this is an accurate portrayal of my cat

So I’m about 90% sure the way I responded was not what you meant by this, but I’m not creative enough to come up with a monster that represents me and also fits the style of Undertale reasonably well. So instead I drew a character dressed up as and doing an impression of yours truly. That counts, right?
*sweats nervously*

Most of the time when answering asks or making rant posts I use Chara to express my innermost feelings, so I drew Chara expressing…my outermost…features?💦

Despite the fact that I totally botched it, thank you for the request!✨

erithos  asked:

I am glad I got curious about this blog, funny stuff! The post that got me curious was the Emperors Ne Groove post; with the gif in a gif in a gif. Lol Gif-ception.


Curious, you say? Would you say that the below gif is an accurate portrayal of your curious adventure into this blog? :)

Btw, if you wanted to get super technical, the Kronk gif (in the original post) is a gif in a gifset in a gif in a gifset in a gif in a gifset. (Don’t forget the two gifs above the Kronk gif! ;D)