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Justin’s New Girl

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Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1, 904

Warnings: does swearing count> ;)

SummaryJustin has introduced his new girlfriend for the first time to his long-term closest female friend, Y/N, but his girlfriend does not have a keen interest in befriending her.


“Raindrop, drop top smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox” I sang in the mist of hoovering my living room over the wooden floorboards. I was too busy dancing with the hoover to the song bad and boujee that I didn’t even notice that my house doors locks were making the sound of keys being jiggled in that would have hinted that it was Justin entering the house, “I see your dancing again y/n” Justin chuckled walking over to the sofa and leaving the keys on the coffee table. “why don’t you do something better like go Livestream on insta” I walked over to where Justin was sitting and sat directly opposite of where he sat to talk to him better. Justin shrugged, “already did that in the morning but I do have something to tell you”

“What’s good?” I replied

“You know all the months I have been out of the Instagram social media limelight right? Well I met someone”

I stood up and walked closer to him, pulling him into a hug, and congratulated him “How long have you been with her and does anyone else know?” I gushed

“First of all I have been with her for like 3 months or so and you’re the only person that knows which leads me to tell you that I want you to meet her for yourself – I need to show her one of the most important people that I know”

“Ok sure but why didn’t you introduce her to your sisters and parents before me?”

“I need to make sure she is the right one before I tell everyone” he explained which I clearly understood.

I was truly happy for Justin having a girl with him but I couldn’t shake the feeling that these LA insta girls don’t seem how they really are but for Justin, I will give her a shot. Tomorrow at the Palm in Downtown LA.


After Justin told me that he had a girlfriend I just had to be the supportive best friend and check out her Instagram page that revealed her name was Asia Eliwood. This Asia must be about twenty years old judging by her nurtured skin. Asia was an Instagram model with over 900K followers that were interested in liking her beach pictures that exposed her toned abs on her beautifully tanned body. She was Justin’s Type. Today I was going for the casual look consisting of slick black straight hair, black two piece dress that followed my black heels and a pair of diamond-encrusted earrings.

The restaurant was surprisingly full for a hot Friday afternoon, the soft reclined chairs and oak wooden tables were used by many new customers. The waiter came returned with a menu, looking at the menu I decided to pick out a Caesar salad with prawns as a starter and for the main meal, a Pepperoni pizza with a glass of coke with sliced lemon.

Minutes later…

I fidgeted, adjusting the strap of my dress and reapplying another coat to my already red lips. With nothing else to do, I let myself soak in the ambient music for a few moments, wondering what the words to say when Justin and his girlfriend arrive then drinking water in the vanilla fragranced air. From the corner of my eye, I realized a slim figured female stood beside the table;  I glanced up at her face and stood up.

“Y/N right?” she said

“You must be Asia, nice to meet you” I began walking closer to her to pull her into a hug which she happily agreed. It was fair to say that she was even more beautiful as she was on her Instagram account and really knew her angles, her green eyes, and long wavy jet black hair complimented her faux feathered grey jacket over her tightly fitted turtleneck shirt with black jeans whereas Justin dressed in a black slim fit suit and tie for this casual occasion. Justin made his way to me and pulled me in a soft embrace as a sign of common friendliness between us then pulled out a seat for Asia before sitting down on the chair opposite to me.

“So y/n how long have you known Justin bear?” Asia asked

“nearly 4 years now, he is like a brother to me in all honesty so you better look after him good” I chuckled clearing the air without realising that this Asia rolled her eyes and showed off her dimpled fake smile that Justin loved, Justin remained in his seat and turned over to the window overlooking the summery spring lighting that was covered by groups of fans waving over for him to come over. “Asia, Y/N the fans want what they want but I will come back in a second” Justin stood up and pecked Asia on the temple before leaving the restaurant to entertain the fans clambering outside the restaurant.

“It’s so fucking annoying how these fangirls think that they actually have a chance with Justin bear” laughed Asia, sipping from her wine bottle looking back at Justin currently taking photos with fans and laughing along at whatever Joke a petite brown skinned girl with a high puff that framed her heart shaped face – her face said it all that she was serious and partly intimidated by the girls she was talking about. “Anyway Asia you look so good in that outfit you probably workout like 5 times a week right?”

“I have a personal trainer that helps so most of the credit goes to him and it helps that he is fine as fuck but in 2 months or so he can fix you up y/n”

“oh really?” I laugh joining in on her so-called joke

“I’m serious babe; you need all the help you can get” Asia flashed her million dollar smile and moved on to her salad and scrolled through her phone leaving me dumbstruck on did she actually say this as a joke? Or did the bitch mean that she was serious? She was on strike 2 after bitching about the fans that initially loved her because of her large following before they started dating which lead them to believe that she was a ‘genuine’ person that ‘does not want him for his money’ or the ‘fame’ along with it. I started gathering up my things removed myself from the awkward situation then pushed a $20 note for my half of the bill and walked out of the restaurant in time as Justin walked back in.

Justin’s face showed concern as he looked own ant my bawled fists  - a trait I have when angry or pissed off that he noticed during our  4 years of friendship, “Y/N why aren’t you inside with Asia, she really likes you”

“Justin as your best friend It is in my best interest to tell you that Asia Eliwood is not only a bitch but also an anti-belieber one too.”

“sure and that’s why she took photos with the fans 2 days ago” Justin sarcastically replied

“Don’t play that game with me Justin, ask your dumbass girlfriend what she thinks about the fangirls which believe they have a chance with you and get back to me” I managed not to snap and moved away from the fans recording the altercation and walked back to all white Mercedes to go home.


*A week later

It has been days since Justin and I have stopped talking because of his stiff and stuffy girlfriend and her insecurities between mine and Justin’s friendship so when Justin surprisingly facetimed me to tell me that he doesn’t want to lose this friendship and wanted to come over, shocked was the last word to say at the least. Finishing the last burrito in my minimalist stone marble countertops, the small ringing sounds of the doorbell played I open the door allowing Justin in and closing the door, however, the blockage of soft moisturized blue acrylic nails that belonged to ‘all so famous Asia Bitchywood’

Justin is the closest friend I have so because of that I had to let Asia I, even if she was from the pit of hell. In attempt to break off the ice I smiled at Justin which Asia followed with a sly snarl and a raised eyebrow for the classic bitch please move – She messed with the wrong one

“Sorry darling is there an issue?” I chuckled inching closer to her face and not caring that Justin was in the same room as both of us

Asia smirked knowing that with Justin here she could be the innocent looking one, “I don’t have one y/n”

“I’m sorry, have we met? Because I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered a bitch like you.” It was too much for me not to say something to that stuck up bitch even if Justin and I are losing the friendship bond AGAIN because of her! Faced with no other option Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen from the hallway. It was the only time since last week that I analyzed his facial expression when he put 2 and 2 together that maybe I and Asia do not appreciate each other’s company

Justin’s face was laced with confusion and heartbreak as he whispered, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this y/n but I really like this girl and she is trying to be your friend! Why can’t you just try as much as she does?”

Raising my eyebrows I faced away from him and began walking paces away from him “I don’t like her because your so perfect girlfriend told me to stop being friends with you” It was clear that Justin was not only baffled by what I just told him but from his shaking fingers that accompanied with his head he couldn’t believe this. “You have a fucking problem” Justin sighed and rubbed his temple

“Me have a problem? It was never an issue with us when she talked about my weight and your fans that treat me better that you” I shouted and walked towards the fridge to pull out a can of coke for me, Justin and the ungrateful hoe standing in the middle of the hallway alone.

“But she never said it y/n” argued Justin

“Let’s get this over and done with because Khalil is coming over for a chill session Justin”

Justin let out an exasperated sigh and called over Asia into the kitchen to the island for all of us to be faced with each other once again, “Asia you and y/n need to figure out your beef for me ok baby?”

Asia nodded and puckered her lips for Justin to kiss making me feel like the 3rd wheel in my own house but if this bitch wants to play  like that ok “Justin maybe to patch all my so called lies up why don’t we double date me, you, Avasia and Khalil?” I asked

“Asia y/n ayyy-shhh-aaa” smirked Asia crossing her arms with a sour expression

Justin smiled at the thought of proving to you that not only is Asia worthwhile but she isn’t a hater too, “Done deal y/n I’ll text you the date on the group chat I’m out”

Waving goodbye to Justin and Asia as they left the house I closed the door and focused on Khalil to talk things over. This was going to be fun.

Young parents ( Fetus Harry Styles x Reader)

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“I love you, baby girl.” I cooed to the little bundle of joy in my arms. Rocking her slowly back and forth, I whispered sweet nothings to my two month old baby. I have never felt happy in my entire life. She was the best thing that could have happened to me. She looked very much like her father. Brown curly hair, mesmerizing green eyes, her lips. Everything about her looked like the young man that I loved whole-heartedly.

I have to admit, the beginning of my new life as a mother was not very easy. Our baby had been a surprise actually. She was not planned to be created. Especially at our young age. Harry has become a father at the age of 17 and I was sixteen as he got me pregnant. I didn’t know how it could happen. We always used protection while making love to each other but I think the last time we did, we weren’t cautious enough. I didn’t put the blame on him though, not at all. Having kids with Harry was something I’ve always dreamed of. It was only a bad timing, I guess. However, I didn’t regret anything of it. He gave me the precious creature on earth. Our daughter.

As I found out about my pregnancy, I panicked. With tears in my eyes and heavy sobs escaping my mouth, I ran over to Harry’s, holding the positive pregnancy test in my hands. I felt desperate, not knowing what to do. My body was filled with fear. Fear of confronting Harry with the news, fear of looking into my parents eyes. Fear of meeting Anne, Robin and Gemma. What would they all think of me? We were so young to become parents.

I still remembered the expression and Harry’s face as I showed him the result of the test. The color in his face vanished rapidly, turning completely pale. His whole body trembled slightly. He was as helpless as I was but nevertheless he remained strong, pulling me towards him and wrapping his arms around me.

“It’ll be alright.” He murmured into my ear. “We can do this together. I’ll take care of you.”

We told our parents that evening. I was so afraid of their reaction but Harry, Harry was more courageous and tougher than I could have been. Of course, we did expect their terrified and shocked reactions. My parents looked at me with a disappointed look on their faces. They told me to consider abortion as an option to get rid of that child, which made me even more shocked than I already was. I was afraid of them abandoning me if I didn’t do what they told me.

“It’s not your decision to make.” Anne interfered with anger evident in her voice. “If she wants to keep the baby, so she should do it. I admit, I’m not very happy about my son becoming a father at such a young age but nevertheless Robin and I are going to support them no matter what happens. If you’re not willing to support your child nor cooperating with us, then you should leave. We will take good care of (Y/N) and the baby. She has already become a part of our family.”

I admired her persistence in that moment. Anne being Anne, she saw always the positive way of life. And I loved her for it. Whatever she did to convince my parents, they apologized to me and became supportive during my pregnancy stage. Harry was my rock, he tried to be there for me as much as he could. We spent lots of time together, more than we usually did. The best moments were those where Harry started to talk to my baby bump, peppering it with kisses, stroking it and singing to it with his angelic voice.

“I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.”He told me. “Once she’s here, I’m going to spoil her as much as I can. I’ll treat her like a princess. I’m going to protect her. I’ll try to be the best father she has. I promise.”

I never doubted everything he said to me. He worked hard in the bakery to earn money, taking lots of shifts that he could. I appreciated his effort, I really did, but I also felt guilty. I knew he had dreams. He wanted to go to X-Factor to fulfill his biggest wish. Becoming a singer. But with the baby on its way, I kinda felt like an obstacle in his life.

“Don’t you talk like that, love.” He said sternly, as I told him my worries. “Neither you nor the baby are keeping me away from anything. Believe me or not, this is everything I wished and everything I could ask for.”

He was only 17 but so optimistic and excited. I could tell by the way he looked at me and my growing belly.

“I see a bright and happy future ahead us.”

Now that our baby girl was finally here, I was more excited for the future.

“Who’s the most beautiful baby in the world?” I whispered, caressing her cheek. “That’s you my love. Mommy loves you so much. Daddy loves you even more. We love you, Darcy Anne.”

I knew Darcy was a name he wanted to give his first daughter so we did. I also wanted to name her after her Grandma because she helped us a lot. Without her help and advice, we wouldn’t know what to do. I owe her so many things. She was my second mum.

I hummed a lullaby, causing Darcy to fall asleep. She loved when you sang to her. She loved it even more when Harry sang to her.

“Hey.” I turned around and was greeted by Harry, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. He smiled at me adoringly.

“How long have you been standing there?” I inquired.

“Not too long. Just came in and caught you singing to her.”

I put Darcy into her crib, covering her up with her pink blanket. Harry joined me as we both watched our baby girl sleeping. Her tiny chest lifted and fell with every breath she inhaled and exhaled and believe me it was the cutest thing ever.

“Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious, Less than one minute old…” Harry sang, wrapping his arms around my waist. I had to grin, laying my hands on top of his.

“Have you made your decision yet?” I asked him.

“About what, darlin’?”

“Applying to X-Factor. I know you still want to go, Harry. Do whatever your heart desires, my love. I’m going to support you as much as I can. And don’t worry about me or Darcy. We won’t be alone. We have our parents who are there for us. So, please Harry, do it. I could never forgive myself if you can’t fulfill your dreams.” I was being honest with him. I couldn’t forgive myself for holding him back from something he really loved to do.

“Thank you (Y/N).” Harry responded, kissing my temple gently. “I will think about it. But now, I just want to spend time with my family as much as I can. X-Factor can wait. I mean, Darcy isn’t going to stay like this forever and I don’t want to miss anything in her life. Her first everything. Her first steps, her first words, her first teeth. To experience those things means more to me than X-Factor.”

I smiled at him, cupping his cheeks and kissing his lips softly. We stood there another few minutes, staring at our baby girl with pure love, adoration and admiration in our eyes and our hearts.

“My little family.” Harry murmured.

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Hii, could you please do more Fanboy!Tae HCs please???

Yoongi remembers the first time he ever saw Taehyung jealous. It was actually so hilarious and a fun time for him. Yoongi’s usually the only to pout and glare at the boys Taehyung pulls with him to events and for once it’s Taehyung being pouty and grumpy literally Yoongi wants to milk it for all it’s worth because the younger is so fucking cute!!!

It’s during a fan sign in Seoul. Taehyung arrives at the usual location dressed up in his best outfit and carrying his favorite camera to capture any cute poses his boyfriend might do in his direction. It catches him off guard for a moment, though, when he lines up and none of the normal fan masters he interacts with come up to say hello like before. 

His eyebrows scrunch together and he looks around to notice that most of the fan masters are in a circle a little further ahead of the line. 

“Hey, Yoona! What’s going on over there?” 

Taehyung smiles as he spots and talks to one of the Seokjin fan masters he’s gotten close with. She’s a cute girl who always has a Mario plush with her and wants Soekjin to call her baby girl and also one of the few persons that knows of Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s relationship. The girl giggles and covers her mouth before her eyes shut into half moons with her grin and Taehyung himself can’t help but grinning. 

Until she speaks. 

“There’s a new Yoongi fanboy! You remember how wild it was when you first came, they are just excited to see another boy.” 

The grin on his face falls and he wants to say something else but before he can the staff is asking them to line up and of course, of fucking course, the boy lines up right in front of Taehyung. He doesn’t even try to hide his frown. The boy is fucking adorable as fuck. His hair is dyed silver, to match Yoongi’s Taehyung notices, and his almond eyes are lined in sharp dark black liner with light red shadow covering the lids. Really if Taehyung thinks about  it the boy looks similar to himself and that thought only pisses him off more when he sees the boy wearing a shirt that reads “Suga’s boyfriend!” on it.  The boy grins when he sees Taehyung. 

“Hello, I’m Baekhyun! Are you a fanboy too? Ah i bet your girlfriend dragged you here right?” 

Taehyung just points to his camera that hangs around his neck and more specifically the card taped to the camera that reads “Sugas_Sweets.” Baekhyun’s mouth drops open.


Thankfully before Baekhyun can try talking to him more the line begins moving and the fans are aloud to enter the building. Taehyung quickly looks for Yoongi and his mood instantly brightens when he notices Yoongi is already staring at him with a gummy smile on his face. His mood again is dropped when he hears Baekhyun squeal followed by “Holy shit Suga hyung is so handsome!!” 

He’s really not normally the jealous type but something about Baekhyun gets the possessive juices in him flowing. The boy is pretty, fucking gorgeous really, and Yoongi’s type. It makes Taehyung frown.  

“Did you get Hyung a gift? I got him this signed Eminem cd and some of his favorite candies!” 

Baekhyun is tossing an arm around Taehyung’s shoulder as he talks and Taehyung tries to focus on getting quality pictures of his boyfriend, and some of Namjoon for Kyungsoo, he really just wants to toss his camera because he knows Yoongi is going to fucking love that gift. It’s not a competition but Taehyung wants nothing more than to casually toss out a “I sucked his dick last night that’s a good enough gift.” but he stops himself. Instead he just smiles and shakes his head. 

“I go to every event. Yoongi asked i stop getting him gifts because my love and support is enough for him.” 

It’s their turn to meet the boys at the table and he counts it as a win when he sees Baekhyun look a bit jealous at the way Yoongi lights up when he notices Taehyung is in line. Most fans themselves have just figured Taehyung is Yoongi’s favorite fan site and that’s why the rapper lights up whenever he sees him. Taehyung knows it’s really because his boyfriend is a giant sap that loves when Taehyung shows his fanboy side. Sadly the way the line is set up has Baekhyun going to see Yoongi before Taehyung does. 

He watches with a frown as Baekhyun hands his gifts to Yoongi and Yoongi’s eyes shine when he sees the Eminem cd. Baekhyun raises his hand and Taehyung assumes he’s asking for a high five until he sees Yoongi link their fingers together for a few seconds. It makes his stomach turn unhappily as Baekhyun blushes when he makes eye contact with Yoongi and Yoongi himself laughs at how fucking cute Baekhyun is. 

The staff push him along and Yoongi laughs again when Taehyung sits in front of him with a pout. 

“He’s cute.” 

Yoongi teases his boyfriend and Taehyung huffs. 

“I’m turning into a Namjoon fan site.” 

Of course they both know he’s lying and Yoongi laces their fingers together as he coos. 

“Kyungsoo would kill you if you did.”

They don’t have much time together and Taehyung knows Yoongi has a packed schedule so they won’t get to have any secret dates anytime soon so he tries to smile as he hands over some sticky notes with questions for Yoongi to answer. One of them has a question that reads “Hyung what is your ideal type?” and he winks as he writes down “Pretty boys that pout when they are jealous and have purple hair.” 

Taehyung leaves with a blush on his face as staff ask him to move on. Damn Yoongi can be so smooth sometimes. 

Yoongi laughs the moment he reads the text. He knows, thanks to Taehyung, how much the fans are fearing for his hair now that a new comeback has been announced and although Yoongi already knows he’s keeping his dark hair he decides to tease Taehyung. 

He uploads an old selfie he has on his phone that was never posted onto twitter with his hair a bright orange, from when he was in the middle of bleaching it, before texting Taehyung back. 

“You haven’t checked Twitter?” 

A little bit of worry runs through him when twenty minutes pass and he’s gotten no reply from his boyfriend.  Another ten minutes go by and finally Yoongi texts his Taehyung again. 

“Are you okay?” 

What he receives is a picture of Taehyung in front of the bighit building with the words “BRB fighting Bang PD.” under it. 


It’s hard on them sometimes. Not always sunshine’s and rainbows. Sometimes they fight and it’s so ugly because they care for each other so much. Yoongi has idol friends that are just so fucking rude sometimes and there the ones that know about him dating a fan and they put words into his head that normally he wouldn’t think about. 

“What if he’s only with you because of the fame?” 

“He only likes you because you’re Suga.” 

“Once the excitement of being with an idol wears off he’ll leave you and go to a magazine about your relationship.” 

Yoongi’s so stressed out when Taehyung calls to tell him about how much he loves the new mv and talk about it he just snaps. 

“Can you please just shut up about the music video.” 

Taehyung goes silent for a moment before trying to change the subject to maybe cheer Yoongi on for his next concert. Yoongi knows he’s being a dick but again the stress it there and the lack of sleep and the words from his friends creep up and he just can’t handle it. 

“All you ever want to fucking talk about is concerts and music videos and it’s so fucking annoying can you just stop being such a fucking fan for once! I’m sorry i don’t want to be your idol boyfriend Suga today you can leech from me later.” 

The line clicks as Taehyung hangs up their call before Yoongi can even realize he’s taken out his stress on his boyfriend. Of course the younger doesn’t answer any attempts Yoongi makes to call him back. It just makes everything hurt more when a few days pass and Yoongi doesn’t see Taehyung at the fan event that he knew for sure the younger had tickets to. Yoongi checks twitter and his gut drops when he sees the top tweet. 

Sugas_Sweets: Hello it’s admin of S_S, for the first time ever S_S will be going on hiatus. Thank you for understanding.

He tries one more time to text Taehyung. “Am i really losing my favorite fan site?” and of course he feels like a dick when Taehyung text him back. “Clearly it bothers you that i’m a fan so i’ll stop.” 

That same day he nearly runs to Taehyung’s apartment as soon as he gets the free time. He has no idea what he’s going to say or do but he knows he needs to fix things with his boyfriend. He never really realized how much he looked forward to seeing Taehyung at events and concerts until the younger hadn’t showed up. He sees it coming when he knocks on the door and Kyungsoo answers just to slam the door back shut when he sees who it is. He’s always been protective over Taehyung and Yoongi is ready to fight his way into the house if he has too to get to Taehyung. Thankfully the younger opens the door a few minutes later. 

Yoongi doesn’t say anything before pulling him into a tight hug. 

“I’m sorry i’m a fucking asshole. I love your support and i love that you’re my fan and that you are there to cheer me on and i didn’t mean anything i said i just let some stupid words some people said get to me and i’m sorry.” 

He hates that Taehyung’s eyes are red, probably from crying, and the younger sighs as if he’s given up. 

“You know i’m dating you because you’re Yoongi right? I love Min Yoongi the man that snores too loud and is picky about his ramen. I don’t care if you are Suga of BTS i love Min Yoongi and i only talk about your work so much because i want you to know how proud i am of you.”

Yoongi nods. He does know that he just fucked up and he says so as he holds the love of his life to him. Taehyung finally hugs him back.

“I love you, stupid. If you make me cry again i’ll get Kyungsoo to kick your ass.” 

Yoongi just chuckles.

“I love you, too brat.” 

So, Holster growing a full-on scruffy beard during playoffs is a canon thing...

And Bitty can’t grow facial hair so he grows out his shaved sides instead and he looks SO young again like in year one.

So picture Holster and Bitty hanging out during playoffs and returning to the Haus after going to see a movie and just FUMING.

The concession girl thought they were father and son.

“I’m 20 damn years old!”

“Do I LOOK like I have a grown-ass son?!”

small severus headcanon

I’m watching the half-blood prince and I just remembered that when the book came out I was 14 and I couldn’t read in english but of course I wouldn’t wait until the portuguese version was out to read it, so I read these pirate, poor translations people made and they were never really good but no one cared actually. and reading the chapter spinner’s end I understood something wrong: I never knew how I put these things together but when there’s a moment they mention GLASSES OF WINE but I was sure sure that when severus opens the door to narcissa and bella he was WEARING GLASSES and since then I have this picture of him in his house, glasses on, hair tied up in a messy bun, sleeves up and shirt slightly open. a cauldron is brewing and he has some books open near him so he can check things. his wand is keeping one of the books open. he leans on the table and is reading a specially complex potion and his glasses slide down the bridge of his nose and he distractedly pushes them up.

I dream about this scene since I was 14 years old. it’s been 12 years.

i think i’ll give you a kiss

Peter Parker + Reader

for @stardustnwit

small lil blurb/imagine request: (i don’t even know if you’re doing these but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) hello i’m alyssa and im from vegas, seems exciting but not really. i really love words if i’m honest, especially the really random rare ones. i’m also a sucker for a good disney movie, specifically peter pan but any movie will do lol. can i get the thing with peter also :) you’re a doll and your writing is so amazing i binge read all your stories in like one night !!

song: grow old with you – adam sandler (the wedding singer)

“Peter, hurry up.” You were adjusting the baby blue bow in your hair in front of the mirror in his hallway. May was waiting at the front door with her camera, ready for you and Peter so she could take pictures of you in your costumes before you both head out.

“No, I look stupid. I don’t want to wear this!” You rolled your eyes, hearing a small, childish groan coming from his restroom. You look at May and shook your head in a joking manner.

“I’ll go check on him,” you whispered, earning a small, silent laugh from her. “Peter?” You called, walking into his room and still finding his bathroom door shut. You walked up to it and knocked three times, lightly, “Peter? You okay?”

“I look stupid. I don’t want to come out.”

“Peter, you don’t look stupid! We’ll look cute together.” You heard Peter sigh.

“Can you please just show me at least?” You heard another sigh, followed by the sound of the door unlocking. He peeked his head out, you being able to catch the orange tint in his hair and the bright blush on his cheeks that you guessed May had applied before you got there. “See? Not so bad.” Peter scoffed.

“Not so bad? That’s easy for you to say! You dressing up as Wendy is cute, endearing. Me dressing up as Peter is – creepy. Pedophilic, probably.” You rolled your eyes, but gave him a small smile.

“You’re so dramatic. Please come out?” You shook his head. “For me? I need my Peter… Pete.” You giggled as he pouted but opened his door to reveal his dark green tights and green shirt to match. Your eyes roamed his costume: his golden belt and fake dagger, the matching green hat with the red feather on top of his head, and the brown loafers he was sporting. “Peter! You look so cute!” What you thought was a compliment earned a groan from your best friend.

“Cute?” You rolled your eyes, giggling as you nodded. “That’s it, I’m changing. I’m going as three-hole punch Jim.”

“No! Peter, you look so good! I’m sorry. Thank you for wearing this. It makes me happy” You suppressed your laugh, reaching for his hand and tugging him closer to you. “In fact… I’m so happy, I think I’ll give you a kiss.” You quoted Wendy. Peter’s eyes widened slightly, his cheeks reddening even more. You smiled widely as you leaned in and pecked his cheek, feeling the warmth under your lips. “Is that okay?” You whispered, gaining a weak nod from the shy boy. “Do you want to give me one, Peter Pan?” Again he nodded at your whispered question. You leaned back and closed your eyes, cupping your hands like Wendy in the movie, waiting for him to place a small trinket in your waiting hands.

Your breath became shallow as you felt Peter’s breath fanning against your mouth.


“Ready for your kiss?” You heard him faintly whisper. Your eyes were still closed as you nodded, the next thing you felt was Peter’s lips on you, too softly – you almost didn’t realize he had kissed you. Your hands came up to cup his face as his circled around your waist.

You both jumped back as a flash and a camera shutter sounded. With your cheeks matching Peter’s make-up, you looked towards Peter’s door to see May standing there, cursing herself for not silencing her phone.  

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Milasaraday week day 8 free day

We made it through the whole week! I’m so proud of us. So for this day we just went with a bunch of the silly pictures we took, because about 99% of our photos always look like this. We had a lot of fun doing these prompts, though it was a lot more work than we anticipated! The pictures of last week were mostly taken on a Friday before I went to work in under three hours, with some extra stuff taken at Dutch Comic Con the Sunday after that. It left us with some 500 pictures we’ve been fervently sorting through for the last week and editing (and that’s not counting all of the other pictures we took at DCC not for MilaSara week)!

The YOI fandom is so wonderful and we love it a ton, so we’ll definitely keep cosplaying these lovely ice lesbians, as well as other YOI cosplays. (we’re planning on cosplaying YOI at MCM Expo this May and at Animecon in the Hague, hit us up if you’re also going im serious we just want to make friends).

@vosplay as Sara & @spacetwinsies as Mila

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To Help #7

YES! FINALLY! We’re here! We’re up to V which means that this is the end of this series. My many thanks to everyone who’s stayed with me for this long, stayed patient and encouraged me with your kind words and your insights on my work. Hopefully I’ll see you all for the next one

Come on sugar cookie V, it’s your turn to help MC.

As per usual this fic will include

1)    Profanity

2)    In case you haven’t played the secret endings this is kinda spoilery, so please just be warned.

3)    WELCOME TO MY (baby) MONSTER FIC, just 13.5K this time arounds

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Control (Philip x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- Phil is a player?? really long fic with a really basic plot line?

Request- “okay this is my first request but I knew no one could write my messy ideas better😂 I was wondering if I could get a Phillip or john imagine where the reader is being teased about sexual stuff and she’s uncomfortable because she’s never even been kissed and when Phillip/john finds out they teach her how to kiss… and you can take it on from there ;) THANKS BABE❤️”

A/N- (I didn’t mean for this to get so feelingsy and then…sorry)

Words- 2890

Song- Originally it was going to be the first song but then the fic took on a bit of a different tone bc my brain doesn’t shut up so I guess the second matches the car bit and the first is for like everything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester

I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket – Pierce The Veil

The empty liquor bottle spun and spun around the circle. You felt a pit in your stomach, but you were far from peachy. It stalled, pointing to someone across the circle. The girl next to you giggled and leaned forward, meeting lips with the boy, Philip, you thought. You’d seen him around, always talking to a different girl. He smirked as he pulled away from the current one. She bit her lip and giggled, sitting back down. 

You froze. She passed the bottle to you. It sat on the floor in front of you. glaring at you. You looked up at all the people at the party. None of them were someone you wanted to kiss. Your friend, Danielle, nudged you with her elbow. 

“Spin the bottle.” she whispered aggressively. 

You shrugged. “Uh…um… pass.” You quickly gave the bottle to her. There were several groans and eye rolls. 

“Come on, Y/N! Don’t be like that!” someone shouted. 

Your face heated up. “Like what?” you said angrily. 

“God, you’re such a virgin!” 

You didn’t know who said that, but the instant that word was heard, your mouth clamped shut. You wanted to run away. Hide in a bathroom and cry maybe. But that would just cause more of a scene. So you mumbled an off-hand “whatever” and kept your head down, hoping that no one could see how embarrassed and pissed you were.

That word always got to you. Yes, you were a virgin. Fuck, most of the people who said that to you were virgins themselves. But they always said it like it was disgusting. Like you should be ashamed for never having any intimate moments with anybody. 

It wasn’t that you’d never had an opportunity. You’d dated a few people, but you always panicked before you even got so far as kissing. It felt too vulnerable, and it was too new for you.

“It’s fine.”Danielle said quietly. You hadn’t even been paying attention to the rest of the game, but now it was over and the crowd was dispersing and talking loudly. “Just ignore them.” 

You shrugged and sipped some cheap beer from your cup. 

“Why’d you pass though?” she said suddenly. 

You gaped at her. “You know I’ve never kissed anyone. No one here is ‘first kiss’ material. Besides, why would I want something like that to happen for the first in a dingy basement with someone who’s half drunk?” 

“You’ve never kissed anyone?” somebody said. You turned around quickly. Philip was standing with his arms crossed and an amused expression on his face. 

You stood quickly off the floor and pushed your finger against his chest. “You won’t tell anyone what you just heard or I swear to-” 

“Woah relax.” He held his hands up. You glared wordlessly. He dropped his head closer to you and raised his eyebrows. “You’ve really never been kissed?” he laughed quietly. You groaned in frustration and stomped away, dragging your friend with you to join the stoners outside. 

“For the record, I’m not half-drunk” he called after you. 

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah! You’re totally wasted!”  

One hour of blissful silence later and most were gathered around a large fire outside, talking in small groups or burning anything they could find to see what color it would make. 

“Hey.” a smooth voice spoke. You turned your head and saw Philip moving to sit on the cold ground next to you. You sighed and scooted closer to the fire, but he only followed you. “Y/N…right?” You gave him a thumbs up without sparing a glance his way. Philip looked around and then brought his lips right next to your ear. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody,” he whispered. You shivered. “Shit, are you cold?” Philip started to pull his sweatshirt off. 

“I’m fine,” you said firmly. You nodded to the people you’d been talking to and stood up quickly. A little too quickly. You stumbled forward, towards the fire. Several people gasped and then there was a brace against your stomach. Or an arm? Philip quickly turned you around. 

“Woah, how much have you had?” 

You pushed him off of you and started to trek up the small hill of the yard. “I’m. Fine.” you repeated. 

Philip followed you into the glow of the streetlights. “Do you need me to take you home? I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m not half-drunk. I haven’t had a drop tonight, and you-”

You spun around quickly. “Philip! How many times do I have to tell you I’m fine before you leave me alone?” 

Your words didn’t phase him at all. He stood in the middle of the street a few feet away from you. His arms were crossed, and he was smiling at you. You noted how the orange tint of the street lamp made him look even tanner, and now that you looked closely he had a lot of freckles and his hair was so long. Your body started to sway. 

Within seconds, Philip’s hands were steadying you. “Let me take you home.” he insisted. 

You squinted. “I don’t trust you.” 

Philip let out a breathy laugh. “Ouch…okay. Well, I don’t trust you to walk home like this, and I don’t trust anybody who might be hiding in the shadows on the way.” He started to lead you to a small black car. 

“Yeah.” you agreed. “Creeps like you.” 

Philip nodded and opened the passenger door. “Creeps like me.” 

“Shit!” you cursed just as you were about to sit down. You quickly patted your butt and your chest. Philip furrowed his brow and stepped back. “My phone.” you explained. 

Philip’s eyes widened in understanding. “Wait here.” He pushed you gently into the seat. “What’s does it look like?” 

“It’s uh…” You tapped your forehead in an attempt to clear the fog in your head. “It’s got a screen with a-” 

“I’ll figure it out,” Philip said quickly. “Just stay here.” You nodded, and he shut the door. You couldn’t help but laugh while you watched him jog awkwardly back to the party house. 

You sighed and leaned against the headrest. Your eyes floated around the inside of Philip’s car. There was a small slip of paper stuck on the edge of one of the vents. You frowned and reached forward to pull it out, but your hands kept slipping. Finally, it sprang free and you fell back against the chair roughly. 

You were straining to see the picture against all the darkness. You reached up and felt around on the roof of his car, pressing random buttons until one turned on the lights you needed. 

There was a little boy, very little. He was sitting on a bench in front of an old piano with a huge grin on his face. He’d probably been laughing when it was taken. There was a woman smiling fondly down at him. She looked tired, but amused. You smiled at the little, freckled boy with big curly hair. 

The car door opened suddenly.  “Hey is this it?” 

You quickly flung the picture onto the dashboard and looked at Philip. 

“Yeah…thanks.” You took your phone from him and checked the time. 2:47 A.M.

Philip started the car and pulled away from the street. “You’re gonna have to tell me how to get to your house. I have no idea where you live.” 

You nodded, but didn’t answer him. 


“What? Sorry, just get on the highway.” 

Philip nodded and took that direction. The two of you sat in silence for a long time. You stared out the window at all the passing lights.

“Y/N?” You turned to him. He glanced at you before looking back at the road. “Um…is something bothering you?” 

You shrugged. Your tongue felt like it was covered with cotton. 

“If it’s about what those guys were saying just ignore it. There’s nothing wrong with being a-”

“Oh my god Philip! Shut up!” You covered your face with your hands. 

He laughed lightly. “Does it really bother you that much?” 

“Yes!” you whined. “I’m in high school, I’ve had two boyfriends, and I still haven’t kissed anybody! Then there are people like you who have probably kissed everyone in school!” 

Philip stared straight forward. “Oh.” 

“Wait no.. I didn’t mean like… like I’m not judging you or anything, I just…I don’t know.” You looked back out the window. 

“I get what you mean.” Philip said after a beat. You turned to him slowly. “But I haven’t made out with everyone in school. Yet.” He winked at you. 

You rolled your eyes and held your palm up to him. “I’m not drunk enough to deal with your shit right now.” 

Philip laughed. He laughed really hard. You smiled and checked your phone. 20 minutes had passed. 

“Philip we’ve been driving for so long! My house isn’t that far!” 

He shrugged. “You only gave me one direction so I’ve been stalling.” 

You groaned and told him how to get to your house before relaxing against the seat again. Philip’s car was really warm, and it didn’t smell bad. Usually, guys’ cars smelled like Axe and weed, but Philip’s car was nice, like new car smell and mint gum.

“Y/N? Y/N, wake up.” Philip whispered. You opened your eyes and quickly sat straight up. You’d fallen asleep on his arm. 

You wiped at your mouth. “Oh my god! Why didn’t you wake me up? What if I drooled on you?” you blurted. You clamped a hand over your mouth, embarrassed by what you’d just said. 

Philip glanced down at his shoulder. “You didn’t. I wouldn’t have minded if you did.” You stared at him for a moment. “What?” 

You fell into a fit of giggles. “That’s…really gross, dude.” 

He thought for a bit, then laughed and leaned closer to you. “Yeah you’re right that is kinda gross. I have no idea why I said that.” 

You gasped for air and nodded, covering your laughter with your hand. 

“You have a really pretty smile,” Philip said. You stopped laughing immediately and looked blankly at him. He even looked a little surprised himself. 

“I’m gonna go.” you said awkwardly and pushed the door open. 

Philip nodded. “Yeah…yeah. This is the right house, right?” You nodded slowly, stepping out. Philip leaned over towards the open door. “Okay, well, be careful, Y/N. Drink some water before you go to bed.” 

“Will do. Uh, thanks for the…thanks for toni….thanks, Philip.” 

A smile slowly crept across his lips. “Goodnight, Y/N.” 


You shut the door and walked cautiously up to your porch. Philip’s car only pulled away after you were in the door. You tip-toed up to your room and collapsed onto your bed, falling asleep instantly. You woke up painfully a few hours later when your phone chimed loudly.  You squinted at the brightness, but the sun was already rising and your hangover hadn’t totally set in yet.

From: Philip aka the guy who drove your drunk ass home

You rolled your eyes. What a way to get a girl’s number, just take her phone.

are you alive?? did you drink water? make sure you charge your phone and come find me on Monday

You had to laugh at the rambly text. You were supposed to be the intoxicated one. You shrugged and typed out a simple reply before plugging your phone in and falling back asleep.

Very alive.

Philip surprised you at your locker Monday morning. Like really surprised. 

“Jesus fucking Christ Philip!” You jumped away. Danielle blew out a slow breath and squeezed your arm before walking away.  Philip laughed and moved to the other side of you, clearly ignoring your annoyance as much as you were trying to ignore him.

“Wow. Language.” He had a megawatt grin plastered on his face. You rolled your eyes. “You didn’t come find me,” he said with mock hurt. 

“Oh I’m sorry.” you pouted. “I’m not one of your ‘beck and call’ girls.” 

“They aren’t-” 

“Hey, Philip.” The girl who sat next to you during spin the bottle walked past your locker.

Philip smirked and raised his eyebrows, leaning against the lockers. “Hey.” 

You scoffed and shut your locker, walking away. 

“Y/N wait! I have a question!” 

You sighed and stopped. “What?” 

“Wow. Such venom towards the guy who took care of you.”

“Oh, my apologies, sir. Let me get your medal,” you said before you could stop yourself. Philip looked genuinely hurt, and you started to feel a little bad. You uncrossed your arms and looked to the side. “What is it?” 

Philip looked around. “Can we talk? In…here?” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the empty Spanish classroom.  

“Okay.” you stated. You pulled his hand off your arm. “What’s going on?” 

“You know how you have your little problem?” Philip grinned excitedly and sat on top of one of the desks.

You furrowed your brow. “No?” 

“You know…” he sang. You shook your head. “ ’I’m Y/N and I’ve never kissed any-’ ”

“Yes okay. I got it.” You held your hand up. 

“I have a solution!” 

“A sol-”

“Just kiss me!” He held his hands up excitedly. 

Your jaw dropped. “Philip no.” 

“Oh c’mon!” 

“Are you crazy?”

He smirked. “A little.” 

“No. Philip that’s ridiculous.” You turned to leave. 

“Wait!” He stepped in front of you. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I just want to help.”  You bit the inside of your cheek and sighed. The teacher walked into the classroom. He gave you both a strange look but said nothing. A few students starting to come in. 

“Look,” You turned your attention back to Philip as he spoke. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just…just meet me here, at lunch. I mean…if you want to.” 

You nodded and left to your first-hour class.

 You couldn’t believe you were doing this. Despite your best intuition, you were walking down the empty hallway to the Spanish classroom. He was already waiting inside when you got there. 

“You’re here?” He furrowed his brow and put his phone away. 

“I can leave.” you suggested. 

Philip laughed. “No, no stay.” 

You nodded and stepped closer to him. “So, are you just gonna kiss me then?” 

“What? No, you don’t know what you’re doing.” 

“I think I know how to kiss Philip.” 

“How do you know? You’ve never done it.” he teased. 

You glared at him. “You said this wouldn’t be a big deal.” 

“It’s not!” He held his hands up. “Just…close your eyes.” You sighed and did as he said. “Now open your mouth a little bit… no not like- okay kind of.” 

You felt his fingertips against your forearm. “Just relax,” he whispered. Your breath hitched in your throat. His hand was on the nape of your neck, and his thumb pressed in front of your ear. You could feel his breath tickle your nose, and then his lips met yours softly. You could feel the hesitancy at first, but then his confidence won out. He pulled you closer. Your hands went to his shoulders, then his neck, then wrapped in the curls at the back of his head. 

Philip wasn’t that much taller than you, but just enough that you had to tilt your head to kiss him. Which was something that was happening. You were really kissing him. Your hands and legs started to tremble, but Philip’s caring yet firm grip on you helped you feel grounded. His lips moved against yours slowly, giving you butterflies in your stomach and your throat, but your lungs were burning. How long had you been kissing Philip? It didn’t feel long enough, yet you still pulled away gently. 

When you opened your eyes, his were still closed. You sighed and patted him lightly on the shoulder, which startled him a bit. “You were right. Not a big deal.” He nodded, his mouth half open. “Now I can kiss anybody!” 

Philip let out a puff of air. “Yeah. Yep exactly.” He plastered on his ‘Philip’ smile. “You got your first kiss out of the way, now anyone’s free game.” 

You nodded and walked to the door. Before leaving, you turned and smiled at Philip. He was staring at the floor with a fist in his hair. “Thank you. Really.” 

His head snapped up. “Yeah of course! Anytime!” You furrowed your brow. “Wait no,I mean…” 

“Bye, Philip.” you laughed. 

He smiled at you. Less ‘toothpaste ad’ and more…friendly. “Bye, Y/N.” 

Summary: Jared makes a video for his profile on a dating website and the reader watches it.

Characters: Jared, Reader

Warnings: None

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“Hi, It’s Jared.” You watched as Jared waved into the camera.

“Really? That’s your entrance?” You heard another deep voice behind the camera. Jared rolled his eyes at whoever it was.

“I’m 30, I live in Texas I own a bar that just opened so I spend most of the time there but when I’m not there I love going to the beach and just spending time with friends. If you wanna know more you can just add me and shoot me a message.” Jared said before the camera shut off. Something about Jared stuck out to you so you clicked the add button and took a deep breath as you typed a message.

“Hi Jared! My name is Y/N. I’d love to get to know you. Maybe a coffee or something? Shoot me a message back! :)” You pushed send and went into the kitchen to grab you a cup of coffee. As soon as you poured yourself a coffee you went to sit back down in your office chair and you started getting a FaceTime call. You looked at the name and it said Jared. Your heart started pounding. You checked your hair in the mirror on your desk before pushing answer.

“Hi.” You smiled nervously.

“Hi, you must be Y/N.” Jared said smiling. He had his hair slicked back a little and was wearing a plaid shirt.

“Yup that’s me.” You nodded.

“You’re even more beautiful than your profile picture.” Jared replied and you blushed slightly.”

“Thanks.” You smiled lightly.

“I just called cause I had to see your face. Make sure you weren’t a creepy old dude.” He smirked and you giggled.

“Has that happened before?” You asked curiously.

“Actually yes.” He chuckled and you couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“I’m so sorry.” You said after calming down from your laughing fit.

“It’s fine. It is pretty funny now.” Jared grinned.

“Um… may I ask who the other person was in your video?” You raised an eyebrow curiously.

“That was my best friend Jensen. He’s the one that pushed me to make this profile.” Jared replied.

“Ah, I see.” You smiled.

“So uh..I’ll take you up on that coffee whenever you have time.” Jared smiled.

“Um..I’m available now. How about right now? Starbucks?” You smiled confidently.

“Sounds great. See you there Y/N.” He said before hanging up.

Jared Tags: @fandomlyawsome

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Night Falls: Chapter 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 2,249


A/N: Another hand-written chapter. With TONS of backstory!

Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

With a set jaw, Dean crosses the street, slamming the car door shut.

He just sits there, staring out the window as he shakes his head.

He finally gets a witness, and you refuse to help.

Sure, the sketch would be enough to get a warrant, but a sketch only goes so far in court, If he wanted to put Zazel away for good, and take Crowley down with him, he needed your help.

He slams his hand against the wheel.

“Damn it!” He yells, his anger reverberating through the empty car.

With a shake of his head, he puts the key in the ignition and starts the car, heading back to HQ with exactly what he had the day before–nothing.

You sit your tea down and switch on your tv, desperately trying to drown out your thoughts.

You had always wished something would happen and break up your mundane routine: sleep, work, exercise, the occasional date or night out with friends–which was far and in between now that you were the only single friend in your group–then back at it the next day.

You always loved crime show and movies and thought it would be exciting to be a detective; getting to chase down criminals, helping victims, coming into work never knowing what would be thrown at you that day.

But now you were a part of every crime movie you loved, and you just wanted out. You suddenly regretted always questioning your quiet life.

You wanted it, so you got it. Big time.

You shake your head and push yourself off the couch, needing to move.

You knew Agent Winchester was right; you had a chance to do something great for a lot of people. But no matter how boring your life was, you still wanted a chance to live it. You’d rather sit at a desk all day, working on spreadsheets, than going down in a hail of gunfire. No matter how climatic it was.

You just hoped that refusing to testify was enough to keep you safe.

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anonymous asked:

I am genderfluid and I have curly hair that's down past my lower back. I love my hair. I think it looks good on me. But I literally never EVER see any genderfluid people with long hair, and having short hair would be so much easier to style and change around. I never see any advice on what to do with long hair other than to just cut it. Even though I love it should I just cut it because it would be easier? I know I'll probably regret it but I'm pretty torn. Any advice?

hi there. i so feel you! i’m not genderfluid, but i’m nonbinary and i rock the long hair. here’s the thing: if you love it, and it sounds like you really do!, then i don’t think you should cut it. of course, it’s hair and it’ll grow back and you shouldn’t be afraid to cut it. but it sounds like you might regret cutting it, and i wouldn’t want you to feel like you have to cut it to fit into any model of genderfluid expression.

on top of all of that, there are definitely genderfluid folks out there with long hair, i promise. and there are ways to style long (and curly!) hair. 

you should definitely check out our /hair tag, but i’ll also link you to a few resources specifically for folks with long, curly hair:

other genderfluid style resources and blogs that might be useful to peruse:

whenever i am feeling a little genderweirdy about having long hair, i mostly just go look at pictures of willy cartier. also, old school pictures of johnny depp with longer hair; he had a bit of curl to it. but now, for some more practical tips!

i think that keeping your hair all one length - i.e., no layers - is one step towards being able to rock a more masculine take on long hair. additionally, where you part your hair can help with this: try a more centered part. if you want to tie your hair back, play around with these options: a low, loose ponytail or the always extraordinary man-bun. you might want to invest in some hair pomade and try slicking your hair back and letting it fall loosely (like this, which is someone with straight/straightened hair, or like some of the images at this pinterest, which focuses on men with long hair and includes men with long curly hair.)

you could also look into doing a variation on an undercut, depending on your type of hair and whether or not you’re interested in/able to cut your hair at all. with an undercut, you could style it on some days so that the shaved part of your hair isn’t visible at all, and on days when you’re looking to wear your hair more masculinely, you could show it off a bit more. here’s an example, another one, and another one. this is a neat way to maintain your length but create a more masculine look sometimes. those primarily reflect people with straight/straightened hair, but a similar look can be achieved with curly hair. a good hairdresser should be able to help you achieve this kind of look with your hair type, if that’s something you’re interested in! don’t be afraid to bring in pictures, and don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation appointment before actually investing in a haircut at a new place. if you’re near a city or urban area, you can also look for queer/lgbtq+ friendly salons, and they often have more experience with androgynous styles!

okay whew, this is a lot of words. i hope some of this is helpful! basically, i would just so encourage you to keep your hair long if that’s right for you. i’ve come so close to getting a shorter haircut, and i am so grateful that i never cut off too much length - because that’s what’s right for me! try not to feel pressured to alter your appearance in ways that aren’t authentic to you just because of perceived norms in our communities.

(also, my personal bias: i actually find that long hair is really flexible and malleable for playing with your presentation!)

do any of our readers have suggestions or advice?


HEY HEY HEY! SP - Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE (150406)

OK, here are some funny quotes that i could understand from them. i don’t understand Japanese so, i translate only a few of them…

Omi talked about Naoto

Omi : our leader Naoto-san has new hobby recently. he loves to drink red wine, interests in golf and arts.

Naoto : i just want try to be an adult man. i’m 32 years old now. 

Ryuuji talked about Naoki

Ryuuji : we always see Naoki in his stoic mode. i mean, he rarely smile, kinda scary for me. but you know? recently, i’ve seen him wearing some Goofy stuff (Goofy from Disney). his t-shirts, hand gloves, and many more. 

Naoki : well, that’s because i love Goofy. or, my face resembles to Goofy. 

Omi talked about Gunchan

Omi : when we traveled to America, Gunchan got his passport checked for several times. 

Gunchan : because my picture on my passport is different with my appearance. i changed my hair style and color. some of them said that i didn’t look like a Japanese. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Recommended song: Kiss the rain

The universe didn’t always exist as one entity. There were hundreds of them out there, some were peaceful and beautiful, some were wild. They were all different from each other. Some differences were just small details, the slightly difference in coordination, but some differences were bigger, it altered the entire universe, making it unique.

No matter how different one universe was from the other, there would always exist portals, disguising as normal every day things, tucked away in a far corner, forgotten. They were the windows that connected this universe from the next one. It was rumored that if one looked into these windows, they could see their other self, could communicate with them. There would always be a glass wall that separated one universe from the other to prevent both from collapsing. But perhaps, these portals brought two universes just a bit closer together.

There were also special people out there, people who could look beyond the ordinary look of a portal to see what it really was. To be able to realize the significance of a portal, to communicate with beings of other universes. They were the chosen ones.

Dipper Pines… was one of them.

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"Kawaii anime boys!!"

Hoo boy. I’ve submitted on this blog before (I guess I’m just a weeb-magnet) but this story had to be told. It’s honestly one of the funniest things to ever happen to me at a Con! This particular story happened in 2011.

I was never an anime fan growing up, but I was emo (not scene. gross) so a few of my friends were anime-lovers because outcast kids flock to each other. In particular, I was involved in a group of 3 other people, all 3 of them liked anime while I didn’t. They always tried to get me into their fave animus and mangos and what have you. I always tried to get them into my favorite bands whether successfully (My Chemical Romance) or unsuccessfully (Pierce the Veil. They still won’t listen to it.) The one thing we could all agree on was cosplay.

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For my eleventh Evangelion book review, here is Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, published by ASCII Media Works.  As you may have heard already, Evangelion ANIMA is a light novel from Ikuto Yamashita (the mecha designer for Evangelion) that tells an alternate ending to the Evangelion series: Instrumentality doesn’t happen and the characters experience a different adventure instead, which mostly seems to consist of battling against other Evas rather than Angels… however, there are Evas known as Angel Carriers that have the powers of the Angels.  This story was presented in the form of short installments that appeared in various issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, starting with an introduction in late 2007, then the first chapter in 2008 and continuing with chapters of crazy action and crazier fan service until coming to an end with the final part in 2013.  As can be expected from Yamashita, there is a lot of focus on the Evangelions, including new Evas and weapons… and as you might expect if you read my previous book review that had some of Yamashita’s wacky older ideas, there are also a lot of wacky new ideas!

At the time I am writing this (January 9, 2015), the multiple chapters of ANIMA have not been compiled into a book yet.  But for now, at least we have Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, which collects a number of ANIMA’s illustrations (including photos of models and toys based on several of the concepts in the story), plus basic information about some of the characters and Evas, and two chapters of the story are provided as well.  The book is not available in English or French, but at least there are a lot of pictures to look at (mostly in full color, and there are a few black-and-white sketches as well).  Sadly, it’s not a complete collection of ANIMA-related pics, but for the time being it’s the best there is unless you decide to track down all the issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine that contained ANIMA material.  The artwork starts off with a cool cover illustration that is so long that the scan shown at the beginning of this review is only a part of the picture… the rest of it continues into the inside of the book!  However, if you remove the dust jacket, you’ll find a shrunken version of the image where the whole thing completely fits onto the front cover.

Aside from Ikuto Yamashita’s illustrations of the Evas and weapons, his renditions of the characters are occasionally shown as well.  There is also a bunch of character art done by Hiroyuki Utatane, and some artistic contribution from Seiji Kio.  Here is one of Yamashita’s pictures of what Shinji and Asuka look like in the story… Shinji is now 17 years old and has long hair worn in a ponytail similar to Kaji’s, while Asuka goes through several different hairstyles but still wears those piloting interface hairclips:

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Wedding Series: Guided Realization

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 I’VE DECIDED TO WRITE A SERIES! Okay we all know Nate doesn’t cuff for shit, but it’s nice to imagine. Anyway most of the asks were for a Nate Maloley series, and so here it it! If you couldn’t tell from the title it’s straight up FLUFF (maybe some smut mixed in) fandomwhoreex. To keep track of updates check the Nate Maloley’s Wedding Series tag or my masterlist!

p.s. I don’t always write on this blog since I have another one to do all that for. With that said, please be patient with me when it comes to writing this cause I have other stuff to write. 

     Smoke clouded the studio, floating around the air and out the vents. Nate was sitting in a black swivel chair in front of the soundboard. His head bobbed to the music being played back to him. “Oh yeah, I love that part,” he commented, writing down some notes. Nate had been in the studio all day and it was nearing midnight. He had been drowning himself in work for weeks now, lyrics being written down and needed to be recorded. 

     Like usual his squad was with him. The Jacks had finally come back from tour and they stopped by to check out Nate’s new music and catch up. The whole day was filled with working, getting baked, and just good old hanging out. Sighing, Nate lifted his hat, running a hand through his hair. He leaned back in the chair, raising the joint up to his lips and taking a drag from it. Reaching into his pocket, Nate pulled out his phone checking the time. His eyes scanned over the lock screen photo. It was a picture of the two of you. You had been playing with his phone, taking random pictures. Nate had found them when he was messing around on his phone and instantly fell in love with one. The lighting was just right, your outfit was on point, and you had snuck him into the shot. To anyone that saw the picture would have thought it was just a random selfie, but that day had a lot of meaning and so did this picture.   

“Skate,” John loudly said, breaking through Nate’s thoughts. Nate slightly jumped, swiveling the chair around to stare at his best friend. 

“Yeah?” he mumbled, eyebrows rising in question. Nate passed over the joint, biting onto his bottom lip. He had been acting weird all month and John was starting to get worried. It was like Nate was out of his element.  

“What’s on your mind man?” John questioned, leaning forward to grab the bag of Fritos. The sound of the aluminum package opening filled the room. His hand dug into the bag, grabbing a handful of the corn chips and bringing it up to his mouth. Nate drummed his fingers against the table, putting out the joint before clearing his throat. He glanced at Swazz, biting onto his bottom lip. The thought of telling John his news had been on his mind all week. He wanted to see what John was going to say before he actually went through with his plan. Each time Nate thought it was the perfect time to bring up the topic, they were interrupted.

“I’m gonna propose to Y/N!” he blurted out. He had been thinking about it for two months now. The sound of crunching chips halted and John looked at Nate with wide eyes. The two of them were alone now. Everyone that was there left to get food or took a break from all the work. Even though Swazz was high as a kite, he managed to sober up and focus all his attention on Nate. 

“Propose? Are you sure Y/N’s the one?” Sure the two of you had been dating for two years now, but John wanted to make sure his best friend was making the right decision. The two of you were in love. There was no doubt about that. John went back to eating the chips, giving Nate a serious bloodshot eyed look. Nate nodded his head, a smile making its way onto his face.

“Yeah…she’s the one. I just-what do you think about all this?” Nate genuinely wanted to know what John’s thoughts were. He knew he wanted to marry you, but Nate still needed some type of guidance and talking to his best friend was part of it. Silence filled the air and Swazz scratched at the scruff on his chin. It was a rarity for Nate to date someone nowadays, so the fact that you two had been together for two years really said something. Nate was sprung, and John could clearly see that. “I say whatever makes you happy and Y/N makes you happy,” he finally said. Nate grinned at his words, the dimples in his cheeks protruding out. “The two of you seem like a match made in heaven,” he continued on. Swazz wasn’t going to stop Nate from doing anything he loved. He would always support him. Even if it meant his best friend would be tied down and some of their partying habits would decrease. 

“Wanna see the ring?” Nate giddily asked. Hands clapping together and rubbing them. John laughed, of course Nate had already bought the ring. He stood up, taking three strides over to his backpack, before digging into the inner pocket. Pulling out the velvet box, he opened it up and placed it in Swazz’s hand.

“Man, this might actually happen huh,” Swazz commented, staring at the ring. There was still a chance you may say no, but he highly doubted it. Nate was grinning like a fool now. He really did think this through and now that he had John’s “blessing,” all he needed was your father’s approval.

Summer is coming,
and I want to be
holding your hand,
like the metal trap
snapped shut around
a bear’s paw,
with my heart pumping to
the beat of the song we
hear too often on the radio
and I can feel your breath
against my ear,
telling me that growing up
means buying more milk
before your old carton
expires, and having a
cabinet for medicine
behind the bathroom
mirror where you keep
the bandages even when
you don’t plan on
being hurt.

I know the sun is setting
later than we’re used to,
and I’m checking my legs
to count the number
of bruises and I’m falling
behind in school because
I can’t stop picturing
the goosebumps along
your stomach
and although I don’t
want to wash my face or
brush my hair,
I think I am finally ready
to look at the mess I have
made and know that it’s
finally time to go to the
drugstore and buy some


i dont plan on being hurt, k.p.k

So, even the Internet knows what’s up.