this is an old drawing i just colored ahaha

Guys, I just can’t! Like I drew this picture around 4 years ago (yikes) but after seeing that preview with the Ash, Misty and Pikachu relationship I just remembered how much fun I had drawing this when I first got a drawing tablet so I have to cut myself some slack; although, I’m still convinced i’m better coloring with felts and such and drawing on paper. This was more geared towards the first couple seasons when Ash was a little offended that Pikachu would choose Misty over him sometimes ahaha! Anyways please enjoy this art from mid 2013 XD 

jaymaneki  asked:

Hey have you thought of doing any other art challenges? For example, the no undo challenge, no eraser challenge, three color challenge, or any other challenge like that? By the way I love you and your art so much and I just wanna thank you for being so great. d=(´▽`)=b

OF COURSE!!! Ahaha kinda forgot about challenged tbh I’ve been focusing on…work…and….stress…and Boba Babbles/Vlogs ahahaha BUT YEAH


  • Tutorials (of course)
  • Speedpaints (of course)
  • “Draw This Again!” [re-drawing old ass art]
  • Art/Drawing Challenges!!
  • “Reacting” to old Art [FUN TIMES ARE TO BE HAD BOI I WAS CRINGEY]
  • “Reacting” to old Writing [BOI THIS IS WORSE]
  • Attempting traditional art (?) 
  • Art Collabs!!

Theres probably more videos I’m forgetting but I REALLY wanna step up my game art-wise this year! I didnt improve at all which is why I’m not making one of those art summary things this year omfg I FLUNKED BIG TIME IN 2016 MY GUY