this is an eerie coincidence yes

*asterisk muse

the negative blue
of a thousand poems
burning through sighs

a decorum of dark rhizomes
fall in the cornice of estrangement

and they call her errata
i call her *asterisk muse

she dances in evolutionary isotopes
at the centrifuge of my aural psyche

scratches of latticework and calligraphies
of dark “things” are the epitomes of her
pilgrimage toward the nutrients of her
unholy visionary cordial existence

she is aligned
with rain -

a saliva of ambient companionship
full of eerie finesse … reforming
the abstraction of her flesh -

her travels darkened
by a sinister gospel -


the poetry
of my lust … invisible/spiritual/inorganic;

a transubstantiation of edits …

a network of syllables
seeking the normal
atrium of the

synchronizes with

the obscurity of her loins
adrift with madness
colliding with
my spirit …

she writes
i read …

nothing more can be said
about the coincidence …

the instruments
were dictated
long ago -