this is an actual event


On 25th March the three Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be commemorating March Deportation, during which over 100 000 people across the three nations were violently ripped from their homes and sent to Siberia in cattle cars. This is a national tragedy and extremely sad day in all three countries.

Out of respect for the victims of deportations, please do not:

  • Try to teach Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians about their countries histories or how the deportations happened as most Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians have relatives who’ve told them first-hand experience of the events;
  • Make comments that implicate that the deportations were harder on the cartoon personification of the Baltic States than they were on actual people living in the Baltic countries;
  • Make fun of the events in any way or comment in such ways as “oh, I was having a good day”, should one see discussions about the events;
  • Create fanart or fanfictions of the events, nor roleplay the events in any sitting

Thank you

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While the body swap au is really interesting, but that's not really how depression works. If their minds switch bodies, Lance's depression would movie with him

No, actually. While something more emotional–a traumatic event or grief–can cause depression, the illness itself can be caused by genetics, changes in hormone levels, medical conditions, and, more often than not, brain chemistry issues. Which implies that there is a certain kind of physicality to such a mental illness. So it is, therefore, completely plausible that even if Keith’s consciousness–soul, thoughts, etc–were to be placed in Lance’s body, he’d still be victim to all of Lance’s hormones, genetics, and, probably most importantly, his brain. Not his brain as in his mind and thoughts, but his brain as a physical organ as well as any and all potential imbalances that come with it. 

So while Lance may have some emotional depression that follows him from his own body to Keith’s, if Keith isn’t suffering from any kind of depression that stems from a physical attribute, it’s completely possible that his depression wouldn’t “follow” him. Or–because depression does take an emotional toll–even if some of it does follow Lance from his own body to Keith’s (I never said Lance wasn’t still depressed despite being in Keith’s body), that doesn’t mean Keith isn’t victim to any imbalances in Lance’s body. Worst case scenario, actually, is that they both end up afflicted with some kind of depression.

Sorry my dude, but mental illness isn’t and never will be simple enough to measure in absolutes. 

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Smite A-Z: Bastet

Have you seen the upcoming Bastet skin? The card art looks super pretty! I’m actually sort of excited for the upcoming celestial voyager event, but I can’t really participate in it because I’ll be in Japan for the first two weeks QvQ I kinda want Bastet and Neith, but I won’t have enough gems for both so I’m only going to get Neith (I mean, have you seen the space ult?). I might do some fanart of the celestial voyagers, though! The designs look pretty cool :D For this I’m only doing their normal skins, though, otherwise I might have done the celestial voyager theme.

Bastet © Hi-Rez Studios

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If you could put together a 5 person team using 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic teams, who would be on it and who would compete on each event in TF?”

That’s actually really fucking hard if you think about it… I would say my team roster would be:

Simone Biles (VT, BB, FX) AA QF

Gabby Douglas (VT, UB)

Nastia Liukin (UB)

Shawn Johnson (VT, BB, FX) AA QF

Laurie Hernandez (UB, BB FX) AA QF

Simone is a given

I personally love Gabby as a gymnast, she’s so clean and has great difficulty everywhere. Her lovely dty and BARS OMGASDRF are what I’d use in a TF situation tho.

I feel like Nastia could do really well on bars under this code had she been trained for the type of composition routines today need, so that’s why I chose her as an UB specialist.

Shawn is amazing and her difficulty on vault and beam especially would be very competitive today so she’s vital to a team imo.

And of course Laurie, same story, clean with great difficulty and also one of my all time favorite gymnasts, hopefully she’d be healthy on bars so I can ooh and ah over every tkatchev variation

I’m tagging a few people I’d like to see do this :) Can be any country even if someone else has already done it, I’m interested to see who would come up with a different team than what I listed!

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Not so sure that one can entirely point out Taiyang's leaving the 4 & 6 yeara alone as an example of him not controlling his emotions. Since one could see it as what caused him to realize he needed to. (I disagree but neither side has much evidence) Besides there is probably a more recent example in Taiyang just staring at the photos with regrets instead of actually doing something.

yeah i mean ultimately it’s still that he didn’t do it when he was supposed to and causing a significant amount of damage as a result - when Yang is treated like a reckless buffoon because of a pattern that doesn’t really exist (two fights isn’t a pattern and the way he describes events doesn’t line up with what actually happened), over an event that didn’t play out how the characters think it did (the framing) and over an event Yang won’t talk about (losing her arm) but Taiyang is making claims about and painting her in a bad light (it’s very clear he’s treating her like her losing her arm is because she made a stupid, easily avoidable mistake and not because she was desperately trying to save someone she cared about and didn’t really have any other option after an incredibly stressful and emotionally tormenting day) as if he’s some kind of authority on how to handle emotionally taxing situations

the irony of a grown man who couldn’t pull his shit together enough to look after those who needed him telling the girl who has had to his own damn job for him since she was a child that she needs to think more and not be controlled by her emotions is not lost here, especially when he’s voicing a problem that’s primarily something he was responsible for and yet it’s still somehow her fault

please if you’re a registered voter in the United States, make this call.  You do not have to speak to anyone, you only have to leave a message if you have phone anxiety like me.  Here’s a potential script:

Hello, my name is [your name] and I’m a registered voter in the United States.  I’m calling to urge that the Electoral College vote be postponed until a full investigation of Russian interference in the election, and the Trump campaign’s potential coordination with Russia is complete.

Keith and Lance’s Blue Lion Connection Theory

The first lion Keith was attracted to

Was the blue lion

Which happens to have the strongest bond/connection with Lance

And look

Those two people standing in front of the blue lion is Lance and Keith.



What if Lance was meant to pilot the lion, but Keith also has some sort of connection to it too? He felt an energy telling him to search, but Lance had the official bond.

Keith was questioning Coran about the lion in season two, he was wondering how it had gotten to Earth and if a Galra had possibly piloted it. COULD THAT BE TRUE, AND COULD THE PILOT HAVE BEEN RELATED TO KEITH WHICH IS WHY HE FELT AN ENERGY TOWARDS IT? 

And look at when Keith approaches the lion before Lance…UMMM



WERE LANCE AND KEITH MEANT TO FIND THE LION TOGETHER JUST LIKE THE CAVE PAINTINGS SAID??? Keith felt the energy which led them to that spot and Lance’s connection led them to retrieving the lion, which is what started Voltron in the first place. 

i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..

The Idea of You
Nine Inch Nails
The Idea of You

maybe that was somebody else
maybe i was somebody else
I am sorry (for what it’s worth) if that means anything anymore.  I think there’s something just wrong with me
i have been wondering
when did you know?  you know, really know?
no no no no no i don’t think that’s going to happen here
you missed all that on the way out
and remember
i don’t want to remember anymore
maybe i was somebody else?
just go back to the idea of me
go back to the idea of me

none of this is happening


oh and
If I start to tell you anything please don’t pay attention.  That’s not really me in there.  I would never do that.
just go back to the idea of me
go back to that idea
can you even hear me over here?
can’t you feel it happening?
everything absorbing liquid twitching forming something terrible
the sores are gone
and you can hardly tell now but