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Is tomorrow's event being live streamed or recorded does anyone know? So excited to see Billary omg 😍

I really really really hope so 🙏

“First of all, I am not Herman.

Secondly, the reason why I’m asking this is because there is a character named Herman, played by Dwight Frye, in the 1933 film entitled ‘The Vampire Bat’ who is extremely fond of bats and would prefer them over a regular cat or dog.

There is also a very well-known baseball player named William Jennings Bryan Herman, also known as Bill Herman, who is an American second baseman and manager in Major League Baseball as of now.

So really, your question could apply to both of these people, which leaves me in a very confusing situation, now doesn’t it?”

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I always wanted to ask strange question — how do you schreen Leon and Sig together? I mean.. they are different accounts and you launch 2 clients at 2 PC or its is just Photoshop? Cause schreens looks too real for Photoshop.

I have 2 WoW accounts and can run 2 WoW windows at once.  This lets me play both characters at the same time, but I pretty much only do it for xmog runs and screenshots. 

It’s also useful if I need both of them to be present for holidays or RP events.  Now Sig can actually participate in Children’s Week without being a lobster the entire time!

Besides keeping Sig and Leon together in-game I sometimes want screenshots of other characters interacting with them, like Leon and my worgen, or Sig and his sister.  I also have other duos I run around with, like my blood knights Juno and Serat

.. and once in a while Sig has to drag Illidude through Throne of Thunder lol.  

So yep it’s not photoshop or other tricks, just me lol.  All these characters are actually in-game together.  

Super Junior Adds To Their Home Shopping Promise In Honor Of Album Sales Milestone
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Super Junior had previously made a unique promise to sell black suits on the home shopping network if they surpass 200,000 in album sales, and they’ve shared some more specifics ahead of the actual event!

During an interview on the November 17 broadcast of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” the members discussed the specific promise. Leader Leeteuk stated that the album sales have indeed surpassed…

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I'm so glad it was just some url change confusion, that's a relief. I actually lost contact with someone around this time last year and I have NO idea what happened to them, so I'm glad it turned out better for you and your friend. *smishes*

*smishes back*

I am incredibly paranoid about losing contact with people suddenly, primarily peeps that I know deal with heavy-duty depression stuff. One of my worst fears is that I’ll lose contact with someone and only find out years later that they died or something. So when I really like a person, I make sure to have multiple forms of contact in the event that something happens.

(Fun fact, I actually have an emergency post queued that will only go up in the event that I die or go into a coma or something and am unable to continue to queue it. I have people I care about on here–I want to know that they’ll be able to find out if anything ever happens to me)

Luckily, it was a just a username change this time! I’m sorry to hear about you losing contact with a friend. That sorta thing is tough.

Zen finally gets his own cover as the runner up~! Sadly this couldnt be posted in time for Valentines day, but it’s still the month of love anyway! 

Oh yeah I love A Series of Unfortunate Events, the way the adults just [clenches fist] consistently disregard children’s allegations of abuse and allow them to remain in increasingly perilous situations, a word here which means “dangerous and hard to watch”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Headquarters sent me to assist you.”

“Headquarters knows I work alone.”

“I’m not here as your operational partner, ma’am. I’m here as your legal advisor.”

“My legal advisor?“

“Ma’am, do you realise you unnecessarily violated over fifty local, state and international statutes in the course of your most recent operation?”

“They’ve seriously sent you to –“

“Among other things: kidnapping, grand larceny, aggravated assault –“

“Now hold on just a –”

“– public indecency, unlicensed operation of heavy machinery, desecration of a protected cultural heritage site –“

“Desecration of a what?“

“– contributing to the delinquency of a minor, breach of fiduciary duty, and violation of the Endangered Species Act.“

“… that bird had it coming.”


i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..