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CPS wont help me. Just because i didnt have photo proof of anything. Im sincerely stuck.

I’m so sorry, tbh child services won’t help me out and I have a video of what happened, when I ran away cps told my mom that if she wants, they could force me back home, and when I told the cops I was abused recently they drove me to my house and forced me to stay home, and told my mom that if I hurt her she can call the cops because adult abuse is “a serious problem” and yelled at me to respect her because she loves me and misses me and my mom is supposed to be responsible for me. As soon as that cop found out the friends I was staying with were thrown out of their house by their mom and one of them was slapped, she asked “did you say sorry?” and they said “we tried that while she was throwing our stuff out of her house” and I said “they have nothing to be sorry for”. She was basically yelling at me when I told her I was abused. And while we were driving to her house I told her to stop saying that my mom misses me and was excited to see me home, I told her someone was committing a crime against me and she tells me they love me, does she do that to kidnapping victims? And she didn’t give any real response besides “your mom is supposed to love you.” And then when we got to my house I didn’t know this because she refused to let me out of the car so I couldn’t hear, but she was telling my mom that I seem unstable and she might need to call the cops on me, she told my mom if I hit her I could go to jail. And I would’ve gotten fucking pissed if I knew she said that because you don’t tell kidnappers that they have rights when you fight back! What the hell was wrong with this woman? And then she took me out of the car and started getting pissed at me, like “this is your mom, you need to respect her, alright?” And all I could do was nod because I already knew I was gonna get beat as soon as this cop left and I didn’t want the beating to be so bad I’d die. But at some point I got really pissed off and I just started yelling at her, and she called me a brat and I had to take it and I was like “maybe I’m a brat but you don’t get to tell people who were thrown out of their house that they should apologize to the person who’s been tormenting them. Do you have kids?” and she nodded and I continued “do you beat them? Do you throw them out?” and she said “You expect me to just assume-” And I said “well you’re not assuming, someone came into your office and told you what was happening to them but you didn’t care because you don’t have the capability to empathize with us, so how can I guarantee that you can empathize with your children? Maybe your children should be taken away from you. These people needed your help and you essentially told them with the uniform you unjustly wear that they are criminals for being thrown out on the streets. You keep making this assumption that my mom loves me because she’s standing there smiling in front of you but that’s because she wants to wait to do the illegal stuff until after you leave. Children aren’t criminals.” And then I went into the house and she had no response before she drove off and I swear to god the only thing that would have made me feel more badass would be if the car exploded behind me while I put on shades, that’s something I really need to include in the child abuse book I’m writing because usually in those moments when I get pissed at someone for an injustice and I’m not on my meds, I’m either shaking and fidgeting the entire time I’m saying it or I just don’t say it at all, although I’m so embarrassingly sjw that everybody in my school knows me for fighting with a racist teacher I have. But whatever, I’m getting too into how awesome that felt, the point is basically no government authorities follow any form of protocol on the subject of child abuse. We basically ignore these events and call them decent parenting and no one pays attention to the fact that there are actually controversies and discourse on the matter just as there is for rape and gun violence. How am I supposed to trust authorities when my parents treat me like shit and because of that the cops treat me like a criminal and then CPS tells my mom about me telling them without any plans of helping me?

So there’s my sjw rant for you since you brought up a major political point that I want a lot of my career to revolve around, but here’s the positive I can inform you of. Trash CPS isn’t the only way you can get out. IDK how old you are but you could get emancipated as a minor if you’re over 14 depending on your state laws. You could also join a group home, although that requires aid from CPS I think but less so. Please don’t base your plans around any one specific option, you should always be taking steps towards all three, calling CPS over and over again, looking into group homes, raising money to get an apartment and get emancipated. There is definitely some way to escape soon if you just keep pursuing those options.

pretty fucking cute (leafyishere)

hey guys its been awhile since i written anything (again) and I’m really sorry, but i was just hit by some inspiration so i decided to write.. hope you enjoy :) btw i recently just got into leafyishere about 3 months ago (and this pinecone already has me wrapped around his fucking finger) and i understand not everyone is a fan, but i decided i wanted to begin writing imagines based on him, but i promise he’s not gonna be the only one (i can take any requests) i just decided to make him another one of my focuses 

bold- text messages

warning- cussing, mention of a cyberbully lol

——————————————————————                                       ~~ As your eyes began to open slowly taking in the light of the cold saturday morning, you began to realize where you were. You looked to your left noticing a broad figure lying peacefully. The conners of your lips began to form in a small smile at the thought of being next to him, being able to touch him and feel him next to you and not just see him through the small computer screen.

You and Calvin have been dating for over 6 months now and you’ve never been happier. You were first introduced to Calvin over Youtube, you yourself had created a Youtube channel to be able to express your opinions and not only entertain yourself, but just like Calvin, distract yourself from life’s issues. Most of your content wasn’t as extreme as Calvin’s, but it seemed to get people’s attention and created a great fanbase for you. One day you received a ton of mentions on twitter containing the same link, a leafyishere youtube video. The video was titled “THE MOST AWKWARD GIRL ON YOUTUBE”. When you looked at the thumbnail you just thought to yourself “oh fuck.” First of all you had never seen anything of this youtubers content before, of course you’d heard of him, mainly insults calling him the “cancer of youtube” and second, you knew this was gonna be a disaster because you knew you were super awkward. The reason you were so stumped by the thumbnail was because you could tell it was one of your old videos you had posted when you had first started your channel. The video was meant to be “funny” while you attempted to create a blog while visiting Disneyland with some of your close friends. In the video you would try your hardest to be as funny as you could and would go up to random people and tell them a cheesy pick up line while they in return gave you a face of disgust, it was a MESS. As your mouse hovered over the youtube video you already knew what was coming. Although the video did say some mean things about you, that you didn’t take seriously because you knew the video was cringey af, he did add some pretty cute comments like complimenting your giggle saying “I’m not gonna lie dude that was pretty fucking cute.” As you were finishing watching the video you couldn’t take the obvious smile off your face, his voice was just so endearing to you, you couldn’t seem to hold back a grin. But overall this kid was funny af. You had always enjoyed people with satire humor, because you weren’t one to take things too seriously. You decided to respond to the video so you tweeted him “@y/n: @leafyishere this is honestly one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. nice job roasting my cringey ass” Eventually he responded with “@leafyishere: @y/n anytime ;))” After these tweets you both followed each other and started @ing one another on a daily basis both of your fandoms freaking out anytime there were any interaction with the two of you. After some time he eventually got the nerve to dm you and your little heart did flips the minute you got a notification that read “message from @leafyishere: um hi there…” This is the message that then started it all. You both eventually went from twitter dms to texting constantly, then phone and Skype calls on a daily basis, you were both hooked. He always made you smile no matter what, to others he was labeled as a cyberbully and a terrible person, but to you he was the only person who could bring such happiness to your life that you couldn’t go a day without smiling over just the thought of him. Things started getting pretty serious between the two of you, soon enough the both of you expressed your deep feelings for each other and how you both appreciated each other more than anything. He always said he wanted to ask you to be his official girlfriend but it didn’t seem right to do it over the phone, his exact words were “i don’t wanna ask you over the phone though because thats just fucking dumb as shit, i wanna say it to your cute ass face in person.” Time then started to fly by and every time you talked the subject of meeting one another always came up. Distance was basically your cock blocker. He lived in Ohio and you in California so of course it was tough for both you and him to find time with your busy schedules. Nights were the times you always had your free time, but for Calvin he never knew when to take a break and spent all his time trying to make the best videos for his fans. So most of your night texts were you trying to convince him to go to sleep when eventually you couldn’t pry your eyes open any longer and would give in to the sleep and wake up feeling guilty for not staying up with him, to which he always replied saying “its fine, i can’t sleep anyways so might as well do something while I’m up.” Which broke your heart every time. 

With time you and Calvin only seemed to fall harder and harder. He helped you with all your bullshit and you helped him with his. Thats all you both needed. The desire to meet started to build up more and more during all this time, the frustration of not being able to touch and see each other started to become overwhelming. One day you started getting into your feels after watching some of his newest face cams, swooning like crazy, and you texted him curious as to why he hadn’t been relying as much as usual.


“yes cutie?”

“fuck i hate us were so cringey… anyways what are you up to?”

“watching some of your youtube videos…”

“no way i was just doing the same thing”

“you were watching your own videos?”

“no cal i was watching yours you dumbass”

“well shit my bad”

“i wanna see your face”

“uh right now?”

“no next year.. yes right now”

“someones sassy today…i like it”

“so can i see my pinecone now or what?”

“i hate you..and idk baby i kinda wanted to take a nap I’m feeling really exhausted today”


“you seem excited about my nap”

“well duh i care about your health asshole, now stop talking to me and go the fuck to sleep buh bye”

“you’ve been watching my videos way too much you’re starting to become a bully”


“night babygirl”

“night you mug”

Seeing that he was gonna take a nap you decided you could use one yourself, so you laid down and the minute you did, you knocked out. All of a sudden a ringing woke you from your sleep. With your eyes barely open you grabbed your phone and saw you were getting a FaceTime call from Cal. You panicked because you missed him so much and straightened up as much as possible to not look like death and quickly answered. The minute his face popped up on the screen you had a huge smile on your face. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you noticed he was in a building with really bright lights. “Wasn’t he suppose to be taking a god damn nap.” you thought to yourself. 

“hi baby”

“hey cal.. where are you? its so bright” you responded with a faint voice due to you just waking up

“aw did i wake you babe? sorry but i just couldn’t wait”

“wait for what?”

instead of saying anything he just flipped the camera on his phone and you noticed lots of people dragging suitcases and many people standing next to baggage claims and thats when it clicked.


“oh yeah”


“no actually I’m about to get on a spaceship right now with pewdiepie because were about to get off of this horrible planet…yes I’m here!”


As this processed through your mind you realized you looked like shit and your place was a mess and he was about 20 mins away. 

“omg i gotta go Cal i need to clean and shit. wHY DIDNT YOU WARN ME?”

“babe don’t stress. its just me. as long as i see you i don’t care about anything else. you could have shit on your walls and i wouldn’t care…okay that was a little too far.”

“ugh fine just get your cute ass here soon”

“yes ma’am”

Once the call ended you ignore what he said and made yourself look decent enough as well as your apartment. Time seemed to go by so damn slow and you waiting impatiently for Cal to arrive. Any car you heard pass by made your heart burst out of your chest. Soon enough you heard a car door close and the wheels of a suitcase make their way to the elevator. As you looked out your window you could see Cal entering the elevator. You couldn’t wait any longer so you ran out of your apartment and stood in front of the elevator doors. As you saw the levels the elevator was passing your nerves started to get the best of you, you were basically shaking from the anticipation. Finally the doors of the elevator opened and there he stood. As he looked up to get out his eyes met yours. You both never broke eye contact as he raced to you and held your face in his soft hands and kissed you like his life depended on it. You wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him as close to you as you could, never wanting any distance to come between you both ever again. As you pulled away to catch your breath, he followed your lips groaning at the loss of contact.

“i need to breath Cal” you giggled while placing your forehead on his. 

“sorry i can’t contain myself, I’ve wanted to do that for so long and now that I’ve gotten a taste i don’t thing ill ever want to stop.”

You giggled as you lightly slapped his chest making him chuckle along with you and adding on “not gonna lie dude that was pretty fucking cute.” causing you to blush more than you already were. You both stood there in the middle of the hall just taking each other in, until you realized you were just standing in the middle of the hall like idiots and walked into your apartment. As you lead him into the apartment you could feel his eyes slowly checking you out from behind and you soon enough felt him slap your butt and say “damn girl you thicc af.” making you laugh once again. Once you settled everything where it needed to be you walked into the kitchen offering him some water, but instead received complete silence. When you looked up you noticed he was leaning against the wall just staring at you with a clear smirk on his face, typical him being a tease. 



“why are you staring, its not nice to stare cal”

“hmm well then i must be evil because i can’t stop”

“loser” you said with a bright red face, to which he chuckled at.

“i can’t believe I’m here with you.. god I’m so happy right now its ridiculous”

“i can’t believe you flew all the way over here just to see me, and nice job keeping from me you’re usually a terrible liar”

“wow thanks”

“anytime” you stated with a smirk.

Most of the time you spent together on the couch without ever breaking physically contact as if fearing that it wouldn’t last as long as you both wanted it to. You joked around and said cheesy things to each other, to which you both would never admit to actually enjoying. You even had some fun in the bedroom, you had to catch up on EVERYTHING. 

“how long are you staying?” you asked while laying next to him on your bed while he brushed a piece of hair off of your face.

“as long as you want me to stay”

“well in that case your never leaving”

“are you sure you won’t get tired of me?” he laughed pulling you closer to his chest.

“never” you mumbled into his chest 



“can i ask you something?”

“of course whats up?” you looked up at him looking into his eyes.

He stared at you for a while adorning you’re face, letting his mind look over every detail of your face.

“i um, i wanted to do this face to face and now seems like a good time to bring it up..and i know its gonna be really fucking lame but well I’m pretty lame, but thats besides the point… um.. do you maybe wanna… fuck omg I’m so embarrassing…will you be my official girlfriend?” he stumbled saying with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“are you kidding me? is that even a question? of fucking course i do..why else would i call you my pinecone, that’s a pretty clear hint.”

“god you’re fucking great.” he said with a chuckle.

Although you weren’t certain if he was staying forever or about your future, which seemed legit especially since he even brought his set up to make youtube videos while visiting you, you decided to live in the moment as you both slowly let the serenity take over until you were both sound asleep, that was the one night he slept peacefully, with you by his side.

This was the moment you woke up, realizing your surroundings and seeing his figure lie next to you. You just couldn’t believe it, he was here, it was real, and you weren’t letting go anytime soon. Although the future seemed complicated in figuring out how to manage your relationship with the distance and the busy schedules, you didn’t care at the moment. Right now you had him, right now he was yours, right now nothing could stop you from feeling what you felt for this boy. 

“thank you,” you whispered to the sleeping boy, “thank you for making me feel this way..”

“anytime babygirl, anytime..” 

—————————————————————— holy shit that was bad I’m really sorry, i actually really tried but it just turned out supper cheesy and lame, and i also apologize for any spelling mistakes or any mistakes on the calvin facts, like i said before i just got into his stuff and I’m not too confident on his background. 

but anyways if you have any request PLS don’t hesitate to ask, I’m free for anything and ill try my best:))

xoxo esmi

Behind The Scenes 2 (12/16)

Author’s note: This part starts off back to Y/n’s POV and it is from her POV after she leaves the room. For me this was one of my favorite parts to write. Idk why its was, but it was just nice to finally reveal something about Jimin. I reallu hope you all like this part and sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst-ish (Jimin)

Word count: 2688

Summary: You finally find out why Jimin hates you.

Warnings: a bit of verbal abuse

Other parts: HERE

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You stepped out of the room and looked down the dark hallway to see which room you could possibly go in. The lights coming from under the doors let you know who was still awake. Besides, your own door, the only other doors with the lights on were V’s room and Jhope’s room.

“Hobi is awake?!? I should go with him!” you thought. You made your way to Jhope’s door and lightly knocked.

“What?” you heard through the door.

“It’s y/n.” you said.

“Y/n?” Footsteps made their way to the door and soon Jhope was staring down at you with drowsy yet shocked eyes. “Y/n! What are you doing out of your room?” he whispered, pulling you into his room to hide you. He looked back to Rap monster’s room before closing his door.

“Don’t’ worry, the manager is talking with Jimin and he said that Namjoon wanted me to be in a different room while they talked.” You said casually as you made your way to his bed.

“The manager is here?”

“Yeah, he is talking to Jimin about something… Why do you look so worried?”

“Uh… its nothing. Uh, I’m just… nervous! … What if um he’s… getting after Jimin about something and he has to talk to the rest of us too.”

“Well he didn’t exactly look upset if that makes you feel better.”

“… That makes me feel worse…” he mumbled under his breath.

“So what are you doing?” you had already set yourself on one side of his bed.

Jhope made his way to his usual side and lay down next to you. “Nothing, just texting.” He yawned

“Is that why you haven’t taken anything to make you sleep?”

“Exactly!” he smiled. His phone buzzed and he averted his attention to it immediately.

“So who are you texting?”

“A few girls, but right now the one I’m texting is the one that is most likely to do what we need her to do.” His eyes still on his phone.

“What’s her name?”

“Um, wait… Her name? I think it’s um… Mei-hui. Why?’

“Just curious… Are you ready for the tour?”

“The real question here is, are you ready for the tour?!” He asked turning to you dramatically, but his attention soon went back to his phone.

You rolled your eyes, but you still gave him an answer. “No, not even close. Like yeah I have new clothes, but I don’t even have stupid luggage! I don’t even know what to expect from the tour either. I’m just scared about it in general. So, not ready at all.”

“You know I have some old luggage that you could use. You should have told me sooner. You were worrying about that for nothing. About the other stuff… Just stick by me and Yoongi and everything will be okay. Listen to your hope.” He smiled.

For the next few minutes, you and Jhope talked a bit while he was sometimes distracted by his phone. But soon, you noticed that he was getting sleepier and sleepier. It didn’t surprise you when he said, “I’m sorry y/n, I know you barely got here, but I’m too tired. You can stay if you want though.”

“Don’t worry my horse, I’ll let you sleep. Goodnight.” You got up from the bed and turned off the light before leaving his room.


You wanted to go to Suga’s room, but a loud thud stopped you. You looked around to see if someone was behind you, but no one was there. Suddenly, you heard a loud yet muffled voice coming from your room. “Don’t tell me they are fighting!” You thought to yourself. you ran to your door to try and see what was going on, to see if Jimin was getting hurt.

“Jimin?? What’s going on in there?” You ran to your door and busted in.

What you expected to see was Jimin and the manager in some type of fist fight, but what you walked in on was just a big surprise. You found the manager all over Jimin. His hands were moving to unbuckle Jimin’s pants while his mouth was on Jimin’s.

“Y/n!” Jimin shouted as he pushed the manager off him.

The manager was just as surprised to see you. “Shit!” was the only response before he pushed past you and left the dorm.

“Did- He- You- “ It was hard for you to wrap your mind around what you just saw. You didn’t think Jimin and the manager were in any type of relationship.

Jimin quickly pulled you in and slammed the door shut. “You fucking bitch! Why the fuck did you come back?!?”

“It’s just- I- I heard- I thought-“

“You better not fucking dare tell anyone you sneaky whore!”

“I- I-“

“If you speak a fucking word about this I am going to release that video of you and Jungkook myself! I’m going to spread it all over the internet and say that Jungkook was actually someone else and everyone will think you cheated on him. I’ll get everyone to actually fucking hate you!” He continued to yell at you. The more upset he got, the closer he moved towards you. It wasn’t long before he had you pinned against the wall. He was just shouting insults and threats non-stop.

You couldn’t take it anymore. The only reason you even came back was because you thought they were fighting. You were only trying to look out for him, you thought he might have been getting hurt or something. You couldn’t handle his screaming. You couldn’t take another insult, not after all these months. Anger, fear and frustration were boiling inside you and you couldn’t keep it in anymore.

You slapped him. You gathered every bit of anger, fear and pain you felt towards him and you slapped him across the face. He quickly stopped yelling and looked back at you in disbelief. Even you were surprised you actually did it.

“Fuck you!” you shouted. Saying those two words never felt so good. And you didn’t stop more from coming out of you. You began taking steps towards him. “Fuck you Jimin! I only fucking came back in here cuz I thought he was beating you up. Despite how much you infuriate me, I came back to try and save your ass, so fuck you!… And you know what?!? I’m so fucking tired of all your bullshit! You and I both know all the stuff you say about me is just a bunch of motherfucking bullshit! Fine! I admit that Jungkook and I fucked, but the was one time and it was months ago! I never slept with anyone else, I never did anything with anyone else! And I’ve never done anything to you to make you treat me this way, not a single thing! But no! You just can’t let go of that little detail about me. You’ve taken that one fact about me and intensified it. You took it and made a whole backstory about the “real me” and about my “real intentions”. You always call me stupid, but the real stupid one here is you! You’re so lost in your fucking delusional thoughts that you forgot somethings else about me… That I don’t want to fucking be here! I’m only here so I don’t get fucking murdered, so that my family and friends aren’t slaughtered! But tell me Jimin, despite all this, why do you hate me? I can’t understand why the fuck you fucking hate me! Explain to me! Explain it to me now!” By now you had him pinned against his bed.

He was glaring back at you, but it wasn’t out of hate this time. He stayed quiet for a moment as he seemed to take in your words. “…Because… Every moment that you are with Jungkook, you are experiencing the moments I only wish that I could call mine.” His voice was soft but controlled. You could feel the strength behind his words. “Do you think I like living this way?!” you noticed the anger spark in his eyes. “Do you?!? Working day in and day out, not having a chance to live a normal life, not even a normal idol life. I knew what I was getting into when I was becoming an idol, but not this shit that Namjoon is putting me through. What you walked in on isn’t what you think it is. Do you think I actually like getting fucked by the manager, getting fucked by a man I find repulsive?!? At least once a week I am forced to be with him, to be with a man whose touch makes my skin boil! So much as a touch of his finger and I just want to rip my skin off! Why?!? Why do I do it?!? So my family doesn’t turn their backs on me! So that this world doesn’t turn its back on me!… When that isn’t bad enough, I have you here. Jungkook has always had different girls, but I knew they were just some girl, someone he had no interest in seeing again… But then you came along and for some unknown fucking reason he was different with you. He took you on a date and not once, but twice he invited you into our home. Each time I was reminded of the real reason you were over and it killed me. It killed me to know what he wanted to do to you, to see the way he looked at you, the way he is never going to look at me…” His anger was back and he was slowly taking steps back at you. “Then you started working for Namjoon! You were in my face every fucking day. A constant reminder of a night with Jungkook. To me, a look at you is like a stab in the chest. Now! Now, I’m sharing my fucking room with you! I had to give up my one bit of personal space for you! My only space where I am able to get away from everything! Let’s not forget the fact that I have to deal with you and Jungkook as a fake couple! I have to see you two holding hands, kissing and hugging… Whether its fake or not, those are moments I will never have with him. He’s never going to look at me the way he does you! He’s never going to hold me the way he does you! He’s never going to love me the way he did you… So that’s why…”. The fierceness of his voice contradicted the tears threatening to fall from his eyes. His voice barely cracked, but the pain was apparent in his expression.

It was weird to see Jimin like this, almost broken. It felt like he was just barely hanging on by a single thread. You couldn’t help but feel confused. In your months of being stuck with them, you never saw this side of him. The weirdness only intensified when he broke down on the floor crying.

“Fuck! I broke him! What do I do?!?” you thought. Your eyes scattered around the room, taking notice of the door many times. “What if someone heard us??” You couldn’t help but panic.

You fell down next to him and tried to get him to stop crying. “Ssshhhh… Jimin… please stop crying…someone will hear you…”. It was stupid to think his crying would disturb anyone when the both if you were shouting just moments before, but it didn’t hit you to be quiet until then. “Jimin please… uh… Jimin…” You didn’t know what to say to ease the situation. He just continued to cry. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck what do I do?” you thought.

With much hesitancy, you placed a hand on his back. He didn’t push you away or pull away from you, if anything it seemed like your touch calmed him a tiny bit.

For what felt like a long time, you very very awkwardly patted Jimin’s back to calm him down. Eventually, you noticed that he stopped crying. He stayed hunched over the floor, his face hidden from you.

There was a long moment of silence before he sat up. He made sure to face away from you as he wiped his tears away. It was bad enough he broke down in front of you, he didn’t want to further humiliate himself.

You didn’t know what to ask him. You couldn’t see his face, so you weren’t able to read his vibe very well. “You okay?” you asked awkwardly

He scoffed at your stupid question, but he didn’t say anything. You didn’t say anything either

“Did all that really just happen? Do I say something? How mad is he now?” you were too lost in thought, you almost didn’t notice that he was slowly turning to face you.

The puffiness of his eyes were the first things that grabbed your attention, the second was his red runny nose. It was very much a sight you never thought you’d see, at least, not for this reason. You analyzed his features and his posture and you felt like you were staring at a completely different person.

“Do you like what you see?” His voice surprised you, but not as much as the question itself.

“No.” you answered blankly

“No? After all the shit I’ve put you through… You aren’t happy to see me this way?”

“Surprisingly… no”

He stared at you a bit. “Why- Why did you come back?”

“… I thought the manager was going to hurt you, that you guys were fighting. I didn’t want you to get hurt. I thought if I came in, he would stop.”

“I’ve done nothing but insult and threaten you, practically since the moment I laid my eyes on you… and you came to help me… Why? I still don’t get it.”

When he put it all that way, it was really odd. You hated Jimin almost as much as he hated you, but you actually came in for him. You didn’t even know why you did it. You always wanted some revenge on Jimin, to see him hurt the way you did. However, now that he was in front of you like this, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. “I don’t know…”

He let out a small chuckle at your answer. “I guess that doesn’t really matter. The point is that you got him out…”. He looked down as he began fidgeting with his fingers. His hair was somehow looking much oiler and somewhat tangled. “Y/n?” he called out softly

“… Yeah?”

He lifted his head up again, making sure to move his hair out of his face as he made eye contact with you. He took a deep breath and with a cracked voice told you two words he was always forced to tell you. “… I’m sorry.”

For a second you didn’t take him seriously because he never really meant it.

“I’m sorry. This time I am truly sorry.” You noticed his tears coming back as guilt built up inside. “… Getting it all out… I realized I was taking everything out on you…” He paused a lot to keep his voice steady. “I know- I know that I was horrible to you- but did you think you could forgive me?… I don’t expect you to, but I just- want you to know that I won’t be like that with you anymore…”

“No!” How dare he ask you to just look past all he’s done to you. You’ve suffered months of verbal abuse from him and he thought “sorry” was going to make it all go away, that a simple “I promise” was going to make you magically trust him!

He nodded at your response, a few stray tears leaving his eyes.

“You made me feel like shit almost every damn day Jimin. That night, that first night I was locked in here, you told- No, you encouraged Jungkook to kill me! The other day you told me that you wished that I was killed that night! I don’t care what your reasons were, I can’t forgive you for that!” you said boldly.

anonymous asked:

bob and eliza get EQUAL the amount of hate omfg. I can never believe the ppl so up bellamy's ass they inherently prove the hate that eliza gets. like bob has to face racism everyday YES. & eliza has to face SEXISM. the fact that ppl constantly say bob has had it rougher than eliza proves the inequalities that ppl kiss the feet of men all the time. it's always funny bc it's ofc from the bellarke fandom who like to erase poc in the clexa fandom which is racist in itself. speaking as an asian (cont

(cont) it’s always ridiculous to see the bellarke fandom try to be on high horses when they actively think bob does no wrong while they say eliza deserves to be given hate comments on her instagram. or how they easily can dismiss the hate she gets bc she was “unprofessional.” or the fact they get mad that she talks more about a canon ship than a NONCANON fictional ship like bellarke and are entitled af thinking they’re heteronormativity means they can reduce eliza’s to the blonde dumb (cont)

(cont) stereotype. like wtf so many of eliza’s hate is just as uncalled for & these comments usually don’t contain things like ur disrespectful to bellarke but instead contain. ur just a typical blond dumb, fatshaming even tho she’s alrdy pretty skinny to the already ridiculous standards girls are held to, or who she dates. the fact that bellarkes have never acknowledged they did anything wrong or even think well that’s what she gets is the same kind of ‘asking for it’ mentality that’s fucked up

Okay, listen buddy: I’m really, really fucking tired of receiving hate in my ask box every single time I make a fucking post that - God forbid - acknowledges the racism in The 100 fandom and the hate Bob has dealt with. 

Do you understand what you are getting pissed off at me about? Hating on Eliza - something I have never, and will never do. What never ceases to amaze me is how pissed off anon’s manage to get in my ask box about things I have not done and have no control over. Zero.

Well, news flash: I am a single person. I cannot go to my entire Bellarke fandom and tie the hands of every single person doing something problematic on their computers. Okay? I fucking have zero control over that whatsoever. I don’t know what the fuck you are trying to achieve by sending me this message. 

I didn’t send Eliza hate. That wasn’t me

Go fucking focus your attention somewhere it might actually do something.

“the fact that ppl constantly say bob has had it rougher than eliza proves the inequalities that ppl kiss the feet of men all the time.”

Have any of you dumbasses ever considered the fact that maybe, just maybe our anger has something to do with the fact that Bob has deactivated his Twitter more than once in just a year, or perhaps all of his tweets speaking out against the hate he receives, or maybe it might have something to do with the racial slurs on his Twitter, or maybe, just fucking maybe, it has something to do with, i don’t know, someone from your fandom comparing him to a rapist because he made a joke about his fucking hair????? But of course none of you ever think that’s a rational reason why we might get mad. You just think we’re “kiss[ing] the feet of men”. Jesus fucking christ - i swear to god it’s like you all have sand in your brains. Well guess fucking what? Not everything is fucking misogyny. We’re talking about hate Bob receives because … WHY???? Tell me why, anon???? 


“like bob has to face racism everyday YES. & eliza has to face SEXISM.”

Okay, you know what - I have to call this out. Because here’s the thing: men are more privileged than woman. That is true. All right? But white woman are still more privileged than men of colour. And if you can’t see that, there’s nothing I can do for you. And I also happen to suck at explaining this so, I don’t know, go educate yourself on @bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16 blog or smth idk man

“the bellarke fandom try to be on high horses when they actively think bob does no wrong”

Okay but this is just amazing because what the fuck HAS Bob done to receive the hates he get? Been born with darker skin? Dared to play Bellamy Blake? Oh blimey what a crime. I’m in awe of you rn

“they say eliza deserves to be given hate comments on her instagram”

Bitch, where the fuck did I say Eliza deserves hate messages. I have fucking said time and time again not to send Eliza hate, so what the fuck is this doing in my ask box? Jfc

“and are entitled af thinking they’re heteronormativity means they can reduce eliza’s to the blonde dumb stereotype.”

How the fuck is our “heteronormativity” related to reducing Eliza to a dumb blonde. Heteronormativity =/= dumb blonde stereotype???? Like, at this point it honestly just looks like you’re trying to use big words because you think it makes you look smart.

It really doesn’t. In fact, it just proves your point less because you like to say that we constantly erase the POC in your fandom? Well, guess what you just erased?

The LGBTA+ in our fandom. And, as someone who is part of that community, that pisses me off anon. Did you know that at least half the Bellarke blogs I follow are bisexual? Did you know that? No, you fucking didn’t because you just assumed that we are all straight. Holy shit this is one of the most ignorant asks I’ve received.

“the fact that bellarkes have never acknowledged they did anything wrong”

Oh. My. God. 

YES WE FUCKING HAVE. OH MY GOD. I HAVE MADE SO MANY POSTS TELLING THE PROBLEMATIC BELLARKERS IN MY FANDOM TO GO FUCK OFF. Like? Obviously you aren’t a fucking part of this fandom so you have no fucking right to say that we have never acknowledged the problematic part of our fandom.

Yes. We have. The big Bellarke blogs have. I follow them. I know - you have no fucking clue so don’t act like you know more about the people in my fandom than I do. I know there are problematic Bellarkers. Okay? I fucking know. I’ve called them out. I’ve reported them. So sit your ass back down please. 

People who follow me know that I would never condone hate of any kind. So don’t come into my ask box telling me all this shit I already know. Yes, it’s wrong for people to send Eliza hate, or to body-shame her, or to do whatever. Okay? I get it. I know. I’ve said it before. My god.  

I honestly just find it really fucking ironic that you are in my ask box, blatantly ignoring the gross amount of hate Bob has been receiving for years, when IT’S FROM THE PEOPLE IN YOUR FANDOM. I think it’s actually funny that you are placing your entire fandom on a pedestal just to say that all Bellarkers suck and send a ton of hate, when it’s your fandom that is infamous for sending hate.

When it’s your fandom that is the reason Bob has deactivated his Twitter more than once. When it is your fandom that has driven Adina Porter off of Twitter on multiple nights because she was so tired of dealing with your bs. When it is your fandom that is the reason Jason Rothenberg’s twitter has been inactive for months now. When it is your fandom that hacked Alycia and basically publicly humiliated her all in the name of “truth”. When it is your fandom that sends anon hate (like this one right here) day after day after day. When it is your fandom that triggered a teenage girl’s mental breakdown. When it is your fandom that sexually harassed a thirteen year old. When it is your fandom who frequently sends hate to gossipgrounder. When it is your fandom who is trying to get Eliza, your lord and saviour, unemployed. When it is your fandom that warranted a video by Jarod Joseph mocking all the bullshit your fandom does. Jarod Joseph, who also, funnily enough, received hate from your fandom. Well, let’s add to the list then, shall we? It was your fandom who sent hate to Bob, Adina, Jarod, Jason, as well as Ricky and Sachin and - oh - basically everyone who your fandom decided was “being too nice to Blorkes” or who’s skin was too dark or whatever fucking delusional reasons your fandom came up with. When it is in your fandom that there’s a massive group called the “anti’s” because they’re such shitty people.

I can’t even think of all the bullshit your fandom has pulled these past few months because the magnitude is unreal. So why don’t you get off your fucking high horse, anon, and realize how truly fucked up a large portion of your fandom is. 

PS. Next time you want a civil response, get the fuck off anon. Because if you had sent this when I first made this account, maybe you would have gotten one. But not anymore. I’m so goddamn sick of people like you sending shit like this because you know you can hide behind anonymous. So if you’re expecting a nice response from now on? Oh buddy, you are sorely mistaken. I’ll give you a civil response when you stop being cowards and quit hiding behind your computer screen. Otherwise, I don’t give a fuck about you - I don’t give a fuck about anyone who stoops so low as to send anon hate. 

Could Have Been Me

Title: Could Have Been Me

Genre: Idk man I think it’s like angst/fluff/gettingtogether 

Summary: Phil still loves Dan after all these years, however Dan has a new partner Indigo who is taking a serious toll on Phil’s life. Will Phil eventually get with Dan, or is it already too late for Dan and Phil?

Author: weasley-is-our-king-

Word Count: 5969 (I’m really sorry)

A/N: This is so long and idek if it is any good or not. Seriously I really do hope it’s better than I think it is. Btw there is some swearing and a homo/transphobic slur (just one). Oh and if you think that Quinn won’t be a reoccurring character in my stories now you are wrong. 

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Hyung Line Appreciation [Jung Hoseok]

This is a short imagine (Is it called a drabble? A scenario? Idk. Educate me.) as an extension of my previous post on Appreciating the Hyung Line and what I would like to do for them. If this goes over well I might do the rest of the hyungs as well.

Hyung Line Appreciation Imagine Series:

Scenario: After the V-app incident, (Y/N) noticed that Hoseok has not been himself and who could blame him. You then decide to take matters into your own hands as his #1 fan and girlfriend.

Genre: Fluff. So much fluff.

Word Count: 1521

It had been three days. Three days of you asking Hoseok if he was feeling okay and him forcing on a smile just to not worry you. You weren’t an idiot. You’ve been dating for a while now and he was a shit liar.

You saw it in the way his smile didn’t crinkle the side of his eyes anymore. You heard it in the way his laugh didn’t sound as rich anymore. You noticed it in the curt answers he would give to your questions. You felt it in the way he desperately clung to your sleeping form when he came home in the early hours after practically killing himself with dancing just to relieve some stress. It had already been three days and you felt like something had to be done.

“Hobi bear,” you said sweetly as you snuggled close to him on the couch. He had the day off today and he still had that somber expression on his handsome face.

“What is it, Jagi?” he sighed.

“Well I made this food blog recently and I want to go check out that new cafe two blocks from here. Since we don’t really have anything to cook for dinner I think we should just go eat there too,” you said. You traced lazy circles on his arm while you waited for his answer.

“(Y/N), I barely have any days off. I’m way too tired to go out. Why don’t you go ask one of the boys to accompany you? I’m sure Taehyung or Jungkook would be more fun to go with.”

You couldn’t help it that your face fell at his response. It broke your heart that he thought you might prefer someone else’s company. It was a good thing that you were laying your head on his chest which gave you time to fix your face back into a determined smile. You lifted your head and grasped his face to turn towards yours.

“That’s exactly my point, Hobi. You barely have any days off so what makes you think I would rather spend this day with someone else other than my handsome boyfriend?” you said sweetly with a wink.

You pecked his lips softly and melted in the feel of his plump mouth on yours. You pulled away before you lose sight of today’s purpose and stood up. You grabbed his arm and pulled on it while he still looked at you with slight annoyance and resignation.

“Get your butt off the sofa now and get ready.”

After 15 minutes of Hoseok whining like a 5-year-old, you were out the door and on the streets. You pulled out the video camera you had snuck into your purse and pointed it straight at him as he walked ahead of you. He turned to look at what was delaying you and shot you a confused and irritated look when he saw the camera.

“What are you doing?” he asked with his brows furrowed.

“I wanted to document today’s date so that when you go on tour again I have something to watch when I miss you,” you said simply with a bright smile on your face. It wasn’t the complete truth, but it also wasn’t a lie.

At your words, his face softened completely and his eyes filled with guilt and affection. He pulled you towards him making the video focus on the cloth of his sweater for a moment. He kissed the top of your head before pulling away and smiling at you.

“If it makes my Jagi happy,” he said softly.

You were thankful that he didn’t make too much of a fuss about it. You began walking the short distance to the café with him holding your hand tightly in his and you still pointing the camera at his face.

“Tell me about this neighbourhood,” you said. He raised an eyebrow, but his lips were curling up in amusement.

“Why would you need me to that? You know this neighbourhood as well as I do.”

“I’m going to do videos too for my blog and you’re the one who has actual experience in speaking so I thought I would learn from you,” you lied smoothly. It was shocking you how easily these lies came but you told yourself that this was for Hoseok.

“So you want to learn from the master huh?” he teased you with a smirk. You nodded eagerly as you recognized his energy starting to return to their normal inhuman level.

“Just pretend you’re a tour guide or a travel show host.”

He chuckled at your enthusiasm, but nodded. That was one of the things you always loved about Hoseok. He could be dead tired and almost fainting, but he would put that aside for your needs or anyone else’s. He thrived off of everyone else’s happiness.

“Well the neighbourhood here is not very upscale so don’t expect a lot of high class shops or restaurants,” he began with a smile directed at the camera. “What makes this area great is the many hole-in-the-wall stores and food stalls that are scattered around.”

“So you like food?” you prompted enjoying the fact that he was getting more and more animated.

“Oh I love good food!” he exclaimed with a little jump. “Look down there! Down that street is a small family owned eatery where we had our first date. They served the best jajangmyeon we had ever tasted, but maybe it was just because my Jagi was with me.”

You blushed a little at the sweet smile he flashed at you. Through your walk he began pointing out little things like where to get the best Americano and how he had burned his tongue multiple times because of his impatience to drink it. He insisted that you walk through the park even if it was out of way just so he can say on camera the exact spot where he first said he liked you. You on the other hand, were perfectly content just shooting him as he slowly returned to his sunshine self.

He stood up on the swings and propelled himself higher in what he called was a demonstration of how to properly swing. You laughed as a child accidentally got sand into his mouth and he squealed like a prissy little girl. When he started randomly dancing to I Need U which caused some concern from the parents for its questionable choreography, you dragged him back out on the streets.

He laughed; the familiar low rumbling quality of it before bursting into higher pitched sounds sending warmth through you. His head was tilted upwards rewarding you with a gorgeous view of his profile and that jawline that made you question your own face. His eyes started to go smaller and the warm glow of the setting sun casted shadows on his face and highlighted his light brown hair making him look like he was practically glowing. For a moment, your breath caught. He was beautiful.

You smiled as you saw his smile reach his eyes like they used to. His laugh sounded rich and genuine again. The tension in his shoulders released and his whole body relaxed. You thanked the gods for having the camera to capture this beautiful moment of an even more beautiful man. You thanked the gods for Hoseok.

“You make a good host. I’m not all too sure about all the dancing and the screaming, but I think I can learn a lot from today’s footage,” you said softly.

He turned to you and his whole demeanour calmed down. Wordlessly, he took the camera from your hands and turned it off before shoving it back into your bag. He held both your hands in his and stared lovingly into your eyes with a smile full of his affection for you. You didn’t care that you were practically in the middle of the road with people swarming around and neither did he. This was a moment for just the both of you.

“Jagi, I know what you were trying to do today,” he muttered softly while rubbing circles on your hands with his thumbs. Your face heated up at being caught.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you insisted looking away which only made his smile wider at your clumsy denial. He turned your head with a hand to your chin so you would face him again.

“I know you saw the V-app episode and I know that today you were trying to give me back that episode that was taken from me,” he continued.

He pulled you closer to him into an embrace that was unlike any other you had shared with him before. It was filled with a sense of gratitude and you gladly basked in it. He kissed your forehead before cupping your cheeks with both his hands and moulding his lips to yours in a sweet kiss that made your toes curl and melt into him. You loved this man. You knew that with full certainty.

“I love you, (Y/N). Thank you for days like today that make me forget all the rest.”

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A happy smiling Hobi for us all. I adore you, you ball of fluff!

Headcanon: Aoba has moved in with Mink in they’re going steady- Mink works at a lumberyard, or a mechanic shop, or a bank idk something manly and Aoba stays at home to cook all the meals and keep the house clean. He realizes a bit down the line that after about 3PM, all the chores are done and he gets bored seeing as there’s no TV and there’s only so many dumb videos he can watch on his coil until he starts wanting to pull his hair out. Mink always works late and often doesn’t get home until about 10 or 11, so Aoba decides to go into town to see if there’s anything he can do that doesn’t require talking, since he’s still very shaky in his English-speaking abilities.

It’s about 7PM and he stumbles upon a club sandwiched in between what looks like two dilapidated apartment buildings. The place is thrumming with muffled techno music and he can see the purply-pink strobe lights seeping through the foggy windows. It’s a fairly old town made up mostly of older people who have been there their whole lives, so he figures this must be one of the few places in town where young people can hang out. Back on Midorijima, clubs weren’t exactly his thing so much as regular bars full of friends and friends of those friends, but ever since he’d come to America, he’d been feeling sort of lonely. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed being inadvertently involved in Midorijima’s nightlife via Mizuki or Koujaku. Desperate for any kind of friendly human interaction that wasn’t cinnamon-scented, he enters the club and is immediately bombarded with sweaty bodies bumping to the beat of obnoxiously loud music. There’s the tell-tale stench of smoke and other various, cloying scents that make him dizzy, but once he finds the bar nestled near the restrooms and sits down, he’s all set. He runs into a problem though when he forgets how to order a drink in English. He awkwardly calls the bartender over with a wave of his hand, but he can barely get further than that. The loud music coupled with his thick accent gets him nowhere. A dark-haired girl sitting next to him giggles and helps him out by ordering him a jack and coke. He kind of cowers into his jacket, embarrassed, but the girl is all smiles, trying her best to engage him in conversation. She introduces herself as Lillian and laughs when Aoba tries to pronounce it. She laughs even more after asking him his name– “What? It’s a funny-sounding name!” She exclaims when Aoba gives her an irritated look. After as much small talk as he can muster, what with his limited vocabulary, Lillian asks him to dance. He shakes his head ‘no’ vehemently, not entirely comfortable with embarrassing himself at a club for the second time in his life, but with Lillian’s constant pulling on his arm, he finally concedes. Lillian pulls him into the middle of the dance floor and starts swaying to the beat of the music. Aoba, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with the sudden intimacy, decides he might as well just let go and enjoy himself- after all that’s what he came here for. The beat kicks up and Aoba just starts fucking killing it, popping and locking and impressing everyone with his dance moves. Lillian is so shocked by the smoothness of his movements that seemed to have come out of nowhere, she stops entirely, as does a good chunk of people surrounding them. They clear a space for Aoba and start cheering him on, hooting and applauding. After the song ends, there’s a round of applause and he’s panting and sweating, having no idea where that came from (sly blue probably. he’d know how to dance :U). A bunch of Lillian’s friends float out of the crowd and ask her to introduce them, the lot of them completely blown away by Aoba’s dancing. After some chatting and what Aoba gathers as enthusiastic planning, Lillian and her friends invite him to join them at a bonfire that night near the cliffs at the edge of the forest. Aoba really has no idea what’s going on, so he just nods his head and smiles as she drags them out the club and down the road with a bunch of people carrying 6-packs and coolers.

When they get there, the fire is already roaring and there are people dancing to music pouring out of an old radio someone had brought, people lifting their drinks as an enthusiastic greeting to Lillian and her friends. Lillian introduces everyone to Aoba, but for some reason no one wants to call him by his name, so they just call him “Blue”. Lillian asks Aoba to dance for the people there who haven’t yet seen his moves. After politely declining upwards of about 10 times, he finally concedes again, busting it out to the tinny sound of the radio. Before he realizes it, though, he’s way too close to the edge of the cliff and with one misstep, he’s tumbling down the rocky edge, just faintly hearing the sound of alarmed screaming from the crowd up on the surface. 

When Aoba comes to, he’s in the hospital, surrounded by monitors and medical equipment. He can’t move his arm and his head hurts pretty bad. Apparently, he’d hit it pretty hard on the rocks. He looks over and there’s Lillian, looking worried and apologetic, holding his good hand. She tries to explain that they need to notify his family so they can come pick him up. She asks him if there’s anyone she can contact and after Aoba’s done berating himself for leaving both Ren and his coil at home, he reaches for his wallet in his back pocket and opens it up, revealing some photos of himself and Mink to Lillian. Her eyes light up after a moment of studying the photos. “Oh my gosh, I know that guy! My dad works with him,” she says. “Is he your dad?” Aoba just kind of cringes. The next thing he knows, Lillian is taking out her phone and calling her dad, asking if the big Native American guy with the long hair is still at their place of work. Her dad is of course confused by the purpose of the phone call, but hands it over to Mink anyway, who is just as confused and a bit irritated about being interrupted from his work. Lillian hastily explains that there’s a little Japanese man with blue hair here with her at the hospital and that he took a bad fall off a steep cliff while partying with her and her friends. Mink, after a bewildered pause, asks Lillian to hand the phone over to Aoba. What transpires from Lillian’s point of view is a slew of Japanese pouring in and out of her phone at both ends. From the incoming end, everything sounds angry and accusing and from Aoba’s end, it sounds upset and apologetic. Eventually, the incoming voice starts to calm down and become soft and understanding. Aoba hangs up the phone and thanks Lillian, handing it back to her. 

No more than 15 minutes later, Mink shows up at the hospital, austerely thanking Lillian for staying with Aoba. Lillian says its no problem, and before excusing herself, writes her number down, hands it to Aoba and plants a kiss on his cheek. She runs off, leaving Mink seething and staring at Aoba, silently accusing him of cheating. Aoba holds his hands up defensively. “I told you over the phone– I got bored and met some nice people in town! Nothing happened!” Mink goes into a spiel about being responsible and taking up hobbies that don’t involve strange women. He explains almost jokingly that if Aoba has so much free time, maybe they should think about adopting some kids. That’ll keep him busy, right? “W-what are you saying?” Aoba asks coyly and Mink says that maybe starting a family would be a better use of their time than going out partying and falling off cliffs.

And that’s how Mink asked Aoba to marry him.