this is an ipod photo

Steve Jobs would have been 62 today.

We know his story very well: he founded tech company Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976, gave birth to the Mac, left Apple nearly 9 years later, then returned and transformed them into a giant with the launch of the iPhone.

On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a moment to celebrate the legacy of Jobs, who died in 2011 following a long battle with cancer.

Remembering Steve, whose words and ideals will always inspire us. ‘There is no reason not to follow your heart,’” wrote Cook on Twitter. (Photo: Getty)

After my old iPod being turned off for months, I tried turning it back on to find an old photo. To my surprise, this is what I saw. It hasn’t been on for months and no one had tried to get into it. How is this even possible? How long is that? Can someone from the science or technology side of tumblr please help?

*hysterical laughing*

So at the laundromat…XD

Me: *listening to music on my iPod while scrolling through my photos*

*a mom and her little girl walk in and set up at the table by me*

Little Girl: *walks over to me and waves at me* Hi!

Me: *waves with my iPod in hand screen facing her, a Nert pic on it then goes back to looking*

Little Girl: *whines and tugs on my pant leg*

Me: ????? *looks down at her*

Little Girl: *keeps making sad whining noises*

Me: *confused AF* Uh…..

Little Girl: *points at my iPod*

Me: *shows her the picture again*

Little Girl: *laughs and smiles*

Me: *looks at the mom*

Her Mom: *blinks*


The girl sat on the table by me and looked  at my pictures (which is mostly of Nate, Andy, Matt etc) with me for the rest of the time I was there!!!