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To: Osamu Dazai

Hello dear Wolf, did you miss me? Mmm probably not, after all I didn’t come so kindly this time, did I? No, I burned and I destroyed and I stole and lived up to your precious pet name, didn’t I? But admit it, just to me, you like this new game don’t you?

You’d never tell your darling husband, especially not after what I’ve done but you missed having someone on your level. I know you Osamu, you’ve always wanted a challenge, something to make life interesting. The Mafia provided distractions for you and even gave you a friend, I heard he died finding his match and it could have been a worthy end. He could have found his reasoning in this world and accepted it but I know he didn’t, he was a bit too much like us for that.

He was a bit too much like your pretty doll. Convinced he could change the world to suit him and who’s to say he couldn’t have? He saw what would happened and changed himself to match it, he could have changed the world to match himself. If he made peace with his balance, if his balance wasn’t so stubborn, hmm? Do you understand what I mean?

Of course you do, you’re the Human Wolf tearing through the sheeple. Always more cunning, always more aggressive, always ready and willing to tear the flesh from their bones and slurp up the bloody marrow. Right now you’re lounging amongst them, right now you’re letting a dog keep what should have been yours, what could be yours still. How long will you rest, Sleeping God? How long will you let a mere man lead your pack and how long will you lay down with the sheep?

Do you remember when we met? I know your doll didn’t but you do. I looked different then, acted the way I thought Mori would want to get what I wanted but you recognized me. Do you remember what we did the day we were introduced? In that room with that man strapped down? Do you remember what you told me and how I smiled? Was that when you decided to take me to bed?  

Was it when you said “Here’s a scalpel, we use it to separate the Wolves from the Sheep” and saw the glint in my eyes?

Was it when I took it from your hand and carved the name I used into his chest?

Was it when I smiled at you and held the scalpel back out to you while he bled? When our fingers brushed and you felt something, something prickling along your skin like the cold over a grave? What made you want me in your bed, Dazai? Was it my body? You appreciate beauty of course, Nakahara is proof of just how much you appreciate beauty but it wasn’t just that, for either of us.

No, I think you wanted to see us together. You wanted to see someone else broken to pieces by your pretty doll. You wanted to see him work someone else over, see their lips stretched wide around his cock and the arch of his back as he fucked their mouth. You wanted to see those lust blown pupils as his cock disappeared in someone else, the thrust of his hips and the bob of his throat as he swallowed so hard and pretty.

You’ll tell me if I’m wrong but you wanted a show, I think you did, something to rile you up and raise your hackles. You wanted to be possessive over him all while watching him fuck someone else, it’s exactly the sort of perverse pleasure you indulge in dear Wolf. You never thought you’d like it quite so much though, I can tell you didn’t, even if you loathe me now you’ll never forget then.

As much as you want to put me down like the rabid dog you see me as, you’ll never forget the glint in my eyes when I took that scalpel and you’ll never forget the deal I offered you. I could offer again, to you and to him. We could take it all and have it at our feet, you could have the challenge you so desperately want. You could do more good at the top, give all the people in your life more. You’re a strategist Osamu and you always have been, you made a reputation for yourself and it never waned. I’d be a fool not to offer you a deal again and all else that you say about me, I was never a fool.

I know, you want to strangle me, strangle me with my own guts until my face goes blue and my lips go slack. You want to strap me down and carve me up, torture me the way you haven’t tortured anyone in a long, long while. The only reason you haven’t done it is because you can’t find me yet but I know you will and in fact, I’ll even make it easy on you.

I’ll make you a deal and you can accept. I’ll give you a choice and you can turn me down. Whichever, it doesn’t particularly matter but you know which would interest you more and which would get you closer to what you want. You know which would make your cock drip and which would have your pretty doll’s legs spread wide while his eyes rolled back.

Please do send me your answer, maybe you could send it with Nakahara’s letter, save yourselves some trouble. Until then, I wish you all the best tending to your flock dear Osamu. 

Dazai had seen the letter Chuuya had left on the table, wine glass in had and a look he hadn’t ever cared to see on his face. Somewhere between utter shock and thinly veiled interest. The gems were gorgeous, mirrored his own eyed. The letter in his hand though…He’d give one check to the other King. He knew what angles to go at both of them with. 

The harder part was admitting he was just as interested as Chuuya, That despite the near blinding need to snatch Chuuya to him and mark him for all he’s worth and then some, he has the itch to make Fyodor watch. That every memory of their little blond never left him. That he adored having someone to rile Chuuya up with, to give affection to, to work them together under his hands. 

The bottle of wine that sat on the counter next to Chuuya was taken with bandaged fingers around the neck. Glass pressed to his lips and the tang of alcohol coated his mouth and throat. The paper was handed to the other as he took Chuuya’s letter, looking it over again as well. 

“I think we need to have a talk…” he breathed out, knowing this wasn’t just on him to plan.

Two Kings and A Queen… 
Peace in a warzone…not peace…lust.

A New Beginning.

The past long month

Has been a tirade of events

Taking me to heights

Unknown and dark

Taking me to depths

Deep and endless

Taking me to traumas

Painful and bleak

Taking me to places

Mapless and nowhere

Taking me out of my body

To heaven and hell

Its taken me to different levels

Of conscious and unconscious

Through it all I have learned

To be thankful and grateful

For each new sunrise

Giving me a new perspective

To start over

Replenished and reflective

A new day a new life

A new beginning.

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"the movement from being alone and cut off from the world and descending underground deeper into the loneliness" Ok, look, the video nearly had me in tears and now you're writing gorgeous things like this and I'm going to lose it again. It's a beautiful, beautiful video, and I hadn't even thought of descending and then climbing up out of the sadness to acknowledge and accept it. That makes it even better, wow. Talk about a gut punch.

I blame Niall! does he fully grasp the emotional impact of his songs? it’s a whole new level for him. one more thing I love: towards the end, the soft blue of the almost-night sky, with the golden city lights. it’s my absolute favourite time of day, but so hard to shoot because it’s so fleeting. but heartbreak is fleeting too, you know? it’s all-consuming while you’re in it, but looking back on it from a better place, maybe you can appreciate that there is a gut-wrenching beauty in feeling something so deeply? maybe it’s better than feeling nothing at all? am I making any sense??

Dragon Age “Favorite Game” Alignments:

Lawful Origins
-knows everything about the DA universe
-reads all the codex entries
-actually knows things about story structure

Neutral Origins
-romances alistair every time
-can never bring themselves to make evil choices
-loves the music
-cries a lot

Chaotic Origins
-just replays all the different prologues over and over
-restarts when they get to ostagar

Lawful 2
-thinks DA2 was unfairly judged in comparison to origins
-has Strong Opinions ™ about anders
-thinkpieces and meta
-secretly bitter

Neutral 2
-really just loves all the DA2 characters
-like, REALLY loves them
-a lot
-fix-it fic and coffee shop AUs
-probably bisexual

Chaotic 2
-has only played 2
-“wtf is a darkspawn lol”
-purple dialogue options
-probably a blood mage

Lawful Inquisition
-enjoys fetch quests
-takes time to craft new weapons and armour at regular intervals
-talks to every companion between every single mission
-looks up walkthroughs and quickloads whenever a companion disapproves

Neutral Inquisition
-Inquisition was their first DA game
-avoids fandom drama
-just genuinely enjoys all the games
-the most chill

Chaotic Inquisition
-spends 90% of their time falling off of roofs in skyhold
-runs into dragon battles 20 levels too soon and gets destroyed
-tries to glitch on purpose

Honestly being disabled affects so many LGBT+ people.

In my town there is only 1 bar that has wheelchair access and guess what?! It’s not the gay bar!

Gay bars are also not accessible (the vast majority of the time) to those who are sensitive to bright lights and loud sounds. Example; some people with epilepsy, autism, PTSD, Tourettes, social anxiety, ect.

The pride march I went to last year would not be accessible (reasonably) for someone in a wheelchair or let’s be real, anyone who can’t walk for an hour +. 

The local LGBT+ group I meet up at tries to be accessible but often forgets that if a location has to be changed then the same level of access will almost certainly not apply to the new location.

The LGBT+ friendly bookshop I visited while overseas had a tiny door which barely fit my small wheelchair. There was also a step halfway through the store which meant I only got to view half of the books that were aimed at me. 

A lot of LGBT+ resources online are not set out in a way that people with visual or learning disabilities can easily read, or read at all. 

The LGBT+ community as a whole (not just the disabled members)  need to make a conscious effort to include disabled people where-ever and whenever possible. 

We are just as much a part of the community as abled body/minded people. 

This is 100% okay for able body/minded people to reblog too. 

Homestuck: Seven Years in Four Minutes


Hey there!  Maybe you’ve heard about this cool new game coming out called Hiveswap?  Maybe you want to play it but worry that without reading Homestuck you’ll be lost?  Good news, you won’t be!  But just in case, I’ve prepared a quick and extremely paraphrased summary to tell you everything you need to know about Homestuck.


[Transcript below the cut.]

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Fuckboy: Tolkien–a conservative, Catholic, white man in the early 20th century who has been dead for forty years–would not approve of you shipping his two same sex characters.


I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.

Marie Curie:

After graduating from school at 15, she continued her education in Poland by going to underground classes (as women were not allowed to go to university) while she saved to go to Paris. Once she got there, she completed postgraduate degrees in both physics and maths in just 3 years and began her research into radioactive compounds, discovering 2 elements (radium and polonium), which were later used in treating diseases such as cancer through radiotherapy (something she literally created during the first world war for field hospitals, whilst at the same time running a platoon of mobile x-ray machines also for use on the front line).

She also won 2 Nobel Prizes (the first person and only woman to do so - she was also the first woman to ever win and the only person to ever win 2 prizes in different sciences).

I’m going to go and do my homework.

me, through tears and clenched teeth: this is everyone’s era


requests series ( bias / OTP / era )
      ↳  yoonseok for @prince-hobis-castle​, @floral-hobi​, @agu5td​.
 ━ ;   H: ahh, i’m nervous ^.^;
          Y: don’t be nervous. hyung will take care of everything.

11 US road trips you should add to your bucket list

With such vast and varied landscapes in the US, the only way to cover a variety of them is by car. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the iconic Route 66, marvel at the Tail of the Dragon Highway and cruise through the great US of A.

Route 66

Known as the Mother Road of America, Route 66 journeys for more than 2,000 miles of pure Americana. This historic route, built in the 1920s, travels from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California and crosses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. See the heart and soul of the country from your car window and explore beautiful beaches in Santa Monica, the expansive Grand Canyon and the delicious restaurants that are all situated along this route.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

The twisting, cliff-hugging route of the Pacific Coast Highway runs 458 miles along the central California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles and is one of the most exhilarating road trips in the US. It takes around six hours to drive from start to finish. While a portion of the Big Sur Highway is currently closed, you can still get a taste by driving down the coastal road as far as Point Lobos Natural Reserve, where adorable wild sea otters sometimes frolic. Doubling back and take Highway 101 inland for sensational winetasting in the Salinas Valley before rejoining the ocean road at Cambria.

Overseas Highway

Get ready for beautiful scenery overload on the Overseas Highway. The Highway 1 route from mainland Florida to Key West travels for 113 miles past expansive turquoise waters dotted with distant sandy islands. The concrete stretches of this magnificent route are punctuated by classic American gift shops and burger stands serving up cholesterol-bursting milkshakes to break up the long journey.

State Route 12

Also known as Scenic Byway 12, it’s frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. State Route 12 winds from west to east for 122 miles, located in the Garfield and Wayne Counties of Utah. The highway starts south of Panguitch, passing through part of the Dixie National Forest, and going over the Escalante River. With its limestone network of turrets and spires, the natural cathedral that is the Red Canyon is also along Route 12, which eventually ends in Torrey, just five miles from Capitol Reef National Park. Driving past retro, rusty signs and baron lands, this route is the perfect trip through time back to old America.

Kancamagus Highway

Now designated as an American Scenic Byway, the 34.5 mile long Kancamagus Highway in Northern New Hampshire will not disappoint. Venture through the epic White Mountain National Forest, with views of the Swift River, Sabbaday Falls and Rocky George. Drive Kancumagus in Autumn time and see New England Fall in all its orange and red glory – the highway passes some of the best views of New Hampshire’s famous Fall foliage.

Beartooth Highway

Positioned 10,947 feet above sea level, near to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park, it’s unsurprising Beartooth Highway is frequently described as the most beautiful drive in America. Located on a section of U.S. Route 212 in Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth cuts through the Custer and Shoshone national forests, and it’s the stunning greenery of these woodlands that makes this route so special. The pass is usually only open from mid-May to mid-October due to the heavy snowfall in the winter months.

Delaware Water Gap Road Trip

Take a road trip along the Delaware River. The surrounding 67,000-acre forest at the National Recreation Centre is full of flowing waterfalls that deliver the ultimate scenic route. But it’s the Delaware Water Gap, a deep cleft carved by the river into the solid surrounding rock, which is undisputedly the most beautiful sight of this drive. The route round this beauty spot stretches for 35-miles south on the I-84 freeway in Oregon, Utah.

Route 6

Based in the heart of the magnificent Massachusetts state, Route 6 connects Rhode Island to Fall River, New Bedford and Cape Cod. Also known as the Mid-Cape Highway, Route 6 takes you all the way to California and runs 3,652 miles long and is the longest contiguous transcontinental route in the USA jutting across fourteen states.

Tail of the Dragon

Bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, the Tail of the Dragon route has no intersecting roads or driveways to distract your travel. It’s just you and the open road. With 318 curving roads, totaling 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. Hire the sports car of your dreams and cruise down the famous open roads for as long as your heart desires.

Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway

Journeying through Utah and Colorado for 512 miles, the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway forms a diamond shape with the four highest points at Moab, Helper, Vernal and Grand Junction, which include some of the best National Parks in the country. With the Dinosaur National Monument, the Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado National Monument all on this route, this trip offers a stunning prehistoric adventure through time.  

The Blues Highway

Starting in ‘Music City’ Nashville, traversing through birthplace of rock and roll, Memphis, blues haven Mississippi and the cradle of jazz, New Orleans, this 630-mile journey traverses rural, romantic roads straight through the heart of the Deep South. As well as classic vinyl shops and stellar Southern cuisine you’ll find the funkiest soundtrack in the States; from jazz in NOLA’s hip Bywater area to the harmonica-strains of up-and-coming talent in Memphis’ juke joints.

With low online deposits and a 24-hour helpline it’s now easier than ever to book your Avis car hire with your BA flights: book in and out of the same, or different, airports and choose from multiple hotels.

Plan your next US road trip

Photo by Roman Romanenko on Unsplash

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how do you do your water color~? I cant get mine to look good in my program..

Okay, so having some nice watercolour brushes helps (here are the brushes I use.) But I think that no matter what program you have, and no matter what brushes you use, as long as you try to mimic the way watercolours behave you can get a decent watercolour effect in digital art.

Here’s an example

I present to you a sketch of a random floating head because I am a serious and not at all lazy artist.

I picked a random brush (square-edged, no watercolour border) and made sure the opacity was set to low, because actual watercolours tend to lay down paint quite thinly. When people are using actual watercolour paints, they need to think about which areas to leave white, so I tried to think about this too, but only halfheartedly.

More colours! More halfhearted leaving areas white. I coloured the hair on a different layer to the skin.

I locked the opacity of the hair colour layer, and airbrushed over the area where the hair and skin meets, using the colour of the skin. This, sort of, mimicks the way that watcolours will blend into each other while they’re still wet. The reason I locked the opacity of the layer was to preserve the white spaces.

I added two multiply layers. On one I added a bit on light red for blush, on the other I added a bit of light blue for shadow. These were done with the same square, low-opacity colouring brush I used for everything else.

Using the airbrush tool, I erased the edges of the blue shadow, again to roughly mimick the way watercolours blend.

I increased the contrast. I used the levels tool to do this, but brightness/contrast should be fine too. This highlights all the rough areas in the colouring, but I think a certain amount of roughness makes it look more like natural media, so I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I decided I’d done a shoddy job leaving white areas on the canvas, so on a new layer (under the lines, above the colours) I used the standard pen tool to draw on some white.

I also decided the lines were way too dark, so I changed the colour of the lines from black to dark brown and set the lineart layer to multiply.

Final step, add an overlay layer on top of everything with a nice texture on it (because good watercolour paper is textured.) Don’t have an appropriate texture? No problem, here’s how to make your own in any art program that has a noise filter:

1) On a new layer, fill the canvas with a medium grey (approx half-way between black and white)
2) Go to the perlin noise filter. You can play around with the settings and see what works for you, but here’s what works for me

3) Set this layer to overlay with approximately 30% opacity (again, play around and see what works for you) and you now have a lovely texture :)

And that’s it! Quick 5-minute digital watercolour doodle is complete. It’s very messy, and could definitely do with some cleaning up, but I hope you can see how it’s starting to resemble actual watercolour.

Depending on your program there may be more things you can do to mimic watercolour eg. a brush tip with rough edges tends to look more like natural media, same for a brush tip that’s textured, your program might let you set a watercolour border on either your brush or your layer (or both) and using the blend tool can also create a nice watercolour effect. But since I don’t know what program you use I tried to demonstrate a colouring technique that should work in most art programs.

I hope this helps :)

Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k.

All names have been changed. Long story:

In the late ‘90s wife and I were just married, just getting started, and we decided to DINK (“double income, no kids”) it for a few years to save up for a down payment on a house.

The dotcom bubble was still rising and I was a newly minted software developer. I had an entry-level job for a while and then got recruited to a new city and a new job that paid 3x what I was making before. It was an offer too good to pass up. I ran the numbers and it was a no-brainer: by living frugally and saving my entire salary, living off just her income, we would easily have enough in a year to put 20% down payment on a new house.

We rented an apartment in the new city that was listed for $950/mo. The landlord was a real estate agent who owned a two-bedroom condo as an investment property. Let’s call him “Hank Wazowski”. Hank was a thin, gray, no-nonsense guy. He was pleasant enough, but perfunctory, dry, and had no sense of humor. He made a point of explaining that under no circumstances was he responsible for maintaining the garbage disposal and that it was NOT included in the rental agreement and he would not be responsible for fixing it were it to break. Um, ok.

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Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)


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Trump administration officials, under pressure from the White House to provide a rationale for reducing the number of refugees allowed into the United States next year, rejected a study by the Department of Health and Human Services that found that refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost.

The draft report, which was obtained by The New York Times, contradicts a central argument made by advocates of deep cuts in refugee totals as President Trump faces an Oct. 1 deadline to decide on an allowable number. …

The internal study, which was completed in late July but never publicly released, found that refugees “contributed an estimated $269.1 billion in revenues to all levels of government” between 2005 and 2014 through the payment of federal, state and local taxes. “Overall, this report estimated that the net fiscal impact of refugees was positive over the 10-year period, at $63 billion.”

But White House officials said those conclusions were illegitimate and politically motivated, and were disproved by the final report issued by the agency, which asserts that the per-capita cost of a refugee is higher than that of an American.

Strikingly, administration officials defend this by saying the analysis was faulty because it took into account the contributions that refugees make by paying taxes — something they dismiss as politically motivated. Instead, those officials say, it should have factored in only their cost in public services, and compared those costs to average native-born Americans. According to two sources who spoke to the Times, Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s hard-line anti-immigrant agenda, “personally intervened in the discussions on the refugee cap to ensure that only the costs — not any fiscal benefit — of the program were considered.”


An internal report undercut one of Trump’s biggest goals. So the study was scrapped.

Goddamn fucking idiot Stephen Miller is such a pathetic little racist piece of shit.

I’m DMing a new group and they’re all beginners. They’re level 3 and they just defeated a hag that was stealing children, but the other 2 hags escaped.

Me: as you look around the battlefield you find no trace of the kidnapped little girl
Party in unison: who cares? We killed the hag. Little girl was probably cursed anyway
Me: so you don’t wanna save her?
Party: no, we just wanna get paid
Me: uh, what if I pay you more to save the other girls
Party: does she have to be alive though?
Me: yes, to get paid you have SAVE the girl
Party: sure, I guess we’ll do it


Whoa…. Yana’s latest tweet about Sebastian was so harsh… _(:3」∠)_

Like… it’s nothing new that he is a demon that sees all humans as grasshoppers, but Yana’s words just reminded me once again that he is an ultimate sadist and bastard and that’s why I love him xD