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looking for some feedback

hey everyone! i am just looking for some feedback from my followers about my blog.

as someone who really values diversity, i try my best to implement it while i play and create sims; however, i am definetly not perfect at it. now, this is where my followers come in. i would appreciate if you guys messaged me regarding:

a) if there is a lack of representation of a certain identity/race/gender/ethnicity/personality/sexuality/etc.. on my blog that you would like to see more of

b) if you have criticism for a way i have portrayed a certain character or just about anything involving diversity on my blog in general (for example if one of my characters inaccurately portrays a certain identity please let me know)

c) just really any advice or criticism you could provide me with so that i can try to be as diverse as possible

thank you!! anon is on so you can message me things anonymously if you want. i will take everyone’s feedback very seriously and i appreciate any message you guys might send me!

I think the missing piece of what makes “russian cat memes translated to English” so charming is that literally all the original posts are coming from one blog, like, it really seems to be just one guy running such a quality cat meme blog that it’s become necessary to adapt his work into other languages so everyone can appreciate it

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What exactly happened with Dave Filoni? I've seen people mention it here and there, but I'm not familiar with it.



This was around the height of people associated with LF liking Reylo fanart, talking about it in positive terms, etc. The Reylo fandom was pretty much over the moon because HOLY SHIT CLAUDIA GREY SHIPS REYLO. DAISY LIKED REYLO FANART. MARK LIKED ART. WE ARE BECOMING MAINSTREAM, YO.

It was a bad time to be an anti. It’s always a bad time to be an anti, but, well, it was pretty good for us and they were mad. 

Enter Dave Filoni’s blog. 

A blog purporting to be that of Dave Filoni made a post absolutely trashing Reylo, and it EXPLODED. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of notes, antis in total celebration mode, much laughing and crowing that “HA DAVE FILONI THINKS YOUR SHIP IS DISGUSTING AND SO ARE YOU”

At the time, one particular anti blog was pretty much the leader of the whole movement. They were incredibly damaging and all-around horrible (I think they went on hiatus awhile back. They could still be around. I neither know nor care). They reached out to the blog and thanked them for supporting the anti cause. “Dave Filoni” announced that he was actually a big fan of said anti blog and announced that he was now following them. The anti blogger preened and talked about how honored they were, total fangirling, this is amazing. 

The antis were utterly convinced that they had a staunch ally at LF on their side, and oh, how they milked it. 

Until a few Reylo shippers asked Pablo what the deal was with Dave’s blog. 

Pablo shortly responded that he wasn’t aware of Dave having a Tumblr at all (and we know that Pablo is familiar with Tumblr discourse, albeit primarily in the sense that he hates it).

When given a link, Pablo’s response was a completely flat “yeah, there’s no way that’s him”. IIRC there was more or less official confirmation from the real Dave Filoni not long after.

An anti soon came clean and admitted that they’d created the impersonator blog themselves.

This was not long after the Matt the Radar Technician skit, and needless to say, the Reylo fandom had a field day with Matt memes since the antis had flat-out pretended to be a major player at LF just to make it look like their side had support when, as always, they had nothing.

It was absolutely hilarious and I’m still laughing about it a year later. 

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hellohello! so it’s around that time again where my dash is seriously lacking what i’d like to see and my interests have changed a tiny bit so here i am with another follow spree!
please REBLOG this post if you post any of the folowing and TAG your main fandoms so that i can check out your blog! you can like this to bookmark it but i won’t be checking likes just to make it easier for me to go through the notes.

my interests include the following:

  • animes/mangas/manhuas (HQ!!, BNHA, bsd, free!, mp100, noragami, studio ghibli, tg, 19 days, their story, seasonal animes, etc. you can find a list of animes i post here)
  • kpop (mainly looking for bts but i like seventeen and astro too! preferably j-hope biased blogs since i’m lacking hobi-related content on my dash)
  • fanart, art, photography, scenery, aesthetic
  • dogs/cats
  • humour/memes


  • you make gifs/gifs
  • you have a tagging system (!!!)
  • you are drama/hate/discourse fre
  • you like tsukkiyama (hq)
  • you follow me (i’d love to make some new mutuals!)

Sometimes I have a reoccurring dream where i’m standing on a lake full of frozen flowers at night.

Also today I was surprised that this blog has suddenly gotten a lot of attention because one of my illustrations was placed under staff picks (0_0), so thank you so much for your support! it’s really appreciated! (i’ll try to post more from now on).

DODRIO’S “2016 is Finally Dead” THANK YOU!

Hello, my friends! 2016 is finally dead and gee whiz, am I happy about that! It’s been a difficult year of transition and change for everyone worldwide, which is an understatement alone, but I want to thank you all for surviving it with me!

These last four months of creating content (Zoidberg Voice: Hooray! I’m useful!) and interacting with all of you guy’s has really helped and inspired me, especially through my own personal recent struggles, and it means the world to me that we all bring each other so much mutual joy. 

In no particular order, I want to send my love to some friends and mutuals I’ve made! And also blogs I adore, even if we’ve never spoken. You are all wonderful and I appreciate what you do!

@frender  @morticia-smith @krabby-kronicle @soupery @summersmiths @peppa-peggy @ohstephyy @schwubadub @mortyandrick @pop-crash @pi-la @softsanchez @bonnibels @cataclysmicmelody @africant @ren-and-stimpy @bugeyedfreaks @ppgifs @marcys-mareep

In other news! Please check out two new Fan Blogs I’ve created!

@rickandmortydaily and @therenandstimpyshow

I’ll be posting daily Rick and Morty content on the first (GIFs, Screenshots, Videos, Memes, News, etc.) and am looking to add Members there, and will be posting the same type of content, just Ren and Stimpy, on the second!

I am thankful for each and every one of you who follows me and (seriously) send a thought of well wishes and prosperity you’re way every night before sleeping. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s to 2017! May it be filled of prosperity, productivity and security!

I’m really tired of complaints about “neurotypicals” playing with stim toys. I would really appreciate it if people stopped assuming everyone around them is neurotypical, some people are on meds, others can pass as neurotypical and honestly you can never truly know unless someone tells you, and no one owes you that. I get countless messages about people suddenly recognizing what stimming is because they see me stimming on my blog. Stop trying to restrict stim toys, you don’t know if that random person you’re complaining about is neurotypical, and honestly someone else could be thinking the same thing about you …. and reminder I was called annoying and distracting in class for stimming without stim toys. This is an Ableism problem, and the root of this problem is with teachers and administrations, and the assumption that everyone you see is neurotypical.

respect each other

So basically I’ve been sitting back, observing, and experiencing. I really wasn’t about to do this but it’s been on my mind since I came back from my hiatus. I’m not sure what happened to the tumblr community but as someone that’s been here for six years, I just want to point a few things out.

I have never seen it get this bad? Everyone used to be much kinder, and more interactive with one another. As far as the world of fics goes, I have some stuff I need to get off my chest because this is ridiculous.

I have never seen the readers so quiet and the writers so discouraged in all my years here.

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What your favorite gorillaz album says about you

Self titled: you’re lying that’s what you are

Demon days: an old soul,,,, tired,,,, sleeps with a fedora on,,, if you can sleep at all,,, oh god where has the time gone. Likes the aesthetic of cigarettes but nicotine upsets your stomach. You like black nail polish but you pretend like you’re only wearing it ironically, you smell vaguely of an Olive Garden

D-sides: who are you…..where are you….are you ok?? Please answer. I’m not certain you exist

Plastic beach: weeaboo. You wear pre ripped jeans with no shame. Makes a lit vaporwave edit. Gay. 80s movie hoe. You have had, currently have, or will in the future have pink hair. You have an aesthetic blog with lots of pictures of daisies woven into shoes and 90s anime screenshots. Always nostalgic about something.

The fall: You thought you were an atheist then you realized you’re a god. Vapes but you only use one flavor. Smudged eye shadow for days. Bootleg Gucci purse. I’m very scared of you. You watch a lot of foreign art films. You speak fake French but you do it with such confidence that everyone thinks its real French. Hangs out in trailer parks that you don’t live in

Humanz: you’re just really chill dude. Appreciates $6 pink wine. rocks a galaxy print and aviators. Thunder soothes you. Has a black lives matter sign in your yard. Loves Snapchat filters. Everyone likes you but no best friend. You have very specific names for music genres, “post modern sea punk acoustic”. Goes to star trek conventions even tho you don’t watch Star Trek. Reblogs a lot of pictures of Rihanna

Thank you for 500 600 nearly 700 followers on my main blog!  And over 100 on my art-blog!

(click to embiggen)

So yeah, lol, I was meaning to do this as a thank-you for the 500 milestone, and time just got away from me so badly that I really wondered if I’d tick over to 700 before getting it done (just 4 shy of that mark now, so might as well count it).  Regardless!  Thank you to everyone who’s chosen to follow me, whether it’s for the art or what I reblog or whatever the reason!  I really appreciate it.

In honor of this… I wanted to try taking a limited set of requests!  Send me some prompts / requests (Gravity Falls, gen), and I’ll try to pick 8 that I think I can complete.  Will probably try to just do sketches initially, with an idea of finishing them later.  (I haven’t tried to do this before because I get anxious about it, but let’s see how this works. )

(looked at lots of refs of feeding seagulls for this.)

welcome to positivelyYOI!

you know that one YOI artist/writer/cosplayer/etc that you absolutely lose your mind over and want to shower with affection? is there someone you think might be in need of some encouragement? what about that event organizer you really want to thank?

well now you can, stress-free, with positivelyYOI!

what is it?

at its core this blog is dedicated to spreading positivity in the yoi fandom. the aim is to provide a stress-free method to show appreciation for the many people, elements, organizations, parts etc that make this fandom what it is.

all compliments posted will be anonymous, so you wont have to worry or feel awkward if you have anxiety!

how does it work?

everyone is invited to take part by sending in compliments and encouragement to fandom members! this can be done through both the ask and the submit functions.

pls read the rules and faq first!

can i help?

yes! this blog requires outside participation in order to function, so you can help by spreading the word! and depending on how much traffic this gets, i may need a co-admin in the future as well!

everyone deserves a few kind words  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 

Like/reblog if you are/post:
An age regressor without a label
Any other community who accepts any regressor
Baby stuff
Little stuff
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Stim stuff
Anything related to these things

And I’ll check out your blog ^_^

Edit: I really appreciate everyone who reblogged this! Thank you. But, there’s been a lot of kink blogs reblogging this. I have no problem with kink blogs following me or following them. but the thing is, a lot of kink blogs post a lot of porn and while that’s fine and they can live how they want, it pulls me out of my regression when I see a lot of porn and sexual stuff. So, if I may, I’d like to add to anyone who reblogs this in the future, please be mostly sfw at least if you like/reblog this. Thank you! ^_^
Wildest Moments

In which Harry and Y/N have trouble loving each other.

Miserable, that’s how Y/N felt, completely and utterly miserable, her relationship was useless truth be told, she just couldn’t bring herself to accept it. It was an endless cycle of screaming, bickering and any and everything being done to hurt each other.

After everything Y/N has been through, with her parents who supposedly berates Y/N every chance they get and past lovers who’s used Y/N for their selfish needs, all she has ever wanted was an easy relationship, but love isn’t easy, it never is. According to Shakespeare the course of true love never did run smooth.

Y/N knew what she was signing up for when she started getting involved with him in secret trysts at the beginning of their so called relationship. She’s heard the whispers about him, the gossip and the rumors all about his dark side. She didn’t want to believe them.

Y/N closed her eyes in an attempt to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill down her face, but she refused to let them spill, that means she’d look weak and give Harry even more of a reason to exploit her insecurities and weaknesses.

A sigh of relief escaped Y/N’s lips as she heard Harry storm out the room and into their shared bedroom slamming the door on his way in.

Y/N then forced herself off the couch and into the kitchen to make Harry a cuppa to calm his nerves before she attempted to talk to him in order to fix things between them.

“Harry?” Y/N softly called as she walked into their bedroom to find him laying under their covers strolling through his phone with a scowl etched onto his face.

“I made you some tea” she timidly spoke.

Silence, that’s all Y/N got. She knew Harry was ignoring her. Harry knew how much Y/N hated being ignored, he knew how the silence slowly killed her. It broke Y/N to pieces when Harry ignores her, she’d rather he yell at her or do something, anything that way Y/N at least has an idea what’s going in that pretty head of his.

“H please love” Y/N desperately pleaded as she cautiously slipped under the covers with him. A loud sigh slipped past Harry’s lips as he turned to face her, his brows were furrowed as her glared at her, the type of glare that was so cold it sent shivers down her body.

“I love you H, love you so much” Y/N whispered as her voice cracked and tears brimmed her eyes.

That’s all it took, that’s all it took for Harry to melt. Harry’s stone cold glare softened and quickly turned into a loving stare filled with adoration. Harry was completely smitten with her, they both knew it.

“C’mere petal” Harry cooed, “Let me love on yeh” 

Y/N couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she heard those words leave Harry’s mouth.

As they say all good things must come to an end. The next day was the same shit but a different day for both Harry and Y/N, another meaningless fight over something stupid and pointless, they were both just looking for ways to spite each other as always. Y/N sometimes believes both Harry and herself might be masochists, especially in times like this.

But this time Harry overstepped his boundaries.

Harry knew he took it too far, but he couldn’t help it, he was so angry, stressed and frustrated, he did what he always does, he took it out on his girl, the one person who stays with him no matter what, despite how bad he may treat her, she’s always there, even when everyone left, she stayed.

“Sometime I wonder what in God’s great name keeps me with someone as pathetic as yeh” Harry harshly spoke.

“I’m not pathetic” Y/N faint-heartedly spoke trying to convince herself more than she was trying to convince Harry.

“Oh sweetheart, yeh nothin’ without me” Harry spat causing tears to silently fall down Y/N’s cheeks because she knew it was true.

She was hopeless without Harry.

Before Harry came along Y/N had no one, she was just another lonely, innocent girl lost in this world. Harry was all Y/N’s ever had, he’s all she ever knew. Y/N struggled with her mental health, she struggled with money and she over worked herself to pay for her college tuition and to pass her exams.

But the she met him.

He teared her walls down bit by bit, she let him in without a fight. He was her angel, her saving grace. He never gave up on her like everyone around them said he would.

Harry and Y/N were both polar opposites they knew, they’re friends knew it, well Harry’s friends knew it. Everyone whispered about their destructive relationship. On the outside everyone wondered why they even tried but what they didn’t know about was the little moments that kept them sane. Something as simple as making each other a cuppa in the right moment and the late night love making with post cuddles.

“Y/N” Harry bitterly said snapping Y/N out of her thoughts. Y/N hesitantly turned to face Harry with tears slowly streaming down her face.

“ What got nothin’ to say yeh really tha’ pathetic?” Harry questioned, his voice dripping with venom. A loud sob left Y/N’s lips making her feel even more pathetic if even possible.

“Harry please” Y/N whimpered out.

“No Y/N, yeh think I want a relationship like this, a relationship where ‘ve gotta force myself t’ be happy fo’ yeh, cause if I don’t yeh’re gonna turn all depressed and sucicidal” Harry spat

“Please stop” Y/N pleaded as tears dribbled down her cheeks.

“Yeh know what I can’t handle this, I can’t handle yeh and all yeh baggage. M’leaving for a bit and don’t even try t’ come looking fo’ meh” Harry rasped as he stormed out their shared falt, slamming the door shut behind him.

Harry left Y/N standing there distraught and bewildered. Harry knew when he walked out he was running away from his problems, running away from her, and every time he ran away, he took piece of her with him, slowly breaking her.

Y/N knew this fight couldn’t be resolved by a cuppa and cuddles. She felt hopeless, she was hopeless without him. She sat there silently crying and praying for her love to come back to her, except this time she knew he wouldn’t, he’d finally given up on her, just like everyone else had.

Hi lovelies, I’d really appreciate some feedback on this, lots of love- K

Here’s my masterlist

tysm for 2.5k!! I can’t believe there’s that many following my shitty blog, thanks for putting up with me. I decided to do another one of these, please appreciate my banner bc i thought it was hilarious when i made it but i might have just taken too much medication ANYWAY again thanks for following me, i hope i don’t disappoint you too much. I’m only gonna tag my mutuals and a few accounts i just really like bc if i tagged everyone i followed then it would be way too long and i dont have the patience to do that but just so you know even if you’re not tagged ilysm and appreciate you, cheers mates (sorry if you’re not on here, sometimes tumblr fucks up :/ )

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gentle reminder to everyone who sends this blog messages

I just wanted to quickly thank all of the people who send me kind messages about this blog and thank me for what I do. First and foremost, I don’t have to be thanked, these reminders are words that you all deserve to read. 

Of course, though, I still really appreciate it. You’re all incredibly kind and it makes what I do feel a lot more real to see the impact I am making - that we are making. After all, this blog would be nothing without it’s followers and the people who submit posts. 

This is just a post to say that even though I don’t reply to messages (I’m usually at a loss for words, I’m sorry for that), that I see every single one of them and I am very grateful for your kindness. 

Thank you all for what you do, and as always, I hope you have a lovely day today. :)

Hey everybody! Right now, mod is running a survey about ask-blogs, and they’d really appreciate you guys to fill it in! I just want to get a general feel for what everyone thinks about ask-blogging in general. 

Fill it in here!

Just to specify, this isn’t an April fools prank – It’s April 2nd. So it’s perfectly safe. Please fill it in, if you can! 

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I've already sent a few messages like This, but I'm gonna keep doing it because you deserve love, praise And appreciation for the great work you do. Keep up the great work, you amazing person~ <3

thank you so much! I try really hard to make this blog an enjoyable experience for everyone 


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Part 3: as soon as possible

Sooooon I didn’t think that my last post was gonna be that successful ! But hey , I’m not complaining!
I wanted to thank everyone who left comments, I really appreciated them so much !
Also a thanks for everyone who liked and shared the post, I enjoyed reading the tags on the reblogs !!