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dear househunting,

i have a job interview with a very amazing real estate company tomorrow and i am so excited. plz send me your good vibes. i also told them about this blog so hello KM if you are reading this :) 




The magnificent @numinlavellan also drew some hilarious sketches for me that I wanted to share! I highly recommend commissioning her - she’s amazing! <3

Why all this hate?

I really don’t understand. The episode was amazing, in my opinion. Everything had an explanation, Sherlock’s childhood was revealed and it was mindblowing, the ending was perfect, that violin duet was beautiful. We had also some Johnlock/parentlock subtext! If you’re mad about johnlock, as Mark said this is not the story they wanted to tell. Sherlock is not about that. BUT, you can read it if you want, they didn’t deny it.
I may understand it might not have been what we expected, but it wasn’t bad at all. Really, I just want to know what’s wrong with it. Explain it to me.

the FINAL problem ;/

After watching this show for a fourth of my entire life, The Final Problem was NOTHING that I expected. But it was still breathtaking and amazing. The character development, back stories, portrayal of real issues, ahhhHhhh!!!!! (WERDFIJSZKIUHDF) A few things killed me, here is a list; 

the violin duet


the ending on the bed with Sherlock and Eurus you know what I mean

when I realized it wasn’t a fucking dog

Mycroft sacrificing himself literally kill me 

Also I got a glimpse of my bby/daddy Moriarty YES.

I know many Johnlock shippers are upset, and understandably so. Just remember the ending was very open and could have many different interpriations. 


That episode was nowhere near as bad as people mad it out to be. Sure, there were some loose ends and some bad CGI but that’s just nitpicking. In my opinion, the episode was intense and I never lost focus. It wasn’t boring or in any way horrible.

Nothing is ever going to please everyone in the audience but I think the creators have done a great job.

(Also what amazing acting! Had me in tears at a couple of points)

3 years with got7 ♡

it’s been almost two years since i became an ahgase and i just want to thank these angels for what have been the most amazing years of my life. because of them, i met my best friends and overcame many of my insecurities. whenever i am feeling down, these seven amazing boys are the ones who cheer me up the most and they’re also the reason why i manage to smile every single day, no matter how exhausted or sad i am, and i am very, very, grateful for that. dear got7, i hope we keep flying together for a thousand years or even more. by the way, loving you is the easiest thing to do. 


Silvia: Danny, you amaze me in so many ways. With your patience and love for our son, your enthusiasm and love for helping others, you amazingly long and skilled gu-

Danny: Family is here. 

Silvia: What. It’s long and skilled. Also you’re amazingly smart, passionate and you, shit Dan, I love you. I love you so much and going in the theme of Cinderella, I dreamt that someday my prince would come and well look, he’s here. Dan, you’re my prince, except unlike the fairy tale you clawed and fought with me and you showed me that I was worth more than just what I could give. You taught me that I deserved to be loved unconditionally and I will forever love you and be grateful to you for that. Dan, I love you so much and I can’t wait to marry you quickly so we can woohoo later in this dress. 

Meanwhile… one of the ugly twins doesn’t seem too happy about the union…

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Julian in an arranged marriage with Garakt. Establish relationship, Julian has to live with Garricks father Tain

I actually just got this prompt. I don’t normally jump around in my inbox to answer prompts (I don’t like making people wait longer than they have to), but I had an idea for this prompt as soon as I saw it and I learned years ago that when I have a solid idea, I need to write a story for it immediately, otherwise the content won’t be as good. Apologies to everyone that’s been waiting for a while. <3


In the three-hundred years since this arrangement was started, Julian Bashir was the first male to be given to the Cardassians. He gave himself over.

Since Julian’s youth, there had been concerns about the Cardassian gift. Once every twenty-five years, a daughter from the royal family was to be given to the Cardassians as payment for the start of The Great War. The Cardassians won and only let the humans live if the royal family was willing to give up one daughter of each generation. Richard and Amsha intended to hold up that tradition, but each time they had a child, they ended up with a son, not a daughter.

At least, until Julian was twelve.

The day Amsha gave birth to Karisma, the village rejoiced. Julian remembered holding the little girl and silently promising her protection for the next fifteen years. His younger brothers, Karam and David, gathered around him to watch Karisma sleep in his arms. It was a bitter-sweet moment, and the last of his sweetest.

Three days later, Karisma died.

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Sherlock - TFP (Spoilers!)

Man, I am so bummed that like, nobody around here seemed to like The Final Problem, because I thought the episode was FUCKING AMAZING. It was just beautifully done, and the ACTING! My god. Definitely going up into one of my top eps (along with last week’s ep).

It also makes me feel better about John to think that there is a possibility HE was compromised by Euros very intentionally. Because some of that shit from the first two episodes kinda made me sad.

Euros, as a character, was fascinating. Creepy and interesting. I loved seeing Andrew Scott again. What a treat! Forever my favorite Moriarty.

The look and feel - so fantastic. The scene with John, Sherlock, and Mycroft in 221B - one of my faves. The character development we see with Mycroft in general was so interesting. The “tests” were intense and horrible to watch, but wildly entertaining.

I found the end very satisfying - it is clear that this is the final episode of the series (leaving the door open for “one-off”/TAB-type episodes - it must be easier to schedule Ben and Martin for ONE episode than three) and I loved the call back to A Study in Pink - forever my favorite episode of this show.

Anyway, I just wanted to flail a bit, but everyone else seemed bummed out, so I’ll just talk to myself! I can’t wait to watch this episode again. 

omghs«afihb«f  ajgn   [Foxcomics.exe crashed] [Reboot…]

Omg guys i am so happy, i never tought i would hit the 2000 followers , this is amazing, i dont know what to say :S I am so grateful. Thank you a lot for everyone who tell me they love my posts and the project i do :3 you are all are the best <3 

I will continue to try my best to give you quality pictures and comics , and try to find new way to thank the amazing artists in this community :D. This blog is also yours, if you have any comment about it, feel free to talk to me anytime :D

Again, thank you a lot ! And for that 2000 hit, if you guys wanna send me some question about ANYTHING you want to know about me, feel free, i will answer every question !!!!!!

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He is fifteen pounds and he has a pink nose and pink toebeans and he likes to flop on the carpet next to my chair when I’m sitting in it and when I was laying in bed talking to my mom on the phone he jumped up and laid beside me so it’s pretty clear that I made the best possible choice ever. 

Also he paddles his paws in the air when he lays on his side I HAVE LOST MY MIND OVER THIS CAT, HE’S AMAZING. 

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wow SM went all out for their maknae

HELL YEAH THEY DID wow sm did something right 

but honestly #SEOLO has saved 2017 already I CAN’T WAAAITTT

-insert Joshua Dun playing the trumpet to announce the winners of the tøp 21 tøp bloggers-



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THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED. I would also like to thank everyone who as followed me. I never thought I would get to 10k, it means the world to me. Please stay safe, have a healthy new year, and have a happy birthday whenever it is. I love you all. Stay alive my friends |-/

Thank you BBC Sherlock

I will be forever grateful that you re-introduced me to fandom life, given up years ago when I ‘grew out of it’. Because of you I’ve read thousands of pages of amazing fiction. I learned to love Inception and @earlgreytea68 among others Arthur/Eames sweethearts. I learned obsessive canon love in Hannibal. There are so many artists, literature and visual that I would have never known.

But also. Fuck you for queer coding every villain. And baiting a Holmes/Watson relationship for today’s society. You didn’t need to do those things and your show would have been as good as it is now. A few simple edits and we wouldn’t have had that subtext flowing like wine. 

Diamond Dogs (Pt. 4) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Ugh, I’m a sucker for mob boss Barry rn. Do you reckon you’ll do another part of Diamond Dogs and I’d just like to say how much of an amazing writer you are and how you bring all of them out so frequently; also thank you for bringing them out :)


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Mob boss’ sure love inviting people over to dinner. At least, Barry does. Tonight he has a guest coming over and apparently wants you to eat with them. After slipping on the tight dark red dress on, you shove your feet into the matching heels, adjusting your hair. Were you like…’the boss’ wife’ or something? You aren’t really sure.

Slowly, you make your way down the marble steps, already hearing a new voice. “Alle-Barry, I really appreciate this. After she was killed…” the cheerful voice trails off. Suddenly, your heart aches, hearing the man sigh heavily. Whoever the man is, he must hold a lot of pain and sadness.

You stop at the giant double doors, waiting for Barry’s response. There’s a swallow, like he’s drinking something, and the glass connects with the wood table, creating a clink. “Ray, you know you are always welcome here.” Barry smirks, leaning back on one of the chair’s armrests, body slanted as his arm hangs limply. “Now, while you’re here, I need some of your…” he waves his hand, “specialties.”

Gulping, you knock on the brown oak wood quietly; Cisco slides the doors open. Your heels click against the wood flooring and the man turns in his chair; he’s cute with big brown doe eyes and slender face, black hair swooped to perfection. Barry grins, eyeing you, gesturing to the chair beside him. “She’s a beauty, is she not?” he gloats, leaning forward to pick up his cocktail glass, holding the thin glass in between his index and middle fingers, rings clanging on the cup.

You blush, sitting down while he stands, rolling up his white sleeves to his elbows. Ray nods, grinning kindly, “Yes, you are very pre-”

“Ab-buh-buh…” Barry raises his pointer finger to his lips, cutting the other man off. Your smile fades to confusion. “That was rhetorical. I don’t need you to confirm what I already know.” he grunts, rolling his mossy green orbs, undoing the top button of his dress shirt as he sneaks past his chair. “Zolomon knows this too…” he mumbles, black loafers shuffling on the floor, stopping when he gets to you.

His bare forearms rest on top of the brown wood chair next to you, back bent slightly and hip subtly cocked out. Is this a bad time to stare at his ass? You think it’s a bad time to stare at his ass, be strong; instead, you watch him lift the cone shaped glass to his lips. “So, I need your security. I need to double everything.” he swallows, eyes narrowing at Ray, “He ain’t gonna touch a hair on this pretty little head.” he hisses, grabbing your chin with his thumb and index finger, rings indenting your skin, shaking you gently. “Got it?”

Ray gulps, nodding, “Of course, Barry. It will be done when I arrive home.” he cracks a small grin, showing his sparkling teeth, “I owe you.” he replies, standing up; Cisco grabs his long brown trench coat.

“Damn right.” Barry hums, taking another drink, watching Cisco lead Ray out. Sucking his lower lip in between his teeth, he peers at you, eyes raking you up and down. “Don’t you look delicious, doll? Hmm… I could just eat you…up.” he smirks, upper body leaning close to you, shoulder scrunched to his neck. You gasp a little, feeling yourself heat up. Is he…does he…sex?

A low chuckle escapes him and he stands up, sliding the empty cocktail glass on the table. His long fingers card through his light brown hair, making it messy. “Mmm, let’s get you some food, baby.” he mutters, stalking towards the side door, pressing his palm to the white wood, turning back to you, “Maybe afterwards, daddy could get dessert too?” he winks, exiting the room. You breathe out, slumping in your seat. Oh damn…

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So you watched Trollhunters, what did you think of Strickler?

Honestly he grew on me???? I actually liked how they showed him as a selfish person but also how he cared deeply for barbara. He was so reluctant to use that spell on her because he didnt want to hurt her. But he also guided jim and revealed a lot about troll lore.

So yeah he was annoying and all but honestly his character development was amazing.

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when I watch Dan's liveshows or see the phandom interests (which most of them are the same), I feel like the most basic uncultured swine. The artists y'all listen to, no idea who they are or don't like them that much; literally everyone makes fanart/fiction, has amazing creativity & talent & I'm here listening to Hannah Montana on a daily basis (Jonas Brothers rn actually). also, y'all funny. tf? are there any flops like me? :((

we are all secretly flops shhh

okay that was a strange episode. i’m glad mycroft iamthesmartone holmes didn’t get killed though

the ending … not too bad

i guess they left it open for … something? who the hell knows at this point? i’ve seen some - a lot - of posts about how it’s just queerbaiting which is disappointing because they’ve got great chemistry.

also was it just me or does it sound like mary is trying to tell them to read between the lines? i know what you two could be. haha BYE!

i also saw some posts that some may leave the fandom but for the record if anyone does actually leave the fandom know this: stay in touch with all of us because each and every one of you are amazing. incredible. fantastic. creative. imaginative. wonderful. hold on to your fanfiction and art, make your own version of the show. don’t ever let go of your fellow sherlockians, the ones you’ve met here and the ones you were fortunate enough to meet in real life. i would love to be one of the lucky ones and meet fans of the show in real life. never hesitate to pop in for a visit as my message boxes are always open.

tagging a few of my favorites but there are so many more!

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A Threeway Made In Heaven Part 1

I blame this fanart I saw earlier for this, I don’t know if there’ll be more of this, but I labelled this Part 1 just in case. You can see the awesome fanart {here}

I didn’t feel like writing a proper series, and wanted this to be more fun and quirky, so I wrote it more in the style of @calebski three part (AMAZING) series that she wrote for P&P vs. HP (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) trust me, you will not regret it #dickfordays. Also like some of @olivieblake stuff, check them both out, because they write beautiful things.

This has no plot. None. Not really, it’s just fun, and I have no idea what I’m doing, but I now ship Cedric/Cho/Harry so much. Omg.

  It’s snowing heavily, the sky rippling with light greys and darks, the wind howls and whistles as it tousles through the hair of the two wix standing out by the lake. The lake itself is smooth as glass, dark as night.

 The wizard is tall, with sharp yet attractive features, windswept golden brown hair, and warm hazel green eyes. There are smile lines by the corners of his eyes, and around his mouth, he is lithe and nimble from years of Quidditch.

 The witch is significantly shorter than her companion, dead straight raven locks that come down to the small of her back, dark brown eyes, a slightly round face and slanted eyes. Her brow is currently puckered in concentration.

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