this is american idol

is it a fair assumption to make to say that the American government essentially idolized and sanctified MLK’s image as this peaceful prophet of harmony to make modern radical anti-racist movements seem irrational in comparison, even though MLK employed unsavory tactics (by unsavory i mean unfavored by white moderates)? Like was this a calculated move? Do you think in 20-30 years we are going to see BLM taught in schools as a peaceful, harmonious movement to try to deter more radical action?


David and Gillian on American Idol promo

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people who put waaaaay too much faith in hack ass shows like american idol and the voice where the focus is on having a textbook “good” singing voice…do y’all know that there’s talented people who don’t have an 8 octave range and sing from their hearts about shit that other people can relate to but will never get exposure because they don’t have a radio friendly voice…do you think bjork would be as revered an artist if she sounded like beyonce and was all over the radio? you think tom waits’s gravelly ass voice would be as special if he sang like usher? or if macy gray had a stereotypical soulful vocal range on some whitney houston type ish like people’s imperfect voices make the shit unique and not everyone has to be some studio perfect artist like adele for them to considered “good” 


ugh shes so incredible