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Noctis' Theme (Flute)
Noctis' Theme (Flute)

This ended up being an actual audio post, since uploading from Soundcloud wasn’t working for some reason… Still, I managed to get it here. If this still doesn’t work, this will lead you to the soundcloud website thing.

This recording isn’t perfect, there’s blips here and there, but I think that’s the best I’m gonna get for now since my hands are cramping up pretty badly. 

So, there’s me playing Noct’s theme on my flute!

weird forgotten tumblr things

- don’t hug me i’m scared fandom with the humanoid notebook and clock
- fluffy chicken day
- those blue pictures that said ‘reblog if you’re in the ______ fandom!’
- all the tumblr island, tumblr university, etc. plans that eventually led to the planning of a tumblr convention which is what gave us the beautiful shitshow that was dashcon. the dashcon ballpit was overall tumblr’s best meme in my time on here imo, second only to sonic for real justice
- tumblr trick or treating on halloween¿?
- everyone remembers mishapocalypse but remember the all-out war that went down a year later when people couldn’t decide if there should be another one?? that was honestly almost as scary as the actual mishapocalypse
- speaking of misha collins, when he posted his phone number online and this entire website collectively lost its shit. everyone had to post their text convos w/ misha
- “the only adult supervision we have on tumblr is john green” (yikes)
- the time everyone was gonna purposely not post anything the sunday after the guy who played uncle vernon in the harry potter movies died because of the quote “no post on sundays” but then everyone like……forgot and posted stuff anyway
- the tumblr version of some nights by fun
- moreos guy
- when the 50th anniversary of doctor who fell on the same day as some one direction thing and everyone got really offended at this facebook post someone had screenshotted that said like “1d will be around way longer than ur shitty alien tv show” lmao
- “swiggity swag, what’s in the bag”
- when yahoo was buying tumblr and everyone was flipping shit and making posts saying shit like “yahoo better not go ToO fAR!!! they have an army, but we have a hulk!!!” honestly if i was yahoo and considering buying a website for more than a million dollars and then saw that that was what the userbase was like i would have backed the fuck out of that business deal
- those “men of tumblr” posts, you know the ones i mean
- when everyone hated miranda cosgrove?? was there a reason behind that or,,
- back in 2013 everyone was planning to do this “tumblr day” on march 5th where you were supposed to write a big t on your hand and then if you saw anyone else with it you were supposed to “hug and exchange urls” lmao. im pretty sure no one actually did this but if that doesn’t describe the general social climate of tumblr back then idk what does

I know I’ve made a lot of posts recently about disturbing dynamics on this website but I really feel that I’ve narrowed down three big factors that have corrupted the way we interact, and can lead to anything from ineffective annoying conversations, to actual abuse. those factors are:

-pain and trauma being reconceptualized as currency for credibility or social capital (and how this takes away from genuine interaction and replaces it with performativity) 

-pain and trauma being reconceptualized as a bargaining chip to get one out of accountability (ditto with what I said in the parenthesis in the first one) 

-the above two factors leading to a normalization invasiveness on a level that would otherwise be disturbing / being encouraged to disclose painfully private information. 

for a lot of bloggers who talk about marginalization and social issues, whether you have a “discourse sideblog” or a Serious Leftist Blog or a fandom blog, patterns have come up on here that over time have encouraged people to play up their already present fatigue and anger, because they’ll be awarded with popularity and credibility for making public displays out of very personal pain. with frequency over time, these displays become less about genuine sharing and helping situations, and more about subconscious (or conscious depending on the blogger) manipulation in a way: “what will I get from sharing this”. whether or not that manipulation is intentional, when this stuff is normalized people start to do it almost mindlessly, and it compromises any chance for compassion and trust and genuineness.  

when we discuss oppression and power, we are often already bitter and tired from whatever contexts we have. and that comes out normally in justifiable situations - the bitterness in and of itself isn’t what I’m criticizing. this isn’t gonna turn into some “we have to be graceful and tone police ourselves for the comfort of people who hurt us” post. the problem I’m putting my finger on is when, on top of our original bitterness and tiredness that we already have to shoulder, marginalized people are also being egged on to perform MORE of it as a show of “look at how mean and jaded I am, that makes me more credible and likable than you because I act more visibly mean and jaded at all times”. it’s also the invasiveness. it’s also the detachment from reality. it’s a lot and I’m just gonna try and list a few examples I’ve seen in the past couple of months that have not changed or gotten much better from the way things were on here in 2014 or 2012: 

-I’ve seen popular bloggers respond one way to another adult with genuinely abusive politics, and then turn around and respond the exact same way to a 13 year old with a silly question that seemed obvious/embarrassing. and then act confused when told that there should have been a difference in their responses for it to remain appropriate. 

-I know people who feel uncomfortable posting on here when they’re genuinely hurting and in need of support, but who have learned to almost nonchalantly pull out a laundry list of grotesquely detailed stories of trauma in order to prove a point in a stupid argument, because they’ve been taught that’s necessary in order for them to be listened to.

-at one point I was convinced that if I ever decided to have patience with someone who asked an ignorant question, or stick it out through the conversation to try to change someone’s mind, it wouldn’t be half as radical as just throwing out some over the top “go fuck yourself in the ass” and making 6 posts about how I blocked them and “did you SEE that idiot??? they must hate everyone in group x”. and honestly that’s. ridiculous and is only “effective” if we just wanna stay in an insular little circle laughing at everyone without a gender studies degree. like again, it’s normal to be bitter and tired and choose not to deal with someone, or deal with someone unkindly if they aren’t listening or are evoking oppressive rhetoric, but the idea that I feel like some of us have learned that we ALWAYS have to interact like that in order to prove your politics are radical (it truly is our version of 3dgy blogging lmao) is exhausting. 

-I’ve seen people who have suggested that they are trying to heal mentally or emotionally in some way, and have been accused of selling out. like somehow “not everyone can achieve recovery” turned into “anyone who talks about recovery for their own self is a sellout” - I had to leave certain mental health related blogging circles because of this. 

-re: pain/trauma being used as bargaining tool for getting let off the hook for genuinely abusive interactions: again referring to some mental health related activist communities, in some circles, “don’t associate mentally ill people as being inherently abusive” somehow turned into “if someone is mentally ill they can never be called on abusive or even slightly harmful interactions.” similarly, this has happened in other “leftist” conversations along identity politics lines of “well, seeing as I have this marginalized experience, I can’t be touched with critique”. this is defensiveness taken too far and stagnates our ability to grow and actually promote healthy treatment of others (something we all claim we are trying to do)

-things that have been encouraged by self proclaimed activists include: publicizing your mental health record and whether or not you have been raped, or whether or not you have a confusing relationship with sex, or whether or not you have been a victim of familial abuse, seems just as par for the course in some circles as publicizing your astrological sign. obviously choosing to share this is an option, but I and others have been pressured before to include such information beyond reason in order to be granted access to a discussion or to have a set of ideas/concerns listened to. 

none of these things should seem normal or healthy. I’ve gotten caught up in some of those mentalities multiple times and am still struggling to stay away from them. obviously in some conversations, a little indication that you aren’t a preachy outsider can be good, but rhetoric that tries to narrow down who we should listen to to “only people who have this identity and experienced this exact thing at 8 am on a tuesday and are willing to yell it into a megaphone” will not accomplish anything except for telling strangers on the internet that they are morally deplorable and unreliable if they do not allow you to invade their space and their private life. 

and the consequence of this is that even though we become used to talking about personal grief in a detached, non-genuine way, when we have to engage with the complexities of people’s realities, including their grief and suffering, on a real level, we flounder. pain should never be reduced to a bargaining token the way it has been on here. a lot of us have enough anger and fatigue already, we don’t need to be egged on by peers to constantly flaunt it as a show even when we aren’t actively feeling it, or be pushed to the point where we feel foolish or less credible or relatable for wanting to heal even a bit. I’m first and foremost sad that this is some young people’s first exposure to communities and dialogues that are supposed to be overcoming some form of liberation. 

all of these issues made more complex by a mix of ages and experiences and blogging styles, sometimes that complexity is dangerous (re: the age thing, like imagine growing into politics and adult social friendships on this forum. there are young teenagers whose primary source of growing into those things is here.) and sometimes it’s just annoying, but either way it’s beyond time to try to address and change some of these behaviors on a large scale. I’ve seen some individual bloggers come to similar realizations and grow and change, and those are the mutuals and friends that I’ve kept on here. 

and maybe it’s a losing battle, and maybe a website where social capital / notes is a central feature will always create disconnect and divisiveness, like I know this could never be the Perfect Safe Revolutionary Space for holding conversations, but still I want to see more people realizing that some of the shit on here is not exactly something we want to be getting used to especially if we ever want to advertise leftist blogging spheres here as moral examples. 

psa: don’t mention commissions/patreon on AO3

Hi guys! So I know we all don’t actually read the terms and conditions of things and just hit agree assuming there’s nothing important in there (I do it too oops) but if you take writing commissions or anything involving money, then there’s actually something in the AO3 terms and conditions to be aware of.

Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted, but advertising it directly on the Archive is not, nor is using language which one might interpret as requesting financial contributions. For example, you can say something to the effect of “check out my Tumblr if you want to know more about me and my writing” and include the link to the site, but you cannot specifically state anything about donations, commissions or sales on the Archive.

Today someone reported one of my fics as violating this condition - presumably because I’d mentioned my patreon in the author’s note (I wasn’t actively requesting donations either… I’d literally just mentioned that it existed, and that the fic in question was written as a thank-you for hitting one of my goals).

I’ve written to AO3 to check whether just saying ‘thank you to those who support me on patreon’ is fine and I’ll let you guys know when they get back to me, but if it’s still going too far in terms of being a ‘commercial promotion’ then I’ll just avoid mentioning this in the future! :’)

As I said, someone did actually report my fic for this - so there are people out there who are noticing/reporting these situations. Please be aware of this if you take fic commissions, or use patreon or ko-fi, because your account could end up suspended, which of course no one wants!

<3 <3

“jewish girls are beautiful” “this blog supports jewish people” etc. posts don’t make me feel safer. they’re empty, hollow displays of allyship that mean nothing outside of this website, which is where our safety is actually threatened. where we face actual antisemitic violence. if you legitimately care about jewish safety the bare minimum you can do is at least reblog the posts WE make about antisemitism, elevate jewish voices, and bring up antisemitism to your friends, families, and co-workers. let go of that smug sense of comfort you get from reblogging positivity posts and do something that might be uncomfortable but is actually meaningful. 

There are people on Tumblr right now arguing over the actual sexual orientation of the moon and…

…y’know, look. I’m not one to sneer at Tumblr. I think a lot of good has come out of the political discussion that occurs on this website, and I personally have learned a lot about gender, race, LGBTQ history, and myself as a direct result of reading posts on this website. I’ve learned so much, and grown so much as a person, thanks to this funny little website, and I will always be thankful and appreciative of that.

But - but! - when I see debates like this, when I see people shitting on each other over whether the actual, real moon that orbits our planet is a woman who experiences same-sex attraction and only same-sex attraction, I think… Christ, this is it, isn’t it? This is how the rest of the internet sees Tumblr.



Every time I see this tweet going around I think of this, and as far as I’m aware no-one’s done this before…

(I know it’s not the actual source but the tweet has been flying around this website under so many different re-posts this is all I got)


being on this website while also out of the loop on astrology is confusing as hell cause youll see a post that says some nonsense like “aquarius with taurus rising and sagitarius with leo moon will kill each other during venus retrograde” and there’s people in the notes actually relating to that and its just like… oh word?


Summary: Reader meets up with a guy she met on Tinder. | Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mostly fluff

Word count: 2032

A/N: There will be a part 2, just don’t know when! :) Let me know what you think of this! P.S! This is a queued post.


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Dating websites and apps had become your best friend recently. Specially an app called Tinder. You create a profile, maybe lie about your age and then it’s only a matter of which way you swipe. It was pathetic really, but your friends has convinced you to make a profile. They said you could use some action. You thought the idea was ludacris, but now, you were kinda glad you did.

You had met a guy. You were a tad bit scared, to be honest, as you’ve never actually met up with a guy like this before. You knew there were many creeps on those sites, but something in you, and also your friends, told you to meet this guy. You had a good feeling about this, but you were also nervous, butterflies fluttered in your tummy.

The guy’s profile said his name was James, a very sweet name, you thought. He also had a picture of him on the app. The picture threw you off at first. It was a black and white photograph of him, presumably, in military clothes? The picture was cropped below the shoulders but you could still see the sharp edges of his outfit. Your grandfather was a Sargeant back in the day and you had seen pictures of him in his uniform, so you recognized one when you saw it. But the more you looked at the picture, the more in love you fell with it. You concluded that maybe it was just a picture taken at a costume party.

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I recently reblogged a post about a Moana figurine coming out by the Hamilton Collection, pointing out that they use digital paintings/3D renders to sell their products without showing the end result. And when you see pictures from those that bought the item, they tend to be…less than stellar for their steep price tag of around 100 USD.

SO, I thought I should point out Enesco! Their figures are actually sold on the official Disney store website, so that alone should be a comfort- BUT also, not only do they tend to run a bit lower on the price scale, their products turn out much better AND they have really nice sales of around 30% off.


I got a little carried away but this isnt even all of them. The prices range from 35-70 USD, which, compared to the usual 100 USD of Hamilton Collection, is amazing. We just got the Elsa one ourselves since it went on sale for 35ish and it looks around 8 to 8.5 inches (20.3 to 21.59 cm) in height, so they’re a good size too.

They DO have some that could use better face work, but honestly those are so few and far between when compared to the plethora of awesome/pretty af figurines.

They also have more than just Disney stuff, and it seems a lot of it you can get through Amazon. I dont THINK they have any Moana merch yet, but I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. I mean, Lenox is nice too but their faces also seem to have…problems, as a majority.

I have no real idea anymore of whats going on with the outfit department anymore tbh… But i have been thinking about it more after the release of the cd cover 

The two outfits Victor is wearing is the “stay Close to me” one from ep one and the Military one I believe

(The above image could also just be their past outfits considering the one Yuri’s wearing is the last years as well)

ALSO, Victors actually already worn this outfit 

Its also the one that is used in marketing 


YS, you would think they would use the outfit in the actual episodes if it shows up in merchandising (BUT ALSO, Yurio has a blue outfits thats in a lot of his merchandising/stock imaging but his final outfit is red ((Shown in the Canada clip but i could be wrong))) 

So, maybe he would be wearing his second outfit seen on the website?  

Either way, If they do skate together, I hope they have fancy outfits (ALSO TO NOTE, the first episode we see the intro clip of Victor skating “Stay Close to Me” to Yuri in the abandoned/empty skating rink and he’s just wearing a black V neck so maybe the highly anticipated dance sequence will just be them in their casual clothes?)

I guess it would be a nice show of domestic if they were wearing their normal clothes? But I also want fancy clothes so I’m in quite the internal struggle 

On the other side, I don’t know where they would actually fit anymore skating scenes with Victor. Considering how many skaters they have to go through for the Grand Prix (Finger crossed for episode 10 or the end of 12 then!) 

I feel like seeing Victor skate again would be pretty awesome considering we haven’t seen any skating done by him for the last 5 ish episodes 


I SURE hope Victor and Yuri dance in outfits that cool


Seven Minutes In Heaven (With Seventeen)

Summary: A simple little party in someone’s basement while their parents weren’t home. A simple little game meant for horny preteens trying to get to second base. It’s not supposed to be make or break for your heart, right? Right? Fluff. Multi-chap. 

(A/N: Okay, so I don’t know if any of my followers remember Quizilla. But Quizilla was my first ever fanfiction website. And long before I was writing fanfiction and posting it there, I was reading. And obviously, with a name like Quizilla, the primary formatting of their website was quizzes. This meant that the fanfic writers there actually came up with something very creative - a choose your own adventure style fanfic, usually seven minutes in heaven. I saw these everywhere. If you were in a fandom at the time then there was a 99% chance that a seven minutes in heaven quiz existed for that fandom. Most of the ones I read at the time were about Harry Potter. So anyway I’ll probably explain more about this concept if asked, but I think you’ll get it as you go along. If you have read the Quizilla ones then you’ll get it right off the bat. I’ve always always always wanted to do one of these and I thought Seventeen was the perfect fandom to do it for. I’m gonna have so much fun with this. I think the only warnings are under aged drinking and light promiscuity?? Whatever have fun reading. This is just the prelude before all the individual members parts, but I do recommend reading for set up. -Tanisha<3)

You got invited to parties like this more often than you went to them. You found it more boring going out like this than anything. Your friend group had an odd mixture of people who were of the drinking age and just under, leaving you all with an odd conundrum - the older ones buying alcohol (never anything too heavy) and simply watching in amusement of how the younger ones couldn’t hold their illegal booze. This always gave these parties a distinctly ‘teenage’ vibe. Usually in someone’s basement, or in a dark backyard when parents weren’t home, with Top 40 music blasting in the background for people to embarrass themselves to.

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In order to actually do business with foreign companies, Venezuelans rely on “black market” exchange rates: illicit websites that post more realistic rates, in addition to unflattering news articles about the Venezuelan government. The most prominent site is, which the Venezuelan government has declared Public Enemy No. 1 due to its habit of revealing how worthless Venezuelan currency is, ultimately making it even more so. And Cracked has in its possession a rare photograph of the shadowy economic puppetmaster behind it all.

The model-train-enthusiast-looking gentleman above is Gustavo Diaz, a Venezuelan expatriate who works in the hardware section of a Home Depot in Alabama. When he’s not advising customers on what type of nails are best to hang their tasteful nude self-portraits, he updates DolarToday by scanning social media for pricing information and transactions to determine a more accurate exchange rate.

Diaz is actually a former revolutionary who helped lead an unsuccessful coup to overthrow Hugo Chavez. After leaving Venezuela, Diaz defected to America and took up residence in Alabama, where he has since waged an economic war that, in his words, “[Does] more damage to the government than I did as a military man.”

6 Random Nobodies (Who Secretly Run The World)

You know what I’m sick and tired of more than anything on this garbage dump of a website? How people are constantly spouting how much they care about mental illnesses, but when someone like me who has a mental illness that can lead to communication errors or statements that aren’t clear then you’re demonized and treated like the worst human being once you slip up. And when you try to explain this to people or try to clarify what you meant, they don’t listen or claim you’re making excuses or backtracking.

As someone on the autism spectrum, getting across what I mean is not easy. I’ve gotten help with this, but I still have problems. Not to mention that I always worry that someone will take what I’m saying and turn it around because I didn’t make something explicitly clear. And seeing all these people on tumblr claim they’re supportive of autistic people and people with mental illnesses only to turn around and attack those same people they claim to support and slander them because they didn’t get their point across just pisses me the fuck off.

Because just about every time someone has started discourse with me, or sent me anon hate, it’s been because I didn’t get across what I meant to say properly. The 1shimaru sexuality bullshit is the biggest example of this, all because I tried to share my headcanon but worded things awkwardly, I was harassed, stalked, falsely accused of being on a blog I have never been a part of, called homophobic and transphobic, had tons of hate mail sent to me, and god knows how many of those people still bitch about me on their blogs after I had to block them. Not just because I thought a character was straight, but because these people took so much issue with how I worded my post because I didn’t word things the way I meant to in my head. And a number of these people claim to be mentally ill or autistic which makes things even worse!

Hell, I got out of a abusive friendship a few months ago and one of the things she’d do is get on my case whenever I wasn’t 100% perfectly clear with my words, something I can’t do! And I tried to explain this to her many times and she never listened to me!

And the fact that callout culture and the like is so prevalent on tumblr means that if you are one of those people who’s not good with words and communication who slips up? These people will make sure to tear you down and ruin your reputation OVER MISTAKES IN WORDING! Not only is that extremely abusive behavior, it’s downright ableist and goes against everything these so called supportive users claim to be for or against! Am I perfect? No, I’m not! So why the fuck does tumblr continue to persist in this abusive, ableist behavior?

Because the bottom line is, these are issues mentally ill people and people on the autism spectrum such as myself have to deal with constantly. And I’ve never seen more ableist behavior than I have on here, a website that people claim is all for supporting those who have these issues. But then again, what can I expect from a website that outright shoots down self-care and recovery methods as being “neurotypical”, tries to lie about having serious mental illnesses just to be special, glorifies self-destructive behaviors such as doing nothing all day long, claims that self-diagnosis is a great method, and other similar ableist behaviors?

Stop trying to act like you support us when we don’t even meet your standards of being good people. Fuck off.

so i’ve been seeing a lot of that ‘i need to find a lipstick that matches mads mikkelsen’s actual lip color’ post from @mean-cannibals today, and since i work as a makeup artist, i thought i’d give it a go

i took a bunch of different colors from a bunch of different pics and combined them to find one good lip color for him. here’s what i came up with:

so after searching around on the websites of a few brands that carry (IMO) the best lipsticks, here’s what i found:


u kno

i think is pretty appropriate

all things considered