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JoJo and Caesar’s Authentic Switzerland Experience

Look, I’m not done shitting on how expensive my country is, and there’s not a lot of fiction taking place around here, let me have this

Post-Homeworld’s Defeat. Steven is a cool hippie adult happily married to the President of The United States: Connie, and living cozily with his pet lion in the White House.

Via warp pad, he is sometimes visited by an entourage of magical ladies: Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Jasper, Lapis, Bismuth, Topaz, and plenty of others all of varying sizes & shapes. Oh, also his rock star dad stops by whenever he isn’t touring.

Above in the skies, a giant being - The Cluster - overlooks the tiny planet that they were meant to destroy, having been freed from within it and now acting as a watchful, celestial guardian. The gang stops by the Moon base every so often to say hi to them.

The temple is quiet nowadays and deep within, where corrupted gems were once stored until having been healed, lies the Diamonds and other few gems who remained loyal to the authority till the very end.
Steven hopes they’ll be able to realize how great the Earth is someday, but until then they will remain bubbled, safe from causing anymore planets anymore harm. 

Life is nice and in the end gems did colonize the Earth but in a much more peaceful, harmonious manner. Sadly, cookie cats still aren’t back. 


Logan Lucky Official Trailer


a concept: as third year students, aizawa and his classmates were tasked to look after a pair of kids with quirks


The end of your life has already begun. There’s a last place you will ever go. A last store you will ever walk through. A last sight you will ever see and every step you ever take is moving you closer. The end of the world is a billion, billion tiny moments and somewhere, unnoticed, in silence or in darkness, it has already begun.


[HIGH RESOLUTION]  Beauty and the Beast characters (Ending Credits) - Part 1/2

I repost these images but this time with high resolution (so you can use them as wallpapers, headers, backgrounds, etc. if you want :))

 Here you can find the same screenshots but with small resolution.