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Hey everyone! So, I’ve finally reached 800 followers! And all I can say is, thank you all so much for following me! Seriously, it means a lot. So a big thank you to all my followers, mutuals and friends. I love you all♥
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 First off, I never thought I would do a follow forever, because everyone I follow are the people that I wanna follow forever. I never imagined my tumblr would get where it got  (I mean, seeing people posting my gifs on twitter, or compliments, you know?) so, before tagging everyone and showing you guys how you’re all important to me, I wanna talk about specific people, ok? first up: 

SAM. (brookesjauregui) I still remember when I first called you on private to compliment you on your gifs, and it is with property that I say you have the best fifth harmony gifs tumblr and you will always have! Thank you for your friendship, your advices, for trusting me and believing in my potential. I hope you have amazing holidays and next year, with h4rmony, we are still here making gifs of our girls.

BRUNA K Krys, (nojauregui) se eu pudesse entrar no seu tumblr todos os dias e reblogar o lauren words acredite em mim, eu faria. Então obrigada por entender o meus puta que pariu comentando, obrigada por ter o meu sangue e fazer parte disso aqui, tu é importante pra mim pra caralho. 

To everyone else, I am very grateful for what each and everyone of you added to my life, and you all can rest assured that you have a huge space in my heart. I hope you guys have awesome holidays and a lot of love and luck in 2017!!

 And this is my babes. 

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Are you guys Ready?? This is about Clexa & how important they are to us ❤️❤️❤️ so lets go crazy with the gifs 😎by the way LA Time is 1pm & Brazil 6pm sorryyyyy 🙈😊🙃 Let’s do this kru!!! @meafterdeath @n1ghtwr1ter @lexaluthor @geralehane @elizasoulmate @yeahclexa @commanderlexaofthegrounders @leeshy-loo-squid-squad @waitingforshow @alyciathelilsquid @lexa-is-eternal @hedaswarrior @hedalexatrikru @chuckleshan @front-spoon-lexa @brittanaluv @clexabrasil

Spiral Diamond - Rainbow Wires 0

Higher quality versions: Ello | G+

This is one of the designs I created back in September 2014 when I spent a week hanging out and making art with one of my closest and dearest friends, voxelfox. Show her some love you guys - she’s been one of the most important people in my life for about 14 years now.

This design is one in a set named “Spiral Diamond”, and one of two in a subset named “Rainbow Wires”.

Science has an important message for all the “nice guys” out there

It’s a tale as old as time itself: Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl on a date. Girl says she just considers boy a friend. Boy goes on the internet to complain to other dudes why girls don’t like “nice guys” anymore before saying it’s OK ‘cause he wasn’t that into that “fat slut” anyway. Well, men of the internet, you no longer can use that excuse.

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so im pretty offended that im just now finding out that mulligan is the flower girl in helpless. this was important info guys 

[[edit: the gif is from the genius page for helpless, i have no idea whether it came from a legit source or a bootleg]]

10 Reasons You Didn’t Realize Guys Need Feminism Too

I get why people don’t like the word “feminism.” Half of the word implies it’s for females only, and in reality, feminism at it’s core is about gender equality. So I hate to break it to you, meninists, but guys need feminism too - and not just as allies to women fighting for equality. The meninist movement could actually be considered valid and not just empty and vapid if instead of isolating their valid points about the rights of men as a separate cause, they acknowledged that we are all fighting the same fight.

Living in a patriarchal society hurts men, too. While the media is busy painting women in a less than favorable light, they’re also portraying guys with equally harmful stereotypes (example: most marriages on TV or in movies portray married dudes as the dumb and clueless husband). It goes both ways!

The Game Grumps Community Celebration Art Book is here !

To celebrate the third year of the Game Grumps channel, we are proud to announce that the GGCC project is now over and completed ! It was a blast !

Over 250+ artists submitted their art during the last two months and thanks to them, this art book is packed with more than 120 pieces to enjoy !

We hope that you all will be able to appreciate the lovely work that was put into this and here is to another fun and grumping year !!

P.S : Physical copies aren’t avaliable yet. We are still trying to get that together, and hoping to sell the book with proceeds going towards charity ! Please stay tuned !

what is it?:

  • it’s a place filled with fluffy marshmallow unicorns where everyone can fangirl over Shandy
  • a place to meet and talk with people who also ship them and love them as much as you do



  • meeting lovely people who are crazy for these two
  • new friends to reblog your edits/gifs/fanfics/vids
  • spot on the network page
  • group chat - and tbh this is one of the most important things?? like guys there will be a place where we can fangirl and freak out and talk about shandy


  • you have until march 14th to reblog
  • track #theshandynetwork for updates and stuff
  • announcing members  on march 14th that means we’ll have a place where we can lose our minds :D