this is an epic fail attempt

100 “Epic” Adventure Ideas...

Here are one hundred adventure seeds you can use to generate ideas for your adventures and campaigns.

  1. A ancient and evil balor sorcerer imprisons old friends of the player characters, holding them hostage in return for a service. 
  2. A band of several death slaadi rogues and sorcerers begins to waylay all planar travelers who chance through their recently claimed turf on the Astral Plane.
  3. A ranger hero recognized around the world begins to organize a group of explorers for reasons unknown…
  4. A bardic college develops a style of music that charms and dominates any that listen to it too long.
  5. A beholder cluster, made up of many beholders driven mad, begins to war with lesser beholder communities, apparently all seeking a beholder artifact. 
  6. A prominent deity grows sick and will die if the cause of its divine ill is not discovered. 
  7. A beloved prophecy long accepted as true fails to occur because of the characters’ meddling, and the world turns against them…
  8. A blinding, yellow haze seeps down from the sky, covering the world…
  9. A celestial tree hundreds of miles long reaches its roots down and begins to grow on the world’s surface. Creatures from other worlds live in the heights of the tree. 
  10. A child is born who prophecy indicates will one day ascend to godhood. 
  11. A black disease blights the forest, killing all vegetation as it continues to expand without limit at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  12. A clan of psionic militants breaks away from the kingdom — literally. A huge chunk of land hundreds of acres wide floats up and away (taking with it many terrified non-psionic people). 
  13. A conjunction of parallel planes somehow energizes a lowly peasant to the power of a greater deity — but only until the conjunction ends. 
  14. A cross-time catastrophe has cut off the Material Plane from all others. 
  15. A dragon kills the ruler of the largest nation and takes over, calling itself the Dragon King.
  16. A flaw in a true resurrection spell leaves one player character undead by night and alive by day. 
  17. A floating city arrives from across the sea, apparently fleeing the depredations of the Warlord, a barbarian of an epic caliber.
  18. A flock of angelic avengers and celestials is ravaging across the continent. 
  19. A meeting is called by a storm giant blackguard. Powerful giants from around the world (and other worlds) begin to congregate. Though no one knows the meaning of this calling…
  20. A glorious gemstone in which the first light of creation still lingers is purportedly languishing in an ancient, crumbling demi-plane. 
  21. A great chase ensues through endless parallel dimensions as wizard researchers follow the faint trail of the long-vanished elder elves. 
  22. A group of gargoyle paragons claims the Cathedral of Pelor as its own new home. 
  23. A hero of renown (a quasi-deity, really) is to be wed to an elven prince, but the prince’s royal family claims the prince is under a spell. 
  24. A hole is gouged in the veil separating life and death. As the tide of life pours out into the void, all creatures everywhere begin to die as they accumulate negative levels. The hole must be mended. 
  25. A red dragon and two of its siblings emerge from a red-lit cavern in the earth. 
  26. A lesser deity declares the PCs as its mortal enemies, enjoining all its worshipers and allies to find and slay them. 
  27. A longstanding illusion is pierced, revealing that the king is nowhere to be found, and that all dictates of the kingdom have been actually flowing from the thieves’ guild. 
  28. A new deity decides to leave the Outer Planes to set up its palace on the face of the Material Plane. Once it arrives, it demands worshipers and servitors. 
  29. A mad chronomancer with a mastery of time, has determined how to destroy the past (and therefore the present). Unless it can be stopped, time itself will unravel. 
  30. A planar conjunction will soon come to pass, allowing the legions of hell (or worse) direct access to a selected part of the Material Plane for 24 hours. It can’t be stopped, but some famous characters may attempt to defend key cities or strongholds from the onslaught. 
  31. A player character’s heart is stolen and replaced with a magical gem or a strange alchemical creation. Who knows how long the replacement will last? 
  32. A powerful wizards’ guild enters all-out war with the dominant religious order of the world. 
  33. A quasi-deity wants an escort as it ventures into the Abyss to release a companion quasi-deity from bondage. 
  34. A rogue moon threatens to crash down upon the world, ending all life. 
  35. A sentient spell-virus is raging out of control among spellcasters. All who fall victim to it become part of one unified mind controlled by a malign intelligence. 
  36. A species of “fish” introduced from another plane has provided good eating and relief from famine over the last year. Now, thousands (possibly millions?) of the fish-like creatures begin a sudden growth spurt, transforming en masse into terribly powerful and bloodthirsty predators. 
  37. A splinter community of humans evolves into a sub-race sporting strange and variant powers. 
  38. A syndicate of assassins dramatically expands its membership by introducing a mind-control potion into a city’s water supply. 
  39. A team of nightmares draws a chariot driven by a powerful fighter into the city. 
  40. A titan seeks those brave enough to release it from its age-long bondage; its rescuers may face the wrath of higher deities. 
  41. A vampire scion from another plane begins to conquer world after world with the help of a reforged artifact of legend, Midnight’s Heart
  42. A volcano erupts. In the aftermath, a portal to the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire remains open permanently.
  43. A well-known wizards’ guild’s magical dumping ground of failed experiments and stale spell components becomes sentient.
  44. A wizard attempting to summon a powerful devil slips up and somehow summons an abomination instead: an infernal lord of the hells. 
  45. A wizard claims to have developed an epic spell ritual that, if cast, will slay a deity.
  46. All magic items crafted from a particular city begin to bestow negative effects on their owners with each use. 
  47. All who fall asleep on a selected world cannot be awakened and eventually die in their sleep. Exhaustion is beginning to take a hold on even the greatest heroes of its realm…
  48. An adventuring party stumbles upon the tomb prison of an long dead half-god and releases it. 
  49. An anti-magic plague is released by an unknown agency, causing sickness and eventually death to any who prepare or cast arcane spells. 
  50. An artifact belonging to one of the characters must be destroyed, lest some great catastrophe, which has secretly been gathering, come to pass. 
  51. An artifact capable of forever dominating all red dragons everywhere is discovered.
  52. An enclave of gnomes customizes an iron colossus into a walking war platform.
  53. A group of NPCs known for good deeds suddenly embarks on a death spree, murdering merchants and their envoys…
  54. A group of NPCs decides to destroy the PC adventurers, for reasons that are initially obscure. 
  55. A sentient, free roaming, self-casting disintegrate spell breaks loose from a wizard’s laboratory. 
  56. A legendary paladin leads a crusade to hell. 
  57. An inter-dimensional caravan must float on the River Styx through the dangers of several lower planes. 
  58. Spirits begin to manifest from machines as complicated as simple steam-powered wheels — is it a warning from the gods of the forge to desist? 
  59. Angry druids raise the beasts, animals, and dire animals of the wild, intent on beginning a new world order in which nature comes first. 
  60. As the world ages, frequent earthquakes threaten to plunge the major nations under the sea. 
  61. Blue-skinned merchants begin to sell enormously popular items composed of dreamstuff — “mined from the very dreams of a deity,” claim the merchants.
  62. Deeper than the Underdark, the world is discovered to be hollow. Hanging in that vast opening is an unknown, uncharted inner world of strangeness.
  63. Dwarf miners follow a vein of adamantine to a hinged valve sealed with divine magic of an age older than any of the current deities. 
  64. A group of seemingly amateur rogues steal the magical scepter of the Dragon King. 
  65. Evil opportunists slay the Guardian of the Flame of Destiny, hoping to remold the Law of Reality to their own liking. 
  66. Ghosts of every sort begin to rise again, and they won’t recognize their own undead state. 
  67. Mind flayers successfully gain control of a surface nation, plunging the region into permanent darkness. 
  68. Jade pyramids of prodigious size rise from the earth. Sounds unlike any heard before echo faintly from within their stony cores. 
  69. Construct-like creatures of insane complexity called “machines” move across the land, preparing the way for a larger invasion of automated entities. 
  70. Magic begins to fail, supposedly because it is being “used up” faster than it naturally regenerates. 
  71. Mercenary half-dragons who ride chromatic dragons as steeds sell their swords (and spells) to an evil empire. 
  72. Newborns begin to be born without souls.
  73. Off-plane raiders begin to steal people away for use as slaves and food. 
  74. Once every ten years a small cave provides access into a magical, underground world where all living beings give off colorful light, ruled by mysterious fey lords with mysterious agendas. 
  75. One of the player characters learns about his or her real mother or father — in fact, that parent was a demon, and that demon has come calling. 
  76. Planetars and solars bring heaven’s war to the Material Plane, slaying any and all they deem evil or immoral. 
  77. Chromatic dragons decide that their “species” is the only true draconic race, and they begin a campaign of genocide against all other dragon types. 
  78. Several well-known cities and all their inhabitants suddenly disappear without a trace. More could follow…
  79. Someone is breaking the Seven Seals that maintain the integrity of the multiverse…
  80. The ancient Great Library has secret vaults where the Words Once Spoken are supposedly inscribed in the Book of Sleep. To speak them again would remake the universe. 
  81. The Clock that Rules the Universe is under attack by insane gnome alchemists, who are raiding it for parts. 
  82. The End Times threaten to begin. 
  83. The gods of Law put all humanoid races on trial for their excesses.
  84. The Lord High Priest of Pelor denounces her deity and faith. 
  85. The most feared and reviled weapon of legend, an artifact sword that drains life energy with a touch, is lost by its owner. 
  86. The Mother of Spiders emerges from her Cocoon of a Million Years to find a mate for her next spawning. 
  87. A vast necropolis undergoes a mystical transformation. Now, each coffin, sarcophagus, and mausoleum leads to separate cemetery dimensions and realms of death. 
  88. The PCs’ stronghold mysteriously gains new extra-dimensional halls and rooms of unknown origin, content, and extent.
  89. The populace decides that they want one of the PCs as their new ruler, which doesn’t please the current ruler. 
  90. The secret texts of a prominent religion, recently discovered, call into question the church’s real goal, its actual origin, and the agenda of its god. 
  91. The souls of a good queen and her family are drawn into the Abyss by an unknown demonic agency. 
  92. The spirits of the dead begin to possess the bodies of the living at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  93. The sun is infested with moon-sized parasites, and may soon fail like so many other stars have fallen to this celestial infestation. 
  94. The winter, which was overly cold, lasts too long — the goddess of winter, Auril, is suspected to be the cause…
  95. The woods begin to grow without bound, invading field, plain, and city. 
  96. The yuan-ti attempt to awaken the Slumbering Serpent, a little-known abomination born of their own race and a god of serpents.
  97. Twenty percent of all astral travelers begin to disappear in mid-trip. Mid-travel diversion spells are suspected. 
  98. Two parallel planes move too close to each other, and denizens and objects of one constantly slip onto the other, and vice versa. 
  99. Unless stopped, an ancient demi-lich will inject itself onto the Negative Energy Plane, where it can possess any undead anywhere in the multiverse. 
  100. When a friend or a respected associate is resurrected, the soul returned to the body has different memories from the original. Whence does this soul come? 

anonymous asked:

Aaah, requests are open, I am so happy, I love you guys!!! Okay, so, if it's okay, could you two write about the RFA+V+Saeran going all together to the beach? And, ah....I really love how you write Saeran (I'm that Anon from some time ago) so, if it's okay, could you write this with Saeran crushing on MC or they already dating each other (you choose)? I am really sorry if this a strange or hard request, if you dont want to do it, you can write an idea of your own, I just love your writing a lot!

Thank you so much! We actually LOVED writing this. This was really sweet:) We left out V, just because…well, spoilers;) Those who’ve been through the secret ends know, but we hope you don’t mind too much! Enjoy this one:) 

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung had spontaneously started planning a beach day in a chatroom
  • While it was out of the blue, everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea
  • So they found a weekend they were all free
  • Saeran was against it nearly the entire time, but eventually caved in after Saeyoung’s *cough* persuasive argument
  • “I told you, I don’t want to go!” 
  • “But, Saeran, MC is coming.”
  • “….Ugh, I guess it won’t be that bad.”
  • On the day itself, your car happens to be in the shop, so you ask for a ride
  • Saeyoung is all too happy to oblige
  • When he pulls up to your driveway, he tells Saeran to sit in the back
  • “Why? The shotgun is free.”
  • “Just go!” 
  • “But MC said she wanted to sit in the back–”
  • “My car, my rules!”
  • “Well, your rules are stupid.”
  • Saeran finds out why soon after…
  • Saeyoung seems to miss every single turn or gets lost often, resulting in super sharp U-turns that send you and Saeran flying into each other’s arms on a constant basis real subtle, Saeyoung
  • Thanks to Jumin, the area you guys settle into isn’t crowded at all
  • Everyone is too excited to get into the water, but Saeran isn’t too enthusiastic
  • He stays behind and offers to set up the blankets and umbrellas, and you linger behind to help him
  • He’s having such a hard time and he keeps complaining to you
  • “Ugh! I hate the sand. So much.”
  • “Settle down there, Anakin,” you laugh ;););)
  • He loosens up and actually starts enjoying the conversation with you
  • Until Yoosung comes over and dumps a bucket of water on him…with sand on the bottom
  • With the glare Saeran gives him, Yoosung is trembling
  • “I did it for the Honey Buddha Chips!” meanwhile Saeyoung is laughing on the sidelines
  • Saeran doesn’t care if it was a bet, he chases the terrified Yoosung all around the beach and straight into the water
  • You follow along–it was too good not to watch
  • Zen and Jaehee excuse themselves to check out the boardwalk and get drinks for everyone
  • They have some bonding time taking selfies and talking about Zen’s new projects and Jaehee’s work
  • Jaehee starts fangirling a little when Zen’s hair starts waving because of the sea salt
  • Zen would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the attention
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung is attempting to build an epic sandcastle, but he keeps failing cuz his plans keep getting washed away by the water
  • Jumin is watching and gets really frustrated
  • He draws an elaborate blueprint and joins Saeyoung
  • With Saeyoung’s building skills and Jumin’s delegation and good ideas, they start building literally the most epic sandcastle ever also they actually bond instead of fighting over Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Yoosung is watching in awe on the side
  • Finally he comes up and asks if he could help
  • Jumin flat out says no
  • Saeyoung doesn’t refuse though
  • “Yoosung! Your body is the perfect size for a moat. Just lay down here, and I’ll use you as a mold.” 
  • Gullible Yoosung goes along with it and Saeyoung piles sand on top of him
  • “Oh, you know what, let me ask Jumin something real quick!” he says and walks away
  • He doesn’t come back and poor Yoosung is just calling for someone to free him from the heavy sand
  • Zen comes by a little later
  • “Hyung! Thank goodness! Can you help me?”
  • Zen kneels down and starts drawing abs on him, snickering, “See what you could look like if you worked out like me?”
  • Yoosung doesn’t get free until you come along and wash him off…after a few pics of course
  •  Both Jaehee and Saeran start to  get sunburn, so they’re sitting under these huge umbrellas wrapped in towels and soaked in sunscreen
  • You feel bad for Saeran sitting there pouting so you ask if he wants to get ice cream with you on the boardwalk
  • Zen perks up too,“Oh! Can I come?”
  • Saeran jumps to his feet and grabs your wrist, “No. MC let’s go.”
  • The walk there is ten times longer than it needed to be, but neither of you are complaining
  • At first, he’s not really saying much, but he keeps running his hand through his hair and clearing his throat
  • He finally opens up a little when you actually get the ice cream and walk along the boardwalk
  • He even starts getting playful, taking a small bite from your ice cream or chasing you around when you smear some on his cheek
  • You’ve never seen him laugh so much
  • He finds out he’s pretty good at those arcade games, so he keeps playing them
  • He wins you several stuffed animals, and you two even have some matching ones
  • The sun is setting by the time you get back to the others
  • You all just sit around, mostly in silence and eating
  • While everyone is packing up, you and Saeran sneak away to get one last walk on the beach together
  • He even got the courage to hold your hand for a little
  • It was one of the nicest days you’ve ever had 

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Cake Batter

A Dean x Reader AU / fluff

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge [ x ]. This is an AU, in the fact that Sam and Dean are not hunters. I didn’t really get a chance to specify that in the story, but that’s really all I could think of. I haven’t written anything in a while, so I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,529

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

It was Sam’s birthday, and you decided last minute to make him a cake - from scratch. You had never baked anything that didn’t come in a box with specific instructions, so you were nervous it would come out horrible. Sam wasn’t one for sweets anyway, but everyone deserved a treat on their birthday, and he was going to eat it if you had to force it down his throat.

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This crazy thing called love. || 2

Authors Note: Hi!!! I swear this was a lot better in my head, but oh well! I am kinda really excited to be writing this. Enjoy !! Xx

Part One, HERE

I tap my fingers on the bartop, anticipating for the bartender to subsequently give me the time of day as he bustles around tending to everyone else’s needs.

“Ah, finally found ye’,” Harry’s voice takes my attention as he leans his forearms on the bar, cocking his head to look at me with the same green eyes and crooked grin.

I playfully scoff and roll my eyes, I’m very aware he wasn’t trying too hard to find me; I’m ceaselessly at the bar by this time of the wedding. “You weren’t trying too hard to find me… flirting with one of the bridesmaids again, Styles?” I tease, subtly flicking my eyes to the towering blond in a cocktail dress that excellently shows off her flawless, long legs.

To my surprise he doesn’t jerk his head in the direction of the lady, instead, he side-eyes her, not giving her the time of day before his eyes are back to rest on me. “Yeah, I wasn’t trying too hard to find you, but for your information, love, I wasn’t flirting..”

“Quickie in the coat closet?” I smirk, watching him bite his lip, his nose crinkling, brows knitting into a frown.

He gives a bitter laugh, “One time, it happened once… in my defence I was drunk.” He mutters, “and if I remember right, you got me drunk.” He nudges me benevolently, turning his attention to the bartender, flicking his hand to grasp his attention.

“I did no such thing,” I defend unostentatiously.

In my defence, harry and I can’t be left unattended at weddings, one of us perpetually gets on the tipsy side, habitually, it’s him. Again, it’s probably the commitment issue that throws him into the deep end of hard liquor.

“Two Jack and Cokes, one tall and on the rocks, one neat,” Harry orders graciously.

I give Harry a generous smile, “Just what I was wanting,”

He nods, “It’s what we always order,”

“I’ve been sitting here for a while waiting for one.”

Harry lifts his shoulder in a half shrug, “You just don’t know how to work a charm with a busy bartender, you’re too sweet to show force.”

“I am not,” I shake my head, “you’re just cocky,” I respond, pointing out the obvious, as I always do.

He is never too shy when it comes to being assertive and getting what he wants, he knows how to get what he craves, he knows how to be firm, straightforward, and most of all, he knows his power and charm, he uses that to his advantage.

“Mmm, perhaps,” he acknowledges, “or am I just overly confident and determined?” he challenges with a lacklustre smile, one that undoubtedly possesses all the women he comes across.

“Cocky, Harry.”

“Well, cockiness got you your drink.”  He responds, propping his chin on his hand, his eyes beaming brilliantly at me.

I tilt my head in a nod, appreciative of him ordering me a drink the exact way I desire to take it. Harry’s attention is taking by his phone and he gets himself lost in it while I rotate between tapping the air with my foot while drumming my fingers against the bartop, doing my best not to entirely complain about my boredom. Harry isn’t always the best wedding date, he tends to lose himself considerably often at these things, again—commitment— it is a bitch to him. I rest my cheek in the palm of my hand, observing the people across from me chuckle to themselves and share loving gazes between each other, not shy with making it known they’re madly in love with each other… something I hope to one day have in my life— love.

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anonymous asked:

Zack's YouTube channel is 100% random shit and his plans change on the fly. Like he's about to do a sick cliff dive, but then he sees a squirrel and starts running after it. (It's because he has ADHD)

Actual Real Life Events that Zack’s YouTube channel has featured:

  • him doing a cliff dive while recording with his phone (his phone isn’t waterproof. he needed a new phone after that video)
  • him trying to jump over Jason’s truck hood-to-bumper but his foot catches on the windshield and he slams his face into the roof so hard it dents it
  • him literally chasing a random rabbit?? like that was the entire video, just him chasing after a rabbit. it was called “the zack and the hare: an epic remake of a children’s classic”
  • him attempting a pole vault with a random branch that broke off of a tree
  • an hour-long, un-edited, pov video of him running and jumping over random bushes and sometimes stopping to talk and apologize to people for running into their yard to jump over their bush
  • trini teaching him to long board and him failing miserably because he tries to do “tricks” like a dumbass
  • a video dedicated to him running around town and rating all of the dogs he sees. it’s his most liked video
  • a 50k subscribers video (people aren’t subbed for the content, they’re subbed for his hot ass face) where he and kim go into a target and tried on all the bathing suits
  • a video of him eating a dozen donuts from krispy kreme and then seeing how far he could run after (surprise, it’s not very far. he vomits after ten minutes)
{Part 1} Departure // Mark Tuan

Originally posted by blondetuan

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Sad // Angst

Summary: After receiving hate online about your relationship, you plan to break up with Mark on your 3 year anniversary and he comes home to find you packing.

A/N: I decided to do this in two parts! The next part will be smut~ So I hope you enjoy this part 1!

Read {PART 2} here

Mark took the steps up to your shared apartment two at a time with your favourite bottle of perfume and a bag filled with both of your favourite snacks and ramen. It wasn’t just any normal Sunday afternoon when he came home after meeting with the other members of GOT7 – as a matter of fact it was a pretty special occasion; your three year anniversary with your boyfriend.

He reached the door, tapping in the lock code and hearing the usual cheerful beeping that granted him access to his place, before stepping in and closing the door behind him – only to find his eyes falling to the large, black suitcase that lay toppled over on the floor just in front of him. Mark looked at it, feeling severely confused and bewildered as he set his bags on the side table in the living room, putting his hand to the back of his neck and looking around the living room to notice that most of your stuff was missing.

“(Y/N)…?” he called out gently, before hearing a faint crashing sound coming from the bedroom. Alarm bells rang off inside Mark’s mind as he sprinted to the room, bounding through the door to see you on your knees on the floor with your back facing him, fighting with your heavy tri-pod that toppled on to the ground. Mark felt dread wash over his body as he approached you, circling around to face you as he squatted down in front of you, observing your slightly red, blotchy face and puffy eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do Chrisoph and Viktor attempting to speak foreign languages


-Well, depending on the language he’s trying, he either fails epically or does it so well no one notices it’s actually not his first language

-It’s generally divided like this:
Germanic/Roman languages: Hell yeah
Slavic languages: help him

-First of all, he can’t grasp the pronunciation at all. I mean, what are all these š, č, ć, đ and so on things supposed to be??

-Then comes the true pain.

-The declinations (or cases, whatever you want)

-Oh and don’t get me started on Chris learning Croatian

-You know why?

-We have 7 declinations. English has 0.

-But if he tries to learn anything other than a slavic language, he’s good to do!

-As long as there are no new alphabets/letters involved.


-Actually a pro for learning any language

-I mean, Russian is hell, so everything is easy compared to it

-And he really enjoys learning new things

-However, he’s not exactly a fast learner

-He’s very determined, though

-He learns the common phrases very quickly and slows down after that

-But he’ll learn it eventually

-And he’ll learn it well

-He’s already fluent in at least 3 languages

-French, Russian (yes, I count Russian) and English

Nissa Nissa

Could Lyanna Stark be Nissa Nissa?

A quick Google found me this on Reddit

Jon’s parallel with Lightbringer is especially strong. The Lightbringer myth talks about Azor Ahai attempting three times to fulfill the prophecy and forge Lightbringer. The third time, after failing twice, he realizes what must be done and sacrifices the woman he loves to forge Lightbringer.

Rhaegar = Azor Ahai

Rhaenys+Aegon= Epic Fails

Lyanna= Nissa Nissa

Jon= Lightbringer

What do y’all think?

Confession: I think I’m attracted to one of my close girlfriends, but 1:I don’t want to ruin things between us; 2: We’re supposed to be getting our thot on with other people; and 3: I can’t tell if I am confusing our close friendship with actual attraction. Also, I wish this whole finding-other-black-queer-women thing was a little easier. I don’t even know how to start looking for them, because any previous attempts I’ve made have failed epically.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that appears in almost all cultures around the world.

Dragons In Slavic Mythology 

  • East Slavic Dragons have three heads, green, walk on hind legs and spit fire.
  • South Slavic Dragons have a division on what they call them, but basically they are the same creature. They are considered intelligent and wise, possess superhuman strength and are proficient in magic. Aside from breathing fire, they are also known to lust over women with whom it can produce offspring. In Bulgarian and Serbian folklore, these dragons were seen as defenders of crops and fighting against a specific demon – Ala, whom they shoot with lightening.
  • Their abilities vary depending on location. Some believe the east slavic dragons can re-grow their heads if chopped off. They exhale fire, which is dangerous to anyone in the way. Their enormous size makes them just as deadly.

Behind the legend of the downfall of medieval Serbia, lie fairy-tales about a good dragon who failed to save his people from the hands of the malevolent Ala, or Azdaha.

Thus, the Ottoman conquest and the famous Kosovo Battle of 1389 resulted in a battle not only fought by people, but by dragons as well.

According to oral tradition, the participants of the bloody battle became semi-gods, mythical creatures whose dragon origins often appear in folk tales and epic poems.

Serbian cultural expert Sreten Petrovic, through his books, has attempted to prove the existence of a dragons “pantheon” in Serbian medieval culture, called the “Jastrebacki panteon”.

This Pantheon was crowned by the Jastrebac Dragon, Zmaj od Jastrepca, and included various heroes from Serbia’s medieval epic poetry.

Many legends and folk tales in Serbia feature these lusty and brave dragons, which defended Serbia’s skies and lands from the Ottomans, and from bad weather as well.

  • The natural habitat of Serbian dragons was typically considered to be on mountaintops, such as Jastrebac near Krusevac, rivers, mountain streams, or the woods. Many of these places still bear the name “Zmajevac”
  • Zmaj’ (meaning dragon) was a title given to the most fierce and powerful warriors in Serbia and other South Slavic countries.

Dragons In Norse Mythology 

Norse mythology, in general, is dark and tragic, like the cold and icy wastelands the Norse traversed. Whether on land or sea, the Vikings were threatened by dragons.

Dragons are a central part of Norse mythology, as are those who battle them.

The Vikings believed in this structure of their universe to be the nine worlds and in the great cosmic tree, Yggdrasil, which held all things together. Norse mythology taught that dragons were under the ground and at the bottom of the ocean.

To the Norse, dragons and serpents were the same creatures and not differentiated. Viking mythology is largely based on tales of the sea as they were seafarers, and dragons were commonly found in many aspects of their lives.

Dragons were often carved on the bows of ships to protect the seafarers. These sea-serpents were symbolic of the Viking prowess, and were used to heighten the berserkers sense of self, and to frighten potential opponents. The dragons on the bows of their ships were also believed to scare away the serpents in the depths of the ocean.

Dragons In South American Mythology 

Close to Mexico City are the pyramids of Teotihuacan.  They are carved with many things – including a dragon called Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl was not an evil dragon. He was the ancient cultural hero among the Aztec, the Toltec and other Meso-American peoples.  He taught them how to write and explained agriculture to them.  He introduced the calendar, monotheism, music, dance and so on – in essence he civilised them.

The Maya knew him as Kulkulkan, and the Quiché called him Gucumatz.  The same god appeared in Zuni rituals as Kolowisi and a Hopi ritual named him as Palulukong. All of these have the same meaning: “plumed serpent”.

In his dragon form he ruled the wind, the rain and the fertility of the earth, the cycles of human sustenance. As a celestial and terrestrial being he was man’s magical connection to the mysteries of heaven and the sacred earthly realm.

Quetzalcoatl was an integral part of the creation of each of the worlds/cycles/suns of the Aztecs.  The fifth age was initiated by Quetzalcoatl in 3,113 B.C. and is due to complete its cycle on Dec. 21, 2012.  Just prior to the age of the fifth sun, Quetzalcoatl created man by going to the underworld and retrieving the bones of an earlier human incarnation.  On his return journey he stumbled and fell, breaking the bones, and therefore the resulting people came out in all different shapes and sizes.

When he was driven away by war he promised to return to his people one day. Some accounts have him leaving in a dragon boat or on a raft of serpents.  Some believe he sacrificed his human body and flew off into the sky to become the bright planet we know as Venus

Dragons In Japanese Mythology

Japanese dragons are similar to those of China, but are more serpentine in shape, have only three claws on each foot, and fly less frequently. The reason why they have three toes/claws is because the Japanese believe Eastern dragons originated in their native homeland. Their belief was that when the dragons began to leave Japan, they gained toes. The further the dragons went, the more toes they gained. Which explains why the Chinese and Korean dragons have more toes.

The most familiar type of Japanese dragon is the Tatsu or Ryu, which is a descendant of a primitive three-toed variety of Chinese dragon. Japanese dragons are traditionally associated more with the sea than rain. This is because Japan is less vulnerable to drought-related disasters as compared to China. Therefore they didn’t feel the same need to pray to rain-releasing dragons.

The Ryu originated from Buddhist religion and is one of the four divine beasts from Japanese mythology (the other three being the phoenix, turtle and kirin. Kirin is the Japanese unicorn). It is frequently the emblem of the Emperor or the hero.

The dragon is chief among the ideal creatures of Japan. It is seen carved upon tombs, on temples, dwellings, and shops.

Dunkirk: A Film Review.

Dunkirk. It’s 1940. World War Two.

You’re surrounded by German soldiers, your only hope of escape is to sea. But there aren’t enough boats. Your comrades have been gunned down, killed or captured. Everyone is an enemy. Even the men that are supposed to be on your side, are suspicious. War has warped your mind. You’ve become distrustful, you’re terrified the next moment your eyes open will be the last time you see the sky.

You’re 18. Maybe younger, maybe older. You’ve barely lived and you’ve seen the worst of humanity. If you run, the world will see you as a coward. If you stay you’re brave. You don’t feel like either. You’re battered and bruised, hungry and thirsty. Dirt and blood cover your body. When you return home, if you return home, the operation will be called a “military disaster”.

Who comes to save you?


The film isn’t about winning. It isn’t about us vs them. It’s not about patriotic soldiers. No. It showcases, without having to show the bodies, the brutality of war. In comparison to other war epics, like Saving Private Ryan which is very close to the vein in its telling of war, we are not protected from the ghastly horrors of war, Dunkirk may not show the deaths in such graphic sequences, but the impact is just as powerful. Bodies drop. People are blown up. People disappear.

War is brutal. Death does not discriminate. It’s quick. The men standing next to you may be the last you ever see. You may never see the sun again. You may never eat again. Your best friend is shot or worse within seconds. The fast-paced nature of characters dropping and disappearing from the screen shows just how awful war is, without needing to see the bodies.

One minute they’re there and the next they’re not.

They don’t have time to mourn. They don’t have time to stop. As much as their hearts scream, their minds beg to help, they have to keep moving.

English soldiers turn on French soldiers. Survival is brutal. For Harry Styles’ character, Alex, who shows anger, fear, remorse, desperation, gratitude, survival is not fair. It’s not fair to sacrifice the few for the many to live. But that is what happens in the film. Many are lost, many are swept away in fire, water or gunfire. Some commit suicide. Some runaway.

For Fionn Wihtehead’s character, Tommy, survival is not about sacrificing those who help him. He was willing to side with a soldier who wouldn’t speak, revealed later to be French, Gibson, Aneurin Barnard’s character.

Each soldier has a different outlook, for Tom Hardy’s character, his main purpose was to take out enemy planes that attacked the soldiers on the ground, while his comrade, Officer Collins, played by Jack Lowden, has more of an emotional storyline, rescued by a father and son who take their civilian boat out, along with many others to rescue the soldiers at Dunkirk.

And for George, who dies at sea, is a young man, stuck in a place that he shouldn’t be in. Like many of these soldiers, for example Cillian Murphy’s character, war has shaken them to the bone. It is not what has been droned into their minds through propaganda. It’s horrible.

Then, home comes for them. When all other attempts failed, the people rallied and pushed themselves into a dangerous situation.

Aye, I wanted to share my subeta entry for the beanbag contest since we already have the finalists ^o^ I’m wishing good luck to all the chosen contestants ; v ; the entries were really interesting and diverse :D

His story:

Cesario is a happy and diligent young man who loves nothing more than making and fixing beanbags. However, he wasn’t always this content with life, nor has his name always been the same. Growing up, he felt as though his body didn’t belong to him and hated the little square box people wanted to fit him in: mommy’s little princess, daddy’s baby girl. It was during his early teens that beanbags caught his attention: their texture, their ability to distress him in times of need and their gift of morphing and changing form, their inner fluidity. Naturally, he began collecting them, moving on to creating some personal designs and attempting to restore old, deflated ones. As his passion and talent grew, so did his determination: he would fully become who he had always truly been but others failed to acknowledge; he would morph into form without ever ceasing to be who he was. Almost like his dear beanbags. Cesario enjoys going on “epic hunts” with his mother (whom he considers his biggest friend) for fabrics, threads and other bits and pieces for his handmade beanbags. He also frequently goes to conventions and events to see what’s trending, to find out about new and limited releases and increase his own private collection. Amongst other things, he enjoys frappes (the sweeter, the better), music (he owns several vinyls and enjoys playing the harp); hanging out with Jade and teasing Johannes. His pet peeves include mornings, strong scented perfumes, the word “moist” and drawers and doors left half-shut.


Description:Featuring Team Seven right before the wedding (because I’m salty that Sasuke and Sakura were quite literally thrown to the curb)

Features:SasuSaku and TEAM 7


Sakura couldn’t believe that Naruto was getting married.

She knew that almost everybody was going through this surreal experience of being at “Naruto’s Wedding” but all of them like her knew that he deserved every ounce of happiness the world offered him.

And this was just the beginning.

Iruka Sensei may have rightfully taken the role of Naruto’s father but Sakura had the role of his sister, best friend and confidant, which naturally meant that she was assigned on keeping Naruto calm duty A.K.A making sure the most unpredictable ninja of Konoha actually made it to the altar.

This was her first S-Rank mission.

“What if she realises that she doesn’t like me Sakura-chan?” Naruto was nervously mumbling and pacing around,“She might change her mind when she sees me, I got a glimpse of her in the morning and she looked so pretty dattebayo.”

Sakura wanted to hit him but she reminded herself that he was the groom and that wouldn’t bode well for the luck of his married life.

“Sakura-chan!” Naruto whined,“What should I do?”

Well, she could always just heal him afterwards nobody would know maybe then-

“I wish the bastard was here.”

Naruto’s words are abrupt and out of the blue and Sakura’s head snapped up looking at his rueful expression. Something twists in her heart, maybe it’s the fact that Naruto had said the words she’d wanted to say all along.

She softly smiles,“I wish he was here too.”

“It’s just-” Naruto breaks off running his hands through his hair,“I-I-”

He was having a hard time saying it out loud but Sakura understands her best friend’s feelings. She remembered the hope that had reflected in his blue eyes when he’d sent Sasuke the invitation and the disappointment when he’d read Sasuke’s reply in which the latter had politely apologised for being unable to attend.

Something in Sakura’s heart had sunk too. After all she’d always believed that Naruto had a way of reaching Sasuke that nobody could compete with and if he’d failed to bring him back what hope could she possibly have?

“I really thought Shikamaru’s idea would work.” Naruto groaned,“I sent the letter saying that you got a new boyfriend. I even specifically mentioned how he was spotted coming out of your apartment.I can’t believe the bastard hasn’t come rushing back.”

Sakura froze. Naruto was still mumbling on ignorant of the killing intent that was rolling off Sakura in waves.

“You did what?” Sakura’s voice was dangerously shrill and Naruto winced realising what he’d just disclosed.

He quickly backed up against the wall putting as much space between him and the pink haired kunoichi as possible.

“He probably didn’t even buy it.” Naruto said quickly,“I mean it is you after all, you falling in love with anybody but him is-”

He breaks off realising that he said the wrong thing.

Hinata I love you, Naruto thought, Ichiraku’s ramen I’m sorry I couldn’t have you one last time.

“You and Hinata are soulmates.” Sakura said slowly advancing,“Even if you die in this life I’m sure you’ll meet her in the next.”

Naruto put his hands forward,“Sakura-chan I said I’m sorr-”

And then he suddenly stopped.
It was the pure shock on Naruto’s face that made Sakura pause too.

And then against all hopes she turned around.

The raven haired man that stood at the door was leaning against the frame his sole black eye looking at the scene in front of him with a quiet sort of interest, his face giving away nothing that he’s thinking.

He seemed out of place in the bright light of the room, shadows surrounding his dark travel cloak, clearly he’d not dressed up for the wedding and if his blank look was an indication he didn’t seem like he was too happy to be here, surrounded by all this pomp and joy.

But Sakura knew him well. The blank look was a careful mask on his part to hide how unsure he was. It was a look that asked, Do I deserve to be here?

And then with the slightest inclination of his head the man turned to meet Sakura’s gaze.

For that second Sakura’s heart stopped.

But that didn’t last long as Naruto shoved past her launching himself at the man in an attempt to envelope the latter in big a hug with a loud, “SASUKE!”

Sasuke on his part gracefully dodged, sending Naruto sprawling to the floor.

In that moment with Naruto too busy trying to pick himself off the floor Sasuke’s eyes found hers again.

Although his expression didn’t change much Sakura could tell what the slight tilt of his lips meant. His gaze is soft as he stares at pink haired kunoichi in front of him.

If anyone else had seen the look that Sasuke had worn at that moment they’d have missed what he was quietly expressing. But Sakura, the Sakura who’d loved this man through everything, even through his darkest hours understood what he was saying.

I’m home Sakura. I came back.

So she smiled widely her feet carrying her forward towards him. She stopped in front of him and stood on her tip-toes as she wrapped her arms around him pulling him into a gentle hug.

“Welcome home Sasuke-Kun.” She whispered softly.

Perhaps he would have hugged her back, perhaps he would have muttered a soft thank you but Sasuke never got to do any of those things as Naruto launched himself at the both of them enveloping them into a big group hug.

Although Sakura was in the uncomfortable position of being sandwiched between Naruto and Sasuke in a way she could barely breathe, tears couldn’t help but spring to her eyes when she laughed, realising that this, this moment right then was what she’d been fighting for since the day Sasuke left the village and now…. And now he’d truly come back to them.

“Aww Sakura-chan don’t cry.” Naruto said sniffling as broke away from the hug.

“I agree Ugly.“ Sai’s voice makes them look up,“You look even uglier when you cry.”

On a normal day this would end with Sai getting punched but once Sakura got a glance Kakashi who was standing behind Sai she started crying even harder.

“I saw weirdo siting on a bench near the town gate and it seemed like he was waiting for someone so I simply guided him here.“Sai said.

As if on queue Sakura started crying even harder.

While everybody else failed to notice it, Kakashi hadn’t missed the slight hint of embarrassment that had crossed the last Uchiha’s face.

Although Kakashi supposed there would be another Uchiha soon enough.

“Tch Tch, I see you’re as hopeless as ever dobe.” Sasuke said his voice smug as he looked at Naruto who had epically tripped over his wedding robe in an attempt to move forward and calm Sakura down.

Naruto got up but before he had a chance to reply Sasuke punched him in the face.

“You stupid teme!” Naruto got up rubbing his sore jaw,“What was that for?”

"I’m an avenger.” Sasuke said simply.

Oh, Naruto realised, The bastard was taking revenge on Naruto for lying to him about Sakura’s non existent boyfriend.

On the other hand Kakashi had taken on the role of comforting the sniffling Sakura since he’d assessed that Sai was even more emotionally challenged than he was.

“There, there.” He said patting the only female member of the team awkwardly.

“I’m sorry.” Sakura sniffles through her tears,“It’s just that I’m so emotional -”

Sakura broke off and proceeded to wailing.

The panicked Hokage quickly waved his hand in front of her desperately trying to calm her down,“Its alright, I’m sure there is something we can do to calm you down.”

“Well-may-be- no it’s not-”, Sakura started to say but then again broke into her loud crying.

“No tell me!” A panicked Kakashi said, what were the other three idiots doing watching her cry like this,“I’ll do it!”

Sakura shuffled,“Really?”
Kakashi nodded.

“Well then to take my mind off things do you think you can show me your face without covering it with anything?

Both Naruto and Sasuke turned to Sakura in a split second their fighting forgotten.


Hmm ugly blackmailing Kakashi with tears is pretty smart.

I’m going to marry this woman one day.

"My face?”

The tearful Sakura nodded as all her team members shuffled next to her peering at Kakashi. There was no way he’d be able to get out of this one now, his smart student had made sure to corner him in every possible way.

They’d all grown up now.Naruto was no longer glaring at Sasuke but standing proudly on his own, his wedding robes hinting that he’d be just as comfortable in the Hokage’s uniform. Sakura who’d once always trailed behind the team stood in front of them her teary face doing nothing to hide the steely determination and strength in her eyes and Sasuke, the one who’d always stood apart from the group staring angrily at a distance had now unconsciously slid himself in between Sakura and the other two boys his eyes constantly flitting between his Sensei and the girl in front of him.

They’d come so far from the naive genin they had once been and seeing them standing in front of him Kakashi realised that he couldn’t be prouder.

So Kakashi took off his mask, all of them, and smiled at his team.

A cast of four - two girls and two boys - realized they are trapped in a story, doing the same thing over and over. As they attempt to escape, a supremely powerful raven tries to take one of the characters away; while the raven is on the “outside”, he is just as trapped as the main four are. They must fight the higher being writing their story, with the looming threat of epic tragedy if they fail. Also, suicide is a Thing, and raising middle fingers to the narrative.

Did I describe Princess Tutu or The Ballad of Lost Hallow?