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2P! America BF Headcanons

2P!America/Allen D. Jones Boyfriend Headcanons:

  • will protect you at absolutely all costs
  • he is vvv protective; if someone looks at you the wrong way they weren’t even a thought after
  • he plays baseball a lot and would love it if you went to his games
  • ^ would run up and kiss you after winning a game
  • he’s a star
  • loves to cuddle and kiss and do romantic things but will also probably suggest midnight train-hopping for ‘fun’
  • is from Brooklyn/Boston and always speaks w/ that hella hot accent 
  • he always wants to carry you/give you piggy back rides
  • i hc him pansexual panromantic
  • he’s pretty insecure and will just need you to hold him and be there for him sometimes
  • he’s a b a d a s s and is known for his cool bad boy rep
  • he would never do anything illegal with you tho
  • absolutely hates seeing you hurt
  • will prob do anything you ask of him
  • “al i’m braiding flowers into your hair” “you got it baby”
  • “al we’re gonna get onesies and go to the mall” “i’ll get my keys”
  • “al i accidentally set a kindergarten on fire and need somewhere to hide” “basement’s all yours doll”
  • he has a hot ass motorcycle he’ll take you on anytime and anywhere
  • like
  • holy fu ck
  • damn boi
  • i’m sorry i have a 12039% motorcycle kink excuse m e
  • he loves to bathe with you
  • like not even sexually
  • tho it can be
  • wink wonk ;)
  • he will kick anyone’s ass for you
  • and would love it if you could kick his 
  • loves to adventure with you
  • would totally take you on roadtrips with him and Matt
  • looks like he could kill somebody and could but it actually a cinnamon roll
  • don’t even get me started on the way he looks at you without you noticing
  • his s/o will be treated like royalty
  • he loVES puns and jokes
  • so many inside jokes together
  • like b o i
  • loves Marvel/DC too and will die if you don’t
  • at least sit through one movie
  • p l s 
  • total nerd
  • has 583520 comic books
  • goes to cons and cosplays a lot (wants couples cosplays so bad)
  • is all sciencey and stuff
  • don’t get him started on space
  • he can rap like H E L L
  • and breakdance
  • it’s super hot
  • will take you around NEw York
  • shows you all the cool spots no one knows about
  • late night motorcycle rides
  • constant love and affection
  • this is not the end of my list
  • i have eternal allen hcs
  • jUSt
  • aLLen JoNEs eVeryBOdy
Internal Dialogue
  • Bucky: "I'm with you till the end of the line,"
  • Bucky: fuck
  • Bucky: was that too much homo
  • Bucky: shit shit shit
  • Bucky: ok keep cool you can do this just-
  • Bucky: I know what to do
  • Bucky: "pal,"

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On Feb. 20, 1962, John Glenn blasted off into space and became the first American to orbit the Earth. Behind the scenes, thousands of engineers and mathematicians worked tirelessly to make NASA’s Friendship 7 mission a success. Historical photos show them as white men in crisp white shirts and ties — but we now know there’s more to that picture.

In her book Hidden Figures, author Margot Lee Shetterly gives name and voice to the African-American women who worked as human “computers” in the space program. Now, just a few months after the book was published, a new movie is also telling that story. (The film rights were optioned just a couple weeks after Shetterly got her book deal.) As mathematicians and engineers, these women made incalculable contributions to the space program — and the fact that they were African-Americans working in the segregated South makes their stories even more remarkable.’

‘Hidden Figures’ No More: Meet The Black Women Who Helped Send America To Space

Photo: Bob Nye/Courtesy NASA Langley
Caption: According to NASA, Mary Jackson “may have been the only black female aeronautical engineer in the field” in the 1950s. Singer and actress Janelle Monae plays her in the film
Hidden Figures.

New Hope City was cut into three distinct sections: Upperhills, Midreach, and Downtown – where the rich, the middle class, and the poor lived respectively – and each section housed a prominent district that served as its heart. Upperhills had the Shopping District, a lavish slice of the city filled with designer names and boutiques, where a luncheon at one of its cafes could ring up the same cost as someone’s monthly rent. The Financial District sat nestled on the edge of Midreach, serving as a border between it and Upperhills. Every major corporate office, financial bureau, and law firm called the Financial District home, and along with the rural farms and desalination plants around the city, it kept New Hope’s economy level in otherwise chaotic times.

If you’d ask them outright, any Downtown resident would say with pride that the Market District was the heart of their division. It was a lively place, filled with open stalls displaying all sorts of locally-sourced foods, clothes, and consumer entertainment. It functioned on a twenty-four hour basis as market vendors set their own times and rotated accordingly, but it didn’t truly come to life until the sun set and darkness covered the city. Thousands upon thousands of stringed lights filled in for the stars that hid behind a blanket of light pollution, and there was nary a road in the market that wasn’t draped with blinking bulbs or colorful lanterns. Almost every building had some sort of screen attached to it, displaying advertisements or TV channels above the market stalls for all to see. The quiet noise of their programming was often drowned out by rowdy banter and music that swelled upwards from the crowded streets.

The Market District seemed to be a non-stop party of colors, sounds, and delicious food – a sight that clawed desperately at your senses to keep you distracted from the rotting heart that lied just beyond. Anyone would tell you the Market District was the defining feature of Downtown, but everyone knew the true anchor was the decrepit monstrosity that towered over them all, visible from any location in the concrete jungle. Everyone knew it was the Slum District.

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