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An absolutely gorgeous commission by the talented @tosquinha (Seriously, I can’t stop looking at it.) 

Based on my fic, Zanka - a Victuuri historical AU in 1800s, Edo, Japan. Yuuri is Aoyagi, a high-ranking male courtesan, and Viktor falls hopelessly in love.

The scene is from chapter one: 

As the translator turned once more, Viktor returned his gaze to the courtesan. The man was idly fingering the length of his pipe as he listened to the translator’s words. Despite his soft features, there was a sharpness to him, an edge, as though life had him honed into a beautiful, double-edged sword. Viktor felt his insides churn; buried under all those luxurious robes was a young man who probably never knew a world beyond the red lights of Yoshiwara.




Summary: Peter sees you sleeping in class and tries to let you rest comfortably as possible

A/N: Lowkey the setting was inspired by my lazy ass science teacher from middle school. Not going to lie. 

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Peter slowly walked over to his first period, cursing at the cold and bitter weather as his hands were hidden into the pockets of his jeans, pulling out his earbuds to let them fall down to his chest he reached for the handle of the door, pushing it open to see his teacher snoring away along with the students in the class as the dark room was lit by a boring documentary that had been playing. Quietly walking over to his desk he dropped his backpack to the floor, pulling out his phone before you let out a small whine. 

“Y/N?” Peter whispered to your sleeping figure. You rubbed your head onto your makeshift pillow that had been made of stacked up textbooks, shivering from the cold as the small exposure from the window let in a harsh breeze. Peter smiled before walking over to shut the window. He looked over you once again to find you huddled in together, your lips slightly parted as you let out a small sigh. Peter leaned his cheek onto the palm of his hand, unintentionally taking this advantage to see how you really looked like, he never could look you into your eyes properly, maybe it was because he was just shy. 

Both of you had become friends soon after you had found out Peter was Spiderman. You had heard Peter and Ned talking during Gym, now you weren’t the type to get into someone’s business, it was just that the two idiots didn’t realize how loud they were being till you couldn’t help but let them know. Soon after you had started hanging out with them during lunch. Ned would help him get on track with some criminals from the news while you helped him treat wounds after a long night of him taking in handfuls of punches and kicks. The first week everything seemed fine, Peter could look into your eyes, sort of, he could laugh it off when you sometimes leaned your head on his shoulders.

But one day, when he heard your voice his heart would cry for help, butterflies fluttered in his stomach while his words clumped up into a mess every time he smelled your perfume from afar. Your small sneeze made Peter shot up, a slight tint of red warming his face up, “Why are you so creepy.” He muttered to himself. Noticing your discomfort from your furrowed brows and a slight frown, Peter carefully took off his sweater, folding it as neat as he could and leaned over cautiously to slide out the textbooks, dropping them to the floor while he was carrying your head on his palm. Biting his lips Peter slid in his folded sweater. Carefully putting your head to it as he let out a shivering sigh glad you hadn’t woken up since his stuttered words would never be able to explain what he was trying to do.

Putting the textbooks aside he looked at your lips rising up into a smile, nuzzling your nose to the new pillow, your tense body had loosened up from the scent of him. You let out a small hum of approval, squeezing his sweater before snoring away again. Peter smiled widely at you, he was over the moon. His pumping heart weighing him down from flying away with happiness. “Fuck that was adorable.” He whispered.


From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

Early on, the Engeki Team connected their stream with Murase Ayumu and Ishikawa Kaito, (the seiyuu for Hinata and Kageyama respectively) who were at the Sendai Stadium serving as commentators for a baseball match of the Rakuten Eagles!  The Rakuten Eagles are a Miyagi-based baseball team (the same prefecture as Karasuno), and they ran a special collaboration event with Haikyuu for Haikyuu day!