints and struggled breathing as they push (pull?) him to the limit!
  • This boy always has an immense amount of pride whenever he watches the. Just witnessing their tumbling full of perfect flips and handsprings is always mesmerizing to him. And he always makes sure they they know that.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Oh, this boy would be so freakin’ supportive and he is not shy about showing his support. Guarantee he’s invited many of his friends to come and witness their tremendous skill on the balance beam! Like, yes, they’re impressed, but they’ll never be as large of a fan as their boyfriend.
  • When he sees them on the beam, he’s simply amazed with the way they stand to their hands and split their legs or how they backflip to land to expertly on the thin beam. JUST WOW!
    • He totally volunteers to try one day, right? Like, he hops up with this ultra serious face and his arms are stretched out wide on either side of him. Poor thing would take a few shaky steps before getting overexcited and falling hard to the ground. Boy is banned from the high beam until he masters the low beam.
  • He always comments and compliments their hand and feet positions on the beam throughout their routine. It’s a little thing, but he thinks the skill behind it and the techniques used are important to note whenever possible.

Tendou Satori

  • Seriously, with this boys flexibility, he’s always rolling across the mat as his significant other is up practicing their routine on the bars - high bar, uneven bars, whichever on they invest in. He doesn’t make a big deal about it, but he enjoys the freedom while being able to watch.
    • One minute he’ll be just sitting on the mat minding his own business and the next he’ll be pushing himself into a high bridge - he probably tries to time it so that he’s in a new position every time they come around.
  • Oh! And he surely goes to hand form the bar - probably by his legs - when they’re about to practice, right? He totally ransoms it for kisses and would refuse to move until he felt satisfied with the love and affection he’s received!
  • He can seriously lose himself for hours just watching them practice. From taking in the rivets of their muscles as they’re working and their chalk covered hands and the point in their toes. All the details that he tries to catch with each movement they make are just more indicators as to why he loves them.
Dangan's and their tumblr blogs

Naegi: really standard theme. totally in darker pastels and uses cute userboxes. tags everything. friends page, exasperated story posts about his class, memes. description is like three feet long. average following, like 200-300 followers.

Maizono: def has a pink/blue aesthetic and blogs all day about her concerts. tags her friends in everything she loves and thinks they’ll love it too. changes icon like every few days but it’s always just a different selfie. instagram and like 600 heart emojis. description is minimalistic: “Sayaka/17/Idol/🎤❤💙❤💙🎤/(inspirational quote here). Huge follower count, still makes a big deal about gaining 100 followers. Does a lot of giveaways.

Ikusaba: uses her name meaning as a url so it’s like “xxcorpse-warbladexx”. colors are the generic black bg and white text. pretty much part educating people on weapons, part vague-ing about her crush (i.e. reblogging affectionate posts and tagging as “crush”), and mostly talking about her sister. description is just “ikusaba mukuro|soldier|female” and a link to her sister’s blog. Doesn’t talk much about herself or her friends. Hasn’t touched the thing in 5 years. Still has a decent 400 followers

Kuwata: BOLD ASS COLORS AND EYE STRAIN OUT THE WAZOO. seriously, this kid has the most extreme, saturated colors of anyone else. he sees no issue with it. triggered jokes probably, only ‘cause he doesn’t understand what it even means. he posts about his wins in baseball and vagues about his cousin in a bad and really obviously-about-her way. Everyone that tags him calls him Kuweenie. He constantly sends his friends memes in their ask. Shitpost bots. Like 800 followers. Desc. is just “Yo, I’m Leon Kuwata!” and then just his fucking life story honestly. Rants about baseball 24/7, no one knows why he still plays tbh. Selfie game strong.

Fujisaki: best theme of them all, made it themself. Green colors, always posts things like “if i ever reblog something offensive please tell me I promise I’ll delete it!!” like 4 times a week just in case. The most unproblematic. Gets really excited when they get a new piece of tech and blogs about it all day. “I’m Chihiro, a professional programmer in Japan. I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog! 💚💚”. Is science side of tumblr occasionally. Uses the “dark side of ___ show me the illegal ____” meme too much. Friend page, about page, page after page after page holy shit my dude chill out. Not one to show their face but reblogs pictures of them their friends post.

Oowada: Biker aesthetic. Black and gold colors, bold text, “no spellcheck we die like mne”. If he does something that he blogs multiple posts in a row about, he tags it as an “adventure”. Blogged till post limit when he tried getting Ishimaru to learn how to ride his motorcycle. 50000 pictures of him and his gang. Desc. is literally just a quote from a movie and title is the name of his gang. Reblogs anime characters with pompadours, namely Knuckle (hxh) and Josuke (jjba) because he loves comparing his fucking monstrosity hair to theirs. Tags posts about friendship as “bro” so Ishimaru sees. 200 followers.

Ishimaru: study blog. Barebones theme, only just changed the default icon last week. Posts a lot about his class and study notes, answers asks from people about tips on doing work and finding motivation. Tags everything because he loves being orderly. Has a reminder on his phone to check Oowada’s bro tag and makes his own, but it’s just tagged as his name. Low-key conspiracy theorist and nobody knows what he looks like until the motorcycle post stuff happens. Gets anons calling him a cinnamon roll and responds “THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED AN “INTERNET MEME”, YES? HAHA, EXCELLENT! BUT, WHY A CINNAMON ROLL?“. always talks in capslock. Every post feels more intense than an action movie. No description, but the title is "ISHIMARU’S STUDY BLOG”. No emojis ever. Those are illegal on his blog.

Yamada: Anime. Manga. Probably gets deep into the discourse for his favorite things. Elitist attitude on different anime/manga. Posts updates on his doujins constantly, and everyone reblogs it with yelling. Posts a selfie every few months. Gets a lot of anon hate but he shuts them tf up quick. Separate blog for nsfw things. 1k followers and it goes down and up drastically at random. “Yamada/The Alpha and The Omega|Doujin artist|17 years young”

Celeste: Red and black aesthetic. Definitely the most edgy blog aside from Enoshima. No memes, but she reblogs a ton of those vampire aesthetic things and probably follows komaedalovemail to reblog the weird audio and video posts. It’s literally just an aesthetic blog of her in Lolita outfits, vampires, Victorian era dresses, and haunted castles. Her description is just her name and age. Like 20 followers and a cornchip.

Oogami: Flower cursor that Fujisaki helped install. Pretty much just an instructional blog she uses to teach people things like self-defense and a little offense. Half that and half talking about her friends and posts Asahina tags her in, even if she’s not particularly interested. Good following, like 600.

Kirigiri: “Blood splatter analysis” and other things like that. Actively looks for misinformation to correct it. Receipts on literally everyone, has no receipts of herself because there’s nothing you can get that she regrets. Dark purple/burgundy aesthetic. “Kyouko/Japan/Kuwata stop tagging me in those stupid memes”. Gets tagged by Maizono in a lot of pictures of her and others. Occasional gore from horror movies and she adds how it’s unrealistic looking and rates it. 400 followers.

Fukawa: book reviews everywhere. Disses Yamada’s doujins so much that he made a.doujin about her novel. She blocked him. Tags Togami in everything, but he won’t reblog it if she tagged him, even if he likes the content. Everyone gets so confused on why most of her posts go from reserved and kinda salty to ALL CAPS NO PUNCTUATION WE DIE LIKE MEN WOOOOO bc no one knows about Syo and Fukawa just deletes the posts when she switches back. Talks about Komaru and Togami a lot.

Hagakure: so many links to things it looks like a scam blog at first. Gif of a smoky crystal ball as his header. “9/11 was an inside job, click here for more”. Clickbait and unsourced info. Does post some neat videos and facts about things like tarot cards. Memes with Kuwata and tags them all in stupid shitposts. Probably taped 43 pictures of Nicholas Cage in Naegi’s dorm, posted about it, and reblogged Naegi’s frantic posts about it.

Asahina: ocean aesthetic. Takes like 40 selfies a day and blogs about her at the olympics and any of her fellow students she might see there. Stresses the importance of taking care of yourself and kinda doubles as a cute blog and a self help blog. Tags Oogami in animal memes and vines, which she always reblogs. Takes pictures and blogs about everything she’s doing atm, even if it’s just taking a walk.

Togami: Secretly a memester too. Pretends he doesn’t like memes and denies reblogging(then deleting) them. Kirigiri has all the receipts on that. Hagakure finds posts about the Illuminati and tags him with “look your family”. Generally doesn’t use his blog much except to boost his ego. Usually posts about how annoying his classmates are. Unironically says “plebs”.

Enoshima: Cutesy and mostly her modeling pictures along with her around her classmates. Has an overall tone of a generic cute, smart, popular high schooler. Has like 6k followers and gets the Gross Anons. The worst shitposter of them all, but also insensitive and posts memes reflecting that. Autoplay music player at full volume.

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I just wanted to say thank you to you. Your dedication to Tessa and Scott and sharing opinions, content and overall information about them throughout their journey has been incredible. Thank you for giving your time to provide the best blog for us.

This means so much <3 very kind of you to stop by and say these words. I’ve always trusted their work ethic and talent and to see the level they performed at today was all a fan could ever ask for. After Sochi was when I became really involved here so, to go from what happened at those Olympics –> 2 years of break and uncertainty –> the come back announcement I believed could happen –> these last two seasons…culminate to this amazing Nationals and now soon their THIRD Olympics. I am just incredibly proud of them and grateful to be able to have shared all of these experiences on here with great people.

So thank you for following my blog. Just a fan here expressing my love for them.

5 Things Tag Meme

Oh yay, thanks @darrenismydarcy! This is a great distraction (I’m working from home today but I don’t get anything done. I’m too lazy.)

5 things you can find on my blog

  • Darren Criss. So much Darren.
  • Blaine Anderson. Because I love and miss him.
  • A little bit of politics
  • Some figure skating (the season is in full swing and I’m excited for the Olympic Games)
  • Umm, what else? Some photography sometimes?

5 things you can find in my living room

  • My gin collection
  • A super fluffy rug (so fluffy that I lay down on the middle of the floor earlier)
  • An awesome view from the 9th floor
  • A new pair of shoes that I’m trying to break in
  • A cozy blanket

5 things I always wanted to do

  • get one of these patented Darren Criss hugs
  • see Darren perform on Broadway - I’m gonna steal that one from you @darrenismydarcy because same.
  • see the Nothern Lights
  • move into a big city
  • go to a karaoke bar

5 things that make me happy

  • music
  • photography
  • Darren
  • good food
  • witnessing acts of kindness

5 things on my to do list

  • Make doctors appointments (I checked two off my list today but now I actually have to go next week.)
  • Lose more weight (I took a break from my dieting during the holidays but now I’m really having trouble getting back to it)
  • Shop for a new scarf and gloves
  • Getting ready for my New York trip!
  • That reminds me: Applying for leave from work for my New York trip :D Oops. No problem though, I don’t really have to that in advance.

5 things you may not know about me

  • I’ll hopefully soon (well, in a year or so) finish my PhD in physics
  • I’m super anxious and awkward when meeting new people but I’m the most outgoing person when I’m with friends
  • I used to play the flute for 9 years or so and I was actually quite good. Haven’t really touched the instrument since I went to college though. What a shame.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever marry or have kids.
  • I’m a meticulous planner. I like to be prepared, ok?

I’m tagging….

@ipwarn @beezlebubcustardbath @sheepassisted @boroniaserrulata and @thedorkmark (I think most of you have been tagged already but still)

5 things meme

Tagged by @bronzeagelove

I’ ll tag whoever wants to do it. :D

5 things you can find on my blog

  • Mass Effect
  • Writing
  • Disability/Cystic fibrosis Discourse
  • animals
  • General book things

5 things you can find in my room

  • Like so many books. Just so many. 
  • More notebooks than a person would ever conceivably use. 
  • Lots of medical equipment. 
  • A dressform that I always scare myself with at night. 
  • Not one but TWO computers

5 things I always wanted to do

  • Visit Costa Rica
  • Finish a novel 
  • Compete in the Olympics
  • Get said novel published
  • Become a well-known cosplayer

5 things that make me happy

  • My doggo
  • The people that surround me
  • Mass Effect
  • Fud

5 things on my to-do list

  • Finish this short story I’m writing
  • Finish up two cosplays
  • Figure out wtf is going on with my health
  • Clean up my room cause it’s a hot mess
  • Maybe actually watch season 2 of Stranger Things

5 things you may not know about me

  • I grew up fluently bilingual in English/Hungarian but I lost it
  • I have a masters in creative writing so I actually know what I’m talking about
  • One of the posts I made for my old marketing job got shared virally by Huntington Post
  • I also have diabetes!
  • I’m not very good at most things haha

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Hello, I have always felt drawn to Saturn and I somehow ended up on your blog, do you have any links or information on it?

In fact, I do! Saturn is patron of witchcraft, necromancy, and the dark arts; and also governs natural laws, vegetation, weather, boundaries, time, and death. In Greek and Roman mythology, he was father of the Olympic gods, but was castrated and exiled to Tartarus, or the Cave of Night.

In astrology, Saturn governs the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. The sign Saturn was in at the time of your birth signifies how prone to melancholy you are, the level of struggle your life will contain, how you will process mourning, certain aspects of your morality, and your accumulated spiritual or “karmic” debt.

Here is a previous post I made of Saturn’s Magickal Correspondences, and here is a link to all content regarding Saturn on this blog. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! x

Answer 30 Questions, Tag 20 People

tagged by @thebrotherhoodelites  @gingermalarkey @harritudur @umnebelt and @mirrsd and that fact has made me so unbelievably happy! 

Nicknames: -
Gender: female
Sign: Libra
Height: 169cm
Time: 15:57
Birthday: October
Favourite bands: Brainstorm and IAMX have been my loves for ages but now I fail into the category of people finding out songs randomly on youtube
Favourite solo artists: I would say I would hear anything from Stromae and I have a couple of favourite composers like Yann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi whose works I always listen to 
Song stuck in my head: Crazy by the Lost Frequencies 
Last movie I saw: a documentary drama about the Nazi Olympic Games in 1936 
Last show I watched: The Crown
When did I create my blog: 2014
What do I post: mostly photography
Last thing I Googled: spring term holidays 
Do I have any other blogs: none that are active
Do I get asks: once or twice a year but my blog is not interesting enough
Why did I choose my URL: it is true, it is who I´m 
Following: 456
Followed by: 355
Average hours of sleep: 5-16
Lucky number: 21? I don´t really know
Instruments: I can´t play any but I like violins or pianos 
What I am wearing: PJs
Dream job: organising events, trips, working in the field, communicating with the locals for Médecins sans Frontiers 
Dream trip: Berlin 
Fav food: halushki 
Nationality: I consider myself European 
Favourite song: Made of Stone by Matt Corby 
Last book I read: Philip and Elisabeth by Brandreth 
Top 3 fictional universes I wanna join: I don´t really know, LOTR, HP and somewhere good


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Young Justice for the meme thing?

  • who is the aesthetic blogger: KALDUR. He has that calm beauty in how he presents himself and that shows in his posts. Most of his posts are reblogs, but occasionally he adds his own original photography to the mix.
  • who is the sj blogger: Artemis. She’s a minority with a disabled mom, living in the poorer area of the city with a criminal dad. Girl is probably quick to call someone out on their sexist/racist/ableist/classist bullshit. Barbara is the next biggest SJ blogger because she sees the gritty underbelly of Gotham thanks to her dad’s profession. She sees how his hands can be tied due to the red tape and knows that things need to be changed at a cultural level if they are ever going to be changed legally.
  • who is the fandom blogger: M'gann. Like, do I even need to explain why? She convinced her crush to name himself after the love interest of her favorite character in her favorite sitcom. That alone should be the sign.
  • who puts everything under a read more: Dick. Like, he’ll tag it with all these sad tags like #:(((( and #whatever Bruce and #sigh but then the others click on it and it’s like an explosion of goofy gifs and Rick Rolling. Everyone just rolls their eyes, but some of the gifs are actually pretty good so people save them for future reference. The only time he’s serious and actually using his blog to vent under a “read more” is when it’s tagged #tbd.
  • who posts the most selfies: Cassie and Karen. Cassie just posts pictures of herself doing ridiculous things, making ridiculous faces. Cassie probably won the selfie Olympics, let’s be real. And Karen doesn’t always post a lot of selfies per se, but posts a lot of pictures of what she’s doing in the lab. Mal always leaves comments on them about how proud of her he is.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast: Bart. It drives them all crazy because he brings back memes from months or even years ago. He still uses the “surprise bitch!” meme on a regular basis, much to everyone’s dismay. He’s been banned from doing anything with the “colors of the sky” post. It was the only compromise he was willing to make.
  • who makes really quality themes: Zatanna! She makes really fantastic, minimalist themes. But she sometimes makes more elaborately designed themes for her friends (Or really anyone else who messages her. She’s friendly like that.). Wally still gushes over the science-theme she made him months ago.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments: Jaime. No one tells him to stop though because he’s just so damn sweet. And all his comments, though pointless, are really positive and nice. So, they let it slide.
  • who has the most followers: Wally. No one understands why, exactly. It drives Artemis crazy. He swears it’s because of the one shirtless selfie he posted months ago, but Dick says it’s probably because Connor was also shirtless in the background. M'gann says, very sweetly, that maybe it’s from all the funny puns he posts. No one else agrees.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post: Raquel. She’s not great at verbalizing what she’s thinking, even in person. She uses a lot of hand gestures and movement when she talks, so when she types she relies on emojis and gifs to help get her point across.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: Connor. He and M'gann bond over loving tv shows together and he just… sorta let it all get away from him.

(This was so fun! Thank you!)

anonymous asked:

Hi Sousuke, Rin! I just wanted to let you know that your blog always brings me a smile whenever I'm feeling sad or even depressed and I'm really thankful!! Also a reminder that even if you're busy, once in a while just have fun and relax a little!!

This is really unexpected; I didn’t know people liked reading about our lives, but we’re glad it makes you happy! And we will! We’ve just been busy lately preparing for the Olympics, with the Olympic trials and everything.

-R + S

“I take my Bible with me, sometimes two of them, when I travel… . I always pray at every competition, when the judge’s hand goes up I am praying, and there are little Scriptures I like to quote. That keeps me motivated when I am about to go out on the competition floor. I would say little short prayers, quoting Scriptures: I can do all things through Christ, don’t fear, be courageous. Little things like that get me motivated.” 
  - Gabby Douglas


Ok I’m honestly tired of the amount of hate that Calum blogs and blogs in general are getting simply because they are reblogging and posting things about Nathan Adrian. I get that some older fans feel some sort of “superiority” (?) or sense of protection because you’ve known about him longer but that is no excuse to go around and calling people rude things because they started liking him too. And no, they don’t like him just because Calum looks like him, yes that might have gotten their attention at first but I haven’t seen a SINGLE blog that only likes Nathan for his looks. They all talk about how sweet he is, goofy and overall adorable. They all seem to be genuinely interested in swimming now and have watched all the swimming events of the Olympics this year. Stop giving them hate because it’s so uncalled for and honestly Nathan wouldn’t like you all doing that. He’s always smiling and cheerful so be like him and let others live.

anonymous asked:

Why would someone "accuse" you of being white when you think Japanese imperialism was terrible? It actually was and even if someone would be as outdated to say such thing, a not little part of Europe was on the side of the axis. Also white people?

It was a sort of “why do you talk so much about non-European imperialism, don’t you know white supremacy is GLOBAL and WORSE” kind of mentality. This idea that I was probably a white person whose main motivation in saying “I hate how ppl play down the awfulness of Japanese imperialism” is to diminish the severity of European imperialism with a sort of “everyone does it narrative”. 

Which is just so incredibly Western-centric: not everyone’s families always lived in places where only white people had the power to oppress in this manner. And it usually reeks of oppression olympics. 

I generally don’t like how a lot of blogs here discuss WW2 because there’s a tendency to fit the Japanese conquest of Asia in some sort of rigid white vs POC dichotomy (as Japan fought the US + European colonial empires). It completely neglects how Japanese supremacy was a thing in Asia. Japan lost the war, but they entered it as a colonial empire with one of the most powerful navies in the world. They had real power to oppress us, and did so on racial lines (Japanese vs non-Japanese, Japanese are destined to rule other Asians etc), as Nazi Germany did. And yes, there were a lot of similarities in the militant nationalist ideologies of Nazi Germany and Showa Japan, even though the geographic distance between the two limited the extent of cooperation. 

This Week’s Selection

Hi! Here is another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…always remember to find something that you love:

Soundtrack Series


Steal My Girl

Ready To Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Girl Almighty

Fool’s Gold

Night Changes

No Control



Stockholm Syndrome


Change Your Ticket


Once In A Lifetime

Act My Age

Midnight Memories

Best Song Ever

Story Of My Life


Midnight Memories

You & I

Don’t Forget Where You Belong



Right Now

Little Black Dress

Through The Dark

Something Great

Little White Lies

Better Than Words

Why Don’t We Go There

Does He Know


Half A Heart


Friend With Benefits

You Break Up

Cute Moments

Olympic Closing Ceremony

He Breaks Up A Fight Between You And Your Friend/Sibling

You Get Injured And It’s His Fault

The TV Show He Hates Watching With You

His Family Comes Over For Dinner

He Sees You Naked For The First Time

Lyrics That Remind You Of Your Relationship

How He Shows You He Loves You

He Has A Nightmare

Embarrassing Moments

He Finds Out Because Of The Media

His Choices That You Don’t Agree With

You’re Best Friends

You Use Your “Celebrity Status” For The Wrong Reason

He Says Something He Shouldn’t When He’s Drunk Part 2

He Makes Fun Of You Over Something You Did In The Past

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby Part 2

You’re Pregnant And He Doesn’t Want The Baby

First Date

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other Part 2

You’re Both Secretly Cheating On Each Other

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member Part 2

You’re Cheating With Another Band Member

You Do Damage Control

He Drives You To Work

You’re Dating Someone Else Famous When You Meet Him For The First Time

Fans Ship You With Someone Else

You’re Pregnant and It Isn’t His

You Meet Him While On Vacation

You See A Maniped Picture Of A Fan And Him That Was Originally You And Him

You’re On Kiss Cam

You Have An Affair With Him Part 3

You Have An Affair With Him Part 2

You Have An Affair With Him

He Calls You His Wife

He Loses Something of Yours

Sex Rumors

You Catch Him In A Lie

One of the Boys Finds Dirty Pictures He Had Of You

He Takes Dirty Pictures Of You

You Intimidate The Girls At The Video Shoot

One Bad Habit You Know He Hates But He Doesn’t Say Anything About

He Takes You To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity

You Lose Something Of His

He Visits Your Hometown For The First Time

He Gets In A Fight For You

He Proposes But You Don’t Think He’s Being Serious

You Learn A Language Together

Why You Won’t Get Married

You Take Him To Watch Your College Football Team Play In The BCS National Championship

Another Guy Kisses You

You Lose Something of His

He’s Someone Else’s Celebrity Crush and You Get Jealous

What He Loves Most About You

How He Finds Out Your Biggest Secret

The Things You Two Do To Drive The Fans Crazy

One Of The Other Boys Has To Stay With You For The Week

You Go House Hunting With Him But You Aren’t Moving In With Him

The Moment You Realize You’re Famous Because of Him

He Tells You To Quit Your Job

The Media Finds Out You’re Pregnant Before You Get A Chance To Tell Him

He Asks Your Dad’s Permission To Marry You

He Goes With You On Your Family Vacation  

Management Says You’re Around Too Much

He Doesn’t Show Up For Rehearsal

His Ringtone For When You Call

You Reach Out To The Fans

You Get A Tattoo That Reminds You Of Him And He Doesn’t Know About It

He Does The Shopping While You’re At Work

He Has To Be Away Longer Than He Expected

He’s Being Reckless

You Pack His Suitcase

You Go Out With The Other Girlfriends

You Cook A Meal He Doesn’t Like

Your Best Friend Spreads Rumors

You’re Offered A Job That He Doesn’t Want You To Take

He’s Asked About You Before You Two Make It Official

You’re With Him When He Sees His Family For The First Time Since Leaving For Tour

How You Prove You Aren’t With Him For The Money or Fame

Fans Spot You Outside His House The Morning After He Returns From Tour

The Fans See You Without Makeup On

Nightly Routine

Sex On The Tour Bus

What You Did Before You Met

Romantic Vacation Together And The Fans Think He’s Going To Propose

First Time Spending The Night Together

The Hotel Lobby Calls With Noise Complaints

The First “I Love You”

The Little Things You Do That Let Him Know You Care


Another Guy Hits You/Hits On You and He Loses It

He Wants To Elope

Your Waiter Hits On You

Birthday Gifts

He Spends Time With Your Sibling

He Meets Your Ex And He’s A Douche

He Walks Out Of An Interview

You Have A Scar And You Tell Him How You Got It

Inside Jokes  

He Wants You To Move In But You Aren’t Ready

Your Ex Shows Up When You Aren’t Home

Dirty Tweets From Fans

He Whispers Something Dirty To You During A TwitCam

You Meet The Super Fans

You Befriend A Fan

He Makes Fun Of Your Southern Accent

Your Best Friend Has A Baby

When You Know He’s Jealous


His Mom Calls You About The Pregnancy Rumors

What He Buys You Just Because  

How He Handles The Fan Fiction Written About Him

How He Acts At Home When It’s Just The Two Of You

You Catch Him Watching Porn

He Helps You Dye Your Hair

He Takes You To The Hospital

One of the Other Boys Sets You Two Up

Massage Time, Not Dirty

You See Him Cry

Day At The Water Park

You Get Swarmed By The Paps/Fans While Out

Role Play

One Shots

Request For Alice - You Escape

Request For Emily - He Takes You To The Taping of The Tonight Show

Request For Reagan – He Joins You In The Shower

Request For Lexa – An Emotional Reunion

Request For Rachel – Spotted on Vacation

Request For Lauren – Composure

Request For Ky – Accidents Happen.

Request For Mary – You Shouldn’t Have Eavesdropped

Request For Emily – You Make Me Strong

Request For Kate – “Just Friends.”

Request For Natalie – Love Triangle

Request For Angela – Tuned in

Request For Jasmine – Jealous

Request For Hannah – Baby Blues

Request For Samantha – Hidden Feelings

Request For Aaliyah – Hard to Stay Mad

Request For Lauren - Peppa Pig Twins

Request For Shanice - Post Interview Coffee

Request For Selia - Friends With His Friends

Request For Barbara - More Than Love

Request For Kristin - The Phone Call You Shouldn’t Make

Request For Rachel - Finding Your Calm

Request For Sam - A New Reminder

Request For Kaitlynn - Teacups and Mickey Hats

Request For Andrea - Don’t

Request For Mary - Late Night Talks

Request For Julia - Dumb Jokes

Request For Sarah Jane - First Night

Request For Dayu - Stay With Me

Request For Tatin - Silent Treatment

Request For Krisma - Hotel California

Request For Maria - Wasn’t It Worth It?

Request For Amy - Airport Life

Request For Olivia - Five Months

Request For Susan - He Wants To Meet You

Request For Pattie - He Moves Out

Request For Megan - Two Weeks With Liam

Request For Monique - He Comforts You

Request For Brittany - Too Drunk To Drive Part 2

Request For Brittany - Too Drunk To Drive

Request For Mary - Post Relationship Pizza Part 2

Request For Mary - Post Relationship Pizza

Request For Naika - New On Set

Request For Emily - Dramatic Dinner Party

Request For Rose - The Alcohol Talking Part 2

Request For Rose - The Alcohol Talking

Request For Abigail - The One Going Home With You

Request For Angeles - Unwanted Attention



anonymous asked:

I one of the many reasons I'm a big Meryl Davis fan is that she is using her post-Olympic limelight to reward her skating fans with performances and appearances, grow the fan-base of her sport of ice dancing and be a positive role model for young athletes. I also believe that this is something that Maks admires about her as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks keeping your blog drama free and being the kind of Maksyl shipper I can follow!

My pleasure. Meryl is a wonderful role model who always champions kindness. I try to do the same as best I can.