this is an alternate version

Tabletop got really interesting when my PC got swapped out with an alternate universe/timeline version of themselves who was a little older and a LOT different personality wise because they were raised by their two adopted dads from infancy rather than from when they were like 12. They’ve also got a dramatically different sense of style. 

At the moment Dad one is frantically trying to get original Katya back, and Dad two kinda digs new Katya. We’ll see how it goes.


This is the Russian version of the traditional ABC song that we’ve all learned in school at one point. The Russian may come across as being a little less catchy, but it does the job and that’s what really matters anyway.  Alternate version.

takiturel  asked:

Hi! You problably met Butch Hartman do you? He has his own channel on YouTube and He made a film where he draw all the characters from TUFF PUPPY as a humans. (ww w.yo utub e.c om/watc h? v=-Z mJ eBvY 11c). My question is: Can you make the same with Harvey Beaks characters, please?

No, I’m not gonna do that. If other folks want to, go for it. I’ve never really been one to want to draw alternate versions of my characters.

„Again”? Is that a common occurrence? Oh wait, this is comics, so yes.

Spider-Gwen #18. We’re finally done with this crossover. But in the finale we still have a visit in some alternate Universe where Gwen and Miles fell in love, got married and have two kids and alternate version of Spider-Ham is their baby-sitter and they pretty much live in an utopia.

You know, I’m not really surprised at the end our Miles and Gwen decide to for now be just friends after that. I wouldn’t like to be told I’m destined to hook up with this other person and we will make our world best ever if we do either. They leave the door open for it in the future, but settle for friendship for now.

So yeah, this entire crossover was a big damn tease that didn’t go anywhere. Although I liked how Latour wrote interactions between Miles and his dad and Jefferson being determined to stop Earth 65 Scorpion because he isn’t going to let a guy with his face become multiversal terrorist…that’s a pretty strong moment. I hope Bendis will continue with that and show us how it will affect Miles view of his father.

since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.


                          I’m holding on
                                                                                          and I won’t let go

okay but cute concept time,

summer tried to convince her team to wear capes–but she could only get qrow on-board because he was drunk and essentially just: “fucking put it on me, ill wear a god damn cape”.

and he just kept wearing it because shit that’s actually pretty snazzy