this is an adorable couple

anonymous asked:

I just realized May and Drew are really short. Like for example May is one of the shortest female companions in the show (Misty, Dawn and Serena are all a little taller than Ash while May is noticeably shorter than Ash in most episodes), and Drew is often drawn either the same size as May or a tiny bit shorter. So May and Drew are both small tiny people. Kinda cute.

A couple of smols. Adorable.

sakura--season  asked:

Hey there 💕 I'm Ukrainian and I absolutely adore my culture so I'd love to share just a couple of fun facts about the country itself ☺️ After the Soviet Union broke up Ukraine inherited the third largest nuclear Arsenal in the world, however refused to take it. Smiling is only for laughter, rather than to say hello etc, meaning there is no one asking young women why they aren't smiling ;) and you also know any smiles you get are 100% genuine. It's also home to the first ever constitution!

aww tbh smiles when saying hello aren’t too bad but on the other hand the 100% genuine thing sounds really good too, forced smiles aren’t nice. 
sounds like some interesting history tbh plus the refusing is awesome